4.8x4/8 – Cancer/Scorpio
Binary Number: 44
Degrees: 10-12½°Cancer
Aspect: trine
Moon Phase: gibbous
Handorian Reference: STATE OF QUALD: Nation of Dibhimah.
Binary Spirit: Quiu Harassah.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Cancer (4) and Moon in Scorpio (8) constitute Binary 4.8, or Binary number 44.

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio blend Cardinal Water with Fixed Water. Those who resonate with this combination are most potent, explosive, dramatic, magnetic and sensitive beings. These folks are predisposed to impart a profound sense of emotional protection, which extends into the depth of most arcane ancestral roots, emanating an impelling sense of tribal devotion and purpose.

Those in search of their origins and soul’s path are drawn by 4.8 energy, since it represents the gateway and initiator into the mystery traditions, the re-awakener and midwives of most dormant memories.

Multi-dimensional erotic romance reaches a peak in this ardent combination. Consequently, this is in ordinary reality one of the most misunderstood, persecuted and demonised binary systems, incorporating the torments of the Inquisition with their less glamorous, yet much more vicious, contemporary equivalents.

In order to operate in safety, those who resonate with this calling need a robust connection with their ancestral supporting roots, as well as with their successors. They also need to acknowledge and utilize their inborn shamanic warrior capacity, which stem from the natural capacity of watching out for any menacing vibration at all times.

Cancer and Scorpio are in a trine aspect (120°), which produces an easy, balanced and mutually supporting link between the signs involved. This can bring major benefits when there is clarity of intent and focus. If this is not the case the benefits will develop unconsciously and gained by whoever holds a clear intention.

Qualities: charisma, healing, transformation, dedication, depth, passion.

Grievances: possessiveness, vindictiveness, secretiveness, excessively dramatic, moodiness, extreme emotions.

Two days after the First Quarter, the Moon is in trine, 120° angle to the Sun (Gibbous Moon). It is a receptive phase, a time of pause and rest when, unless there are other issues at work, things tend to glide in life. If you have productively used the energy of the previous phase, now you can gather the first fruits. It is not usually an ideal moment to act or force situations. It is a time of preparation aimed at reviewing past actions, considering information related to what was established at New Moon, and filtering all data. The question here is: “How can I put together all the different pieces of the puzzle? What needs to be refined or discarded?”
Astroshamanic Seal: an egg shape with a serpent pattern within. This seal provides access to major grahic elements and ancestral grievances. It leads to the peak of darkness, while also allowing the transit to the pathway leading to the peak of light. Its use requires relentless focus and release. The seal is connected with the Quiumakai seal, employed to move into the Lower World and also relates with the traditional astroshamanic conic hat. It opens up the path of mastery of the Sacred Cone, which requires the capacity to manage the 144 binaries.
The vision involves a gloomy black vortex, a huge serpent, moving through a village and devouring whatever it encounters.

Celebrities with 4.8

Julian Assange
J. J. Abrams (American director, producer) Star Trek (2009), Super 8 (2011), Alias

Julian Assange (Australian internet activist, 4.8.8) founder of WikiLeaks, The Unauthorized Autobiography

Robert Adam (Scottish neoclassical architect, 4.8.11, Saturn Instrument) Click here.

Matest M. Agrest (Russian ethnologist, mathematician, Neptune Power) proponent of existence of ancient astronauts.

Shmuel Yosef Agnon (Jewish writer, Nobel prize) Agnon’s Alef Bet

Ed Ames (American singer, Pluto Power) When the Snow is on the Roses

Ronald Amundsen (Norwegian explorer, 4.8.5, Uranus Power-Instrument)
George Antheil (American avant-garde composer, author, 4.8.5) Ballet Mécanique.
Ian Bannen (Scottish actor, 4.8.4, Pluto Power-Instrument, Neptune Root)

Bérénice Bejo (Argentine-French actress) The Artist.

