The Principality of Kadorn is one of the three Eastern nations bordering the Metropolitan State of Harte. The capital is Prinson. Major centres, such as Centurion, Chaberlain, Pan abide by the border with Harte. Kadorians are particularly supportive whenever courage and honesty is required in communication, as well as to initiate pioneering enterprises in terms of exchanging information, from shape-shifting to writing an article. It is also ideal for establishing connections with guides and non-ordinary beings, being open and direct, and get what is needed or, better, desired…. yes, definitely desired This may be an opportunity to have a try.

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The Counties of Kadorn

Code Trinity Head City
3.1.1 County Anvern Prince Anvern
3.1.2 County Paladin Prince Paladin
3.1.3 Pan Pan
3.1.4 Pean Pean
3.1.5 Coign Piton
3.1.6 Copula Pinion
3.1.7 Prinson Prinson
3.1.8 Cabochon Carillon
3.1.9 Centurion Centurion
3.1.10 Coronation Penetralia
3.1.11 Chamberlain Chamberlain
3.1.12 Consecration Consecration

Names: Pinion, Carillon, Piton, Prinson, Pan; Chahna (longing), Chaman (garden), Campa (fragrant flower), Charaka (seeker), Chandra (Moon), Charuta (beauty), Chetana (consciousness), Chayan (choice), Chintana (reflection), Chiara (picture), Chitrupa (wise), Pavaaka (pure), Paksha (symbol), Pallava (blossom), Patha (path), Para (trascendental), Parama (ultimate), Parigyan (ultimate), Parin (farylike), Paripurna (total), Parivartan (constant change), Partita (trascendental), Parna (leaf). Parva (festival), Patra (worthy), Pavana (fire), Pavan (wind), Pipasa (desire), Prabala (powerful), Prabhata (dawn), Prada (offering), Pragita (song), Praguna (honest), Pramada (joy), Pranaya (love), Prasada (offering), Prasanna (joy), Prasava (birth), Pratima (form), Pravaya (flow), Prayan (journey), Preman (love), Prita (joyful), Pujarin (worshipper), Puran (ancient), Puruda (gold), Purva (east).