3.11x3/11 – Gemini/Aquarius

Binary Number: 35
Degrees: 20-22½° Gemini
Aspect: trine
Moon Phase: waning gibbous
Handorian Reference: CTP, Principality of Nastory.
Binary Spirit: Mahe Uriah.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Gemini (3) and Moon in Aquarius (11) constitute Binary 3.11, or Binary number 35.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aquarius combine Mutable Air with Fixed Air, integrating Gemini’s versatility and lightness with Aquarius’s genius, independence and synergy.

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This configuration amplifies the Air element and its synergic properties, promoting breakthroughs in the relationship between ordinary and non-ordinary. In particular, it is much easier to generate gaps in the limits of conventional communication and reach remote or apparently inaccessible individuals, beings, locations or states of consciousness. For example, I call someone by mistake, who in that moment was desperately trying to connect with me but had lost my telephone number, or I turn on the television and the first thing I see is my power animal, who through an ordinary documentary communicates relevant information. This combination, though airy, is also related with the subtle vibrations of the mineral world and their stimulation. On this binary system, astroshamanic healing stones, such as the Trevilian Stones, are often blessed by water and activated.

Gemini and Aquarius are in a trine aspect (120°), which produces an easy, balanced and mutually supporting link between the signs involved. This can bring major benefits when there is clarity of intent and focus. If this is not the case the benefits will develop unconsciously and gained by whoever holds a clear intention.

Qualities: intelligence, synergy, versatility, genius.

Grievances: aloofness, perversion, insensitivity.

Three days after exact Full Moon, when the waning Moon is from about 135° to 90° from the Sun, we are in the Disseminating Moon or Waning Gibbous Moon phase. There is both a giving and an asking of energy. What I have put in motion, needs to be concluded with integrity and commitment, in order to receive its gifts. When we do not complete creative cycles we tend to separate ourself from the flow of life and feel confused or depressed. When the Sun and Moon move into a trine aspect (120°), if we have thoroughly played our part, the cycle is ripe to provide blessings and rewards. This phase support sharing resources and gifts regarding what was generated with the Full Moon. It is a process enhanced by dynamic communication, enthusiastic connections and spontaneous easy flow of energy, which are potentially available during binary 3.11. Following this final burst of creative expression as the Sun and Moon move towards a square (90°), a deep transformation develops. This requires the alignment of the Intent with the Function, one’s purpose with that of the whole.


Astroshamanic Seal: a large bird holding a scroll with a message, coming from the Higher World, the Fifth Dimension, Handor, and aiming at the Earth. Upon entering the Earth gravitational field, the bird remains suspended, unable to descend. A large green hand emerges from the Earth and takes the scroll. Later another large hand delivers to the bird another scroll with a message, which the bird takes and bring up to Handor.

“How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!

The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d;”
(Alexander Pope)

Celebrities with 3.11

Victor Brauner
Keith Allen (British actor, singer)

Eva Bartok (Hungarian actress, 3.11.7, Pluto Flower)

Maria Bethânia (Brazilian singer, sister of Caetano Veloso, Uranus Power)
Mel B  (English pop singer, songwriter,  3.11.8, Uranus Instrument)

Pat Boone (American singer, 3.11.9, Neptune Flower)

Victor Brauner (Romanian-Jewish surrealist painter, Pluto Power)

Gioia Bruno (Italian-American singer, 3.11.6) Exposé

Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor (Saturn Vessel)
Chick Corea (American jazz pianist, composer, 3.11.6, Neptune Instrument)
Fabio Capello (Italian football manager, 3.11.3, Uranus Instrument)
Marc Copland (American jazz pianist, composer)

William Crookes (English chemist, spiritualist, 3.11.8, Uranus Vessel, Saturn Flower)

El Debarge (American R&B/soul singer) DeBarge
Arthur Conan Doyle
Peter Cushing (English actor, 3.11.4, Saturn Power, Uranus Vessel, Neptune Instrument)

Jacques Demy (French director, 3.11.4, Pluto Instrument) Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (1964), Lady Oscar (1979), Lola.

Richard Dimbleby (English journalist, broadcaster, 3.11.6, Saturn Power, Uranus Vessel)
Arthur Conan Doyle (Scottish author of crime fiction, 3.11.3, Uranus Power, Saturn Root) Sherlock Holmes, The Coming of the Fairies.

