3.3 x3/3 – Gemini/Gemini

Binary Number: 27
Degrees: 0-2½° Gemini
Aspect: Conjunction
Moon Phase: New Moon
Handorian Reference: CTP, Principality of Tudorac
Binary Spirit: Mahe Mahe

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Gemini (3) and Moon in Gemini (3) constitute Binary 3.3, or Binary number 27.

This binary generates most mentally active and agile beings, capable of embracing a wide spectrum of fields and establishing connections among them. Their function is vital in networking enterprises and whatever concerns viability, communication and flow of the web of life.

Driven by a spontaneous urge for communication and knowledge, this combination can easily tread a huge variety of paths, recording all the essential information, while also being skilful at conveying it with words and actions, and then moving on, without ever getting stuck.

Qualities: adaptability, communication, cleverness, curiosity, eloquence, flexibility, fluency, friendliness, fun, humour, ideas, insights, intelligence, lightness, lucidity, playfulness, sociability, understanding, versatility, wittiness, young outlook.

Grievances: ambiguity, amorality, cheating, cunning, carelessness, deception, dissimulation, excitableness, flattery, forgetfulness, gossip, inconstancy, indecisiveness, lack of intimacy and depth, lies, nervousness, over-talkativeness, restlessness, shiftiness, teasing, thieving, trickery, unreliability.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Gemini is a conjunction and New Moon binary, climaxing all the Gemini qualities.

This New Moon may stimulate an inner flow in communication, provisionally interrupting the stream of projections promoted by our separated reality and unveiling links with our authentic nature and resources.

This is an open invitation to acknowledge and articulate your deep resources, no matter how trivial they may appear. Qualities reveal their value when they are communicated and shared. In this fashion, you can become aware of their value through the feedback of those who receive them.

Using the New Moon to acknowledge who you are and what you can contribute to the world right now, without any effort, is indeed one of the most heroic enterprise you can involve yourself with during these critical times.

By recognizing, articulating and sharing who you already are, you can sense the immediate satisfaction of playing your part for the benefit of the whole. This also allows you to be seen and easily receive from the whole those qualities that you seem to miss.

This New Moon is also traditionally ideal to consider the exploration of new areas of training, explorations and partnership, such as deciding to go on a spiritual quest, attending a series of workshops, writing a book and beginning a relationship.

Accepting and expressing what you already are, allows other people to do the same and the result is a network of healing acceptance that brings the best out of everyone.

It may be ideal to take some time off during the New Moon in Gemini, also being on your own or spending time in a relaxed state of consciousness, in a quiet environment either indoor or outdoor, breathing deeply for at least five minutes, letting your thoughts go and staying simply with your breath.

Then gently stretch yourself and ask yourself:

What can I express in this moment of life, for my benefit and that of the whole? What do I need to learn in order to promote my potential?

After you have asked this question, immediately jot down whatever comes to your mind no matter whether it makes sense or not. Then hide what you have written for two weeks and disclose it on 3 June 2012, one day before the Full Moon on 4 June 2012 at 11:11 GMT. What you have written down will probably make more sense around the Full Moon, and on that occasion you may have the opportunity to act it our more substantially.

See article Be different. Be yourself!

Astroshamanic Seal: a vertical line and a circle with eight rays, of which only six are visible. This seal heals the mind and its capacity to truly communicate and acquiring authentic information, releasing the robotic mind derived from consensus reality. It is about acknowledging and accepting our nature and whatever there is, as simply what it is. This acknowledgement entails fully accepting to express our nature and refusing to pursue others, while also accepting the nature of whoever and whatever surrounds us. The seal also teaches that we do not need to go very far to find what we are looking for. At times we believe that we have to be somewhere else and with different people, that something special has to happen, in order to attain what we want in life. Hence who and what we meet is never enough, for there is the constant expectation of finding something better. The object of our search is indeed always very close, it goes with us wherever we go.

