3.2 copy3/2 – Gemini/Taurus

Binary Number: 26
Degrees: 27½-30° Gemini
Aspect: Semi-sextile
Moon Phase: New Moon
Handorian Reference: CTP, Principality of Svano.
Binary Spirit: Mahe Rata

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Gemini (3) and Moon in Taurus (2) constitute Binary 3.2, or Binary number 26.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Taurus combine Mutable Air and Fixed Earth, integrating Gemini’s communication, sociability and humour with Taurus’s pragmatism, delight and sensuality. This combination bestows great attractiveness and popularity combined with an easygoing nature, remarkable intellectual qualities, practical flexibility and common sense.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in  Taurus  form a semi-sextile (30°) aspect, connecting two consecutive signs, with completely different energies, yet intimately linked in the flow of the zodiac signs. Their energy can work effectively if they are supported by a determined and focused will. The Sun sign, Gemini, provides the sense of direction, the flexibility and dexterity, to hold the binary together, while the Moon sign, Taurus, contributes determination and patience to consolidate pragmatic results. Issues may arise if Taurus’ stubbornness and slowness takes over, disregarding the intellectual and versatile elements of Gemini.

Qualities: common sense, pragmatic communication, stability, practical intelligence, dexterity, art.

Grievances: prejudice, materialism, conventionalism.

When the waning Moon is in Taurus at 30° from the Sun in Gemini, this is the final part of the phase of Balsamic Moon, or Waning Crescent Moon, the completion of the lunation cycle leading to the New Moon. It is a  crucial time of release and healing, leaving space for whatever need to be ultimately completed or let go of before moving on to another lunation. The main focus in this phase is a work of release and surrender. At this stage it is possible to feel confused, overwhelmed and face crisis. It is a process of major fermentation, in which it is vital to hold a sense of purpose, while also accepting uncertainty and nebulosity as part of the process. The question here is: “What do I release? What do I take in the next cycle?”

Astroshamanic Seal: a vertical line in the middle of a circle. This seal is about giving practical shapes and forms to thoughts. In the binary vision a sphere is inserted in my head. The sphere presses the forehead and rotates at maximum speed, distributing rightful information. It descends in the throat and then in the heart, doing the same. A cone punches my forehead, throat and heart.

The seal involves allowing whatever is manifested to be aligned with the highest intention. In the astroshamanic epic this highest intention is called Kahesha Opa, and is conveyed by a song, used for astroshamanic voyages and other healing practices. It is a love song devoted to the highest possible intention and purpose, so high that it cannot be conceived or described in any language. As a result, it is not possible to translate the song. Like all astroshamanic songs their meaning also changes according to circumstances. Nevertheless forlorn attempts at translating are possible and even encouraged, such as the one below. Once “Kahesha Opa”, the highest intention, is acknowledged all other intentions can follow, including simple and mundane ones, and yet they will all be drawn by Kahesha Opa as the primary focus.

In this traditional song the first term is “Kahesha Opa”, the highest intent, then other words are used representing further intentions, such as Pahai (Sacred Cone, or release, forgiveness), Sadoh (Spirit Guide, Hioly Spiriti), Kurandah (Healing Saint), Mandira (the Temple), Etnai (the Sacred Tribe or community), etc. As the song continues one can add any intention, yet in the end it all returns to Kahesha Opa.

Provisional and hypothetical translation:

Kahesha Opa, you are the highest possible intention and purpose. You are so high that I do not have any clue about what you are. You are so high that I cannot reach you. All the day and night I pine for you, not knowing what to do. For I don’t know what you are and you are the highest intention. Maybe one day I will meet you, yet what do I do until you come? I will pursue all the intentions that resonate in my heart. Knowing that since you are the highest you contain them all. Yet please be aware that you are my true and final intention. That I long for you. And that I am vigilant for you to come at any moment. And when that moment does come I will surrender to you. And that moment comes….