John Gregory Dunne (American novelist, screenwriter, 3.11.4, Pluto Instrument)

David Fray (French classic pianist)
Peter Fleming (British adventurer, traveler writer, 3.11.10) Brazilian Adventure
Noel Gallagher (English songwriter, guitarist of rock band Oasis)

Gerald Gardner (English occultist, Wiccan priest, 3.11, Saturn Power, June 13, 1884 – February 12, 1964) Witchcraft Today, High Magic’s Aid
Gerald Gardner
Edvard Grieg (Norvegian composer, pianist) Peer Gynt
Andy Griffith (American actor, producer, writer, 3.11.7, Pluto Flower)

Chris Griscom (American healer, author, spiritual teacher, 3.11.3, Saturn Power) Time is an Illusion

Ferenc Gyurcsány (Hungarian politician)
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan (Sufi teacher, Pluto Power, Uranus Vessel) That Which Transpires Behind That Which Appears

Roy Harper (English folk/rock singer, songwriter)

Annie Haslam (English progressive rock vocalist, songwriter, 3.11.5, Uranus Power, Pluto Instrument)
Russell Hitchcock (Australian musician 3.11.3, Uranus Power)
James Ivory (American director) Howards End, The Remains of the Day, A Room With a View

La Toya Jackson (American singer, musician, actress)

Aaron Johnson (English actor) Nowhere Boy, Kick-Ass, Albert Nobbs.
That Which Transpires
Behind That
Which Appears
Gary Lightbody (Northern Irish musician) Snow Patrol

Georges Marchais (French politician, 3.11.2)

Neil Marshall (English director, screenwriter) The Descent (2005), Doomsday (2008), Centurion (2010)

Curtis Mayfield (American soul funk singer)

Darryl McDaniels (American hip hop musician, 3.11.7) Run–D.M.C.

Brian McKnight  (American singer, songwriter)

Franz Anton Mesmer (German physician, 3.11.4) mesmerism
Marilyn Monroe (American actress, singer, model, 3.11.5)

Audie Murphy (American decorated soldier, actor, 3.11.9)

Alessandro Penna (Italian author, poet, 3.11.1, Uranus Instrument, Pluto Power)

Philip II of Spain (3.11.7, Uranus Power)

Alexander Pope (English poet)
William Butler Yeats
B. A. Robertson (Scottish musician, actor, 3.11.4, Uranus Power-Instrument)
Jean-Paul Sartre (French existentialist, philosopher, pioneer, 3.11.9, Pluto and Neptune Power)

Mikhail Sholokhov (Russian novelist)
Shoshame (American mystic, 3.11.11)
William Sturgeon (English physicist, inventor)

Kathleen Turner  (American actress)
Richard Wagner (German composer, conductor, essayist, 3.11.3)

Papa Wemba (Congolese rumba musician, Uranus Power)
Brooke White (American indie/pop/roch singer, songwriter)

Gene Wilder (American comedic actor, 3.11.3, Saturn Flower)
William Butler Yeats (Irish poet and dramatist, 3.11.10, Uranus Power)

For a list of books and works by celebrities with this Binary please click here.



The Principality of Nastory is situated in the central area of the Confedetated Tudorian Principalities. The capital is Cameul and other relevant centres are Caramel, Carousel and Provisional.
The following is a provisionally translated most abridged account on the hero of the Principality of Nastory taken from the Provordo Pahekarubhetabe Sinierah (Introduction to the Provisional Aphorisms of the Binary Network of the Epic of the Sacred Cone), the astroshamanic work devoted to the binary rapports of Sectors. Tudor (Sector 3) is, together with Ykal (Sector 11), one of the dimensions more frequently associated with winged heralds and angels as messengers. When the combination 3-11 is set with Nastory, this theme can reach its climax. Nastory takes its name from the heroic Handorian herald and his brave bird, Nahistor.
Nastor is the paladin of the Heralds of the Handorian Guard Corps, the special angelic unit aimed at shielding the central star of Handor. Handor himself assigns to Nastor a most complex and cryptic mission.
From Cameul, the Nastorian capital, Nastor and his bird fly to Handor. There Nastor receives a special message in a conic container, which has to be delivered to an unidentified zone of the Grey Sphere, the dimension beyond the Ultimate Frontier (the remotest border of the Handorian firmament). Nastor navigates through those enigmatic spaces. Together with Nahistor, who holds the conic message firm in its beak, he embarks on a major odyssey filled with extraordinary adventures. The identity of the beneficiary of the message is not at all clear, and this causes Nastor to proceed through many capricious and paradoxical situations.
Then, the heroic herald approaches the planet of the Zruddha, i.e. the Earth. He tries to land, yet his bird remains suspended and does not manage to descend. The Graha Ilibisi (demonic antagonistic forces) have built a thick barrier blocking the access to the planet. Nastor and Nahistor try all kinds of stratagems to handle the barrier, yet they fail. The forces they are confronted with appear indomitable.

