Ecstatic realities – workshop in an unknown space and time

The_Earth_questionWith Franco Santoro

This workshop takes place in an unknown space and time. If you wish to take part, please sign up by the deadline (11 July). The venue and time of the workshop will be agreed by participants. The workshop will take place in a given venue and time, yet it is also possible to take part by Skype.

There are infinite realities and states of consciousness. There are also ecstatic dimensions of love, power, peace and pleasure, where you can uncompromisingly experience whatever you choose to experience. It is entirely up to you to decide what you can be and do, including where and with what or whom. While you can purposefully experience what you want, you can also choose to surrender to any experience which is beneficial for you and the environment, even if you don’t know what that experience is.

This workshop aims at reawakening your multidimensional nature and your capacity to navigate into space and time. Through the use of simple and natural astroshamanic practices we will connect with space of deep power and expanded awareness, retrieving vital parts of our soul and paving the way for their fruitful integration and expression in everyday life.

Please contact me by 11 July 2016 at if you wish to sign up and receive further information.