3.9 x3/9 – Gemini/Sagittarius

Binary Number: 33
Degrees: 15-17½° Gemini
Aspect: opposition
Moon Phase: full moon
Handorian Reference: CTP, 3.9 Principality of Bunow.
Binary Spirit: Mahe Nivaya.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Gemini (3) and Moon in Sagittarius (9) constitute Binary 3.9, or Binary number 33.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius is a Full Moon binary combining the Gemini qualities with Sagittarius’s adventurous spirit and expansive nature.

This binary inspire major travellers and pilots in the multidimensional realms, moving swiftly along the web of life with the capacity of effectively documenting their enterprises.

The Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius form an aspect of opposition (180°), combining two fixed signs opposing each other. This brings about a major dynamism between two mutable natures operating in distinct fields, which can either cause extreme tension or manifest amazing creative achievements.

Qualities: wisdom, intuition, optimism, buoyancy, communication.

Grievances: garrulousness, restlessness, exaggeration.

This is a Full Moon Binary, with the Moon being on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. The Full Moon is the culmination of the intentions set on the preceding New Moon (Binary 3.3). The qualities of both Gemini and Sagittarius build up, gathering and concentrating energy aimed at prompt creative expression. The Gemini part promotes fluidity in communication, versatility and lightness while the Sagittarius element emphasises expansion, adventure, wisdom and the search for truth.

On a full Moon in Sagittarius it is easier to stretch the scope of any healing practice, and this supports connections among individuals and groups who decide to come together physically or energetically from different parts of the world.

The aim of such connections is to promote unity and the re-alignment of our human physical identity with our multidimensional nature, starting from the fourth dimensional emotional body.

The fourth-dimensional body is made of emotional substance, which is very intense at full moons. Emotions inspired by unity can travel fast both in time and space, releasing the fear of separation and abandonment, allowing past memories and future projections of love and bliss to become real right and now.

Astroshamanic Seal: two beings are standing on two different hills holding their hands while also carrying a wand. They firmly ground the wands in the ground, so that they develop roots. Between the two hills there is a channel, while the sun shines right in the middle. The wand is the emblem of the teacher, and the seal is marked upon the wand. It evokes the power of all great masters, with the power of retrieving their wisdom and words.

Celebrities with 3.9

Patch Adams (American doctor, clown, performer, author, 3.9.9, Uranus Power, Neptune Flower) Gesundheit

Dante Alighieri (Italian poet, 3.9.3, Pluto Vessel) TheDivine Comedy

Julius Agricola (Roman General, Pluto Vessel)

Cecilia Bartoli (Italian opera singer)
James Belushi  (American actor)

Sandra Bernhard (American actor, singer, 3.9.5)

Poppy Z. Brite (American gothic horror author) Lost Souls
Ian Bruce (Scottish musician, 3.9.11, Saturn Vessel)
Bill Callahan (musician)
Naomi Campbell (English supermodel, 3.9.10, Neptune Flower)

Bruce Cockburn (Canadian guitarist, singer, songwriter, Uranus Power)

Lana Del Rey (American singer, songwriter, 3.9.5, Uranus Vessel)

Melissa Etheridge (American singer, 3.9.6)

Salvatore Ferragamo (Italian designer, 3.9.4, Pluto-Neptune Power)

Raul Gardini (Italian former businessman, 3.9.5, Uranus Flower)
Judy Garland (actress, singer, 3.9.4, Pluto Instrument, Uranus Flower) Dorothy Gale in The wizard of Oz
Florence Guérin (French actress)
Jason Isaacs (British actor)
Juno Jordan (American writer, numerologist, 3.9.3, Saturn-Pluto-Chiron Instrument)

Jon Kabat-Zinn (American author, doctor, Uranus Power) Full Catastrophe Living, Wherever You Go, There You Are.

