Although as humans we have been on this planet for ages our understanding of why we are here and what is the nature of our reality continues to be a sheer enigma.

We can employ fixed ideas and scientific, philosophical, political and religious belief systems in order to anaesthetise the embarrassment of our ignorance and induce trance states allowing us to experience the illusion of knowledge. However, whatever we use to deny our ignorance or to simulate knowledge is bound to fail once it loses its anaesthetic or narcotic properties, so that we are inevitably confronted with our ignorance.

We are surrounded and filled by an unknown world. Our life is a complete mystery. We don’t have any clue about what is going on. All our human problems and fears are based on the denial of the above and the arrogance to hold belief systems that purport to tell us who and what we are. Nothing will ever change in our human life unless we have the courage to release all the biased ideas we have about this world and the honesty to concede our complete ignorance.

In my workshops often participants come in search for knowledge and even believe that I may transmit this knowledge. Yet I can only offer ignorance and this I can admit in full transparency.

All the knowledge I employ and communicate is merely provisional and strategic. Its purpose is to allow us to release out attachment to fixed ideas, unveiling our ignorance and the path towards the unknown mystery of our life.


Franco Santoro