It may be hard

heart bent“Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.”
(Albert Camus)

It may be hard to realise that our relationships here on Earth are not necessarily the same in other universes and will be very different once we definitely leave this world. In other dimensions we are no longer somebody’s partner, parent or friend. We experience other patterns of relationships, allowing us to expand the awareness of our multidimensional selves. What primarily causes pain and grievances in this world, contributing to the preservation of its separation, is the strenuous attachment to the dynamics of our relationships and the refusal to let them go.

The nature of our identities and relationships in alternative or future realities lies beyond our knowledge. Since our departure from this world could happen at any time, every second of interaction with our close relationships in this world could be the last one. Our task is to do our best so that every second may be blessed with unconditional love, which provides the  empowering freedom to surrender to our authentic destiny of Light. Yet, beware, unconditional love also means to be totally honest with your feelings, regardless of the consequences. Unconditional love can be very hard at times, yet it is hard only towards the conditions and the limits we have imposed on love.

Franco Santoro