Timur Bekmambetov (Kazakhstan director) Night Watch (2004), Day Watch (2006).
A.J. Cronin
Alessandra Bellini (Italian actress, TV host, Saturn Power, Uranus Vessel)

Hans Bethe (German-American nuclear physicist, Nobel prize, 4.8.10, Neptune Power, Uranus Instrument)

Gilbert Bourdin (spiritual teacher, founder of Aumism, 4.8.3, Pluto Power)

Hilarie Burton (American actress)

James Cagney (American actor, 4.8.6, Pluto Flower)

Gloria Christian (Italian singer, 4.8.8)

A. J. Cronin (Scottish novelist, writer, dramatist, 4.8.4, Saturn-Uranus Vessel, 19 July 1896 – 6 January 1981) Hatter’s Castle, The Stars Look Down, The Citadel, The Keys of the Kingdom, The Valorous Years, The Green Years, Adventures in Two Worlds, Vigil in the Kingdom..

Ian Curtis (English musician, singer, Neptune Vessel) Joy Division

John Cusack (American actor, Neptune Vessel)

Darude (Finnish trance producer, Saturn Power) Before the Storm.
Otis Davis (American athlete, 4.8.5, Pluto Power, Neptune Instrument)

Assia Djebar (Algerian novelist)

Bob Dole (American attorney, politician, 4.8.2)

Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice and Piedmont (4.8.5)
Artemisia Gentileschi
Hans Fallada (German writer, 4.8.5, Uranus Vessel) Wolf among Wolves, The Drinker.

Mick Fleetwood (British musician, actor) Fleetwood Mac

Anne Fontaine (French film-maker, actress) The Hunchback of Notre Dame as    Esmeralda.

Cécile de France (Belgian actress, Saturn Power) Hereafter

Sam Francis (American painter, 4.8.4, Pluto Power)

Thomas Friedman (American journalist, 4.8.4, Uranus Instrument)

Artemisia Gentileschi (Italian Baroque painter)

Ricky Gervais (English actor, director) The Office, Extras, Ricky Gervais Show

Glenmor (French composer, musician, 4.8.7, Pluto Flower)

Farley Granger (4.8.1, Pluto Power, Saturn Vessel, Uranus Instrument, American actor) Rope (1948), Strangers on a Train (1951).

Colin Greenwood (English musician, composer, bassist Radiohead, Neptune Vessel)

Arielle Guttman (American astrologer, author, 4.8.1) Venus Star Rising, Mythic Astrology
Nelson Mandela
Susan Hayward (American actress, 4.8.8, Pluto Power)
Edward Heath (British prime minister, 4.8.1, Saturn Power)

Monte Hellman (American director, Pluto Power) Ride in the Whirlwind
Marcia Hines (Australian vocalist, actress) Jesus Christ Superstar as Mary Magdalene

Lena Horne (American actress, singer, civil rights activist, 4.8.1, Pluto Power)

Prince John of the United Kingdom (4.8.4, Neptune Instrument, Saturn Flower)

Bruce Johnston (American singer) The Beach Boys

Friedrich Klopstock (German poet, 4.8.7, Saturn Root)
Willis Eugene Lamb (American physicist, Nobel prize, 4.8.2, Neptune Power, Uranus Flower)

Cyndi Lauper (American singer, 4.8.12)

François Lelord (French psychiatrist, author) Hector and the Search for Happiness

Patrice Lumumba (Congolese politician, Pluto Power, Saturn Vessel)

Stefano Magagnoli (Italian journalist, 4.8.7, Neptune Vessel)
Glimpses of Eternity
Marie-Mai (French-Canadian singer, Saturn Vessel)

Nelson Mandela (South Africa president, 4.8.9)

Mary Stuart Masterson (American actress, director, Neptune Vessel)

Etienne Mehul (French composer)
Gian Carlo Menotti (Italian composer, 4.8.5, Neptune Power)

M.I.A. (British songwriter, singer, Saturn Power)

Raymond Moody (American psychologist, doctor, author, 4.8.10, Saturn Power, June 30, 1944) Life After Life, The Light Beyond, Glimpses of Eternity, Near Death Experiences.

David Morrissey (English actor, director, Neptune Vessel)

Kate Nash (English singer, songwriter, Pluto Vessel) Made of Bricks.