Celebrities with 3.2

Saul Bellow (Canadian-American writer, June 10, 1915 – April 5, 2005) Herzog, Humboldt’s Gift, Seize the Day

Enrico Berlinguer (Italian politician, 3.2.1)
Bjorn Borg (Swedish tennis player, 3.2.11)
Claude Brasseur (French actor, 3.2.5, Uranus Vessel, Pluto Instrument)
Joan Collins (British actress, 3.2.1)
Bob Dylan (American singer, songwriter, 3.2.9, Saturn Vessel, Uranus Vessel-Power)

Eduardo de Filippo (Italian actor, screenwriter, playwright, author, 3.2.7)
Ian Fleming (British author, 3.2.11)

Corrado Gini (Italian statistician, 3.2.4, Pluto Power)
Chantal Goya (French singer, 3.2.4, Pluto Instrument)
Che Guevara (Argentine revolutionary, 3.2.2)

Robert Maxwell (British media proprietor)

John Morrison (Scottish scientist, 3.2.3, Pluto Instrument)
Gérard de Nerval (French poet, 3.2.9, Neptune Instrument)

Alexander Nevsky (Russian Orthodox saint, Neptune Vessel)
Jacques Offenbach (French composer, 3.2.3)

George Osborne (British politician, Saturn Vessel-Power)

Vance Packard (American journalist, author, 3.2.3, Saturn Instrument) The Hidden Persuaders

Armand Peugeot (French industrialist, 3.2.7)

Maritha Pottenger (American experiential astrologer, 3.2.4, Uranus Instrument) Astrology: The Next Step, Healing with the Horoscope, Planets on the Move.

Nicolas Poussin (French painter)

Vincent Price (American actor, 3.2.12)

Robert Rodríguez (American director, Saturn Vessel)

Isabella Rossellini (Italian actress, 3.2.9)
Wes Scantlin (American singer, songwriter, 3.2.3, Saturn Instrument)

Siouxsie Sioux (English singer, songwriter) Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Creatures

Jean Tinguely (Swiss painter, sculptor, 3.2.3, Neptune Root)
Cornelius Vanderbilt (American industrialist, 3.2.5, Saturn Vessel, Uranus Instrument)

Eduardo De Filippo: born on 24 May 1900, with Sun in Gemini, Moon in Taurus and Ascendant in Libra, he is a mythical Neapolitan playwright and actor. Most of his works are in the Neapolitan dialect, combining comic and dramatic elements, farce and pathos. Among De Filippo’s well-known plays are Natale in casa Cupiello, Napoli milionaria, Filumena Maturano and Il figlio di Pulcinella.  Theatre means to live well and in actual fact what others in life play badly


As a communication binary nation preceding the New Moon, Svano plays a major role in the functioning of the Sacred Cone, for it represents the culmination of the release stage: the crucial time when we let go of the last layer of projections and unveil the true essence.

This principality abides in the western end of CTP, at the opposite extreme of Tudor Capital. The capital of Svano is Prinsvano, a most vibrant metropolis. Another highly populated city is Cherub, in the northern area, and there are also many other prominent cities and centre. Cherub holds one of the most relevant squads in the Sacred Cone League, i.e. Cherubin C.C.

Svano is a most remarkable Nation for it was here that the term Kahesha Opa, including the related chant, was originally generated and then delivered to the Capital Authority of Tudor for its final definition and transmission.

Kahesha Opa is an experiential term indicating the highest possible Intent. This Intent is so high that there are no words to describe it. For this purpose the term “Kahesha Opa” has been created: to express what cannot be expressed, which is surely a paramount challenge for Tudorians.

A later version of Kahesha Opa comprises also other terms identifying further intents. The traditional chant is:

Kahesha Opa, Kahesha Opa,
Pahai Sadoh, Pahai Sadoh,
Kurandah, Mandira,
Etnai, Etnai,
Kahesha Opa.

