Giving birth to who you truly are

There are moments when you know very clearly that the priority in your life is discovering and giving birth to who you truly are, no matter what it takes. Situations of crisis are often the triggering element.

The pain we experience, especially when it becomes unbearable, is the symptom of a multidimensional labour, which can either lead to birth or abortion.

When we remain confined in apathy and false safety, slaves of the mechanical conventions of this separated world, we paralyse and suffocate our natural vitality.

Perhaps right in this moment there is a voice within which invites you to give space to your authentic vision, making it the priority of your life, while also supporting others in doing the same.

Franco Santoro

“If you give birth to what is within you the voices you redeem will redeem you. If you fail to find and give birth to them, they become part of what is destroying you.” (Gospel of Thomas)