Domain Lobsterard

STATE OF QUALD, 4.4 – Domain Lobsterard


Lobsterard is the largest territory in Quald, which also includes the State Capital Metropolitan Constituency of Callex. Callex is one of the most eye-catching places of the Handorian State System. It is positioned in a magnificent environmental setting between the Lobster mountains and the Callex Bay channel. The more famous landmarks of Callex are the two round breast mounts of Nevamant, situated on the West Callex peninsula, and the large monumental terrace called Lorax, which spreads through the East Metropolitan Callex mountains.

The Trinities of Domain Lobsterard

Code Trinity Head City
4.4.1  Queen Diamond  Queen Diamond
4.4.2  Digestive Quad Doctor Diamond
4.4.3 Divine Downwind Dame Lobsterard
4.4.4  Dwad Doc Lobsterard
4.4.5 Duchesse Callexard Druid
4.4.6 Dalard Dalard
4.4.7 Dabhand Dossard
4.4.8 Druidard Druidard
4.4.9 Droneland Delmerald
4.4.10 Quartzhead Quartzlord
4.4.11 Domianguard Domairfield
4.4.12 Dolmensdroid Daleprinsard