Nastor assumes that the planet of the Zruddha is the recipient of the message. To avoid being detected by the Graha, he resolves to remain still in the terrestrial sky, trusting that a gap may manifest in the barrier.
Many ages go by, and Nastor continues to be immobile in the sky.

Now, I need to point out that for a Tudorian, not to mention a herald, staying motionless is the most painful occurrence one can conceive. Yet, Nastor unbendingly adheres to his resolution. His immobility causes desolation, which he strenuously thwarts, displaying detachment and accumulating unshed tears. One day the impetus of his tears becomes unbearable. Nastor attempts to block them, yet in vain. An enormous tear seeps through his face, glides into Nahistor’s beak and precipitates in the void. Nastor is dismayed by his weakness. He is concerned for the descent of the tear has infringed his immobility. Upon observing the tear tumbling down though, he is amazed to see that its liquid is producing a breach into the barrier.
All in a sudden, a handsome green hand emerges from the Earth, moves through the breach, gently strokes Nahistor’s beak, seizes the cone with the message and descends. Later, another beautiful hand comes out from the Earth and delivers a message to the beak. Nastor and Nahistor then return to Handor and hand over the message to the central star. Their arrival at Handor is one of the most jubilant events of the entire Epic. Its remembrance is celebrated as a major solemnity in Tudor, Ykal and the Western Area of the Handorian States. In truth, the hands that emerge from the Earth belong to Rodnah, of whom the Handorians, with the exception of Handor himself, had never heard about. She is the covert recipient of Handor’s message, and Handor is the beneficiary of her reply message. Those graceful hands, upon seizing the conic message, stroke Nahistor’s beak. On that glorious occurrence communication between Handor and Rodnah is re-established, after an interruption which even precedes the foundation of the Handorian States System.  Nahistor’s beak, touched by Rodnah, is incorporated as a Handor’s body part, so as to allow the central star to perceive the contact of his beloved. The beak, Came in Tudorian language, becomes the seal of the Heralds of the Handorian Guard Corps. The beak, before it is touched by Rodnah’s hands, has a small lump (Cameu, “little beak”), which then mysteriously disappears. In this respect, a series of other epic tales develop. I am not going into them. Briefly, Rodnah appears to seize, together with the conic message, also Cameu. However Nastor, in another development, retrieves Cameu, with the condition that the little beak be installed at Cameul, the Nastorian capital.

The Counties of Nastory

Code Trinity Head City
3.11.1 Cudgel County Colonels City
3.11.2 Crystal County Crystal Canopy
3.11.3 Celestial County Port Blackberry
3.11.4 Clay Clay
3.11.5 Cameul Cameul
3.11.6 Pastel Pastel
3.11.7 Caramel Caramel
3.11.8 Carousel Carousel
3.11.9 Cone Pearl Cone City
3.11.10 Coy County Cable City
3.11.11 Conservancy Provisional
3.11.12 Chicory Hill Chicory Hill

Names: Pastel, Cameul, Carousel, Provisional, Clay, Caramel; Chanchal (playful), Parimal (fragrance), Praful (cheerful), Pranay (love), Pranjal (straight), Premal (loving), Pritipal (guardian of love); Percival (valley piercer), Peverall (piper), Cully (from the woodland), Conroy (wise one), Colby (from the dark country), Cluny (from the meadow), Caley (slender), Cadell (battle spirit), Connall (faithful one), Claribel (fair, light), Caryl (beloved), Casey (brave).
Agent reports on journeys to Nastory

