Connecting with your Spirit Guide, Findhorn

indexAstroshamanic short workshop with Franco Santoro.

An experiential introduction to the connection and the relationship with the Spirit Guide, Higher Self, Angelic world and other emanations or emissaries of God.

For details on the Spirit Guide please click here.

The workshop starts at 2 pm on Saturday 16 January 2016 and ends at 5 pm.
By donation: suggested £ 20 (conc. £ 15)

For information:

The event takes place at:
Sunshine Room, East Whins House (EWH), 505 East Whins, The Park, Findhorn, IV36 3TH


“The most loving being in your life is doing whatever is possible in order to draw your attention. It is the closest it can be to you, now. And it is also the closest to the impossible, which happens once you choose to wake up even for a few seconds and finally acknowledge its presence. That little noise or glimpse of light you hear or see once in a while, it is it. I am aware that this may be total nonsense. And if this is the case, you can disregard it and life will just continue as it has always been. Yet, if you are not happy about the way life continues to be, it would be total nonsense to disregard all this.” (Franco Santoro)