3.4 x3/4 – Gemini/Cancer

Binary Number: 28
Degrees: 2½-5°Gemini
Aspect: Semi-sextile
Moon Phase: crescent
Handorian Reference: CTP, Principality of Magd.
Binary Spirit: Mahe Quiu.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Gemini (3) and Moon in Cancer (4) constitute Binary 3.4, or Binary number 28.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Cancer combine Mutable Air with Cardinal Water, blending Gemini’s sociability and lightness with Cancer’s sensitivity and nourishing qualities.

This combination enhances intellectual focus and sensitivity, with the ability to provide comfort and nourishment at that level. The communication and networking qualities of Gemini embrace the sphere of original traditions, ancestral inheritances and romantic enterprises.

Sun in  Gemini  and Moon in Cancer form a semi-sextile (30°) aspect, connecting two consecutive signs, which are most different energies, yet closely linked. The signs involved can work well together as long as they keep their integrity. The Sun sign, in this case Gemini, sets the process in motion, and the Moon sign (Cancer) follows. If Gemini’s communication, intellectuality and lightness pave the way, Cancer’s sensitivity and cautiousness can provide major blessings in the Gemini networking spree.

Qualities: intimate and gentle communication, curiosity for the old and traditional, receptive mind, devoted friendliness, sensitive ideas and insights, playfulness, sociability.

Grievances: criticism, self-doubt, attachment, prejudice, deception, excitableness, flattery, nervousness.

Two days after exact New Moon we enter into the phase of Crescent Moon, or Sowing Moon. Here the Moon becomes visible westwards after sunset and is 30° to 60° from the Sun, with exact Crescent Moon occurring when the Sun and the Moon are 45° apart  (Sun sextile Moon). The first details of the potential of the previous phase begin to emerge. This is a receptive phase, aimed at gathering information and getting ready to take action according to the Intent established or perceived during New Moon. At this stage the multidimensional Intent gently comes to terms with the ordinary reality. The question here is: “How can I translate my Intent into a goal understandable in the third-dimensional reality?” The major impulse for third-dimensional initiation is produced in this phase, which is therefore ideal for clearly identifying and sowing the Intent. This is also a time of digestion, analysis and planningAstroshamanic Seal: a half octahedron with at its centre a vertical line descending and crossing a short horizontal line, suggesting a cross or sword. This seal exemplifies the origin of communication. It supports the release of blocks to authentic communication. The release occurs through writing, speaking, giving shape to words. Authentic visions are manifested through rightful communication, which also involves letting go of false communication.
Celebrities with 3.4

Giacomo Agostini (Italian motorcycle racer, 3.4.4)
Tomaso Albinoni (Italian composer, Pluto Vessel)
Don Ameche (American actor, 3.4.9, Pluto Vessel)

Robert Aron (French writer, Pluto Power)

Mira Awad (Israeli-Arab singer)

Pierre Bachelet (French singer, song-writer, 3.4.5, Uranus Power)
John Baldessari (American conceptual artist, 3.4.10, Pluto Vessel)

Ramesh Balsekar (spiritual teacher, Saturn Vessel)

Matthew Bellamy (English singer, Muse)
Paul Bettany (English actor, Saturn Power)
Bénabar (French singer, song-writer, 3.4.7)
Tom Berenger (American actor)
Laurent Boutonnat (French musician, 3.4.3)

Harold Budd (American composer, Pluto Vessel, Neptune Instrument)
Charles the Bald (Holy Roman emperor)

Hal Clement (American science fiction writer, 3.4.6) Mission of Gravity, Needle, Heavy Planet..