CTP, P.Nastory, Cameul, (3.10.5), Caramel (3.10.7) 6.8.3, 010610, 19:00, Jesi (IT)
Healing in being free and uninhibited in expressing Venus qualities – AB
Healing in communication, relationships and free in movements – LM
Receiving medicine gift to heal and restore Venus energy and increase feminine energy – AB, LM
I sit down in the Sacred Circle and see AB, we are separated by a veil, I declared my intent to travel with AB and a beam touches me and AB creating a triangle with the top in the sky. I active my multidimensional body, slim, white skin, golden drawings on the ankles and wrists, long blond hairs. I active my search people/places and go to 3.11.5, entering the spaceship a man with black hair makes me gestures he wears a silver suit with golden belt. We embrace I’m happy to travel with AB. We fly to Cameul. The City is very space, there are silver and white roads and every kind of connections in the air, the buildings are over the ground with transparent domes. We enter in a big white wheel that moves and descend in a high level. There are many doors, we choose one blue and go in a garden with many trees. Some flying beings come to us, they are very small, I think they are sylphs we follow them and arrive in a big circle. Other flying beings appear, they are fairies and have a bigger body than the sylphs. The queen of fairies wants to tell us a story. “ in the past a light seed was hidden by the Earth, She took care until the stars people came, the light seed was given them. The stars people decided to find the third part to plant the dormant seed. Now the seed is ready to be planted in the middle earth, the right place between the higher Sky and the deeper Earth and the third part needs to plant the seed” The Queen of fairies warn us, the dormant seed will wake up only when there will be a common purpose. She asks us to join our hands. I feel that I’m entering into the AB’s body and he is entering into me. We are One and our parts are joined, then we separate, I have a part of AB into me and he has one of me. We thank the fairies and leave for Caramel.
I consider the following: “The fusion with AB brought me healing. I felt my cells merge with AB until we were one body. I felt full and without deficiencies. All my parts was recognized and harmonized ”
We arrive to Caramel there is a big crystal beach, in the sky there are two moons, we walk with our hands joined. In front of us there is a white castle someone are calling us, we enter and white men welcome us, there is a big screen where we can see the blue sky and the stars. The men show us the network of light and ask us to choose one star to have support for our intent. I and AB join hands and point the fingers to a star. A beam connects the star with us.
Then the men ask us to embrace and send us to the earth trough a light tube.
I consider the following: “I was touched and when I was linked with the mother star I was in ecstasy and I cried. I felt no difference between me and the light of the star and I wished to return home. I remember my origin and the primordial unity.
During the journey I felt deep lightness and deep connection with the unity, my body was without limits and it was possible to travel everywhere easily.
I recognized that Earth gave us her gift, it is the seed that brings the hope, now we can plant it to change our mind. The Earth is full of feminine energy but we don’t see it, the communication is always free but we don’t perceive it, we have the unity into us but we don’t recognize it. ” (6.8.3, 010610),
CTP, P.Nastory, Cpt Pastel (3.11.6), 3.6.5, 030610, 16.00, Sinton Green (GB)
NJ: to embrace fluency and confidence in self-expression. DM: to trust reality of inner power
NJ / DM: to open gates of original communication.
NJ and I connected in the Spirit Circle and proceeded to Cameul using a banana craft. During the journey there, NJ began tickling me. His tickling became a fondling of my breasts. He then began to masturbate me. I was in complete agreement with his actions and experienced a blissful climax as we neared Cameul. When we reached the sky above the city, I could see it was filled with many other pieces of flying fruit. It then began to rain extremely heavily and I saw the flesh of each fruit craft dissolve to leave just the seeds. I observed passengers from other craft reaching the ground by clinging to the fruit seeds. As the banana seeds were too small, NJ and I simply fell through the air.
We landed on a large trampoline in a children’s theme park. The children and their parents’ were highly amused. When we finished bouncing, a group of children led us out of the park and to the edge of the highway. We immediately climbed aboard a ring-donut vehicle and set off for Pastel. I enjoyed the novelty of being able to snack on the vehicle we were driving.