Frances Parkinson Keyes (American Catholic author, 4.8.5)
Michel Polnareff (French singer, songwriter, 4.8.12, Neptune Vessel, Pluto Power)

Georges Pompidou (President of France, 4.8.5, Neptune Power)

Renato Pozzetto (Italian actor, 4.8.6, Neptune Instrument)

Rembrandt (Dutch painter, 4.8.8, Neptune Flower, 15 July 1606 – 4 October 1669)
Antonio Ricci (Italian screenwriter, director, 4.8.6, Uranus Power) Lupo solitatio, Striscia la notizia

Nelson Rockefeller (American businessman, politician, philanthropist, 4.8.7, Neptune Power)

Amália Rodrigues (Portuguese singer, actress, 4.8.4, Neptune Power, Pluto Instrument)

Kate Ryan (Belgian pop singer, songwriter, Uranus Vessel)

George Sanders (Russian-English actor, singer, songwriter, 4.8.5, Neptune Power) All About Eve (1950), Rebecca (1940),

Tura Satana (American actress, exotic dancer, Pluto Power)

Joe Satriani (American rock guitarist, Neptune Vessel)

Bon Scott (Scottish-Australian rock musician, 4.8.11, Saturn Power)

Michele Serra (Italian journalist, writer, satirist, 4.8.7, Neptune Instrument, Uranus Power-Flower)

Curt Smith (English musician, Neptune Vessel) Tears for Fears
The Occult by Colin Wilson
Patrick Stewart (English actor)  X-Men film series

Neil Tennant (English musician, singer, Uranus Power) Pet Shop Boys.

Tetsu (French cartoonist, 4.8.7, Neptune Power-Flower, Uranus Root)

Reg Varney (English actor, Saturn Power)On the Buses as Stan Butler

Fabio Volo (Italian writer, actor, 4.8.10, Neptune Vessel,  23 June 1972)

Colin Wilson (English writer, 4.8.3, 26 June 1931)) The Mind Parasites (1967), The Occult: A History (1971), The Space Vampires (1976), From Atlantis to the Sphinx (1996), The Outsider, Supernatural.

Zinedine Zidane (French footballer, 4.8.2)
For a list of books and works by celebrities with this Binary please click here.

