Foundation Training in Astroshamanism, 18-30 July 2015

Astroshamanic Logos short (jpeg)Among the wide range of workshops available in the healing marketplace, including all the events Franco offers, this is the longest and most comprehensive all-in-one astroshamanic course. I believe that this training can offer support and clarity regarding your potential, providing opportunities to ground it in everyday life, both for your benefit and as part of your service to the environment.

The training is also an ideal opportunity to get to the root of critical issues, healing blocks and energy loops, so that you can step with power into a brighter and more fulfilling experience of life.

The years after 2012 have been described by many light-workers and spiritual leaders as a crucial time for setting in motion major shifts in human consciousness. In particular, at the Provisional Institute of Astroshamanism we regard this time as an opportunity to increase the capacity to master intentions and taking decisive steps for creating the new reality we wish for ourselves and the world.

This implies stepping into the richness of our experience on Earth, letting go of decaying paradigms based on separation and gaining a solid awareness of the connection with the web of life.

I would be most delighted and motivated to work more directly with you during this training or other astroshamanic workshops this year in Italy.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any question or wish to receive more details on any aspect of astroshamanic work. We can also meet or arrange a telephone (Skype) appointment, if you wish to explore which workshop or course is the right thing for you.

Blessings, Franco Santoro

This training ranges from one to two weeks and can also be attended as a three-week programme.

Held by Franco Santoro at the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland) from 2003 to 2013, it is taking place for the first time at il Casale in Lunigiana, as part of the new educational programmes of the Provisional Institute of Astroshamanism.

Astroshamanism is a holistic system of healing aimed at expanding human perception through the integration of the basic principles of shamanism with experiential astrology, multidimensional awareness and the contemporary revival of archaic mystery traditions.

Multidimensional Arts are visionary, creative and healing tools aimed at supporting a direct experience of our holistic nature, allowing all diversities to merge into the same whole. Within this wholeness we acknowledge different frequencies of vibration and planes of existence, which make the various dimensions. We are also aware that although all dimensions are parts of the same wider reality, certain planes are based on denial or separate perception of other dimensions. This seems to be the case for our human perception and reality. Multidimensional Arts focus on expanding human consciousness, moving beyond our limited perception and embracing a wider experience of who we are.

This programme offers a unique and thorough exposure to holistic awareness and shamanism and gives continuity of contact with Franco Santoro and his associates. The programme is designed for newcomers as well as if you wish to consolidate previous experiences with shamanism or related methods, and bring shamanic healing into your life and relationships with others. Completion of the programme provides a solid basis for advanced work and leads to basic certification in AstroshamanicHealing®.

This programme includes the following weeks, which may also be attended independently.


Cost for one week (including accommodation and board for seven days and six nights): Euro 575. Bursaries are available.

Cost for two weeks (including accommodation and board for 14 days and 13 nights): Euro 1070. Bursaries are available.

Weekend workshops only: Euro 185 (board for two days and accommodation for one night)

For further details or information please contact us at

The event takes place at:
Casale in Lunigiana, Ronco
località Merizzo
Villafranca in Lunigiana 54028 (Massa, Italy)
Tel. 0187420736

How to get to Il Casale:

By car: take A15 (Autostrada della Cisa) Parma/La Spezia, exit at Pontremoli if you come from the North, or Aulla if from the South. Continue to Villafranca in Lunigiana, then to Merizzo (5,20 km). Once in Merizzo, use as reference the Church of the Archangel Michael. 50 metres after the church turn left at the little parking square then take the only path to the left. After one km you will receive our parking. See: Map

By train: you can arrive to Villafranca/Bagnone railway station with the line Milan-Livorno or La Spezia-Parma. Let us know your time of arrival and we will pick you up.

By plane: the closest airport is Pisa’s Galileo Galilei. Also the airports of Florence, Milan and Genoa are close.


Comments about the Training:

Since the first edition of the training in 2003 more than 300 participants have benefited from this course (see a selection of comments below). This training has received abundant praises from those who  have attended it. The course is always unique and in close alignment with the present, never repeating itself twice. Hence some participants often take it every year. If you resonate with the themes of shamanism, experiential astrology and multidimensional awareness, I can assure you that this training will provide a precious opportunity to explore them experientially.

This workshop brought me back to my true passion and feeling of being fully alive.
A very well crafted programme, beautifully balanced, finely taught out and excellent value for money.
My awareness has grown immensely. I have found clarity regarding my true intention on earth and the tools to manifest it
It has been wonderful and heart-opening. Doors for me have opened about being in relationship in a new way and also my views on spirit guides have deepened in a very valuable way, and my inner sense of why I am on this planet and what I am to do here has become clearer.
Franco is an excellent communicator and facilitator. He tailors the programme according to the nature of the participants, blending group dynamics with astroshamanic processes.
I would like to affirm that this has been a mile-stone on my life’s journey. Thank you.
I found most valuable to learn the techniques and hear the explanations first hand from a practitioner who was open, serious and light-hearted, knowledgeable, and very capable of creating and supporting the environment and energies we were working with.
The programme has been life changing. It’s really that simple. And for that I’d like to extend an enormous hug of gratitude to Franco for pioneering this work, for living it and sharing it.
I am very happy to have done this programme. It has enabled me to make important connections. It has put me back in touch with my imagination. It has been healing. It has been brilliantly focalised. I thank F. and the Findhorn Foundation. I thank my guidance.