3.10x3/10 – Gemini/Capricorn

Binary Number: 34
Degrees: 17½-20° Gemini
Aspect: quincunx
Moon Phase: full moon
Handorian Reference: CTP, Principality of Slimax.
Binary Spirit: Mahe Sauter.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Gemini (3) and Moon in Capricorn (10) constitute Binary 3.10, or Binary number 34.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Capricorn combine Mutable Air with Cardinal Earth, blending Gemini’s sociability and lightness with Capricorn’s ambition, discipline and integrity.

This configuration facilitates the definition of agreements and contracts, both among human beings and non-ordinary entities. In particular, the emphasis is on contracts aimed at manifesting tangible third-dimensional results in the sphere of communication. Here what counts is to refer the peripheral projection of the contract to its central emanation. In human terms it involves allowing non-ordinary and matrix beings to be part of contractual human decisions.

Gemini and Capricorn are in quincunx aspect, an angle of 150°, which is five-twelfths of the 360°. This aspect tend to cause slides into parallel universes affecting what happens in everyday reality.

Qualities: organisation, practical intelligence, manifestation, ambition, clarity, shrewdness.

Grievances: manipulation, control, coldness.

The phase of Full Moon begins two days before and ends two days after exact Full Moon or opposition (180°) of Moon to Sun, hence it also encompasses the quincunx (150°) when the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon in Capricorn. This is the final stage of the Full Moon leading to the next phase, the Disseminating Moon. The Full Moon is an active and highly charged moment. It represents the apex of the lunar cycle. Its function is to bring balance. The aim of the final part of the Full Moon as it moves in Capricorn, is to allow this balance to take place by deep and uncompromising release of pent-up emotions,  especially in relation with the traditional themes of Capricorn, such as discipline, manifestation, responsibility. It is essential at this stage to be aware that what is released is collective, ancestral energy, which can only be liberated if you let go of any personal identification.


Astroshamanic Seal: a V shape above pointing downward and two vertical lines below, with one V shape pointing outwardly and horizontally on both sides. This seal supports communication, negotiation and contracts for the purpose of implementing and manifesting pragmatic intentions.

Celebrities with 3.10

Paula Abdul (American singer, choreographer, 2.10.7)
Luis Walter Alvarez (American physicist, 3.10.2, Uranus Flower, Pluto Power, Saturn Instrument)

Laurie Anderson (American artist, composer, Uranus Power) Big Science
André 3000  (American singer, songwriter)
Anna Maria Pier Angeli (Italian actress, 3.10.9)
Françoise Arnoul (French actress, 3.10.6, Saturn Vessel)
Elias Ashmole (English antiquary, astrologer, alchemist, 3.10.2, Saturn-Pluto Instrument)
Charles Aznavour (Armenian-French singer)
Djuna Barnes (American writer)
Gene Barry (American actor)

Gustave Courbet
Joseph Brodsky (Russian poet)
Gary Brooker (English singer, songwriter, Uranus Power)

Michael Cacoyannis (Greek-Cypriot film-maker)
Raffaella Carrà (Italian TV hostess, singer, 3.10.7, Pluto Flower, Saturn Power)
Céréna (French singer, 3.10.4)
Charles II of England
Gustave Courbet (French painter, 3.10.2)
Leonardo Del Vecchio (chairman of Luxottica, 2nd richest man in Italy, 3.10.1, Uranus Instrument)
Johnny Depp (American actor, 3.10.5)

World on a Wire
Rainer Werner Fassbinder (German director, 3.10.12, Uranus Power) World on a Wire
Noel Fielding (British surrealist, actor) The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton
John Fogerty (American singer, songwriter, 3.10.8, Uranus Power)
Fiona Gélin (French actress)
George I of Great Britain (3.10.4, Uranus Vessel)
George III of the United Kingdom (3.10.5)
Jadakiss (American rapper)
Wynonna Judd (American country singer, 3.10.4)
Federico García Lorca (Spanish poet, dramatist, 3.10.12, Neptune-Pluto Power, Saturn Flower)
Margherita Hack (Italian astrophycisist, 3.10.3)
Howard Hawks (American director, Neptune-Pluto Power)
Noddy Holder (English musician, Slade, Uranus Power)
Elbert Hubbard (American writer, philosopher, 3.10.4)
Anatoly Karpov (Russian chess-master)
Ellsworth Kelly (American painter, 3.10.10)