These words are surely familiar if you have attended astroshamanic workshops, for they are regularly in the air. A most partial, inaccurate and provisional way of translating the above would be, as I can strenuously put it:

“I am here for a most sacred purpose, yet I have lost memory of it. This purpose dwells in the term Kahesha Opa. My mind is currently too constricted and tapered to unveil what Kahesha Opa is. Yet, since I am edgy and frantic like a mature Tudorian and I have got to do something otherwise I go insane, for the time being and, of course provisionally, I decide to do what follows: to operate the Sacred Cone, to have endless intercourses with the void, which is aimed at retrieving all the words I have lost, so that will enable me at last to build the sacred temple and gather my people, yes my people, because my people are me, and once we are all there, then we can truly say Kahesha Opa!”

Also other terms may follow, still identifying other intentions. What is stressed over and over in the traditional loop of the chant is that, no matter how many intents are listed, Kahesha Opa always has priority. This means that the moment when I become aware of what Kahesha Opa is, I will fully and ecstatically embrace it, joyfully releasing all other intents. Again, this is a forlorn and erroneous translation, for the true essence of Kahesha Opa is drawn by the chant itself, which is the reason why it is actually chanted.

There are several trails in Svano serving the purpose of enhancing the chant of Kahesha Opa, and if you wish you could take one of them. The starting point of such trails is usually the temple zone of Chant of Svano near Prinsvano.

The Counties of Svano

Code Trinity Head City
3.2.1  Central Svano  Captain Svano
3.2.2  Core Prinsvano Prinsvano
3.2.3 Coo Coo
3.2.4  Puib Puib
3.2.5 Carob Carob
3.2.6 Cherub Cherub
3.2.7 Proverb Proverb
3.2.8 Propluto Propluto
3.2.9 Capriccio Capriccio
3.2.10 Conecalico Port Blurb
3.2.11 Pluxensvano Conic Svano
3.2.12 Coy Pinecomb Coy Pinecomb

Names: Carob, Propluto, Puib, Coo, Cherub; Charitro (character), Chetano (consciousness), Chinmayo (pure intelligence), Cristo, Pagalo (mad), Parinamo (result), Paritosho (contented), Parivarto (transformation), Paro (invisible), Pavitro (pure), Pradipo (light), Pragito (special singer), Pragyano (wisdom), Pramano (measured), Prano (life), Prartho (prayer), Prasado (gift), Pratimo (form), Pratito (experience), Pravaho (flow), Pravino (expert), Premdaso (surrender to love), Premdeo (divine love), Premo (love), Pritamo (beloved), Pujano (worship), Punito (pure), Purnimo (full moon), Purno (perfect), Purvo (east), Pushpo (flowering), Pyaso (longing, thirsty).
Agent reports on journeys to Svano
CTP, P. Svano, Prinsvano (3.2.2), 14.00, DM, 3.6.5,

I approached Prinsvano by rolling across the sea inside a metallic ball. I entered through a gap in large harbour walls and found myself in front of a huge stone amphitheatre. The PDB Captain appeared. He was dressed in a white robe and his blonde hair came to his feet. He asked me my intent and when I had stated it, he disappeared. I sat on the stone steps for some time and then noticed an armadillo coming towards me. When it arrived, I experienced a tremendous sense of joyous strength mixed with a feeling of patience. The armadillo departed and I sat alone again. A peacock then came into view. This time, I experienced a sense of curiosity and focus and I watched it studying the floor in front of it intently. The pattern continued and I waited some time after the peacock had departed. My attention was grabbed by the sight of a great white shark swimming close to the steps. I felt inspired by its suppleness and flexible strength as it circled in the water.
When the shark departed, NJ and a person from HAC can and sat either side of me. I felt their support. They moved away after a while and I was alone again. The animals then approached me one by one and I ate each one in turn. I felt as if I was going to burst. The PDB Captain appeared and said that the qualities I have ingested will help me unlock the binary for this Nation. He requested I do something to balance the exchange. I shouted out itadakimasu and let out a tumultuous burp. This satisfied him and the exchange was complete.
Just before returning to the Spirit Circle, I felt so deeply satisfied in Prinsvano that I was reluctant to leave. I felt tempted to stay and began to search for reasons for prolonging the journey. Keywords: Strength / patience / flexibility / business-like  (3.6.5)
CTP, P. Svano, Puib (3.2.4), 3.6.5, 100610, 14:00,

