Sauter Taepeh
Binary 120
5-7½° Capricorn

10.12 (Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Pisces) is a blend of cardinal earth and mutable water mixing Capricorn’s order, perseverance and responsibility with Pisces’s imagination, inspiration and unconditional service. This binary combines s solid sense of structure and down-to-earth ambitions with a compassionate and deeply emotional nature. Behind the layers of a disciplined and firm nature, these folks possess a profound empathy for the feelings of others and a generous attitude towards this planet, which they perceive in a wider perspective and with the awareness for the next generation to come.
Celebrities with 10.12:

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien CBE (3 January 1892 – 2 September 1973) with Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Pisces, and Ascendant in Virgo (10.12.6). An ideal example of combining extreme attention to details and hard work (Ascendant in Virgo) in a pragmatic way (Sun in Capricorn) and in the realm of fantasy and multiD (Moon in Pisces). English philologist, writer and university professor, best known as the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He was a devout RC at level one.

Elvis Presley (AS Sagittarius); Ava Gardner (AS Cancer); Martin Luther King (AS Taurus); Edgar Allan Poe (AS Scorpio); Sainte Therese de Lisieux; Paul Cezanne  (AS Scorpio); Roland Topor; Simone de Beauvoir  (AS Scorpio); J.R. Tolkien (AS Virgo); Patti Smith (AS Sagittarius); Moliére (AS Scorpio); Benjamin Franklyn; John Denver (AS Gemini); Sissi Spacek (AS Virgo); Adriano Celentano ; Ben Kingsley; Chris de Burgh (10.12.4); Lynyrd Skynyrd (10.12)


Binary Programme 1 – Pahekarubhe 1: 10.12, 241298

The Graha of sector 10 (Grahsau) can be released by hitting its knees.
In Quiumakai I am by a rocky pass. There is a caravan.
I climb up the walls of a rock. I meet a mouflon and follow it. It leads me on the top of the rock and shows me a basin with the potion.
Seagull descends, positioning itself on the top of the rock. It gives me some soil moistened by sea water. I take it and make a paste, forming a compact ball.
I hold the sphere in my hands and it is pleasant to feel it. Earth and water.
“Remember the ocean of discipline or the discipline of the ocean.
This is the gift which you are called to activate.
Continue with the work and its structure.
Your motivation is sacred. Continue the work.
It is this contribution that is meant to be preserved on Earth.
You came here to accomplish a service and leave an imprint.
Go on, disregarding the fears around you.
Rikti Gawak, oceano di disciplina”


Provisional Territorial Units:

REGION D10-12: RUSSIA: Urals
Pahai Gathmaka – Kingdom Gathakam – Makahtag Modgnik
Binary 120 – Sauter Taepeh
5-7½° Capricorn
Rusie Prasupaja. KORTEX, Gathakam

D10-12: RUSSIA, URALS, TYUMEN: Tyumen (1); Tobolsk (2); Ishim (3). KHANTIA-MANSIA: Khanty-Mansiysk (4); Nefteyugansk; Nizhnevartovsk; Surgut (5); Beloyarsky; Beryozovo; Oktyabrsky (6); Kondinsky; Sovetsky (7). YAMALIA: Salekhard (8); Noyabrsk (9); Novy Urengoy (10); Labytnangi (11); Gubkinsky (12).
5-7½°Capricorn; Capricorn/Pisces; Capricorn/Saturn.
Rusie Prasupaja. KORTEX, Kingdom Gathakam.

10-12-1 RUSSIA, Tyumen Oblast: Tyumen; 10-12-2 RUSSIA, Tyumen Oblast: Tobolsk; 10-12-3 RUSSIA, Tyumen Oblast: Ishim; 10-12-4 RUSSIA, Khantia-Mansia: Khanty-Mansiysk; 10-12-5 RUSSIA, Khantia-Mansia: Nefteyugansk; Nizhnevartovsk; Surgut; 10-12-6 RUSSIA, Khantia-Mansia: Beloyarsky; Beryozovo; Oktyabrsky; 10-12-7 RUSSIA, Khantia-Mansia: Kondinsky; Sovetsky; 10-12-8 RUSSIA, Yamalia: Salekhard: Arctic Circle monument SCP301211; 10-12-9 RUSSIA, Yamalia: Noyabrsk; 10-12-10 RUSSIA, Yamalia: Novy Urengoy; 10-12-11 RUSSIA, Yamalia: Labytnangi; 10-12-12 RUSSIA, Yamalia: Gubkinsky
Handorian References:

HSS 10-12 – State of Kortex, Kingdom of Gathakam
Located in the remotest North of the State