Handorian Delegate System & Provisional Delegate Bureau

The Handorian Delegate System

The Handorian Delegate System (HDS), also known as Handorian Defence System  is the  body of the Handorian States System. It is under the direct command of The Sovereign Ternary and is administered by the HDS High Directorate, consisting of 12 High Directors. The HDS High Directorate consists of 12 High Directors (H.Dir.), the General High Director and the Handorian Interspace System General Principal (Regis A. Luknow).

The 12 High Directors are in charge of the following HDS Branches.

D1: Military and police

D2: Finance and resources

D3: Communication, transport, media

D4: Territory

D5: Games and dependencies

D6: Healing, database, defense services (Veris A. Harison)

D7: Foreign rapports, agreements (Surat A. Jinko)

D8: Intelligence and orders.

D9: Justice, education, exploration (Tallein A. Ribentrop)

D10: Structure, rulership.

D11: Interspace

D12: XXX

HDS directs and control all matters related with Handor’s security and the management of its strategic configuration.

The Provisional Delegate Bureau (PDB), popularly known as the Provisional Delegate Order, is the Handorian States System’s outer surface intelligence agency and basic task force involved in activities related with the operative supervision of the classified scheme commonly identified as “Sacred Cone”. The HDB comes under the authority of the Prime Lord Delegate within the Central Executive Cabinet. The PDB is headed by the Provisional High Delegate Commissioner, colloquially known as the Principal, and is operatively directed by the Provisional High Delegate Deputy Commissioner, also known as the High Prefect (Param Parsada Hainose Mahaprefa), or Upmost Delegate Authority (Pratinindhe Uttama Adhikara).

Within the strategic structure of the Provisional Order (Satyavadine Mahayashe Provordo Etnai), the PDB is known as the Mandehe Savise Pratinindhe Pradhikara. In this respect it constitutes a direct emanation of the Nairodnah Ierarkordo (Anante Aghore Hre Jade Konveminate Nairodnah Ierarkordo), and works alongside the Regular Authority of the Provisional Order (Vishvase Anake Regule Pradhikara), with particular reference to the Provisional Ministry of Conversions, the Provisional Ministry of Subsistence and their respective high regular agencies commonly identified as Branch 8 and Branch 6.

The PDB exists in various forms all over the planet and is administratively organised into three Areas: Area 1 – Asia and Oceania (Kendriye Pratinindhe Pradhikara), Area 2 – Europe and Africa (Iurope Pratinindhe Pradhikara), Area 3 – Americas (Amerike Pratinindhe Pradhikara).

The High Grand Prefect, besides being the Upmost Delegate Authority of the entire PDB, is also the Supreme Authority of Area 1. Area 2 and Area 3 are each under the Supreme Authority of a Prefect (Param Srestha Hainose Prefa). Every Area is divided into 2 Zones, under the authority of a Sub-Prefect (Viri Exele Hainose Up Prefa Prasada). Each Zone consists of 12 subordinate jurisdictions.

The Anaghaseva and the Anusdhanseva are special components of the PDB and are responsible for tasks related to liaison with the High Ministry of Conversion (in Sectr 6) and the High Ministry of Subsistence (in Sector 8) respectively.