3.6 x3/6 – Gemini/Virgo

Binary Number: 30
Degrees: 7½-10°Gemini
Aspect: square
Moon Phase: first quarter
Handorian Reference: CTP, Principality of Sangors.
Binary Spirit: Mahe Kahesepoh.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Gemini (3) and Moon in Virgo (6) constitute Binary 3.6, or Binary number 30.

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo combine Mutable Air with Mutable Earth, integrating Gemini’s mental dexterity with Virgo’s practical sense and attention to details.

This binary promotes sharp minds and a spontaneous propensity to be constantly at work, unceasingly carrying out tasks and even performing most of them simultaneously.

At its best this binary provides the gift to start and strenuously implement project involving major mental and physical resources. It is the energy behind whatever requires meticulous and devoted work, encyclopaedic enterprises, inspired by a deep sense of service and a sacred urge to unveil our most authentic nature.

Gemini and Virgo are in a square (90°) aspect. They are both fixed signs, holding the core essence of the direction, season and element they represent, East and South, Spring and Summer, Air and Earth respectively. They share a mutual flowing energy and the capacity to put it effectively in motion, remaining flexible and never getting stuck, though their focus operate differently. Gemini tend to move outwardly, disregarding details and covering as much as possible horizontally, while Virgo thrives on precise analysis, uncovering abundant information in limited space. In ordinary terms these signs appear hard to integrate due to the tension they generate, and yet this same tension can provide the massive force needed for achieving most significant objectives.

Qualities: analysis, dexterity, service, communication, connection, precision, clarity.

Grievances: restlessness, worry, anxiety, discontentment, criticism, fault-finding.

When the Crescent Moon forms a square or 90° angle to the Sun, the First Quarter or Waxing Halfmoon begins. At this active phase, the Moon moves outside the orbit of the Earth toward that of Mars. It is the right moment to act out, take initiative, step forward, go for it, and do what feels right. Here we have the possibility to choose either to be creative protagonists of our life or passive victims of events.

It is a question of getting down to work, putting ideas into practice, stirring the energy, not of thinking or visioning. The question is: “What do I do right now to set in motion my Intent?” The key here is not indulging on the answer, and simply do it.


Astroshamanic Seal: a horizontal line with two semicircles, the first above the line, and the other below. The seal bestows the power to create maximum integrity and efficiency in communication at all levels, including multidimensional relations and the connection between the outer and the inner world, the core essence and its projections. It also provides abundant support and blessings for all vast enterprises involving retrieval, editing and integration of data, information, facilitating rightful discrimination, honouring the details as well as their firm alignment and adherence to the larger vision. It is motivated by a profound sense of service and sacred engagement with the world.

Celebrities with 3.6

Joseph Anthony (American director, 3.6.9, Saturn Power)

John F. Kennedy
Alex Band (American musician)
Bapak (Indonesian spiritual teacher, 3.6.3, Neptune Power)
John G. Bennett (British mathematician, author, Gurdijeff’s associate, 3.6.5, Neptune Power)
Helmut Berger (Austrian actor, Uranus Power)
Luis García Berlanga (Spanish director, Saturn Vessel)
Colbie Caillat (American pop singer, song-writer)
Celso Charuri (Brazilian astrologer, 3.6.6, Neptune Instrument)
Luigi Comencini (Italian director, 3.6.7, Pluto Flower)
Francis Crick (British molecular biologist)
Romain Duris (French actor, 3.6.7, Pluto Instrument, Saturn Flower)

Neil Finn (New Zealand musician)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (US President, 3.6.7, Saturn Flower)
Jean-Pierre Danel (French musician, 3.6.7, Uranus-Pluto Vessel)
Philippe Djian (French author, 3.6.7, Pluto Flower)
Ethan Embry (American actor)
Jean-Pierre François (French singer)
Paul Gauguin (French painter, 3.6.5)
Bruno Groening (German healer)
Joseph Guillotin (French physician)

Paul Gauguin
Tony Hadley (English singer, Spandau Ballet, 3.6.2, Pluto Vessel, Saturn Fower)
Omar Hakim (American drummer, Pluto Vessel)
Anne Heche (American actress, director, 3.6.7, Uranus-Pluto Vessel)

