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The place in which we live, work or spend most of our time plays a decisive part in our life and in the lives of many people and beings. Astroshamanic techniques can be used very effectively to allow your environment to function at its best, clearing and transforming energies causing grievances and unpleasant emotions or thought forms, supporting healing power points and luminous energies. In our consultations we employ the astroshamanic grid, a holistic healing web, linking all features of a territory together, including land, buildings, plants, people and whatever or whoever is in the territory at any time, present, past and future. The astroshamanic grid allows your environment to become a sacred landscape providing healing and blessings to whatever and whoever abides or transits, also linking your territory to power and multidimensional sites all over the world and beyond. Consultations take place on site or by distance throughout the world.

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