3.1 copy3/1 – Gemini/Aries

Binary Number: 25
Degrees: 25-27½° Gemini
Aspect: semi-sextile
Moon Phase: waning crescent
Handorian Reference: CTP, Principality of Kadorn.
Binary Spirit: Mahe Kahe.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Gemini (3) and Moon in Aries (1) constitute Binary 3.1, or Binary number 25.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aries blend Mutable Air with Cardinal Fire, integrating Gemini’s lightness, dexterity and flexibility with Aries’s initiative, courage and assertion. Those who resonate with this combination are most alert, persuasive and combative beings with particular regards to the field of communication and verbal confrontations. They are at their best when involved in hyperactive enterprises and situations requiring mobility, shrewdness and vigilance.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aries are in a sextile (60°) aspect, which involves two complementary signs, sharing the same polarity, yet not the same element. The binary can work harmoniously and offer significant opportunities as long as there is awareness and clarity of intention on both sides.

Qualities: clarity, alertness, courage, dexterity, straightforwardness, spontaneity, dynamic mind.

Grievances: impatience, selfishness, arrogance, aggressive communication, restlessness, litigiousness.

When the waning Moon is in Aries at 60° from the Sun in Gemini, the phase of Balsamic Moon, or Waning Crescent Moon, starts. It is a crucial receptive phase, a time of healing and rest, yet also of intense preparation and completion. Here you prepare for a new cycle, the next New Moon, and let go of the residues of the old. What is mainly needed in this phase is a work of release and forgiveness. It is easy at this stage to feel restless, excited or willing to change everything and start doing something totally new and unpredictable Yet, until you learn to release the grievances recycled from the past, you will never truly create anything new. The question here is: “What do I release? What do I take in the next cycle?”

Astroshamanic Seal:  a vertical line with two semi-circles forming an “S”. This seal promotes direct communication with the multidimensional self and the capacity to communicate with human beings from a space of integrity, clarity and straightforwardness. It teaches that we are always safe when we are able to claim our true nature and origin, keeping the connection with our spirit guides and helpers regardless of any grievance we may experience. The seal strengthens the faculty to align with the frequency of our multidimensional self, allowing it to express through the words we say and write, operating with lightness and fun, yet adamant and focused regarding one’s intention.
Celebrities with 3.1

Ala al-Aswany (Egyptian writer)

Harriet Beecher Stowe
Albert II of Belgium (King of Belgium, 3.1.10)

Aslan (French painter, sculptor, 3.1.4, Pluto Instrument)

Italo Balbo (Italian Fascist leader, 3.1.9, Pluto-Neptune Power)

Devendra Banhart (American singer, song-writer)

Harriet Beecher Stowe (American author, abolitionist, 3.1.6) Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852)

Christian Boiron (president of Laboratoires Boiron, 3.1.2, Uranus Power)
Russell Brand (English comedian, actor, singer, author, 3.1.10)
Sonia Braga (Brazilian actress, 3.1.9, Saturn Flower)

Meredith Brooks (American singer, song-writer)

Serge Brussolo (French writer) The rain children, Walled in.

Alastair Campbell (British journalist, director of communication for Tony Blair)

Sarah Class (English composer, singer, song-writer, 3.1.11)

Johnny Clegg (South African musician)

Pope Clement VII (3.1.7)

John Constable (English romantic painter, 3.1 1)

Anderson Cooper (American author, journalist, TV personality, 3.1 7)

Rudiger Dornbusch (German economist)
Maurice Dubois (French painter)

Reeves Gabrels (American guitarist)

Georgius (French singer, 3.1.4, Neptune-Pluto Power)
Muammar al-Gaddafi (autocratic ruler of Lybia)

Giovanni Gentile (Italian neo-hegelian philosopher, 3.1.11)

Paulette Goddard (American film and theatre actress)

Rubén González (Cuban pianist of the Buena Vista Social Club)

John Hersey (American writer, journalist, Saturn-Pluto Power)
Helen Hunt (American actress, director, 3.1.6)
Robert Hutton (American actor, 3.1.7)

Angelina Jolie (American actress,  3.1.4)

Václav Klaus (president Czech republic, 3.1.2, Saturn-Uranus Instrument)

Mademoiselle Lenormand (French occultist, Tarot specialist)

Fernando Lugo (president of Paraguay)

Lydia Lunch (American singer, poet)

Takako Matsu (Japanese actress, singer)

Valerio Merola (Italian actor, singer, 3.1.6)

Luciano Minguzzi (Italian sculptor, 3.1.9)

Robert Morley (English actor)

Abra Moore (American folk singer, Chiron Vessel)
John Forbes Nash (American mathematician, 3.1.4, Pluto Instrument, June 13, 1928) Beautiful Mind