I noticed that the road signs were all focused on the theme on intentions. Instead of ‘don’t drink and drive’ they said ‘don’t drive without intent’ or more simply ‘what is your intent?’ NJ stated his in a deep American accent and I heard myself speaking as an American cowgirl. I experienced much mirth and enjoyment in this form of expression.  As we neared Pastel, I could see that it was a city made of vertical metal tubes which stretched up high to the sky. I also saw that the landscape surrounding it was very lush. It consisted of flat meadows with very little trees. There was a distinct sense of abundance and fertility. Just before the highway reached the city, it met a huge roundabout. The vehicle split into two – NJ went left and I went right. We joined again on the other side.
We walked along a yellow brick road towards the gates of the city. They were made of two pieces of curved metal tubing and were guarded by a mole holding a holly leaf. We stated our intentions and it told us it would have to scan us for contamination, using the leaf. As it did so, it used one of the spikes to pierce the skin where any contamination was discovered. For NJ, this meant a series of spikes to the front of the neck, whereas for I received a number of jabs to the heart. Both of our wounds poured with blood. The mole departed and was replaced by a swan, who soothed our wounds by spraying cool water from its bill onto them. Once clean, we passed through the gates.
The next feature we encountered was a beautiful clear pond. It was teeming with life and I saw dragonflies, ducks, butterflies and a heron. I felt drawn to sitting inside the pond and suggested this to NJ, who agreed. We sat on a stone seat in the water. I understood that we were to express our intentions by farting underwater. I looked at NJ at this point and could see a look of reservation on his face. I repeated that it was the correct way to proceed and he agreed. I therefore let my intent be expressed in a series of small bubbles which gently rose to the surface. When complete, I turned to look at NJ, who had a look of embarrassment on his face. After a few moments, he expressed his intent with such force that the whole pond turned into a fiercely bubbling Jacuzzi. The power disturbed all the creatures, although I noticed the look of hilarity and celebration on their faces as the turbulent waters calmed down. Both NJ and I burst into uncontrollable laughter.
A heron then approached us and informed us it would activate our intents. It stood in front of NJ and pecked at his throat until his voice box was removed. He inserted a new one immediately and I watched amazed as the new skin grew over the wound in seconds. When the bird approached me, it stuck its sharp beak into the centre of my chest and I understood that it was relieving the pressure from my heart. It then began to rub its beak erotically over my breasts which aroused me greatly. After some time, it positioned itself in front of me and penetrated me. I experienced a sense of bliss which became utter hilarity when I saw NJ jump onto its back and penetrate the bird from behind. When the climax was reached, the three of us parted and I enjoyed watch the heron smooth its ruffled feathers.
It then began to talk about our joint intent. Whilst it was doing so, NJ had a series of erections. Every time this happened, the bird pecked his penis until it deflated. It told us that simply by journeying into the HSS, we had already opened the gates to original communication and that therefore our intent was already manifesting.
We thanked the bird and left the pond, having been told our laughter had balanced any exchanges that had occurred. NJ continued to experience a large erection, so I climbed on his back and using his penis as a pogo-stick, we bounced back to Cameul, from where we completed the journey. (3.6.5, 030610)
Provisional Territorial Unit:
Gelderland, Limburg, North Brabant
D3-11: NETHERLANDS, NORTH BRABANT: ‘s-Hertogenbosch [Cc], Alburg, Alphen-Chaam, Baarle-Nassau, Berneheze, Boekel, Breda [Cc], Cijk, Etten-Leur, Grave, Haaren, Heusden, Landert, Lith, Millen, Oss, Sint-Anthonis, Sint-Michiel, Veghel Walwijk, Zaltbommel, Zundert (1), Eindhoven, Asten, Cranendock, Geldrop, Gemert-Bakel, Helmond, Laarbeek (2), Bergen op Zoom, Halderberge, Rucphen, Steenbergen, Woensdrecht, Bergerijk, Eersel, Heeze-Leende, Waaire, Walkenswaard (3), Best, Dongen, Geertruidenberg, Gilze, Goirle, Hilvarenbeek, Oirschot, Oisterwijk, Reusel-de-Mierden, Tilburg (4). LIMBURG: Maastricht, South Limburg: Eijsden, Gulpen-Wittem, Heerlen,  Landgraaf, Kerkrade, Maerssen, Margraten, Simpelveld, Vaals, Voerendaal (6), Beesel, Leudal, Maasbree, Nederweert, Roemord [Cc], Weert (5), North Limburg: Arcen, Beek, Brunssum, Echt, Gennep, Horst, Kessel, Meerlo-Wanssum, Meijel, Mook, Onderbanken, Schinnen, Sevenum, Sittard, Stein, Venlo, Venray (7). GELDERLAND: Arnhem (11), Aalten, Berkelland, Doetlinchem, Doesburg, Duiven, Montlerland, Oost Gerle, Oude-Ijsselstreek, Rijnwarden, Wintorsijk, Zevenaar (8), Western Betuwe; Epe, Ermelo, Harderwijk, Hattem, Heerde, Nijkork, Nunspeet, Oldebroek, Putten (9), Apeldoorn, Barnevold, Brummen, Rheden, Rozendaal, Vooret Ede, Renkum, Scherpenzeel, Wageningen (10), Nijmegen (12).
20-22½°Gemini; Gemini/Aquarius; Aquarius/Uranus; 21°Gemini6’: Gamma Orionis, Bellatrix. 22°Gemini: Alpha Aurigae, Capella.
Nederlie Upradesia: Aindove Samaya. CTP, Princ.Nastory: Cameul.