Hergé (Belgian comics writer, Tintin, 3.6.4, Saturn Flower)
Damien Hirst (English artist)
Wayne Hussey (British musician, The Mission, Pluto Vessel)
Waylon Jennings (American country music singer, 3.6.6, Neptune Vessel, Instrument)
Lynn Johnston (Canadian cartoonist, 3.6.4)
Rockwell Kent (American painter, 3.6.3)

Jack Kevorkian (American pathologist, euthanasia activist, painter, author, composer)
Morgana King (American jazz singer, 3.6.5, Neptune Instrument)
Joey Kramer (American drummer, Aerosmith, Uranus Power, Saturn Vessel)
Roger Kumble (American director, Uranus-Pluto Vessel)

Our Lady of the Isles by Hew Lorimer
Gérard Lanvin (French actor, 3.6.3, Uranus Power, Saturn Vessel)
Robert Leachman (American physicist, 3.6.4)
Peggy Lee (American pop singer, 3.6.6)
Tony Levin (American progressive rock musician, Uranus Power)
Sondra Locke (American actress, director)
Hew Lorimer (Scottish sculptor, 3.6.9)
Enzo Maiorca (Italian diver, Neptune Vessel)
Giacomo Matteotti (Italian politician, 3.6.2, Pluto Power)
Ian McKellen (English actor, 3.6.9)

Robert McNamara (American politician, banker, 3.6.4)
Eddy Merckx (Belgian cyclist, 3.6.5, Neptune Vessel)
Claudio Monteverdi (Italian composer, 3.6.5, Neptune Power, Saturn Vessel)

David Mountjoy (English artist, shaman, 3.6.5, Saturn Power, Pluto Vessel)
Carey Mulligan (English actress)
Gianna Nannini (Italian singer, song-writer, Pluto Vessel)
Notorious B.I.G (American rapper, Saturn Power, Pluto Vessel)
Nicola Pagett (English actress, 3.6.8)
Pierre Peugeot (French businessman, Peugeot)

My American Uncle

by Alain Resnais
Pope Pius XI (3.6.4)
Natalie Portman (Israeli-American actress, 3.6.8)
Elizabeth Reaser (American actress, Stay, Twilight)
Alain Resnais (French director, 3.6.4, Saturn Vessel) Hiroshima Mon Amour, Last Year in Marienbad, My American Uncle.
Vivian Robson (British mathematician, astrologer, 3.6.6, Neptune-Pluto Power-Flower, Saturn Vessel)
Henri-Pierre Roché (French author)
Enrico Ruggeri (Italian singer, song-writer, 3.6.9, Saturn Instrument)

Danilo Sacco (Italian musician, singer, Uranus Vessel) Nomadi
Marquis de Sade (French aristocrat, writer, 3.6.8, Pluto Instrument, 2 June 1740 – 2 December 1814)
Stefania Sandrelli (Italian actress, 3.6.8, Uranus Power)
Robert Schumann (German composer, 3.6.10, Uranus Flower)
Stellan Skarsgård (Swedish actor, Saturn Vessel)
Stomy Bugsy (French rapper, Saturn Power)

Richard Strauss (German composer, 3.6.4, Uranus Power)
Karen Thorne (American astrologer, 3.6.5, Pluto Instrument)

Richard Strauss
Martial Tricoche (French singer, song-writer, Pluto Vessel)

Harry Turtledove (American novelist, alternate history)
Vanessa Warren (American singer, 3.6.8, Neptune Instrument, Uranus Flower)
Charlie Watts (English drummer, Rolling Stones)
Paul Weller (English singer, song-writer, 3.6.10, Pluto Vessel)
Brandon Wilder (American psychologist, 3.6.5)
Brian Wilson (American singer, Beach Boys, 3.6.2, Uranus Instrument)

