jesus-demons-624x223You can list many causes of pain in this life, as you read the news, listen to people or consider your own thoughts, but there is one, the most ruthless, from which all others derive, and which will ultimately be the only one to be truly fatal. .

This is the definition you gave power to possess yourself and others .

Everything that happens to you and to others, as you perceive it, is the result of a definition you’ve granted the power to determine who you and others are.

Once you give this power to a definition, it will increase more and more its dominion over you up till it possesses you completely . Then there will not be any trace of you in this life. This means that you will no longer be aware of who you really are because the definition has taken the place of your original nature . Your original nature continues to exist somewhere, but you do not know where it is nor care to know since the definition totally owns your consciousness .

This is soul loss or spirit possession in shamanic terms.

Sure, I could describe the above in a more colorful way, referring to demons, evil and predatory entities , disembodied beings and others, along with practices aimed at getting rid of them, like exorcism, shamanic rituals, soul retrieval, etc. But in the end ou are always dealing with the definition you gave power to possess yourself and others .

The definition is the only form of actual possession, from which all others come. It operates undisturbed, dominating you with its permission.

A definition is whatever you use to describe yourself and others. The most common are age, gender , appearance, eating habits, character, work, marital status, political views  race, family, relationships , spiritual path and any other definition you attribute to yourself and others.

Want to do a test to see if you are possessed by demons or other predatory entities ?

Then take a moment to look within acknowledging how much you identify yourself with some of the definitions provided above.

If you realise to be “possessed” do not be discouraged. On the contrary, rejoice, because the fact that you can be aware of it, shows that you are not entirely possessed. Otherwise you would not be able to conceive this test. Your awareness of being the victim of definitions proves that in you there is still a free part that has not been defined yet.

That part is your way to liberation and recovery of your true nature .

Then, get down to work!

Be very careful every time you identify with a definition  you are possessed by it, whether it applied to yourself or to others.

Do not allow yourself being defined. However, if you cannot help being defined or you truly like it, make sure to accept only provisional definitions, which you can consciously take and leave at any time.

© Franco Santoro