I connected with NJ in the Spirit Circle and as we merged into one I experienced a feeling of supreme strength and the feeling of embodying the Warrior. I stated the joint intentions and travelled to Prinsvano inside a metallic ball. As I sped across the sea I received the phrase ‘let go’. All of the sea creatures I encountered communicated this same message – fish, dolphins and whales.
When I reached Prinsvano, I greeted the PDB Captain who embraced me warmly. I continued to experience the powerful feeling of ultimate strength. The Captain told me I would meet a counterpart, a P. Svano version of an Amazonian Warrior on the way to Puib and that I was to ignore all other distractions, temptations or characters. I was shown a trap door and I passed through it, walking through a tunnel to emerge onto a gravel track in a forest.
As I moved along, I encountered an old woman who cackled insanely in my face. I also saw beautiful women who I perceived to be most sexual, sensual and alluring. I definitely felt tempted to go to them, yet continued on my way. A beautiful blonde woman of most impressive stature and energy then burst through the trees on my left. I knew immediately it was the counterpart I was told I would meet. She looked into my eyes and I experienced instant recognition. I indeed saw her as an Amazonian Warrior. We began walking to Puib and I saw a sign saying 85 km’s to Pubis. We met several obstacles blocking our path in the first few km’s, including lions, tigers and many other predatory cats. When we reached each one, we simply walked straight through them and I had a sense that I was walking right through some of the fears I experience. The scenery on either side of us began to blur as we increased our pace. Soon, it was impossible to see anything but a blur, although as I looked across into the eyes of the counterpart, all I experienced was complete stillness. I received the phrase ‘You will marry her’.
When we reached the settlement, we instantly came to a halt and I perceived a most beautiful scene. I saw that the town was built of clear quartz and was sat upon an island. A range of wildfowl were on the water surrounding the island. The counterpart invited me to go off and experience what the flowers had to offer. As I reached each type of flower, I took in a deep breath, breathing its essence in. As I breathed out, a small mist came out of my nostrils and fell onto the flower. I felt ecstatic and reflected that this was why shamans travel to different realms – to bring back gifts of ecstasy to share with the world. I saw LM and AB on the other side of the water, giggling and chuckling like happy children. They skipped through the flowers then I moved inside the settlement.
I entered a room with no features and discovered I was in the company of the counterpart. As I stood with her, we travelled to a range of different locations and landscapes, staying in each one but a few seconds. We started in the Taj Mahal, went to the Pyramids, Stonehenge and Avebury before moving through many natural landscapes including deserts and mountains.
When we stopped travelling, I could see in front of us a type of vicar. He had a white conical hat on with a black snake spiralling round it, its head pointing to the apex. I joined hands with the counterpart and the vicar pronounced us, in that moment and only that moment, man and wife. We kissed and then made love in front of the vicar. I realised she had become pregnant and that the birth was imminent. The scene changed and I saw she was lay by the side of a calm stream in a forest glade. As she gave birth, many plants grew beneath her to catch and cradle the child. I understood that the child was called ‘Breath of Life’. We returned to room in pubis and the vicar told me it was time for me to depart. I understood that I would be leaving both the counterpart and child behind. I accepted the instruction and left the settlement. On the way back to Prinsvano, I became increasingly sad at my departure and what I had left behind. Before I became lost in the sadness, I called the Guide, who instantly told me to give the sadness in the form of a gift to someone I would meet on the road. I focused on the sadness and saw it become a ball of wood in my hands. I felt lighter and able to acknowledge the sadness yet not invest in it. As I continued, I met the old woman I had met on the road earlier and knew I had to give her the ball. She accepted it gladly and blessed me for it.
When I reached Prinsvano, the Captain embraced me warmly again. He said he understood my experience of sadness yet I could take heart from the fact that a most precious gift has been birthed in the Principality. Keywords: Strength   /  ecstasy  / seeding  /  union (3.6.5)
CTP, P Svano, Propluto (3.2.8), 6.12.8, 100610, 20.30
To manifest things practically in my ordinary reality – AB. To have deeper connection with IMC guide – LM. To receive healing and support during our voyages – AB, LM
I met with LM in the orientation lounge.  I immediately felt a great energy, a strength, a power that was intense.  I flew to Propluto.  I saw a large amphitheatre in front of me.  I entered and went down to the centre.  There were lots of people sat all around.  I felt this intense strength and power.  I said, ‘I have come here for my highest intent.’  They all began to cheer and clap.  I started to dance around expressing my intent the energy in me rose.  When I had finished I looked across and saw the prince enter and walk up to me.  We embraced and made love in the amphitheatre.  We exited and walked hand in hand to the palace.  We went to a luxurious bedroom and made love.  We left the bedroom and went to a hill.  We were holding hands and looking up at the sun.  We sat on the ground receiving the energy from the sun.  We made love drawing in the energy of the sun.  I then sat facing the sun and had a golden sphere of energy inside me.  It grew and grew until it covered the whole of my body.  I was encased in this golden energy, like an egg.  Then I had a white sphere made of light in my lower abdomen.  I sat facing the sun feeling heavy like I was pregnant.  Inside the sphere I saw codes and DNA.  The sphere then moved up into my heart.  I could still see the codes and the DNA.  Then the energy diminished and I stood up.  I embraced the prince giving him my thanks.  I thanked the sun and I danced around scattering flowers.  I was filled with bliss and joy.  As I danced around I had a feeling of fertility and a heavy abdomen.  I felt like the Empress (tarot) with her billowing dress and pregnant body.
Keywords: sun, codes, DNA, ecstasy