Chris Colfer (American actor, singer)

Pierre Corneille (French dramatist, 3.4.11)

Patricia Cornwell (American author, Kay Scarpetta)
Ice Cube (American rapper)
Robert Cummings (American actor, 3.4.9, Neptune Vessel, Pluto Power)

Ray Davies (English rock musician, singer, song-writer, The Kinks, 3.4.11, Saturn Power-Vessel)
Colin Farrell (Irish actor, 3.4.10)

Thomas Hardy
François Feldman (French singer, 3.4.6)

Errol Flynn (Australian actor, 3.4.1, Neptune Vessel, Pluto Power, Saturn Instrument)
Boy George (English pop singer, song-writer, 3.4.2)
Gary Goldschneider (American author, composer, 3.4.9, Pluto Vessel)
Bernardo Guillermo (Dutch furniture designer, 3.4.8, Uranus Instrument)

Lasse Hällström (Swedish director, Saturn Vessel)

Thomas Hardy (English novelist, 3.4.5, Pluto Flower)
Reinhard Hauff (German director, Stammheim, 3.4.3, Pluto Vessel)

Bob Hope (English entertainer, 3.4.7)

Thomas Huckle Weller (American virologist, 3.4.7, Neptune Vessel-Flower)
Isabella d’Este (3.4.10, Saturn Vessel)

Ben Jonson (English dramatist, 3.4.2, Neptune Power-Vessel, Uranus Flower)

Yasunari Kawabata (Japanese novelist, Neptune Power)
Gopi Krishna (Indian yogi, mystic, writer, 3.4.11, Pluto Power)
Patti Labelle (American R&B singer, song-writer, Uranus Power)
Philippe Lafontaine (Belgian singer, composer, 3.4.3)

Amanda Lear (French actress, model, writer, 3.4.8)
Pope Leo XI
Jean-Marie Le Pen (French politician, 3.4.2)

Lisa Lopes (American rapper, actress, singer, 3.4.5, Saturn Power)
Paul Lynde (American comedian, actor, 3.4.5)

Thomas Mann (German novelist, 3.4.6, Pluto Flower)
Jean Markale (French writer, poet, Pluto Vessel)

Samy Molcho (Israeli mime, 3.4.7, Pluto Vessel, Flower)

Marcia Moore (American astrologer, 3.4.4, Uranus Flower, Pluto Vessel)
Frank Oz (American director, Uranus Power)
Luciana Paluzzi (Italian actress, 3.4.10)
Patachou (French singer, actress, 3.4.10, Pluto Vessel)
Peter the Great (Russian ruler, 3.4.12, Uranus Instrument)
Pio of Pietrelcina (Catholic saint, mystic, healer, 3.4.8, Pluto Power)
William Pitt the Younger (British politician, 3.4.4)

Michel Platini (French footballer, 3.4.5, Pluto Instrument)
Cole Porter (American composer, song-writer, 3.4.3, Pluto-Neptune Instrument)
Henry Priestman (English rock singer)

Alexander Pushkin (Russian poet)

Lois Rodden (American astrologer, founder of Astrodatabank, 3.4.11, Pluto Vessel)
Henri Rousseau (French painter, 3.4.11, Neptune Instrument)

Maureen Stapleton (American actress, 3.4.6, Pluto Vessel)
Igor Stravinsky (Russian composer, 3.4.6)
Nobuhiro Suwa (Japanese director)

Bonnie Tyler (Welsh pop rock singer, Total Eclipse of the Heart)

Dennis Weaver (American actor, Duel, 3.4.4, Pluto Vessel)

William II, Prince of Orange

Iannis Xenakis (Greek composer, Pluto Vessel)

Peter Yarrow (American singer, 3.4.12)