Imperium by K.Laumer
Keith Laumer (American science fiction author, 3.10.3) A Plague of Demons, Imperium

Dean Martin (American singer, actor, 3.10.12)
Klaus Meine (German singer)
Guillaume Musso (French author)
Stevie Nicks (American singer, songwriter, 3.10.1)
Joyce Carol Oates (American author, 3.10.11)

Jamie Oliver (English chef)
Suzi Quatro (American singer, 3.10.2)
Marisa Pavan (Italian actress, 3.10.9)

Lisa Randall (American physicist)

Harold Robbins (American author)
Robyn (Swedish pop singer, songwriter)
Laurance Rockefeller (American financier)
Demis Roussos (Greek singer, 3.10.7, Saturn Flower)
Alexander Ruperti (German astrologer, 3.10.10, Saturn Power)
Jane Russell (American actress, 3.10.4)
Catherine Sauvage (French singer, actress, 3.10.11, Saturn Vessel)
Boz Scaggs (American singer, songwriter, 3.10.3, Uranus Instrument)
Igor Sibaldi (Italian writer on spirit guides, angels, etc.)
Tatjana Simic (Dutch-Croatian singer)
Sukarno (Indonesian president, 3.10.3, Pluto Power-Instrument, Saturn Vessel)

Cinema Paradiso
Jessica Tandy (English-American actress, Uranus Vessel)

Lea Thompson (American actress, 3.10.7)
Giuseppe Tornatore (Italian director, 3.10.6) Legend of 1900, Cinema Paradiso
Ninette de Valois (British dancer, Neptune-Pluto Power)

Immanuel Velikovsky (Russian author, 3.10.8, Neptune-Pluto Power, Saturn-Uranus Instrument) Mankind in Amnesia, Worlds in Collision

John Wetton (English bassist, singer, songwriter, 3.10.3, Uranus Power)
Deniece Williams  (American singer, songwriter, 3.10.4, Uranus Instrument)

For a list of books and works by celebrities with this Binary please click here.




The Principality of Slimax is situated in the north-west area of the Confedetated Tudorian Principalities. The capital is the City of Slimx, located on a rocky majestic mount dominating the Prince Caskers Plateau. In the far north of Slimax lies the Plateau of the Slimxian Princes, whose main feature is the Progeny National Park and the Cardinal Cloak National Park.

I enclose herewith the synthesis of a journey in Slimax that I undertook in 1996. After a long journey through the Patronal Valleys and the rocky hills of Slimax, I reach the City of Slimx, the national capital. In its stunning scenario, I sense a vibrant excitement. Unexpectedly, I decide to launch an appeal to the inhabitants. I step on the special pillar reserved for heralds. Then, after having connected with a translation device, I address the people, expressing my intent of documenting the work of the Sacred Cone. My aim is to publish a book through which I can indirectly convey the transmissions received during my shamanic formation. I specify that this involves connecting Slimax with human ordinary reality.

I communicate the invitation to the Slimaxian folks to support me. I assert my availability to establish an agreement with them. I notice that I am attracting a lot of people. They all seem very interested. This boosts my motivation. I continue to talk, yet more vehemently, stressing my determination and also the fact that Kurandah, the epic saint of the Western Handorian States, is behind the operation.

Shortly after, a series of official vehicles enter the square. Three agents from Provisional Delegate Bureau get off, escorted by various Slimaxian centurions. They approach me and ask what is going on. I respond that mine is an appeal of co-operation with the Slimaxian people. The delegates reply that this is already known and there is no point in coming here to make all this fuss.

They remind me that I voiced the same appeal some time ago in Tudor (the State Capital) and that my request had already been accepted. In truth, I realize that they are right. They refer to the agreement I made with the authorities of the State of Tudor earlier that month. Since Slimax is part of the State of Tudor, it follows that a contract made in Tudor is in effect also in Slimax.