Frank Lloyd Wright (American architect, 3.6.9)
Terence Young (British director, Pluto Power)
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This principality lies in the central north area, consisting of high valleys and gentle mountains. Its capital is Chamois, celebrated for its impeccable dome, while its main pilgrimage centre is Cres, the former capital, hosting the pristine Circle of the Sacred Cone. Sangos is the main principality on the sacred Pulmonary Path, featuring the largest number of sites, such as Coneregis and Pulmonary Lobes,
The main feature of Sangos is that, although it is a most prominent place in the Epic of the Sacred Cone, it does not have the same popularity of other Tudorian centres. It is in Cres that the first complete Circle of the Sacred Cone was manifested. This is also a major networking centre with the capacity of conveying messages on a most expanded scale, especially through movement and dance. It is the original land of Sangos, the swiftest heroic master of the Game of the Sacred Cone. A 13th special rescue team of Handorian master pioneers was formed in order to launch a gigantic multidimensional enterprise aimed at retrieving the matrix of the 144 original pioneers stranded in the Grey Sphere. Sangos was part of that squad, yet compared to popular masters such as Zlim, Bunos, Nax, Hafran, Hannain and other trendy Handorians, he was virtually ignored. This is the motive why, although he miraculously managed to hastily retrieve the matrix of the 144 original pioneers right at the very start of the game, his achievement did not receive attention. Firstly it was too premature. This was supposed to be a colossal game mega-production enterprise, and here swift Sangos comes and does it suddenly all on his own, spoiling the expectations of a most prolonged entertainment. Secondly, Sangos himself was not totally aware of his startling accomplishment. Yet the plain truth is that the 144 pioneers had already been retrieved, and there was no apparent point in setting off the gigantic enterprise which followed. This is what happened though. Only in the very end Sangos’ high-speed mind-blowing deed was hesitantly acknowledged. Receive major blessings from Sangor, the one with “thunders in his footsteps and lightning in his fists”.

The Counties of Sangos

Code Trinity Head City
3.6.1  Core Celestis  Core Celestis
3.6.2  County Polaris Camp of Hermes
3.6.3 Cos Cos
3.6.4  Cres Cres
3.6.5 Ceres Ceres
3.6.6 Commis Commis
3.6.7 Chamois  Chamois
3.6.8 Caduceus Caduceus
3.6.9 Coneregis Coneregis
3.6.10 Campusries Campusries
3.6.11 Chief Pistis Chief Pistis
3.6.12 Chief Circus Chief Circus

Names: Crest, Cos, Sangos, Pistis, Coneregis, Commis, Core Celestis, Pras; Paramhans (greatest swan), Paras (magic stone), Prahas (laughter), Pravas (journey), Prayas (effort), Premdas (surrender to love); Cadmus (man from the east), Cephas (rock), Clematis (sweet wine), Purvis (provide food), Pharos (beacon of light), Phyllis (green bough)
Agent reports on journeys to Sangos
CTP, P Sangos, Caduceus (3.6.8), 6.12.8, 170610, 19.00
To welcome the new with joy and appreciation – AB. To be a channel for healing the separation in HAC – LM. To increase our understanding of HSS world – AB, LM
I entered the orientation lounge where the guide was dressed as a clown.  He was making funny gestures and produced a bouquet of plastic flowers.  I sat down and he gave me cake, scones in fact and tea.  LM came in, we greeted and became one body.  I was the right male side and LM the left.  I turned into an American football player with helmet and outfit.  We flew to Caduceus.
When I exited the plane I saw many huts and settlements.  There were people living in these settlements, families living off the land.  They reminded me of Native Americans.  I went into one hut and met a lady.  She had a beautiful energy.  She had a pestle and mortar and was grinding herbs.  She made the herbs into a paste and rolled it up into a ball and gave it me to eat.  It tasted of caramel and liquorice, I enjoyed it.  She gave me a white feather that I was to place in my heart.  I asked her what I could give and she said a jig.  I started to dance a jig in front of the fire.  I felt very calm and relaxed.  I asked her how to get to Pleiades and she pointed the way.  On the way I saw a lake and there were beings, female beings dancing round the lake, they were small and like fairies and angels.  I walked up to the gate.  It was very ornate and made of metal.  The guard behind was a woman with a headband around her forehead.  She asked for a password and I said ‘confidence’ and she let me in.  I went into a beautiful land the energy was light and playful.  People were moving around in the most gentle and serene way.  I went to the Pavilion, a circular structure with a roof and sat and waited.  A being came to join me, I thought it was an angel then he reminded me of Jesus.  I asked him about my intent.  He told me to skip.  I got some skipping ropes and skipped.  I asked him what to do next.  He told me to run round the Pavilion stating my intent.  I did this, then he told me to run on the spot, again stating my intent.  I felt I was grounding my intent.  He told me to be playful and light with these new experiences, to treat them with this playful energy knowing they are to be enjoyed.  I felt this playfulness.

