5.11x5/11 – Leo/Aquarius
Binary Number: 59
Degrees: 15°-17°½- Leo
Aspect: opposition
Moon Phase: full moon
Handorian Reference: State of Harte, Realm of Lenning Ray
Binary Spirit: Surahim Uriah
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D5-11, England, North East England

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Leo (5) and Moon in Aquarius (11) constitute Binary 5.11, or Binary number 59.

The Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius form an aspect of opposition (180°), combining two fixed signs opposing each other. This brings about a major capacity of focus between two natures operating in distinct fields, which can either cause extreme tension or manifest amazing creative achievements. This is a Full Moon Binary, with the Moon being on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun.

This combination blends fixed fire with fixed air, holding Leo’s warmth, generosity and vitality with Aquarius’s originality, rebelliousness and collective consciousness. Those who resonate with this combination are highly extroverted and goal-oriented types, with a spontaneous capacity to shoot into the public arena mainly motivated by humanitarian, creative and revolutionary intents. 5.11 integrates the separated identity, which is the limited idea we have of ourselves as individuals, or our personal script, with our multidimensional identity, or who we are in the context of the whole. On one side our personal script is amplified in Leo through the acknowledgments we receive by others, while with Aquarius, the focus shifts to the collective, the community or the group. Here relationships are seen for what they can offer for the benefit of the community and the larger reality.

Qualities: originality, invention, independence, freedom, charisma.

Grievances: arrogance, defiance, agitation.

The Full Moon in Aquarius and Lammas exemplify the co-existence of the climax of warmth and luminosity, exuberance and life, with the apex of darkness and coldness, withdrawal and death.

This Full Moon heralds and celebrates imminent changes, including all the implications of 21 December 2012.

When life reaches its peak of light on one side, death and the peak of darkness thrives on the other. The two polarities are part of the same whole. They can only exist together, and we will always be separated until we learn to incorporate them simultaneously in our life.

For long conflicts between polarities have been the major cause of affliction and humiliation. As we move into a planetary path of spiritual reawakening it is vital to acknowledge the wounds produced by gender separation, strenuously promoting ways to heal them so as to retrieve our original unity.

In this respect, considerable developments appear to take place in the contemporary world, unveiling the potential for a momentous shift of consciousness and, what has been described as, a major release and acceleration process.

Each human being, no matter how conditioned or unaware, is an inherent part of the web of life. This means that together with his-her personality, or ego, he-she experiences the interaction with a united self, or Core Multidimensional Identity (CMI), who is his-her true self.

When two or more individuals join together with the intent of giving creative space to their true nature, they amplify the access to the web of life and the unity of human consciousness. These networks create the conditions for producing radical healing shifts in human values and priorities.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius, which in the the basic shifts involve: fully acknowledging the issues, allowing each party to have total expression and space to expose grievances, without rushing a resolution of the issues themselves. This implies that transparency and the availability to listen are the first steps in healing, together with the capacity of translating personal history into collective history, which means thinking in terms of the collective, instead of the personal, and identifying with the global community.

The Full Moon is a dynamic and extremely thrilling moment, portraying the major elements of the power struggles between polarities, while also holding the climax and fulfilment of the original state of unity.

Each lunar cycle starts with the New Moon and reaches its climax with the Full Moon. At New Moon, both the Sun and the Moon are conjunct. Hence, they are in a condition to experience their pristine unity and formulate a common Intent.

The general question to explore here is: “What do I truly want?” or “What is my Intent?” The sign where the Moon is located at the initial New Moon, which in this case is Leo, colours the answer.

Hence, in the current lunar cycle based on Leo, or Sector 5, areas of primary focus may be: self-expression, creativity, play, performance, power, or the golden quest for our authentic Intent and its open display on the stage of life. Questions more specific to this lunation are: “What do I choose to create? What have I chosen to create so far? What am I called to display on the stage of life? How can I express my inherited talents in the present? What can I generously and playfully dispense to the world? Shall I take the risk of embracing what I truly cherish right now?”