Padre Pio: born on 25 May 1887 in Pietrelcina (Benevento, Italy), as Francesco Forgione, with Sun in Gemini, Moon in Cancer and Ascendant in Scorpio (3.4.8), Pluto Power, died on 23 September 1968, he is a Catholic saint, mystic, recentlly canonized and most famous for his non-ordinary powers and miraculous or controversial stories. In 1818 he had his first stigmata, which remained for the rest of his life. The blood flowing from the stigmata was said to smell of perfume (odor of sanctity). He acquired great popularity as a miraculous healer and for other skills, such as bilocation, soul reading and foreseeing. He would hear confessions or celebrate a mass in the church, while at the same time visiting sick people or hearing confessions in other places. Padre Pio had the capacity to direct healing energy by sending a part of himself in a multidimensional frequency, which allowed him to be seen in ordinary reality. This, as well as other Padre Pio’s gifts, was the result of an impeccable discipline and a devoted adherence to the web of life, which was, and is, constantly misunderstood in his ordinary environment. His main focus was towards the relief of human pain, and in this respect his major pragmatic acheviement was the manifestation of the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza (Home to Relieve Suffering), a large hospital in San Giovanni Rotondo, which is currently considered one of the most efficient hospitals in Europe. In 1962, Karol Wojtyła (the later pope John Paul II) wrote to Padre Pio to ask him to pray to God for a friend in Poland who was suffering from cancer. As a result the cancer regressed with medical professionals being unable to offer an explanation for the regression. During that time Padre Pio predicted that Wojtyła would someday become pope. Due to his non-ordinary powers, the Church carried out various investigations and was at one point banned from celebrating masses in public, receiving visitors, or talking to women alone. He was charged of faking miracles, exploiting people’s credulity and having sex with women in the confessional box. He was also regularly ridiculed, despised and offended by several church officials and authorities. Nevertheless Padre Pio was generally regarded as exceptionally holy even during his lifetime. He died in 1968 and in 1982 the Church opened investigations to discover whether he should be considered a saint. After various delvelopments Padre Pio was officially declared a saint in 2002. Half a million people attended the announcement ceremony. Click here for more details

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This principality lies in the south-east coastal plain and is also relevant for its inner valleys, which have been most decisive places of nurturing refuge in troubled ages. The capital of this nation, City of Magd, is a major resort for erratic multi-dimensional romances characterised by light and playful passion. The city includes 144 circular towers and an epic port at Clavicula Demagd. The top northern area of the Principality is called Coneland, whose head city is Conehead, built spiral-wise on a conic elevation. Magd is on the sacred Pulmonary Path, whose main site is Pulmonary Righted (3-4-5).

The Counties of Magd

The Counties of Magd

Code Trinity Head City
3.4.1 County Cafard Consul Cafard
3.4.2 County Placard Consul Placard
3.4.3 Pud Pud
3.4.4 Pard City of Magd
3.4.5 Cupid Cupid
3.4.6 Canard Canard
3.4.7 Panland Panfeud
3.4.8 Coneland Conehead
3.4.9 Pixieland Pixiefeud
3.4.10 County Pod Consul Pod
3.4.11 County Clad Consul Clad
3.4.12 Pink Custard Core Custard

Names: Cupid, Cafard, Canard, Conrad, Pud; Chand (harmonious flowing), Paramanand (ultimate bliss), Parived (true knowledge), Prahlad (joy), Pramad (hypnosis), Pramod (joy), Prasad (grace).
Agent reports on journeys to Magd
CTP, P. Magd, Pulmonary Righted (3.4.5), 3.6.5, 280510, 17.15, Sinton Green [GB]:

Purpose: To continue walk on Pulmonary Path
On the way to Tudor I met a small child. I understood that the journey was being made inside my body and that the HSS is reflected in the human body – the body at a certain level being a carrier of the Matrix that is the HSS. I realized that the child was the pain in the right-side of my chest. He was actually me as a small child, afraid, cowering, constricted and full of fear.
On arrival in Tudor, the PDB Captain told me to take the child with me on the rest of the journey along the Pulmonary Path. We climbed into a lift whose doors opened to reveal the Temple at Pulmonic. I greeted Phlegm and proceeded to the Temple. I connected with the Keepers of the Shrine and began reciting the chant received on the previous journey: “Ostah Yay”. I received the blessing of the Keepers to move to the Principality of Magd and to the settlement of Pulmonary Righted. Phlegm, the child and I set off and half ran, half bounced to the next location; we crossed low hills and looked out across wide green horizons.
The settlement of Pulmonary Righted consisted of many small spherical buildings. The Temple was the same size and shape yet I perceived its energetical structure reaching miles up into the air above the settlement.
We moved inside it and I could see it was painted orange, with many butterfly motifs covering the walls. The Shrine was located off the main room and was triangular in shape. It was made of three stained-glass butterflies joined together with a spherical candle in the centre. The three of us then moved to an upstairs terrace which was open to the elements. An old white haired man was sat there. He was the Keeper of the Shrine. After greeting him we were instructed to go to the Shrine and spend some time there.
After some minutes at the Shrine, I received the next chant, which was inspired by gazing into the flames: “Flamar Oh”. I sang it for some time then combined it with the first chant to produce “Ostah Yay Flamar Oh”.
When I stopped chanting, I saw evidence of the child beginning to relax. He was the taken outside into the garden by two nurses, who eventually put him to sleep in a wicker bed. At the same time, the Keeper appeared and removed a transparent disc made of flesh and membrane from the right side of my chest.
I left the Shrine with Phlegm and we made our way back to Pulmonic. He remained there as I took the lift back to Tudor. On arriving I met the PDB Captain again and he advised me that the only way I can serve the All is by serving myself ruthlessly, as I am but a reflection of the All. I experienced a sense of comfort and relief at receiving this guidance. I then made my way to the Spirit Circle and completed the journey. 3.6.5, 280510,