CTP, P. Sangos, Coneregis (3.6. 9), 3.6.5, 260510, 12.40, Sinton Green [GB]

To continue walking Pulmonary Path

I arrived in Tudor and greeted the PDB Captain. He ushered me into the lift which took me to Pulmonic. I connected with Phlegm and briefly acknowledged the Shrine and then proceeded to Pulmonary Righted. We entered the Temple and I went straight to the garden to collect the Child. I could see he was contented and showed visible signs of relaxation. The three of us briefly honored the Shrine and Keeper and left to journey to Coneregis in the Principality of Sangos. We reached the settlement by swinging through trees.

As we swung from the last tree, I could see a fairy-tale castle standing in a large clearing in front of us. A single monk-like figure was tending the ground before the main gate. I stopped to talk with him and he asked me to state my intent. Having done so, he began to share information with me and told me that the discomfort I experience in my right chest is the means through which I am travelling deeper into my body to discover the treasures it contains. The pain and dis-ease is a gateway which I have chosen to travel through. He went on to tell me that the pain is a result of the reawakening of frozen energy, in the way that fingers and toes ache when they warm after being frozen. He concluded by telling me this journey was about bringing the lungs into total balance, so that they worked in complete harmony. I felt utterly aligned with the guidance and deeply grateful towards the robed figure.

He also gave me certain information about a connection with a person I have met on an astroshamanic workshop. He advised me to breathe deeply with that person as a means by which we can integrate what we hold for each other.

The man then told me to enter the castle and seek permission for the visit to Pulmonary Lobes. I moved inside, together with Phlegm and the Child and saw that we were standing in the main hall. A fire was blazing at one end. I understood that I had to call the relevant authorities by ringing the bells that has suddenly appeared on a table in front of me.  After a short time, three red-robed figures entered from the right and sat down at the table. I immediately experienced a surge of well-being and light-heartedness that made me laugh out loud. They expressed such a sense of joviality and carefree trust that I released all nervousness. Much to my surprise, they immediately granted me permission to visit Pulmonary Righted. I hadn’t even stated my intent. They told me they knew the purpose of my visit and that permission was granted yet I would still need to go through the motions of convincing them that I should be allowed to visit. I decided to convince them through dance and performed a series of movements that were very light and idiotic at the same time. This appeared to please them and they repeated that permission was granted.

They told me the exchange had been balanced through my dance and that the sound for this part of the journey was: “Crosso Wor”. I repeated it immediately and the three figures left the hall. I understood that I was to return directly to Coneregis at the start of the next leg of the Pulmonary Path and that Phlegm and the Child we to remain there waiting for me.

The lift appeared and I returned to Tudor, thanked the PDB Captain and returned to the Spirit Circle to conclude the journey. (3.6.5, 260510)


CTP, P. Sangos, Pulmonary lobes (3.6.3), 3.6.5, 010610, 15.55, Sinton Green [GB]
Continue Pulmonary Path