Celebrities with 3.3

John Addey (English astrologer, 3.3.5, Neptune Instrument, Chiron Flower)
Danny Aiello (American actor) Do the Right Thing

Hannes Alfven (Swedish electrical engineer, Nobel prize)

Alessandro Allori (Italian painter, 3.3.6, Chiron Flower)

Luis César Amadori (Italian-Argentine director, 3.3.7, Neptune-Pluto Vessel)

Pietro Annigoni (Italian painter, 3.3.1, Pluto Root)
Kathy Barry (American musician, 3.3.4, Uranus Instrument, Saturn Root)

Nicole Berger (French actress)

Henri Bernstein (French playwright, 3.3.2, Pluto Instrument)

Chico Buarque (Brazilian singer, composer, Saturn Power)
Raymond Burr (Canadian actor) Perry Mason, Ironside

Rocco Buttiglione (Italian politician)
Marc Cerrone (French disco drummer, singer, songwriter)
Deborah Compagnoni (Italian skier, 3.3.2)

Albrecht Dürer

Truly, art is
embedded in nature;
he who can extract it,
has it
Sarah Connor (German singer, songwriter)

Charlie Drake (English comedian, actor, writer, singer)
Albrecht Dürer (German painter, mathematician, 3.3.5, Saturn Power, Neptune Root) Knight, Death, and the Devil (1513), Melencolia I (1514)

Georges Eekhoud (Belgian novelist, 3.3.8, Saturn Power)

Willem Einthoven (Dutch doctor, Nobel prize, Uranus Power-Vessel)i inventor of first practical electrocardiogram

Joy Enriquez (American singer, actress)

Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst (Moravian-Jewish violinist, composer)
Maurits Cornelis Escher (Dutch graphic artist, 3.3.5, Neptune Power)
Daniel Gabriel Farenheit (German physicist, engineer) alcohol thermometer (1709), mercury thermometer (1714), temperature scale
Faudel (French singer, 3.3.4)
Charles the Fat (German medieval king)
The Gherkin by
Norman Foster
Alexandra Feodorovna (German-Russian consort of Nicholas II, 3.3.3, Uranus Root)
Norman Foster (English architect, Chiron Power, Vessel) Foster + Partners, ‘The Gherkin’.

Gabriel Fournier (French painter, 3.3.8, Neptune-Pluto Power-Vessel, Uranus Instrument, Chiron Flower)
Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark (3.3.10)

Johann Gottfried Galle (German astronomer) first to view the Neptune

Aldo Garzanti (Italian publisher, 3.3.10, Neptune Root)

Johnny Gill (American R&B singer, songwriter)
Bernard Giraudeau (French actor, director, 3.3.8, Uranus Vessel)
John Goodman (American actor)
Steffi Graf (German tennis player, 3.3.3)

Richie Hawtin (English-Canadian electronic musician, DJ)

Princess Helena of the United Kingdom (3.3.7)

Omar Khayyám

Be happy for this moment.
This moment is your life
Thora Hird (English actress, 3.3.8)  Last of the Summer Wine (1986–2003).

Jacinta (Portuguese singer, 3.3.4, Saturn Vessel)
Jewel (American singer, songwriter, 3.3.7, Pluto Instrument, Saturn Vessel-Flower)

Tom Jones (Welsh singer, 3.3.10)

Cédric Kahn (French director, 3.3.6, Uranus-Pluto Instrument) Red Lights (2004)

Omar Khayyám (Persian philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, poet, 3.3.2, Pluto Flower)

Joshua Lederberg (American molecular biologist, Nobel prize, 3.3.5, Neptune Instrument)

Christopher Lee (English actor, musician, 3.3.7, Saturn Instrument) as Count Dracula in Hammer Horror films, Saruman in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.
Ted Levine (American actor)The Silence of the Lambs as Buffalo Bill

Jean-Paul Marat (French revolution physician, philosopher, journalist)
Margaret of Valois (queen of France and Navarre, XVI century, 3.3.7)
John Maynard Keynes (British economist, 3.3.5)

Paul Landowski (French sculptor)

Stan Laurel (American actor, Pluto Vessel)
Ken Loach (English director) The Gamekeeper (1980),The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006), The Angels’ Share (2012)
Josh Lucas (American actor, Saturn Vessel)

