When you feel confused, there is absolutely nothing wrong. Confusion is a holistic and multidimensional emotion.

Confusion consists of “con” (with) and “fusion”, i.e. “with fusion”. If you are confused, you are united, in fusion, with everything and everyone. You are unable to make a choice, because you are in fusion with all possible choices.

It a major enterprise to accept to be confused in a world where we are constantly forced to take side, to make choices, to discriminate, to take something and give up something else.

Confusion is a spontaneous state of consciousness emanating from the deepest part of ourselves, which is united with all there is.

To accept to be confused, feeling entitled to have confusion, is an act of rebellion towards all those cultures, belief systems and ideas which force ourselves to stay only on one side, to see life as either black or white, to close our hearts when we love more that one side.

If you are confused, accept this confusion, live it fully. You are not here to detach yourself from the whole, you are here to be in fusion with the world, to be with (con) fusion.


Franco Santoro