Mane-Katz (Jewish painter)

Nicole Kidman (Australian actress, 3.9.8)

Gérard Klein (science fiction writer)

Lenny Kravitz (American singer, songwriter)
Laudec (Belgian-Italian cartoonist, Uranus Power)

Chiara Mastroianni (Italian French actress, 3.9.10, Saturn Power, Neptune Vessel)
Ian McEwan (English novelist, 3.9, Uranus Power) The child in time

Liam Neeson (Northern Irish actor)
Lio (Belgian singer, actress, 3.9.9)

Zachary Quinto (American actor, 3.9.8, Uranus Instrument) Heroes
Orhan Pamuk (Turkish novelist, 3.9.3)

Hugo Pratt  (Italian comic book writer, 3.9.9) Corto Maltese,
Rainier III, Prince of Monaco (3.9.3)
Bar Refaeli (Israeli top model, 3.9.3, Neptune Vessel)

Greg Romero (American writer, performer)
Rose (French singer)
Francesco Rutelli (Italian politician, 3.9.4, Uranus Flower, Neptune Instrument)
Bernard Shaw (journalist, 3.9, Uranus Power)
Starhawk (American author, activist, spiritual Pagan teacher, 3.9.6, Saturn Instrument, 17 June 1951) The Spiral Dance, The Earth Path, The Empowerment Manual, The Twelve Wild Swans, The Pagan Book of Living and Dying, Circle Round: Raising Children in the Goddess Tradition
Paolo Stoppa (Italian actor)
Donald Trump (American businessman, 3.9.5, Uranus Power)
Georg Henrik von Wright (Finnish philosopher)
Christian Wulff (German politician)
James Young Simpson (Scottish doctor, discovered anaesthetic properties of chloroform, 3.9.9, Neptune Instrument, Saturn Vessel)



3.9 Principality of Bunow



Provisional Territorial Unit:
South Holland, Zeeland

D3-9: NETHERLANDS, ZEELAND, Middelburg, Borsele, Goes, Kapelle, Noord-Beveland, Reimerswaal, Veere, Vlissingen (1), Hulst, Sluis, Terneuzen (2), Schouwen-Duiveland, Tholen (3); SOUTH HOLLAND, The Hague (4), Rotterdam [Cc] (5), Middelharnis (6), Alphen a.Rijn (7), Leiden (8), Hellesvoetsluis-Sijkernisse, Oud Bijerland (9), Capelle-Albasserdam, Gouda, Dordrecht-Papendrecht, Leerdam-Gorinchen (10), Delft, Zoetermeer-Waddinxveen (11), Noordwijk-Lisse-Katwijk, Wassernaar (12).
15-17½°Gemini; Gemini/Sagittarius; Libra/Venus; 15°Gemini26’: Libra/Venus; Beta Eridani, Cursa.
Nederlie Upradesia: Amsterde Prasamaya. CTP, Princ.Bunow; City of Bunow.

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Libra/Venus
Duad Degree: 15-17½° Gemini
Stargate Link: 15°Gemini26’: Libra/Venus; Beta Eridani, Cursa, Eridanus.
D3-9-1 Zeeland, Middelburg (Middelburg, Borsele, Goes, Kapelle, Noord-Beveland, Reimerswaal, Veere, Vlissingen), NL-ZE
D3-9-2 Zeeland, (Hulst, Sluis, Terneuzen), NL-ZE
D3-9-3 Zeeland, (Schouwen-Duiveland, Tholen), NL-ZE
D3-9-4 South Holland, The Hague/Den Haag, NL-ZH
D3-9-5 South Holland, (Rotterdam), NL-ZH [Bombing Rotterdam 14/05/1940 (900)]
D3-9-6 South Holland, (Middelharnis), NL-ZH
D3-9-7 South Holland, (Alphe a/d Rijn), NL-ZH
D3-9-8 South Holland, (Leiden), NL-ZH
D3-9-9 South Holland, (Hellesvoetsluis-Sijkernisse, Oud Bijerland), NL-ZH
D3-9-10 South Holland, (Capelle-Albasserdam, Gouda, Dordrecht-Papendrecht, Leerdam-Gorinchen), NL-ZH
D3-9-11 South Holland, (Delft, Zoetermeer-Waddinxveen), NL-ZH
D3-9-12 South Holland, (Noordwijk-Lisse-Katwijk, Wassernaar), NL-ZH
South African Full Moon in Sagittarius

