Spirit of the Handorian Pristine Developers

ImageQuald (Dlauq in Rodnah), traditionally known as Kallex, is a Handorian State in the south-western mainland. It is traditionally associated with Sector 4 and the astroshamanic totem spirit of Quiusadeh Sadoh. Quald is bordered on the north by the State of Frams, on the north-west by the Dominion of Gober, on the east by the Lobsterian Sea and on the south by the Pozdah Grand Sea.

Callex is the state capital and largest metropolis. Charlonsmer is another relevant metropolis. Quald comprises the three peninsular regions of Haragox, Kaprax and Lobster, the island of Ducodarg and the archipelago of Qalim Dominationem, a large central territory of Lobster and the northern mountainous area.

Quald possesses a wide variety of landscapes, including coastal plains, mountain ranger, islands, green praries, forests and rocky valleys.

Quald is divided, according to the classic Handorian system, into a State Capital Territory and 12 Nations, with some of them holding the special status of Domain.  Below the national level, Quald has an administrative system consisting in 144 Counties, 1728 Squares and 20726 Districts. Quald also exercises deputy authority on the adjacent Dominion of Gober. The highest multidimensional authority is the Qualdean Diet, presided by the Dorian Quean of Kallex.

The highest authority of the United Order of the Sacred Cone in Quald is the Primate of Callex (Callex Primata). The Order consists of Archvicaries and Vicaries. The Domes of the Order are under the jurisdiction of the local Vicar and are each administered by an Archdean. The Binary Totem Zone and Vicarial Zones have their own Vicar or Supply Vicar. Major roles in Quald are given to Parsons.

The Principal Cone League is the Kallex State Cone League. At the top of the League there are two divisions (Premier and First), followed by the National Leagues with 12 parallel national divisions, and under them the County Leagues. The main squads are: Callex United, Doctor Cone, Dlaax,  Quendot, Druidard, Lorax, Doc Lobsterard.

The Nations of Quald

Code Nation Capital MD Population
4.1 Qapraxa Diana 37,000,000
4.2 Sankalo Draco 38,000,000
4.3 Sfekep Doric Cap 23,000,000
4.4 Domain Lobsterard Doc Lobsterard 69,000,000
4.5 Domain Charlonsmere Charlonsmer 60,000,000
4.6 Desjunipes Devamaris 34,000,000
4.7 Ducodarg Quendot 33,000,000
4.8 Dibhimah Devagrah 19,000,000
4.9 Dridumaxi Dridumaxi 29,000,000
4.10 Haragox Doctor Haragox 18,000,000
4.11 Qrisial Don Qristal 29,000,000
4.12 Qalim Qalim Qalim Qalim 25,000,000
State Capital Territori Callex 32,000,000


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