Mohsen Makhmalbaf (Iranian director, writer)
Dario Marianelli (Italian composer)
John Masefield (English poet, writer, 3.3.3, Uranus Root)
Catulle Mendès (French poet, 3.3.1, Pluto Instrument)
Kylie Minogue (Australian singer, songwriter, 3.3.4)
Lakshmi Mittal (Indian steel magnate, Uranus Power)
M. Scott Peck

Until you value yourself,
you won’t value your time.
Until you value your time,
you will not do
anything with it.
Mittéï (Belgian cartoonist)
Alla Nazimova (Russian-American actress, screenwriter, 3.3.7, Pluto Power)
Luis Ocaña (Spanish cyclist, 3.3.9, Uranus Power-Vessel, Neptune Flower)

Oléo (French comedian, actress, 3.3.6, Pluto Power-Flower)

Anette Olzon (Swedish singer)
Colin Quinn (Irish-American comedian, 3.3.7) Saturday Night Live
M. Scott Peck (American psychiatrist, author) The Road Less Traveled

José López Portillo (Mexican politician, Pluto Vessel)
Robert Preston (American actor, 3.3.6) Victor Victoria (1982), The Last Starfighter (1984)
Jean Rigaud (French painter, 3.3.4, Pluto Power-Vessel, Neptune Instrument)

Marco Risi (Italian director, screenwriter, 3.3.11)
Augusto Roa Bastos (Paraguayan novelist, Pluto Power)

David Rockefeller (American banker, statesman, Pluto Power)

Francis Rossi (British musician, Uranus Vessel) Status Quo
Salman Rushdie

Language is courage:
the ability to conceive
a thought, to speak it,
and by doing so
to make it true
Salman Rushdie (British-Indian novelist, 3.3.2, Uranus Power-Vessel) Midnight’s Children (1981), The Satanic Verses (1988)

Massimo Serato (Italian actor, 3.3.4, Neptune Instrument)

Vikram Seth (Indian poet, novelist)
Ian Shaw (Welsh jazz singer, 3.3.4, Uranus-Pluto Root)

Brooke Shields (American actress, 3.3.6) Pretty Baby, The Blue Lagoon
Leelee Sobieski (American actress) Deep Impact.

Alberto Sordi (Italian actor, director)

Giovanni Spadolini (Italian politician, 3.3.5)

John Turner (Canadian politician, 3.3.6, Saturn Root)

Queen Victoria (3.3.3)

Paul Vidal (French composer, 3.3.5, Uranus Power-Vessel
Renee Vivien (British poet in French)

Xiaoshuai Wang (Chinese director) So Close to Paradise, Drifters, Shanghai Dreams

Karl Weber (German statistician, astrologer, 3.3.5, Uranus Flower)
Queen Victoria
Wendy O. Williams (American punk singer) Plasmatics
Rowan Williams (Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, poet)
David Yip (English actor, 3.3.8) The Chinese Detective

Zadkiel (English astrologer, 3.3.6, Saturn Vessel, Uranus Instrument)

Pieter Zeeman (Dutch physicist, Nobel prize, 3.3.8, Chiron Root)
Mai Zetterling (Swedish actress, director)

For a list of books and works by celebrities with this Binary please click here.

This is the nation hosting the Tudor State Capital, which is part of the Handorian State Capital Trinity, including Hartem and Handor, and the traditional Handorian States System Core Territory.

The State capital and largest metropolis is Tudor located at the eastern end of the State, right at the border with the State of Harte, emanating as an uninterrupted continuation of the Hartemian  Hyper-metropolis. Tudor is a global city and multidimensional centre for communication, diplomacy and multiversal co-coperation, because of the presence of various inter-universe organizations, including the headquarters of several agencies of the United Creations (UC). It is also the place where the first Handorian Interstate Treaty was signed, leading to the final establishment of the Handorian State System. The capital hosts The Tudors, which is one of the three top squads of the Sacred Cone Handorian League.

The national capital is Tudorinc, whose major feature is the vast orange shining palace of Tudorinc, the nation capital. The Tudor team is indeed the most famous of all Handorian teams.
Tudorac is on the sacred Pulmonary Path, which starts at Pulmonic.

