Domain Charlonsmere

4.5 – Domain Charlonsmere

charlonsmere copyThis is a large territory located in the western area of Quald, admired for its renowned seaside resorts noted for their superb white-orange sand beaches and enchanting fields of daisies.

The capital, Charlonsmer, features a most fascinating long promenade dominated by the Gober Tower and the De Merkale, a multi-dimensional roller-coaster, which is the highest in Handor. Don Merkale is also Charlons’ national hero.

An element typical of shamanic traditions is the notion of the tutelary spirit or shamanic spouse. As such, Don Merkale is one of the greatest heavenly partners. Her-his heartbeat is in sync with the pulsation of the womb and with the rhythmic movements of the pelvis. Merkale is the heroic guardian of the intercourse of soul and spirit, the Moon and the Sun. This heart lovemaking pulse is epically described as Charlons. Don Merkale is the guardian of Charlons.
Her-his heroic enterprises, which I will perhaps narrate on another occasion, involve the voyage from the devoted refutation of erotic passion, as part of his-her guardian functions, to the different levels of manifestation of Charlons as his-her spouse, which ultimately leads to the erotic ecstasy between Merkale and Charlons themselves. I understand that this may appear a bit cryptic.

In practical terms, Charlons energy allows the re-enactment of ordinary romantic and erotic myths at their matrix multidimensional level. This means that, by opening to this nation, I can translate personal ordinary romance or eroticism into multidimensional collective and mythical events. This is the first step in any astroshamanic healing process: connecting personal or separated history to collective myths.
The second step involves the rapport with the multi-dimensional realm, which is the sphere of guides and unity. Hence, the chance during these 4.5 binary days is to refer your ordinary romantic or ecstatic lovemaking enterprises – no matter whether they belong to your past (they happened some time ago), present (they are currently happening) or future (they are part of your dreams or aspirations) – to their original multidimensional matrix.

It is a form of recapitulation in which, after scanning a specific ordinary romantic or lovemaking event, and fully honouring or blessing the parties involved, you deliver them to the Sacred Cone. This means that, instead of holding the event in your memory as you have perceived it according to your ordinary conditioned perspective, you let it flow and define in its original essence. You project it on the multi-dimensional screen and allow it to unfold its mythic essence.

At this stage the parties involved will be realigned to their pristine roles, and this will unveil the sublime multidimensional intercourse of the gods. And the gods will chuckle in their nudity. And you will be converted into the Naked King and Queen.
The main team is Doctor Cone.

The Trinities of Domain Charlosmere

Code Trinity Head City
4.5.1  Duque Defense  Duque Defense
4.5.2  Duque Delegate Duque Delegate
4.5.3 Doe Dee
4.5.4  Doge Doge
4.5.5 Queen Decor
4.5.6 Duende Duende
4.5.7 Demesne Destape
4.5.8 Demiurge Dormouse
4.5.9 Dalliance Queenmater
4.5.10 Dumbledore Dumbledore
4.5.11 Charlonsmere Don Merkale
4.5.12 Quiure Saike Quiure Saike

Names: Dumbledore, Dormouse, Doge, Duende, Décor, Dee, Demesne, Doe; Damodar (consciousness), Digamber (devoid of personality), Dilvar (beloved), Dinkar (sun), Divakar (sun), Dwar (door),