This is a report on the Full Moon at The Grange, Benoni, South Africa, written by Trish, (participant to the Four-Day Basic Course in Astroshamanism), distributed with love through the Astroshamanic Network.
A special event was organized at The Grange in Benoni, South Africa, to celebrate the beautiful Full Moon in Gemini, 2005. Everybody from the group attending Franco’s workshop was invited, as well as interested members from a broader spectrum, including family and friends. Our initial circle of group participants numbered 12, so we each drew a card of the zodiac to represent that particular energy during the ritual.
The additional guests who attended made up the numbers to 29, the numbers of days in the lunar cycle. Then 2 more people later arrived and we had 31, the number of days in a solar monthly cycle. We felt that this symbolically represented the presence and activities of both these heavenly bodies, the Sun and the Moon. Franco explained how the ceremony would unfold. The first part of the evening was a ritual in three stages.
Each stage was defined by the type of music played to accompany that section o the ritual. Our intent was then set for the evening: it was that there would be healing at all levels, for the benefit of all. Franco proceeded to open the ritual using the sacred shamanic language. The repetitive beat of the drum was used to enable everyone to enter into the space where they could connect with our multi-dimensional selves, to one another and to all that is.
The second part of the ritual was for the release of any emotions, perceptions, feelings, attitudes and thoughts that no longer serve us. Now people were invited to dance to the tremors of the tambourine and the beat of the drum. Several of the workshop participants shed their inhibitions and swayed, rocked, or gracefully glided and twirled.
The music reached a climax and those who felt motivated to do so, energetically let go of blocked energies, directing them to the central candle to be received by the spirits and transmuted into powerful forces. The last stage of the ritual was guided by the sound of the Jewish harp. All were invited to receive the gifts of spirit. We were open vessels and clear channels, ready to be filled with the elixir of life.

The second part of the evening was celebrated in the open air. Fay and Michael (the owner of The Grange) have constructed a Henge a circle with 16 stone pillars, representing the four directions and the 12 sectors. Everybody moved in silent procession to the Henge and allowed the vibrations of the Full Moon and the heavenly bodies to permeate their beings.
An invitation was offered to participate in a central circle. Willing volunteers joined hands in a ring and raised their arms to the heavens, invoking blessings to pour down upon them and then to spread out into the world.
The procession left the Henge thereafter, to enjoy hot soup and delicious sandwiches, cake and refreshments. People were animated and uplifted by the experience. Everyone who took part was filled with joy and happiness. Some said the evening’s experience was unusual and different, and was somewhat unexpected – out of the realm of their usual way of experiencing a Full Moon meditation. It was like entering unchartered territory, but although unfamiliar, it was an experience which left them feeling that they had participated in something very special.
They said they had received gifts and communications from beloved ones. Others said they truly felt the group blend into a unity and oneness. They were aware of the dissolution of separation and felt linked into a synergy.
They experienced an at-one-ment. Some people related how the nature spirits were close by when we were all outside in our circle at the Henge: it was as though Nature herself received a healing and a blessing from the group and reciprocated.
An overwhelming sense of Light and Guidance and Abundance was prevalent and this energy and light-heartedness prevailed and extended to the following morning. Everyone in the workshop group felt its presence on Tuesday morning and the general conclusion was that the evening was a blessed one.