The Counties of Tudorac

Code Trinity Head City
3.3.1  Core Tudorinc  Tudorinc
3.3.2  County Circlip Circle Chirrup
3.3.3 Cup Cup
3.3.4  Cusp Cusp
3.3.5 Clasp Clasp
3.3.6 Parsec Parsec
3.3.7 Pakamac Pakamac
3.3.8 Pawnshop Pinecamp
3.3.9 Courtship Crown Cap
3.3.10 Cerisecrop Ceriseclap
3.3.11 Cosmic Peep Cosmic Peep
3.3.12 Prince Conic Prince Conic

Names: Cup, Clasp, Tudorinc, Pakamac, Conic; Pratap (dignity), Premdeep –  Premdip (light of love), Puhup (flower)
Agent reports on journeys to Tudorac
CTP, P. Tudorac, Pulmonic (3.3.8), 3.6.5, 260510, 17.20, Sinton Green [GB]

Purpose: To begin walk on Pulmonary Path.
I landed in Tudor and met the PDB Captain. It was a city of tall triangular shaped buildings. I stated my intent and the Captain suggested I travel to the trinity area of Pawnshop by butterfly. A pilot who looked exactly like Gandalf showed me to my butterfly and we flew to the Proport at Pinecamp.
The settlement had high tower blocks that were white. I landed on a platform attached to one of these and descended a spiral staircase. At the bottom I was met by an enthusiastic crowd who showered me with flower petals. I spontaneously stated my intent and then noticed that the human looking beings in the crowd all had butterfly wings on their backs. They also had a tattoo of a butterfly on their foreheads.
I set off with them to Pulmonic and we began by walking along a forest track – it was quite wide and made of gravel. Sometimes a couple of the crowd would pick me up and fly me along for some distance. As we neared Pulmonic, I could see it was a settlement of many spires and had a low stone wall running round its circumference. One of the crowd came to me, a dark handsome youth and together we went to Temple. It was an old church and as soon as I entered my attention was caught by a beautiful stained-glass window at one end. My companion told me his name was Phlegm and that he would accompany me throughout the duration of my time walking the Pulmonary Path.
The shrine was a very simple recess in the wall of a small room leading off the main chamber. In it was a single white candle with a small flame. I saw two old people dressed in white next to the shrine. They told me they were the Keepers. I stated my intent and they drew a butterfly tattoo on my right chest area. At one point, the old man tipped wax from the candle onto the tattoo and worked it into my chest.
I then asked for support with the situation and condition of my right lung and began to sing a soft chant. The words were these: “Ostah Yay”. I repeated it over and over again. The old man told me to use this chant as often as possible during the rest of the day and the following one. He said it was the channel through which the energy manifesting as pain and discomfort can be given to the Shrine and that  by singing it I am performing an honourable Service – feeding both himself, his female counterpart and the shrine itself.
I began to dance and saw NJ, LM, AB and FS. They all came and touched me on the right chest. I continued to sing the chant as I left the Temple, understanding from a multidimensional perspective that I wasn’t leaving at all. Phlegm accompanied me back to Pinecamp and then I returned alone to Tudor. (3.6.5, 260510)
CTP, P Tudorac, Tudor, Pawnshop (3.3.8), 6.12.8, 120610, 19.00,
To allow what is dead and finished to be released for healing and transmutation
I travel to Pawnshop by a large clear plastic ball.  I exit and everything is very futuristic.  I enter a large white building and walk down a corridor.  I reach a room and go through the door.  Sat at a desk is an old man dressed in white with a white pointed hat.  He looks like a wizard.  He has a large book in front of him.  I go to the desk and I know it is the book of records.  I ask him and he confirms it.  I tell him I have a vague memory, a feeling of something that has happened in my past that is presenting itself now and I explain this memory with snippets of feelings and information I have.  He flicks through the book.  Backwards, forwards it seems to take a long time until he finds it.  ‘Yes it’s here’.  He told me this situation caused me great betrayal yet it is a paradox as it is also what I seek which is why it is proving difficult for me to let it go.  I understand his words, the essence of them and their truth.  I convey to him my determination of its release.
He shows me a tube which I am to sit in and it will send frequencies into my brain that will cancel this memory.  I agree to this and sit in the tube.  I see a pointy line of light in my head, from one side to the other.  It is moving up and down like a graph.  After a while this line becomes a straight line across.  It is balanced.  It is done. I exit.  I thank the wizard and ask him what I can give in exchange.  He asks me to promise to maintain the devotion to this work and practice.  I give my promise.  He is happy with this.  I feel happy too as this was what I had planned to do.  I ask if there is anything else.  He said he wanted my laughter.  I started to laugh a little at first until I was having a really good laugh.  This subsided and he showed me the book.  There was a blank space where the memory had been.  I was very happy and said thank you and good-bye.  He said good-bye and keep laughing.
Key words: frequencies, cancelled memory