“You have already set an agreement with Tudor”, point out the three delegates “and this agreement we honour.” My part in that contract involves writing a daily report, while the Tudorian share implies manifesting the condition for the production of the book I referred to in my appeal to the Slimaxian. The delegates gratefully acknowledge that I have managed to stick to my part so far. Yet, they draw attention to the fact that it is vital that they are also allowed to play their part. Here it is up to me to trust and honour them as partners in the agreement.
Tudor includes Slimax and other 11 Nations. If I disregard Tudor and focus on Slimax, I affect the manifestation process. Here I recognize how often I am distracted by the periphery, losing sight of the central perspective. Instead of drawing from my connection with the centre, I budge into the external perimeter. I am aware that a part of me distrusts the centre. Indeed, Tudor is not actually the centre. Tudor is one of the 12 States of Handor. I have backed off from Handor, the true centre, in order to reach Tudor, and once settled in this auxiliary centre, I again moved away getting to Slimax.
As I ponder on the above, the delegates lovingly smile. They comment that, as a matter of fact, it is typical of Tudorians to constantly move and create links everywhere. This is a major feature of their quality and beauty. The delegates make it clear that they highly value my passion for communication and the drive to move in all directions.

“Your motivation”, stresses the principal delegate agent “emanates from the heart and receive our full blessing. On your part, you only need to acknowledge and remember your connections with the source, for this link allows you to proceed towards the periphery and then return to the centre. Indeed, the nature of Slimax emphasizes the integrity of agreements and their communication system. Therefore this is part of the lesson here.”

This clarification with the delegates has given me a lot of confidence. It is now evident that the book will be produced…

The Counties of Slimax

Code Trinity Head City
3.10.1 Patrons Calyx Patrons Calyx
3.10.2 Cardinal Cloak Cardinal Pluck
3.10.3 Pax Pax
3.10.4 Cask Cask
3.10.5 Cloak Cloak
3.10.6 Pollux Pollux
3.10.7 Cassock Cassock
3.10.8 Pontifex Pontifex
3.10.9 Post Mark Post Bank
3.10.10 Prins Rock City of Slimx
3.10.11 Climax Lock Climax Lock
3.10.12 Progeny Rock Progeny Park

Names: Pax, Pollux (crown), Park, Cassock; Champak (flower), Paak (innocent), Parik (fairylike), Pathik (pilgrim), Pavak (fire), Poojak (worshipper), Pratik (symbol); Pelex (warrior’s helmet), Cormick (charioteer).
Agent reports on journeys to Slimax
CTP, P Slimax, Prins Rock, City of Slimx (3.10,10), 6.12.8, 300510, 17:00,
Assistance and help from leading authorities for communication healing.
I travelled through a huge valley with mountains that were very steep at either side.  I was on a path meandering through.  It was very hot, desert like.  I then travelled up a path that took me up the rock, Prins Rock.  I came to the gate in the walled periphery of the place and entered.  It was a circular place with paths, passageways and streets.  It felt like an ancient city.  I found my way to the centre and stood next to the column.  I began to look around people had stopped what they were doing; interested in me, a foreigner, in the way I was dressed.  They looked and waited to see what I would do.  There were men, women and children and it looked very biblical, as people were dressed that way.  I began to speak of my intent asking for assistance and healing with my communication.  People were looking at each other interested and intrigued by the whole spectacle.  Then suddenly two guards came up to me and ushered me away and asked me what I was doing, I had to have permission to do this.  I asked where I could get permission and they showed me a path leading up to a palatial building on the top of a rocky formation.
I travelled up the path and entered through the gate into a courtyard.  I went through into a large spacious room where there was a king sat on a throne.  I went and sat beside him.  I asked for permission to seek help and healing from the people and this place, for my communication.  He told me to dance.  I felt uneasy at first then I started to dance.  Musicians arrived, I had ribbons around my wrists and I began to give a passionate dance.  I had finished and he said I had permission and he would come with me.  We walked back to the centre and I spoke of my intent with the king behind me.
The people in the crowd started to speak advice.  Speak clearly, use gibberish, talk, do not keep it inside, express it, write it down.  I felt a real importance of writing it down.  I asked how my communication could be like breath, flowing.  They told me to connect with them with the intent of my communication flowing like breath and they would assist.  I felt happy about this.  I asked the king what I could give in exchange.  He told me I had given my dance.  I asked his name it was King Cone.
Provisional Territorial Unit:
Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel
D3-10: NETHERLANDS, GRONINGEN: Groningen [Cc], Appingedam, Bedum, De Marne, Delfzij, Eemsmond, Groningen, Grootegast, Haren, Leek, Loppersum, Marum, Ten Boer, Winsum, Zuidhorn (1), Menterwolde, Reiderland, Scheemda, Slochteren, Bellingvedde, Hoogezand, Pekela, Staatskanal, Veendam, Vlagtvedde, Winschoten (2). FRIESLAND: Leeurwarden, Leeuvarderadeel), (Boarnsterhim, Heerenveen, Oostellingwerf, Opsterland, Westellingwerf (3), Terschelling Vieland, Ameland, Schiermonnikoog (4), Bolswart, Gaasterlan, Framekeradel, Harlingen, Het Bildt, Lemsterland, Littenseradeel, Monaldumadeel, Nijefurd, Skarsterlan, Sneek, Wunseradiel, Wymbritseradie (5), Dantumadeel, Dongeradeel, Kollumerland, Ferweradiel, Achtkarspelen (6). OVERIJSSEL: Zwolle, Kampen, Steenwijkerland, Zwartewaterland, Staphorst, Dafsen, Hardenberg, Ommen (10), Enschede, Haaksbergen, Borne, Hengelo, Hof van Twente, Dinkelland, Losser, Oldezaal, Tubbergen (7), Hellendoom, Rijssen-Holten, Twenterand, Wierden (8), Deventer, Oolst-Wijhe, Raalte (9). DRENTHE: Assen (12), Aa en Hunze, Noordenveld, Tynaarlo, De Wolden, Hoogeveen, Meppel, Midden-Drenthe, Westerveld, Borger-Odoorm, Coevodern, Emmen (11).
17½-20°Gemini; Gemini/Capricorn; Libra/Venus.
Nederlie Upradesia: Groninge Samaya. CTP, Princ.Slimax: City of Slimx.

