The peak of Winter brings creative emptiness and silence, shortly before the emerging fullness and verbosity of Spring, which is anticipated by the Celtic feast of Imbolc, the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Spring brings profuse activity and manifestation, which can either serve healing and unity or illusion and separation. This can be a time of acute reflection and questioning about our underlying drive to be creative and involved in manifestation of any kind. Is it our thrill to generate merely a monkeyish imitation urge to miserably add something to the misery of this world and thus protract the chains of a separated reality? Are we purely covering up with ostensible glorious creations the fright of our robotic extinction and the compelling propagation of separation?

This time of the year, preceding the potential lunacy of Spring, is vital for purifying ourselves of those traits which keep us unconscious and numb, activating a challenging Aquarian alertness and casting provoking doubts on whatever we take for granted regarding what we do or are supposed to do. Does this world continue to be the place it is because of the wicked deeds of a minority of tyrants and conspirators? Or is it the result of what the majority of people mechanically, yet heinously, continue to perpetuate, while unquestionably considering it as the highest course of action?

This time of the year is more a period of questions rather than answers. And the questions we are invited to strenuously formulate are here those that we have never dared, or even thought, to ask. The answers to such questions are part of our binding conditioned programming. They function as compulsory statements, which inescapably delete also the idea of framing questions.

We need to retrieve the capacity to express those unmentionable queries that have been expurgated from our mind into an out of bound zone, dense with shame and terror. It is only through the resolute reawakening of our uncontaminated enquiring mind that the seed of multidimensional liberty may either give birth to an alternative creation or let consensus reality develop its stories, while diving into the ecstatic acceptance of what is beyond its forlorn creation.

These winter months are part of a process of transformation rather than suppression or eradication. They involve being honest regarding our grievances and flaws, without feeing discouraged by their repetitive patterns. Here we need to acknowledge that perseverance is a primary attribute on the path of transformation and that all grievances are distorted expressions of most radiant qualities. Hence, instead of getting frustrated or overwhelmed by guilt whenever faults arise, the invitation is to detect what type of shining values they are misrepresenting and deforming. The question is: how can we transform our weaknesses into healing power?

Happy Imbolc!


Franco Santoro