Provisional Territorial Unit:
Hainaut, Namur, Limburg, Liège, Luxembourg

D3-2: BELGIUM, WALLOON REGION, Namur: Namur [Cc] (2), Dinant, Philippeville (1); Hainaut: Mons, Ath, Mouscron (3), Soignies, Thuin (4), Charleroi (5), Tournai [Cc] (6); Liège, Liège [Cc] (7), Waremme (8), Verviers, Huy (9); Luxembourg, Arlon (11), Bastogne, Marche-en-Famenne (10), Neufchâteau, Virton (12).
27½-30°Gemini; Gemini/Taurus; Aquarius/Uranus; 28°Gemini54’: Alpha Orionis, Betelgeuse. 28°Gemini41’: Alpha Ursae Minoris, Polaris.
Nederlie Upradesia: Brusele Samaya. CTP, Princ.Svano: Prinsvano.

D3-2-1 Namur, Dinant, Philippeville, BR-WNA
D3-2-2 Namur, Namur, BE-WNA
D3-2-3 Hainaut, Ath, Mons, Mouscron, BE-WHT
D3-2-4 Hainaut, Soignies, Thuin BE-WHT
D3-2-5 Hainaut, Charleroi: Charleroi BE-WHT
D3-2-6 Hainaut, Tournai, BE-WHT
D3-2-7 Liège, Liège: Liège, BE-WLG
D3-2-8 Liège, Waremme, BE-WLG
D3-2-9 Liège, Verviers, Huy, BE-WLG
D3-2-10 Luxembourg, Bastogne, Marche-en-Famenne, BE-WLX [A: Wéris, megaliths, 4500 BC, 50° 21′ 0″ N, 5° 28′ 0″ E (Durbuy)]
D3-2-11 Luxembourg, Arlon: Arlon, BE-WLX
D3-2-12 Luxembourg, Neufchâteau, Virton, BE-WLX