4.8 – Nation of Dibhimah

This Nation can hardly be described through any current human language. The level of controversy that this realm potentially generates makes it taxing to provide details without incurring in fatal misapprehensions. All I can supply here are some inadequate and provisional etymological or historical references.
Dibhimah comes from Bhima, the Lower World pristine beloved ancestral being.[iii] As a result, although I understand this conclusion may seem rather impalpable (yet, believe me, it is not!) Bhimarians are most renowned multi-dimensional heroic whores and prostitutes. Whore comes from the Old English hora, meaning “dear”, while the same term means “circle” in Hebrew. The Oxford English Dictionary and other dictionaries refer that earlier the word prostitute (from Latin prostituere “to expose or offer publicly”) was used in the sense of “to offer with complete devotion or self-negation”, “to offer passion or lust indiscriminately” or simply as a synonym for “to devote”. The notion of “sex for hire” is not inherent in the etymology. It was not until the early 17th century that the term denoted “given over or devoted to something evil” or references to women who sell sexual services. From then on prostitute began to be used figuratively to mean “debased” or “debasing”, corrupt. By mid-century, prostitute was well established in the sexual negative sense known today.
Dibhimah holds the keys of the original Handorian ancestral sexual mystery traditions. Their sacred guardians are regarded as quintessence of beauty, love, service and compassion. They are among the most honoured Quald nationals and Handorian residents, and as such they are given towering respect and rank.
In Handor there is no separation between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, although separation can be consciously and provisionally generated for strategic game purposes. It is a universe based on playfulness, ecstasy, dance, entertainment and celebration, yet please bear in mind that such terms denote something far beyond human ordinary discernment. Furthermore, in Handor there is no idea of sin, taboo or prohibition. Possibly the only elements that may come across as imperatives are those of having an intention and honouring the basic agreements of the specific game one is in. Nevertheless these requirements come natural to Handorians as breathing and sleeping for human beings.
Multi-dimensional fertility is particularly treasured in Quald. Hence, games and dances serve the purpose of stimulating multi-dimensional sexuality, which leads to multi-dimensional creativity. The lower Sacred Cone, with the apex pointing down, portrays the sacred vulva and womb, whereas the higher Sacred Cone, facing up, refers to the fertilizing and energizing element. In the pristine developments of the Game of the Sacred Cone, the two cones, once united, strategically separated as Rodnah and Handor respectively. Handor would then cyclically meet Rodnah, merging with her for creative purposes, and then separate again. Echoes of this process were humanly captured in the Sumerian sacred relationship rituals or hierosgamos.
“The hieros gamos, the sacred prostitute was the votary chosen to embody the goddess. She was the goddess’ fertile womb, her passion and her erotic nature. In the union with the god, embodied by the reigning monarch, she assured the fertility and well-being of the land and the people. . . she did not make love in order to obtain admiration or devotion from the man who came to her, for often she remained veiled and anonymous; her raison d’être was to worship the goddess in lovemaking, thereby bringing the goddess love into the human sphere. In this union — the union of masculine and feminine, spiritual and physical — the personal was transcended and the divine entered in. As the embodiment of the goddess in the mystical union of the sacred marriage, the sacred prostitute aroused the male and was the receptacle for his passion . . . . The sacred prostitute was the holy vessel wherein chthonic and spiritual forces united.” (Nancy Qualls-Corbett, The Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect of the Feminine, Inner City Books, pp. 39-40).
In earlier human times these practices were gradually lost. The rank of those associated with Dibhimah progressively declined, together with the experience of multi-dimensional sexuality, which was regarded as the foremost threat to the emerging strategic consensus reality we currently live in (HAC). Thus, any feature of multi-dimensional sexuality was brutally repressed and eliminated. This shift can be traced in most ancient human myths. Dibhimah related people fell from venerated, erotic and passionate beings to evil monsters and demons. For example, Inanna, the Sumerian queen of heaven, goddess of love and procreation, who praised her vulva and asked for her “holy churn” to be filled with “honey cheese”, is transformed into Tiamet, the dragon executed and dismembered by Marduk in the Enuma elish, the Babylonian mythic account.
In human terms Debhimah is an area of extremely high grahic proliferation and, as a result, is mainly out of bound for HAC visitors. Only the centres distributed along the Handorian Multiway (RS) and the State Multiway can be visited, whereas all other areas are not open for visitors. The capital is Devagrah, seat of the Southern Handorian Mahagraha and close to the cave where the black conic cap with the seal of Quiumakai was originated.

The Trinities of Dibhimah

Code Trinity Head City
4.8.1  Dibhimah Dash  Dibhimah Dash
4.8.2  Dibhimahandora Dandorian Grah
4.8.3 Quh Quh
4.8.4  Danu Danu
4.8.5 Daith Daith
4.8.6 Dhirah Quimah
4.8.7 Difaloh Difaloh
4.8.8 Devagrah Devagrah
4.8.9 Dibanaloh Dibanaloh
4.8.10 Dead Marsh Divendresh
4.8.11 Dissabtadeu Quadratgrah
4.8.12 Dibhimah Doh Dibhimah Doh