On the way to my initial destination I sang the chants received so far over and over again. The Handorian shuttle landed directly outside the Castle at Coneregis. The robed figure and the three red cloaked figures greeted me at the entrance to the hall. Inside I connected with Phlegm and the Child, who was now a 19 year old version of myself, full of vitality, health and physical fitness.
I repeated the chants again, particularly the last one received, ‘Crosso Wor’ and received the blessings of the robed figures who had greeted my return. The three of us then moved to the Temple at Pulmonary Lobes. As we walked, the sun began to set. I could see the huge grounds of the Temple spread out across the landscape. It covered many thousands of square meters. We arrived in twilight and I noticed the large stone figures of animals such as wolves and particularly bears set amongst the trees as we approached the entrance. I could see a range of buildings of different shapes and sizes, yet one drew my attention the most; it was spherical in shape and guarded by two men holding a large silver axe. I understood it was forbidden to enter without the correct code. When I approached the guards, they challenged me and asked for the code. I sang the three chants I had received during the walk so far and was granted entry.
Inside, I saw all the people I have ever connected with in my involvement with astroshamanic work. They formed a large circle around me. I knew that it was a process of retrieval that I was to retrieve whatever I had projected onto any of them. As the process began, I witnessed certain shapes flying from some of the people and landing inside me.
When this was complete, I moved to another room and saw a six-pointed Star of David inscribed in the stone floor. I lay down inside it with the Child holding my hands and Phlegm my feet. I stated my intent again and saw three robed figures appear – the pattern on their cloaks was that of red dots on a white background. I understood that I was to focus on the right side of my chest until my attention was total and nothing else existed but that spot. When I managed to do this, a butterfly flew out from that region and landed on the chest of the Child. He then moved towards me and climbed inside me.
The associated part of my body then became painful. I was told this was the healing. A vague tube then appeared from my chest and through it my awareness entered a memory involving a partner from the time when I was 19 years old. I watched as the memory was replayed then realized I had to take responsibility for how I had acted and alter the course of events as a way of repaying the debt I had created. When this was done, I was told I would have to visit two further memories and perform the same operation with those.
When I returned to the awareness of the six pointed star, I noticed FS was standing over me. He inserted an acupuncture needle into the right side of my chest. I then received another chant which was this: “Silash Karoo.” As I repeated the phrase, I breathed deeply into the pain in my ches
FS then led me to a side room where I lay down on a low bed. Phlegm swung in a hammock above me. Here, I continued to chant and breathe into my chest. I was told that I was to sing the chant I had received everyday for the next month. I also learned that I was to come directly to the Temple at the start of the next journey and spend the entire time in the Temple again.
I left the building and walked past further statues of animals to the waiting shuttle, concluding the journey back in the Spirit Circle. (3.6.5, 010610)
CTP, P. Sangos, Pulmonary lobes (3.6.3), 3.6.5, 020610, 14.40, Sinton Green [GB]
To continue  receiving healing for the right lung area.
As I passed through the Handorian Portal I could see I was travelling through the Earth. A small planet could be seen once I reached the very centre and I knew it was the HSS. I could see the different States and recognized the outline of the CTP as I drew closer. A voice told me this was the land of death – death to all but Love. I understood this is where all illusion dies.
As the tiny metallic capsule in which I was travelling neared P Sangos I could see the divisions of the Principality. It was the twilight before dawn, still too dark to make out the landscape, yet I began to recognize the Temple Complex at Pulmonary Lobes as I came near. I landed in the grounds and was met by Phlegm. He manner was urgent and he told me they were waiting for me. He said I had to give something. Instinctively, I thrust my hand into my chest and pulled out my heart. Blood poured everywhere yet the heart continued to beat. I was chanting ‘Silash Karoo’as we approached the spherical building. The guards   acknowledged me and I entered the building. Inside I saw FS, LM, NJ and AB and sensed the presence of many others from the astroshamanic network. We all [including Phlegm] took a place at one of the points of the Star of David chiseled in to the stone floor. I placed my heart in the centre and was told to give two more offerings. I tore out my lungs and placed them down. Finally, I removed my liver and set it down next to the two other organs, right in the centre of the Star.
A direct voice began to speak to me. It said I had cancer, yet not the human version. This form was one that devours graha. It is a virulent strain and is a blessing beyond blessings. I was told very firmly to trust deeply the changes in my body, as the graha is decontaminated. The voice then said it was important to perform regular release rituals, such as connecting with the Great Tree or the BRSC, yet the most powerful release of graha would occur through the chant of ‘Silash Karoo.’
The four astroshamanic friends then approached me one after the other and breathed into the hole in my chest. When this was complete, the voice advised me to make one further visit to the Temple so that three visits would be made in total. I asked the voice to reveal its identity and was told to wait until the next journey. I felt very comfortable with this situation.
I left the building and was making my way to the capsule when an old farmer I met in the HAC [Wales] very recently appeared. He grabbed me and began rubbing the centre of my back vigorously. At the same time, he was rubbing the top of his solar plexus with equal force.
I left him and climbed into the capsule. My intent was to return to the Spirit Circle yet as I rose above the Complex, I felt possessed by a deep desire to land in a large oak tree in the grounds. As I approached it, I noticed the whole grounds were dominated by a variety of trees of all shapes and sizes. I had a vision of their branches being like the capillaries inside the lungs. The sense of tree energy was very powerful. I landed in the oak and experienced a surge of energy.  After some time in the tree, I returned to the capsule and completed the journey. (3.6.5, 020610)
CTP, P. Sangos, Pulmonary lobes (3.6.3), 3.6.5, 030610, 14.30, Sinton Green [GB]