George Papandreou (Greek prime minister)

Grigori Perelman (Russian mathematician, 3.1.8, Neptune Instrument, Uranus-Pluto Flower)

Nicola Piovani (Italian light classical  musician)

Ellis Rabb (American actor, director, Uranus Vessel, Neptune Instrument)

Raymond Radiguet (French novelist, 3.1.8, Pluto Power) The Devil in the Flesh

Raz-B (American singer, actor)

Lionel Richie (American soul singer, Uranus Power)

Rick Riordan (American author, June 5, 1964) The Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus

Patricia Roc (British actress)

Gustavo Rol (Italian parapsycologist, 3.1.6, Pluto-Neptune Power, Uranus Root, 20 June 1903 – 22 September 1994)
Gena Rowlands (American actress, 3.1.6)
Paulina Rubio (Mexican singer, actress)

Cristina Scabbia (Italian gothic singer, Saturn Power) Lacuna Coil.

Egon Schiele (Austrian painter)

Tupac Shakur (American rapper)
Paolo Sorrentino (Italian film director) The consequences of love, The Family Friend
Jackie Stewart (Scottish racing driver, 3.1.7)

Wilfred Thesiger (British explorer, travel writer)

Stephen Tobolowsky (American actor)

Karl Urban (New Zeeland actor, Saturn Power) Reclaiming the Blade
Gino Vanelli (Italian-canadian singer)
David Wagoner (American poet, 3.1.3)

Alan Wilder (English electronic musician, 3.1.12)
Eugene Zimmerman (Swiss cartoonist, 3.1.5, Pluto Flower) Zim

Gustavo Rol: born in Turin on 20 June 1903, with Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries and Ascendant in Virgo, died on 22 September 1994, he is regarded as one of the greatest sensitives of the 20th century. His life was abundant with of non-ordinary events and miracles. His approach towards the paranorman was scientific and he had nothing to with mediums and spiritualists. Some of his proven powers included reading people’s minds, foreseeing the future, being in two different places at the same time, travelling through time, seeing inside the body, moving and materialising objects at a distance, painting pictures without touching brushes and making spirits appear. The involvement with such activities was the result of a painful period if spontaneous initiation. The Italian director Federico Fellini  was a great friend of Rol, whom he portrayed as follows: “What Rol does is so marvellous that it becomes normal; in short, there is a limit to astonishment. In fact he calls ‘games’ all the things he does, at the moment in which you witness them fortunately they don’t amaze you, it is when you remember them later on that they assume a disturbing dimension. What is Rol like? Who does he resemble? What does he look like? Describing him is a bit difficult. I saw a man who’s ways were courteous, his elegance sober, he could be the headmaster of a provincial grammar school, one of those who is able to even joke at times with students and pleasantly pretend to be interested in almost frivolous topics of conversation.”
Handorian Reference: CTP, Principality of Kadorn.
Provisional Territorial Unit:
Antwerp/Antwerpen/Anvers, West Flanders, East Flanders

D3-1: BELGIUM, FLEMISH REGION, Antwerp: Antwerp [Cc]: Mechelen [Cc] (1), Turnhout (2); Limburg: Hasselt [Cc] (3), Maaseik (4), Tongeren (5); East Flanders: Ghent [Cc], Eeklo, Oudenaarde (6), Aalst, Dendermonde, Sint-Niklaas (7); West Flanders: Bruges [Cc] (8), Kortrijk, Ypres (9), Veurne, Diksmuide (10), Ostend (11), Roeselare, Tielt (12).
25-27½°Gemini; Gemini/Aries; Aquarius/Uranus; 26°Gemini34’: Beta Columbae, Wezn.
Nederlie Upradesia: Brusele Samaya. CTP, Princ.Kadorn: Prinson.

D3-1-1 Antwerp, Antwerp: Antwerp BE-VAN
D3-1-2 Antwerp,Turnhout: Turnhout, BE-VAN
D3-1-3 Limburg, Hasselt: Hasselt BE-VLI
D3-1-4 Limburg, Maaseik: Maaseik, BE-VLI
D3-1-5 Limburg, Tongeren: Tongeren, BE-VLI
D3-1-6 East Flanders, Ghent, Eeklo, Oudenaarde BE-VOV
D3-1-7 East Flanders, Aalst, Dendermonde, Sint-Niklaas BE-VOV
D3-1-8 West Flanders, Bruges BE-VWV
D3-1-9 West Flanders, Kortrijk, Ypres BE-VWV
D3-1-10 West Flanders, Veurne, Diksmuide BE-VWV
D3-1-11 West Flanders, Ostend, BE-VWV
D3-1-12 West Flanders, Roeselare, Tielt BE-VWV