Clondot – 3.7

The Principality of Clondot is one of the 12 Principality-Nations that make up the Confederated Tudorian Principalities, which is the official name of the State of Tudor, associated with Sector 3. Clondot is associated with the binary 3-7 (Gemini-Libra)
In this celebrated nation abide most ethereal, light-hearted, intelligent, extrovert, loquacious, socializing and hilarious beings.

Clondotians are mind-blowing story tellers and love-manufacturers. This is a specialised category of master sorcerers, who also include the Naxohians, capable of redeploying melodious and amorous energy, and manifesting most startling strategic love stories. In this process, they utilize gigantic mental energies, which they redistribute through the amplification of incessant story-telling and shamanic narrations. Their profound sense of fairness and balance ensures unreserved acknowledgment of all parties involved.

Under the benign influence of Clondot, exemplified by the 3.7 binary, there are idyllic conditions for composing multi-dimensional love letters. These are letters that may be inspired by third-dimensional lovers, yet they are not sent to them, or not only to them, for such lovers are merely the beloved vehicles and not the actual beneficiaries. These letters are dispatched to large multi-dimensional networks and redeployed by synergistic circuits, which then allow integration of multi-dimensional with third dimensional love relationships. The lack of this integration is the primary cause of all sufferance in human love relationships. Every relationship that we have had in our life has bound a certain dosage of energy. This energy is necessary in order to preserve the memory of that interaction, and it behaves similarly to computer files. Each file requires a certain amount of disk space so as to retain the information about the relationship. The related data is extremely meticulous and cover all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual details. During life these files accumulate, until they start draining the memory and the whole system slows down, also becoming unable to incorporate or process new information. This situation reflects in a depressing or unpleasant existence, in which the present keeps being dictated by the past. On the shamanic healing path abundant energy is needed in order to pursue powerful Intents and connect them with the Function. Hence acknowledging, releasing and redeploying energy stagnating in draining memories represents a major requirement. The Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone and other practices of shamanic redeployment serve this purpose.

Clondotians are motivated by a tremendous zeal for multidimensional love-matching, yet they express it in a cheerful way, which allows them not to be caught up by the grahic realm of emotions. Hence, if you have ever craved to write and release that ultimate love letter, this may be a most excellent time to carry on the deed. By aligning with this combination, it will stream just like your breath. And when the letter is over and done with, this does not automatically mean that you have to send it to her or him. Please resist the temptation. Whatever the case, before you even think of sending it to her or him, spare one day to travel to Clondot. Please be aware that the above is merely a Clondotian approach, one among 144, yet indeed a most honourable one.

The Counties of Clondot

Code Trinity Head City
3.7.1  Clon de Galet  Clon de Galet
3.7.2  Cornets Count Prince Charming
3.7.3 Paheka Clondot Capenzel de Cot
3.7.4  Pict Pint
3.7.5 Clout Clout
3.7.6 Cachet Cachet
3.7.7 Clondot  Clondot
3.7.8 Penchant Penchant
3.7.9 Cloncarat Conechest
3.7.10 Procrumpet Procrumpet
3.7.11 Paramourinc Patron Colt
3.7.12 Clondot Punt Clondot Punt

Names: Crumpet, Chrisiant, Curt, Penchant, Pict; Christ, Parijat (blossomed tree), Prabhat (dwan), Prabhugit (song of existence), Preet (love), Premgit (love song), Puneet (pure), Purohit (priest).