To receive further healing for my respiratory system.
I flew directly to the Temple Complex and saw a mass of white-robed people wearing conical hats – human figures from many different races and beings with one eye lining the approach to the spherical building. They were involved in a mass celebration. Phlegm approached me and told me the owner of the voice that gave me guidance on my previous visit was somewhere amongst the crowd and that I was to search for this person. He also told me that the crowd was made of those who had completed the Pulmonary Path through the ages and also work Temple complex.
I moved amongst the crowd, noticing the huge stone statues of various creatures such as wolves and eagles. The statues had come alive, yet remained rooted to their positions. Against the base of one of them, I saw a figure with a red Star of David on the front of his hat and robe. As I came closer, I was amazed to see that it had the same face as my father in HAC. We greeted each other and he lead me immediately into the spherical building. As I entered, along with Phlegm, the Child who I carried inside me came out of my body. I noticed he was now the same age as me and I saw his appearance to be an exact reflection of my own. The three of us moved into our own cubicle and began preparing a meal each. When we were complete, I saw the aroma from each meal snaking out of each cubicle and combine in front of the Star of David which was in the stone floor. We brought our meals out when instructed by the white-robed figure and placed them in the centre of the Star. The four of us then took a position round the Star: the robed figure at the top, the Child to the right, myself at the bottom and Phlegm to the right.
At this point, I began to drift in and out of awareness. A pattern emerged in which I would go so deeply into a scene that I lost all awareness of any identity. When this returned, I couldn’t recall where I had just been. I pleaded with the robed figure to help me remember and stay aware and he led all of us into a room where the central shrine was found. It was a single candle set in the centre of a round table. The drifting in and out of scenes continued and I begged the figure to support me.
He began speaking and I observed both Phlegm and the Child disappear inside my body. He then began encouraging me most passionately to abandon myself to the heart of trust; to trust in all those who support me, in all realms. To trust in the guidance I receive; to trust, ultimately, in the web of life. He pulled me to him and I felt a massive weight inside me. I understood as he hugged me tight that to trust would lead to a letting go that would enable access to quite unimaginable worlds. He pressed me tight to him, pulling me into his essence and more than ever encouraged me to trust.
We left the Temple and moved outside. As we did so, I observed the entire built complex collapse around us. It rapidly became no more than dust, which was soon integrated into the bare soil. All I could see were the magnificent trees and space where the buildings had been. The figure came close again and a robin flew from a tree and landed on one of my hands. It began singing and I understood its voice. It told me to live with the passion of the Christ. To let the passion burn inside me without fear, allowing it to guide me and inspire all that I do. It also told me to follow the creatures in my physical existence, to let them guide me too and act as a source of inspiration. The robed figure burst into song and I felt a great expansion. When he was complete, he moved to a nearby tree and walked inside it.
Around me, I noticed a range of different birds and creatures such as deer, foxes and badgers, emerging from the trees. They came close and I began to sing. As I did so, I saw the creatures begin to cry. I thought at first they were sad but then realized they were weeping with joy and the tears were an expression of their own passion. Their tears became a stream running through the space where the buildings had stood. A number of lakes were formed and I found myself on an island. I began to dance to thank them for their support and as the dance reached its climax, I witnessed a rising of the buildings from the waters. When the buildings once more stood complete, I ran round them, touching them and singing to them.
When this was complete, I climbed into the capsule, expressed my thanks to the creatures and completed the journey. (3.6.5, 030610)
CTP, P.Sangos, Chamois, (3.6.7), 3.6.5, 170610, 17.30, Sinton Green [GB]