Two Visions on a Full Moon in Sagittarius
I am one of the guardians of the Sacred Cone, distributed along the narrow zone of the related channel. I monitor the boats transiting the strait. I contemplate the grace of their movement and the soothing tranquillity of the whole environment.
The multi-coloured light of the tree major Tudorian stars reverberate on the gentle waters. The boats are silently heading along the channel and everything is so harmonious. Then, suddenly, an unpleasant noise disrupts the immaculate orchestration of this scenario.
I detect a horrible boat approaching the perimeter of my monitoring zone. The waters, once placid and still, are scratched and slashed as this boat forcefully stirs along.
My body is shivering with fright. As I identify the members of the crew, they appear to me as vicious and threatening. I am aware of my responsibility as a guardian, yet I do not know exactly what to do.
Then, after having released some layers of fear, I resolve to connect with the chief guardian. As soon as I establish the link with her, before even defining my issue, I feel more at ease. I understand that this is just like the other boats and that my responsibility is simply to facilitate its transit.
This makes sense. Therefore I relax. I perceive my rigidity melting away, and in an elan of enthusiasm I even start to greet and shout at the boat’s crew. And they respond so joyfully.
Indeed, I realize that they were as well afraid of me. They feared I would not let them pass. I do realise that my responsibility is to let whoever transit through the channel pass. It does not matter how those who transit look like. This is not my business. Neither need I be concerned about their destination.
I am here to facilitate transit. This is my function, for the time being that is.
This is a dream I have had on the night after the exact Full Moon in Sagittarius (24 May 2005). On a full moon night I often use to have a very intense lucid dream activity.
In one of these developments, I am sitting in a sacred circle together with the members of a large community. I am placed in the Sagittarius position (the one of the Full Moon). For the occasion, the position of Gemini (where the Sun is) has been shifted next to Sagittarius, i.e. on my right.
The person who is sitting there is a young man, who in my ordinary life I met in 1976. At that time I operated as Christian missionary and delivered spiritual instruction to people coming to the community centre. This young man was one of the first people I gave teachings to. In the dream he does not appear to be in friendly terms with me. I perceive him resentful about something I did of which I do not have any clue.
It is similar to the feelings the Three Bunos had among themselves when they returned to their village in the Northern hemisphere (see the related story in my previous e-mail). I sense a strong block in communication between me and the young man. I do not feel comfortable at all. Suddenly the young man is invited to exhibit himself in a performance at the centre of the circle.
Before stepping into the centre, he puts some music on. The piece is an old Italian song by Claudio Villa. It is a passionate motif devoted to the city of Rome, in which the singer vehemently cries out the love he feels for the capital.
The word “Roma” (Italian for Rome) is repeated over and over again, with the typical Claudio Villa’s potent tenor voice. I am amazed by the choice of this song for I am the only Italian in the community.
The people in the circle seem to like the song. They find it very exotic. Also they understand it is an Italian song and blink at me with sympathy. The young man finally strides into the centre and then begins to mime the shape of a conic hat on his head. In that moment it becomes very clear that he is referring to me. Soon after he starts to move just as I do when engaged in a ritual.
There is a lot of enthusiasm in the circle. Gradually I become aware that all his performance is a tribute to my work. It is totally clear now that he is expressing gratitude and love. Although his movements are inspired by mine, he also shows a unique style.  He introduces a series of variations and then returns to the main theme.
I am astonished by his performance. I realize that my previous perception was completely wrong. Far from being in a conflict with me, this young man is so deeply connected. I become aware that my perception was exactly the opposite. I perceived hate and there was indeed sheer love. I am very energised by this event.
Upon waking up, I joyfully reflect on the dream. I notice how recurrent is the theme of transforming a threatening feeling into its exact contrary. I understand that the work is ripening. I am gradually fulfilling my goal of unveiling the connection with other realms and beings, of operating as a bridge and reawakening multidimensional awareness in me and others.
It is just a matter of learning to read the contrary of what I perceive according to my limited human perception. As I scan the dream with my Guide, all appears very clear. There is just one thing that puzzles me: the constant reference to the town of Rome. Perhaps it is the fact that this city has played a major role in my astroshamanic work or maybe it is a sign that I should focus more on Italy.
Then I realise the most obvious: the opposite of “Roma” is “Amor”.