CTP – Confederated Tudorian Principalities

Tudor minorCTP – Confederated Tudorian Principalities

Tudor (Rodut in Rodnah), officially CTP (Confederated Tudorian Principalities), is a Handorian State in the central mainland. It is traditionally associated with Sector 3 and the astroshamanic totem spirit of Mahe Rahe Tahe Sadoh. CTP is bordered on the North by the State of Brento (Sector 2) and the State of Frams (Sector 6); on the East by the State of Harte (Sector 5) and the Erdolian Bay; on the South by the Hartemian Sea and on the West by the State of Frams and the Sea of Princes.

The State capital and largest metropolis is Tudor at the eastern end of the State, right at the border with the State of Harte, emanating as an uninterrupted continuation of the Hartemian  Hyper-metropolis. Tudor is a global city and multidimensional centre for communication, diplomacy and multiversal cooperation, because of the presence of various inter-universe organizations, including the headquarters of several agencies of the United Creations (UC). It is also the place where the first Handorian Interstate Treaty was signed, leading to the final establishment of the Handorian State System. The capital hosts The Tudors, which is one of the three top squads of the Sacred Cone Handorian League.

CTP has three main geographical regions: the coastal plain in the south and south-east; the central valleys and the south-west coast; the uplands in the north. The coastal plain consists mainly of smooth fields separated from the sea by ample orange sand dunes. The central valleys constitute an enchanted slowly rising landscape, caressed by unpredictable, yet gentle winds, with fertile and lithe territories. Both the coastal plain and the central valleys are abundant with cities, towns and villages. The uplands include thickly forested hills and plateaus, often with caves and gorges.

CTP is divided, according to the classic Handorian system, into a State Capital Territory and 12 Nations, whose Tudorian official term is Principality.  Below the national level, Tudors has an administrative system consisting in 144 Counties, 1728 Squares and 20726 Districts. CTP consists of 12 Principality Nations, each headed by a Trinity of Princes, or Rulers. The highest multidimensional authority is the Chamber of the Tudorian Principality, headed by the Paramount Third Sphere and presided by the Council of Tudorian Powers

The highest authority of the United Order of the Sacred Cone in Tudor is the Primate of Tudor (Tudor Primata). The Order consists of 12 Archvicaries. The Circles of the Order are under the jurisdiction of the local Vicar and are each administered by an Archdean. The Binary Totem Zone and Vicarial Zones have their own Vicar or Supply Vicar. Major roles in CTP are also given to Parsons. CTP hosts a very large number of Vicarial Zones and temples, all linked by a network of multidimensional sacred paths and pilgrimage routes.

The Principal Cone League is the Tudorian State Cone League. At the top of the League there are two divisions (Premier and First), followed by the Principality Leagues with 12 parallel national divisions, and under them the County Leagues. The main squads are: Tudors, Tudoring, Accumulators, Centurions, Cherubins, Paladins, Chamois, Trevor Palace, Peridot, Bunos 3, Cres, Kameu, Pneumatic.

CTP is a major centre of communication and viability. The State hosts five Handorian Multiways (Right Subclavian, Left Subclavian, Right Jugular, Left Jugular, Mid-Parallel)

Tudor is a realm of crucial management of the Game of the Sacred Cone, a basic network and communication key-point. This state plays a vital role in the traditional structure of the Handorian States System an in particular in relation to the third dimensional realm. It is also the emanation point of fourth dimensional lovers, the gateway to everlasting romance as it may be dreamt about on Earth. The firm union of such lovers is based on the uncovering of the third polarity, of which Tudor provides the keys. This is the State of the Winged Messengers, it is here where the angelic identity of the Handorian States System inevitably transpires. Tudorians are the rulers of the Third Sphere, operating as guardians, overseers, messengers, educators and inspiring agents for HAC. Their direct activities in HAC appear to overshadow those of other States.

The Confederated Tudorian Principalities

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Code Nation Capital MD Population
3.1 Principality of Kadorn Prinson 17,000,000
3.2 Principality of Svano Prinsvano 18,000,000
3.3 Principality of Tudorac Tudorinc 23,000,000
3.4 Principality of Magd City of Magd 9,000,000
3.5 Principality of Trevor Previdor 20,000,000
3.6 Principality of Sangos Chamois 14,000,000
3.7 Principality of Clondot Clondot 10,000,000
3.8 Principality of Naxoh City of Naxoh 18,000,000
3.9 Principalità of Bunow City of Bunow 19,000,000
3.10 Principality of Slimax City of Slimx 8,000,000
3.11 Principality of Nastory Cameul 9,000,000
3.12 Principality of Ratudoyur Rohim Port Ratuselm 5,000,000
State Capital Territory Tudor 12,000,000


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