From the Spirit Circle I travelled inside a tube towards Chamois. I noticed after some time another one running parallel. LM was inside it. We began to race each other, screaming with joy and excitement. I understood this was a different way to make love. As I approached the city, the tubes branched off – LM’s to the left and mine to the right.
The city was covered by a huge glass dome. I sat on the roof for a short while before falling through. I fell through darkness, although I knew that several spiders’ webs helped break my fall. I landed in complete darkness. For some time, I contemplated the existence of infinite possibilities and the choice to make this journey.
A voice then asked me what I wanted and I stated my intent. The voice then repeatedly asked me if this is what I really wanted. It was insistent in its questioning and I felt I was being seriously interrogated. I began to doubt that I had the strength to move beyond the binary and I saw the Agent appear from the darkness. He was holding a white flag which had ‘No’ written on one side and ‘Yes’ on the other.
Instinctively, I began saying yes. As soon as I had done this, powerful spotlights came on and I saw that I was inside a huge circular stadium. I was stood in the centre of the circular grass pitch.
A large TV screen suspended from the roof caught my attention as it began to flicker. I couldn’t make out the images yet understood this was necessary. A voice then came from the screen and said “I am The Peak”. An image then formed on the screen. It was of a black cone with apex pointing down. A white cone pointing the opposite way settled on top of the black one. Finally, a thin grey disc appeared between the two cones. “This is your body” the voice said. “Breathe into the grey disc. It is your source of strength. It is the Source. Breathe it in.”
I breathed in and felt mightily expanded. I felt strength of a kind I cannot recall experiencing before. It was subtle yet of such depth. Inside the cone body, I then began to see a core of cables. They were cables and snakes at the same time. There were 12 of them. As I breathed into them, they became increasingly colourful and eventually a fountain of multicoloured light poured out of the top and through the apex of the white cone. The light continued to flow out until it had formed a translucent sphere around the cone body. “This is your body” the voice repeated. “Remember it when you return.”
I knew then that it was time to return. The screen turned off and the stadium returned to darkness. I offered my thanks and returned to the Spirit Circle.
Body / Peak / Darkness / Illumination  (3.6.5, 170610)
CTP, P.Sangos, Ceres, (3.6.5),  3.6.5, 180610, 08.10, Sinton Green [GB]

To visit the trinity location that corresponds to my natal trinity
I travelled inside a clear tube towards Ceres. I saw members of my HAC family travelling in a parallel one and FS was with them. The tube took me to a clearing in a forest with a Scared Circle on the floor. I sat first in Sector 3, moved to Sector 6 and then to Sector 5. I did this three times, and then moved to the centre of the Circle. I entered into a period of experience relating to the time of my birth in HAC. I recalled the trauma of the days before emergence when my mother’s mother had died. I then saw how I was used as a comfort blanket by members of the extended family, to cope with the loss. I held both experiences in my body – one in the left and the other in the right.
I looked up and saw a child standing on the edge of the Circle. It beckoned to me and I moved to it, taking its hand in mine. As we moved into the forest, it said “I am your Heart. Follow me.” We walked through the trees and came to the settlement of Ceres. We walked in to the central area. I noticed that all the dwellings were painted in bright, child-like colours and I sensed this was a place of children. The child introduced me to two people, a man and a woman who had a single Star of David printed on their tunics. They greeted me warmly and I understood they were my HSS parents. They invited me to sit between them on a comfortable bench. The man told me not to speak, for spoken words were unnecessary. I was encouraged to simply sit and be. I breathed deeply into the two sat either side of me and experienced a deep feeling of safety and acceptance.
A tree suddenly grew behind us and I saw how its trunk split into two equal sections just above the ground. I experienced a warm familiarity with it and breathed deeply into it. The man spoke up and said this was my birth tree. He said that all those born in Ceres receive their own tree. I wanted to speak but again he advised me not to. I returned to my silence with the added awareness of the presence of the tree.
I began to feel very powerful and experienced a movement of energy towards my core. An image formed and I could see my spine as a snake. Inside this central snake were twelve smaller ones, all intertwined. The energy continued to gravitate towards the central snake until I could conceive of nothing else but it.
I returned to awareness of the HSS parents and bid them farewell. The child led me back to the Sacred Circle and I completed the journey.
Birth / parents / DNA / home (3.6.5, 180610)