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Aquarius/Uranus
Duad Degree: 20-22½° Gemini
Stargate Link: 21°Gemini6’: Gamma Orionis, Bellatrix, Orion. 22°Gemini: Alpha Aurigae, Capella, Alpha Auriga.
Administrative Division: Limburg is divided into 40 municipalities. North Brabant is divided into 40 municipalities.Gelderland is divided into 57 municipalities. Utrecht is divided into 29 municipalities. Zeeland is divided into 13 municipalities. South Holland is divided into 77 municipalities.
D3-11-1 North Brabant, (Alphen-Chaam, Baarle-Nassau, Breda, Etten-Leur, Zundert) (Alburg, Haaren, Hertogenbosch, Heusden, Sint-Michiel, Walwijk, Zaltbommel) , (Berneheze, Boekel, Cijk, Grave, Landert, Millen, Oss, Lith, Sint-Anthonis, Veghel), NL-NB
D3-11-2 North Brabant, Eindhoven (Eindhoven) (Asten, Cranendock, Geldrop, Gemert-Bakel, Helmond, Laarbeek), NL-NB
D3-11-3 North Brabant, (Bergen op Zoom, Halderberge, Rucphen, Steenbergen, Woensdrecht) (Bergerijk, Eersel, Heeze-Leende, Waaire, Walkenswaard), NL-NB
D3-11-4 North Brabant, (Best, Dongen, Geertruidenberg, Gilze, Goirle, Hilvarenbeek, Oirschot, Oisterwijk, Reusel-de-Mierden, Tilburg), NL-NB
D3-11-5 Limburg, (Beesel, Leudal, Maasbree, Nederweert, Roemord, Weert), NL-LI
D3-11-6 Limburg, Maastricht – South Limburg (Maastricht, Eijsden, Gulpen-Wittem, Heerlen,  Landgraaf, Kerkrade, Maerssen, Margraten, Simpelveld, Vaals, Voerendaal), NL-LI
D3-11-7 Limburg, North Limburg (Arcen, Gennep, Meerlo-Wanssum, Meijel, Mook, Venray) (Horst, Kessel, Sevenum, Venlo) (Beek, Brunssum, Echt, Onderbanken, Schinnen, Sittard, Stein), NL-LI
D3-11-8 Gelderland, (Aalten, Berkelland, Oost Gerle, Oude-Ijsselstreek, Wintorsijk), (Doetlinchem, Doesburg, Duiven, Montlerland, Rijnwarden, Zevenaar), NL-GE
D3-11-9 Gelderland, Western Betuwe (Epe, Ermelo, Harderwijk, Hattem, Heerde, Nijkork, Nunspeet, Oldebroek, Putten), NL-GE
D3-11-10 Gelderland, Apeldoorn, Barnevold, Brummen, Rheden, Rozendaal, Vooret Ede, Renkum, Scherpenzeel, Wageningen), NL-GE
D3-11-11 Gelderland, Arnhem, NL-GE
D3-11-12 Gelderland, Nijmegen NL-GE