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Libra/Venus
Duad Degree: 17½-20° Gemini
Stargate Link:
Administrative Division: Friesland consists of 31 municipalities. Groningen consists of 23 municipalities. Drenthe is divided into 12 municipalities. Overijssel is divided into 25 municipalities.

D3-10-1 Groningen, Groningen (Groningen, Haren) (Bedum, De Marne, Grootegast, Leek, Marum, Winsum, Zuidhorn) (Appingedam, Delfzij, Eemsmond, Loppersum, Ten Boer), NL-GR
D3-10-2 Groningen, (Menterwolde, Reiderland, Scheemda, Slochteren), (Bellingvedde, Hoogezand, Pekela, Staatskanal, Veendam, Vlagtvedde, Winschoten), NL-GR
D3-10-3 Friesland, Leeurwarden (Leeurwarden, Leeuvarderadeel), (Boarnsterhim, Heerenveen, Oostellingwerf, Opsterland, Westellingwerf), NL-FR
D3-10-4 Friesland, (Terschelling Vieland), (Ameland), (Schiermonnikoog), NL-FR
D3-10-5 Friesland, (Bolswart, Gaasterlan, Framekeradel, Harlingen, Het Bildt, Monaldumadeel, NL-FR Lemsterland, Littenseradeel, Nijefurd, Skarsterlan, Sneek, Wunseradiel, Wymbritseradiel), NL-FR
D3-10-6 Friesland, (Dantumadeel, Dongeradeel, Kollumerland, Ferweradiel, Achtkarspelen), NL-FR
D3-10-7 Overijssel, (Enschede, Haaksbergen, Borne, Hengelo, Hof van Twente, Dinkelland, Losser, Oldezaal, Tubbergen), NL-OV
D3-10-8 Overijssel, (Hellendoom, Rijssen-Holten, Twenterand, Wierden), NL-OV
D3-10-9 Overijssel, (Deventer, Oolst-Wijhe, Raalte), NL-OV
D3-10-10 Overijssel, Zwolle, Kampen, Steenwijkerland, Zwartewaterland, Staphorst, Dafsen, Hardenberg, Ommen) NL-OV
D3-10-11 Drenthe, (Aa en Hunze, Noordenveld, Tynaarlo, De Wolden, Hoogeveen, Meppel, Midden-Drenthe, Westerveld, Borger-Odoorm, Coevodern, Emmen), NL-DR
D3-10-12 Drenthe, Assen, NL-DR