CTP, P.Magd, Camwood, Panland (3.4.6), 3.6.5, 140610, 20:00, Sinton Green [GB]

Purpose: NJ: to establish a new home for mental faculties. DM: to reconnect with multidimensional experience from June 1994
As we joined in the Spirit Circle, I experienced an immediate and powerful surge of energy. I felt as if I would with life-force. I arrived at the City of Magd and observed that it was heavily populated with circular stone towers. The PDB Captain had very long nose. He asked me, with a serious expression, if I found his nose funny. I looked at him with some confusion. Within seconds, he was howling with laughter and I joined in with him. He pressed a pedal on the floor and I shot down a tube that descended for a while. When I reached the end, I kicked open a round wooden door.
I emerged into a place of light. There were no features to be seen, simply a landscape of light that appeared to have no possibility for moving in a certain direction. Out of the light I began to discern some kind of movement. Slowly, I could make out a blonde woman approaching. She was incredibly beautiful and wore a skin-tight body suit. I perceived her as being deeply erotic and I moved to her. We skipped side-by-side and gazed into each other’s eyes.
We began making passion love. I experienced very strongly the presence of LM and AB in the woman. Before either of us reached a climax, the woman pulled away from me. She told me I had reached the necessary energy level for gaining access. She also said the medicine was available, even though I hadn’t requested one. She opened a zip in the light and we passed through it into the crypt of a church. I approached a stone font and found inside it a silver Star of David pendant attached to a silver necklace. I put it round my neck and understood it was called The Essence. I also received the information that when I bring awareness to it, I can breathe with FS, LM, NJ and AB.
I returned with the woman to the landscape of light and said goodbye to her. We bowed our heads to each other. I repeated this action on returning to the PDB Captain and then completed the journey. Keywords: Light / erotic / breathing/ Essence (3.6.5, 140610)
Provisional Territorial Unit:


D3-4: LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg [Cc] (3), Esch-sur-Alzette (5), Capellen (6), Mesch (7); Grevenmacher: Grevenmacher (2), Echternach (1), Remich (4); Diekirch: Diekirch (12), Redange (8), Wiltz (9), Clervaux (10), Vlanden (11).
2½-5°Gemini; Gemini/Cancer; Gemini/Mercury.
Nederlie Upradesia: Brusele Samaya. CTP, Princ. Magd: City of Magd.

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Gemini/Mercury
Duad Degree: 2½-5° Gemini
Administrative Division: Luxembourg is divided into 3 districts (Diekirch, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg), which are further divided into 12 cantons and then 116 communes. Twelve of the communes have city status, of which the city of Luxembourg is the largest.
D3-4-1 Grevenmacher, Echternach, LU-G
D3-4-2 Grevenmacher, Grevenmacher, LU-G
D3-4-3 Luxembourg, Luxembourg, LU-L
D3-4-4 Grevenmacher, Remich, LU-G
D3-4-5 Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, LU-L
D3-4-6 Luxembourg, Capellen, LU-L
D3-4-7 Luxembourg, Mesch, LU-L
D3-4-8 Diekirch, Redange, LU-D [A: Rindschleiden, 12th CE, church, well]
D3-4-9 Diekirch, Wiltz, LU-D
D3-4-10 Diekirch, Clervaux, LU-D
D3-4-11 Diekirch, Vlanden, LU-D
D3-4-12 Diekirch, Diekirch, LU-D