CTP, P. Sangos, Core Celestis, (3.6.1), 6.8.3, 170610, 16,30 Jesi (IT)
To remove the block that stops the intent
I sit in the Sacred Circle and arrive through a white tube to Core Celestis. The City has many buildings with high antennas, I choose one of this and enter, there are many offices. The employees connect cables into computers, they are very busy to maintain a good transfer. They put pins in different positions to establish the frequency.
I ask someone about the block that stops the intent, a voice answers me: “fear of electric shock “. He continues:”this is the risk of 3.6.1 operator, too much information create the block and the energy increases until it bursts. It’s necessary to run the energy changing the connection stopped. The power must be addresses in other channels. You have two chance: to take the shock and waste energy or to direct high energy to other ways. Pay attention: overload” I think, it is not so bad to get a shock, it is a possibility…
Keywords: electric shock / channel/ overload
Provisional Territorial Unit:

Geneva, Jura, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Valais, Vaud

D3-6: SWITZERLAND, Fribourg: Fribourg [Cc], Broye, Saane, See, Sense (1), Glane, Greyerz, Vivisbach (2); Valais: Sion [Cc], Conthey, Entremont, Hérens, Martigny, Monthey, Saint-Maurice [Cc], Sierre (4), Brig, Goms, Leuk, Oestlich Raron, Visp, Westlich Raron (3); Geneva: Geneva [ROc/SRc] (5), all municipalities except Geneva (6); Vaud: Lausanne [SRc], Ouest-Lausannois, Morges, Nyon (8), Aigle, Lavraux Oron, Pays d’Enhaut, Riviera (7); Neuchâtel: Neuchâtel [Cfc], Boudry (10), La Chaux de Fonds, Le Locle, Val de Ruz, Val de Travers (11); Jura: Delémont (12).
7½-10°Gemini; Gemini/Virgo; Gemini/Mercury; 9°Gemini57’: Alpha Tauri, Aldebaran.
Iuropiorde Muruyala. CTP, Princ.Sangos: Chamois.
Decanate Sign/Ruler: Gemini/Mercury
Duad Degree: 7½-10° Gemini
Stargate Link: 9°Gemini57’: Alpha Tauri, Aldebaran, Taurus.
Administrative Division: Fribourg is divided into 7 districts. Geneva is divided into 46 municipalities and does not have any district. Jura is divided into 3 districts. Neuchâtel is divided into 6 districts. Valais is divided into 14 districts. Vaud is divided into 10 districts
D3-6-1 Fribourg, Fribourg (Broye, Saane, See, Sense), CH-FR
D3-6-2 Fribourg, (Glane, Greyerz, Vivisbach), CH-FR
D3-6-3 Valais, (Brig, Goms, Leuk, Oestlich Raron, Visp, Westlich Raron), CH-VS
D3-6-4 Valais, Sion (Sion, Conthey, Entremont, Hérens, Martigny, Monthey, Saint-Maurice, Sierre), CH-VS
D3-6-5 Geneva, Geneva, CH-GE
D3-6-6 Geneva, (all municipalities except Geneva), CH-GE
D3-6-7 Vaud, (Aigle, Lavraux Oron, Pays d’Enhaut, Riviera), CH-VD
D3-6-8 Vaud, Lausanne (Lausanne, Ouest-Lausannois, Morges, Nyon), CH-VD
D3-6-9 Vaud, (Broye Builly, Gros de Vaud, Jura Nord Vaudois), CH-VD
D3-6-10 Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, (Neuchâtel, Boudry), CH-NE
D3-6-11 Neuchâtel (La Chaux de Fonds, Le Locle, Val de Ruz, Val de Travers), CH-NE
D3-6-12 Jura, Délemont, CH-JU