The Handorian Healing Spirit

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Frams (Smarf in Rodnah), also known as Framg, is a Handorian State in the central-western mainland. It is traditionally associated with Sector 6 and the astroshamanic totem spirit of Kahesepoh Sadeh Sadoh. Frams is bordered on the north by the United Handorian Nations (UHN), aka as Frian, on the north-west by the Dominion of Gober, on the east by the State of Brento and on the south by the State of Quald.

Frams is the sixth historical state of the Handorian State System and is celebrated for being the natal land of Kurandah, one of the most relevant heroes of the Epic of the Sacred Cone.

Frams is the state capital and largest city,


The Nations of Frams

Code Nation Capital MD Population
6.1 Falcon Faun 17,000,000
6.2 Sarpaxo Santo 18,000,000
6.3 Facharp St Hacharp 13,000,000
6.4 Salifrad Seaward 29,000,000
6.5 Sarkyrie Sarkyr 30,000,000
6.6 Framgars Framgas 29,000,000
6.7 Sardamt St Dramt 23,000,000
6.8 Sankurandah Farzanah 19,000,000
6.9 Franirei Sulochati 19,000,000
6.10 Franmark Sabalfalak 18,000,000
6.11 Seporal Fazal 19,000,000
6.12 Sanbenuerm Salim 15,000,000
State Capital Territory Frams 6,000,000