Names: Druh (male demon), Dhundhu (shake, earthquake demon), Damaru (double cone drum).
Agent reports on journeys to Dibhimah
Quald, Dibhimah, Devagrah, (4.8.8), 3.6.5, 220610, 14.00, Sinton Green (GB)
To know my original memory, identity and intent
I departed from Sector 6 in the Spirit Circle and reached Devagrah. It was a rocky environment and I moved through a gap in a rock face. It was dark and the settlement was empty.
I looked around and saw a cave. As soon as I entered I experienced a deep stillness. I felt safe and secure. I considered the intention and remained in silence and darkness. A voice then began singing ‘Yes you can. Yes you will’. It was repeated over and over. A person from HAC appeared and began dancing round me, singing the same words. I began to experience more energy.
The man left and I saw a bright light at one end of the cave. I moved through it into a landscape of such abundance! There were orchards and fields separated by stone walls. I could feel that the stone houses had an intimate relationship with the earth they were built on.
I saw both adults and children playing.
I began playing games with some children and moved into a garden where there was a spiral mown in the grass. The children came with me and we danced round the spiral. Many shapes came out of it as we danced. A small number of women then came. They were veiled and dressed in silk-like robes that revealed their nakedness underneath. I felt a crackle of erotic energy in the air and was led by the women to a temple lower down the hillside.
The entrance to the temple [which was built into a rock-face] was in the shape of a vulva. As soon as I entered I could see naked men and women making love in all possible combinations. There were non-human beings also participating. I moved into the centre of the room and was undressed by the women. They began licking every part of my body. They continued until I reached a tremendous climax. As I did so, a light shot out of my penis. As it flowed into the room, it became a glowing web which penetrated everyone and everything in the temple. The other beings reached a climax at this point, the activity becoming frantic until all were spent and lay down in silence on the floor.
I sat down in the midst of my experience. A person from HAC came and sat in my lap, running fingers through my hair and expressing obvious intimacy. As I responded to the stimulation, I came to the realisation that there is no ‘me’ to be stimulated. I experienced expansion.
I left the temple on my own and concluded the journey.
Erotic / Web / Expansion
Peak moments: Ejaculating a web of light at the climax of erotic activity in the temple.
Hearing the voice in the cave saying ‘Yes you can. Yes you will’.
Having a person from HAC sit in my lap and then experiencing a sense of ‘no-me’.
Provisional Territorial Unit:
REGION D4-8: SPAIN, Catalonia, Andorra
Dibhimah – Hamihbid, Cancer/Scorpio

Cataluña (CT)
Andorra la Vella
Total D4-8

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Scorpio/Pluto
Duad Degree: 10-12½° Cancer
Administrative Division: Cataluña is divided into four provinces (Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona), 41 comarcas and 946 municipios. Andorra is divided in seven parroquias. PTU Provinces for D4-8 are divided according to comarcas (given in brackets), with Andorra corresponding to D4-8-2. PTU Provinces for D4-8 refer to comarcas.
ProvOrdo Authority: Grand General Society of Barcelona.

D4-8: SPAIN, CATALONIA, Barcelona: Barcelona [Cc] (8), Maresme, Valles Oriental, Osona (1), Baix Llobregat: Sant Feliu [Cc]; Alt Penedes, Garraf, Anoia (3), Valles Occidental: Terassa [Cc],  Bages (4); Tarragona: Tarragona (5), Terres de l’Ebre (6); Lérida: Lérida (7), Valle de Arán (9), Alt Pirineu (10); Girona: Girona, Selva, Baix Emporda (12), Ripolles, Garrotta, Figueras, Estany (11). ANDORRA, Andorra La Vella (2).
10-12½°Cancer; Cancer/Scorpio; Scorpio/Pluto
Espanie Pradesia: Katalunie Prasamaya. QUALD, Dibhimah: Devagrah.

D4-8-1 Catalonia, Barcelona: (Maresme, Valles Oriental, Osona), ES-B (CT)
D4-8-3 Catalonia, Barcelona: (Baix Llobregat, Alt Penedes, Garraf, Anoia), ES-B (CT)
D4-8-4 Catalonia, Barcelona: (Valles Occidental, Bages), ES-B (CT)
D4-8-5 Catalonia, Tarragona: Tarragona, ES-T (CT)
D4-8-6 Catalonia, Tarragona: (Terres de l’Ebre), ES-T (CT)
D4-8-7 Catalonia, Lérida, Lérida, ES-L (CT)
D4-8-8 Catalonia, Barcelona: Barcelona, ES-B (CT)
D4-8-9 Catalonia, Lérida, (Valle de Arán), ES-L (CT)
D4-8-10 Catalonia, Lérida, (Alt Pirineu), ES-L (CT)
D4-8-11 Catalonia, Girona: (Ripolles, Garrotta, Figueras, Estany), ES-GI (CT)
D4-8-12 Catalonia, Girona: Girona (Girona, Selva, Baix Emporda), ES-GI (CT)