Connection with Spirit Guide

Cluny Shaman Dar (Mainstairs)jConnection with Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides are meant here as higher beings and spiritual energies that operate as helpers and teachers. Their guidance is usually gentle, respectful and available upon request. In astroshamanism, Spirit Guides are strategic and educational healing sources meeting individuals at a level understandable for their perception, providing transformation, unconditional love, balance and spiritual direction. This experience is common to all sessions, yet in this type of consultation the aim is to purposefully establish a connection with the Spirit Guide aligned with the client’s intention and life circumstances. There is no intermediation in this session, and clients directly meet and interact with their Guide, through the use of astroshamanic methods, while Franco uses his experience and skills to discern and support the process. Additionally, Franco performs various healing tasks and provides the necessary assistance and information so that clients can successfully continue the relationship with their Guide.

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