Provisional Territorial Unit:
Brussels/Bruxelles/Brussel, Flemish Vrabant, Walloon Brabant
Brussels, BE-BRU
Flemish Brabant, BE-VBR (VLG)
Walloon Brabant, BE-WBR (WAL)

Total D3-3

D3-3: BELGIUM, BRUSSELS-CAPITAL REGION, Brussels: City of Brussels [Ac/Cc/GOc/ROc] (3), Forest/Vorst, Saint-Gilles, Uccle (1), Evere, Schaerbeek, Woluwe-Saint Lambert, Saint Josse, Etterbeek (2), Watermael-Boitsfort, Auderghem, Woluwe-Saint Pierre, Ixelles (4), Anderlecht, Jette, Ganshoren, Berchem, Koekelberg, Molenbeek (5). WALLOON REGION, Walloon Brabant: Nivelles, Genappe and all municipalities West of Waterloo excl. (8), Waterloo, La Hulpe (6), Wavre, Rixensart and all municipalities East of Genappe excl. (7). FLEMISH REGION, Flemish Brabant: Leuven (9), Lubeek, and all municipalities West of, with Leuven excl. (10), all municipalities East of Lubeek excl. (11); Halle-Vilvoorde (12).
0-2½°Gemini; Gemini/Gemini; Gemini/Mercury; 0°Gemini9’: Alcyone, Pleiades.
Nederlie Upradesia: Brusele Samaya. CTP, Princ.Tudorac: Tudorinc.

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Gemini, Mercury
Duad Degree: 0-2½° Gemini
Stargate Link: 0°Gemini9’: Alcyone, Pleiades, Taurus. Administrative Division:
Administrative Division: The Brussels Region is divided into 19 municipalities, including the City of Brussels. Flemish Brabant is divided into two administrative districts (arrondissementen in Dutch) containing 65 municipalities. Walloon Brabant contains only one administrative district (arrondissement in French), the Arrondissement of Nivelles, with 27 municipalities.

D3-3-1 Brussels: (Forest/Vorst, Saint-Gilles, Uccle), BE-BRU
D3-3-2 Brussels: (Evere, Schaerbeek, Woluwe-Saint Lambert, Saint Josse, Etterbeek), BE-BRU
D3-3-3 Brussels: City of Brussels, BE-BRU
D3-3-4  Brussels: (Watermael-Boitsfort, Auderghem, Woluwe-Saint Pierre, Ixelles), BE-BRU
D3-3-5 Brussels: (Anderlecht, Jette, Ganshoren, Berchem, Koekelberg, Molenbeek), BE-BRU
D3-3-6 Walloon Brabant, Nivelles: (Waterloo, La Hulpe), BE-WBR
D3-3-7 Walloon Brabant, Nivelles: Wavre (Wavre, Rixensart and all municipalities East of Genappe, excluded), BE-WBR
D3-3-8 Walloon Brabant, Nivelles: (Nivelles, Genappe and all municipalities West of Waterloo, excluded), BE-WBR
D3-3-9 Flemish Brabant, Leuven: Leuven, BE-VBR
D3-3-10 Flemish Brabant, Leuven: (all municipalities West of Lubeek, included, and Leuven, excluded), BE-VBR
D3-3-11 Flemish Brabant, Leuven: (all municipalities East of Lubeek, excluded), BE-VBR
D3-3-12 Flemish Brabant, Halle-Vilvoorde: BE-VBR