On a New Moon I can receive authentic and honest answers, based on the simultaneous availability of both the solar and lunar energy. On a Full Moon whatever was conceived during the New Moon, calls for direct exposure and accomplishment. Hence, this is the moment when I confront myself with the practical implications of the questions and answers. This is the ideal time for manifestation!

I wish you a most energizing Full Moon! This event culminates when the Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius. The major dynamics of this process will however be active at least one day before and after exact Full Moon.

The key of this Full Moon in Aquarius is exemplified by the Epic of the Holy Grail, and the parallel Epic of the Sacred Cone, the search for our primal multi-dimensional identity and its fragmented pieces, which is the quest for who we really are. As a result, the energy of Leo and Aquarius combined bring light both into what has already been accomplished in terms of identity – i.e. the understanding I have of myself, including the gifts I bring to, and receive from, the world, and also my family and tribal consciousness – and into the awareness of the longing for essential missing parts.

This reawakens the spirit of the quest, which implies provisionally leaving what is familiar in order to explore long forgotten territories and retrieve a wider definition of who we are. Here, this Full Moon highlights the multi-dimensional perspective and the rebellious shift of consciousness that brings true change. It is a process we carry out cyclically in our lives. We forsake the security of our tribe and depart for an extensive voyage. Then, after all kinds of challenges and enterprises, we return, sharing the gifts we have acquired with the original tribe, connecting our individual journey with the collective. At this stage, time is needed to integrate the new with the old, to help it ground and serve the environment, to receive a blessing from one’s tribe and regain full citizenship. Next, we may leave again on a further quest.

The combination 5.11 sheds light on your role in the above Epic. Here, the house position of the Sun at Full Moon (10° Leo 15′) in your astrological chart may indicate the nature of this role, where you intend to go and what gifts you are called to bestow or retrieve on your quest. The house position of the Moon at Full Moon (10° Aquarius 15′) in your chart identifies the area where you can tread a rebellious path, operating with integrity no matter what others think of you. Here you can also detect areas that benefit your beloved ones, from whom you may receive blessings and unconditional support. The awareness of this support is essential on the quest for it allows nourishment and power in times of adversity.

Full Moons inevitably confront with the sphere of relationships and whatever has remained unconscious in that domain. One element to bear in mind is that relationships are unavoidable. Hence, in this context, “being in a relationship” is inescapable and cannot be identified as an intention.

We are all involved in relationships, whether we are aware of it or not, and what truly counts is defining the intent of such relationships, i.e. what are we actually doing together? If I am choosing to be in a relationship merely because I do not like to be alone, my intent becomes that of “being in a relationship”, which proves that I am missing the whole perspective. If, on the other hand, I acknowledge the relationships I am already in and consciously decide to use them for a specific intent, I move into a completely different paradigm. As a result, new relationships can develop and old ones can transform themselves.

Here, I indeed release the encoding of our separated reality and enter into the gateway to the core multi-dimensional identity. The Full Moon in Aquarius deeply resonates with this shift of awareness, stimulating revolutionary changes and promoting major healing innovations in the field of relationships.


Astroshamanic Seal: an X shape intercepted through the centre by a vertical line culminating with a rectangular form surmounted by three semi-circles. This seal promotes multidimensional leaps and most daring enterprises connecting our ordinary reality with parallel universes, the earth with the starry sky, the characters we play in life and the true identities of the actors who play them. The vision involves a knight king riding a horse and reaching the peak of a mountain, the point where the sky can be touched. In his hands he holds a golden Sacred Cone and a sword. The knight king rises his hands towards the sky and then he lowers them towards the earth. He dispenses light, which he receives from the heart, up and down, sky and earth, above and below. His light is available for all. It is his heart’s joy which bestows the light. It teaches to open the heart and shed light on all aspects off life, especially those who appears most extreme. It promotes the release of all conflicts, filling the gap between polarities with love and light.
 Celebrities with 5.11:

Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, 16th Karmapa Lama (5.11) Tibetan religious figure (full moon in Aquarius, August 14, 1924–November 5, 1981) spiritual leader of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. See: 16th Karmapa, The Lion’s Roar (DVD), link

Jean-Baptiste Greuze, (5.11) French painter (1725-1805)

Robert Stone, (5.11.4) American novelist, born 1937

Keith Carradine, (5.11.3) American actor, born 1949

Melanie Griffith, (5.11.2) American actress. Golden Globe winner for her performance in the 1988 film Working Girl. She is the daughter of actress Tippi Hedren, and the wife of actor Antonio Banderas, born 1957

Jacquie O’Sullivan, (5.11) British singer (Bananarama), born 1960

Ambroise Thomas, (5.11.7) French opera composer (1811-1896)

John Galsworthy, (5.11.9) Nobel Prize Laureate (1867-1933). The Forsyte Saga

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, (5.11.8) English composer (1875-1912)

Rupert Brooke, (5.11.11) English poet (1887-1915)

John Huston, (5.11) American director (1906-1987). The Maltese Falcon (1941), The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), Key Largo (1948), The Asphalt Jungle (1950), The African Queen (1951), Moulin Rouge (1952), The Misfits (1961), and The Man Who Would Be King (1975), The Bible: In The Beginning

Hugues Aufray, (5.11.6) French singer, born 1929

Henry Ford, (5.11.6) American industrialist (1863-1947)

Peter Bogdanovich, (5.11.12) American film director. The Last Picture Show (1939-1971)

Kate Bush, (5.11) English singer-songwriter, born 1958

Neal McCoy, (5.11) American singer-songwriter and humanitarian, born 1958

Bruce Beresford, (5.11) Australian film director, born 1940

John Conlee, (5.11.12) American country music singer, born 1946

Jonathan Franzen, (5.11) American author. Freedom, born 1959

David Koresh, (5.11.7) American cult leader (1959-1993) Waco Siege

Timothy Hutton, (5.11) American actor, born 1960

Jacqueline Susann, (5.11.11) American novelist (1918-1974). Valley of the Dolls

Betty Davis, (5.11) American funk, rock and soul singer, born 1945

Andrei Konchalovsky, (5.11) Russian film director, born 1937

Alicia Witt, (5.11.9) American actress, born 1975


Provisional Territorial Unit:
PTU REGION D5-11: Scottish Highlands

D5-11-1 Aberdeenshire, GB-ABD: Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, GB-ABE Aberdeen City: Aberdeen [1st: City 1891, St Mary’s Cathedral, RC Diocese of Aberdeen; 2nd: PrO Mandir, Society of Aberdeen; St Machar Cathedral, CS; Battle of Aberdeen, 1644]
Banff and Buchan: Lonmay [1st: stone circle]; [2nd: Deer Abbey, 1219]; Old Deer [1st:  Loudon Wood, stone circle]; Peterhead
Formantine: Auchterless [1st: Logie Newton stone circle]; Foveran [1st: Hill of Fiddes, stone circle];  Inverkeithny [1st: Backhill of Drachlaw, stone circle]; Tarves [1st: stone circle];
Garioch: Daviot [1st: Loanhead stone circle; Newcraig stone circle]; Echt [2nd: Cullerlie Stone Circle]; Insch [1st: stone circle]; Inverurie [2nd: Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle]; Kintore [1st: stone circle]
Marr: [1st: Balmoral Castle; 2nd: Braemar Castle, on-YinL41-16]; Alford [2nd: Greystone, Stone circle; North Strone, stone circle]; Banchory [2nd: Esslie Stone Circle]; Crimond [1st: Netherton stone circle]; Monymusk [1st: Whitehill stone circle]; Rhynie [1st: Upper Ord, stone circle]; Tarland [2nd: Tomnaverie Stone Circle; Melgum Lodge]
Kincardine & Mearns: [2nd: Crathes Castle (nr Banchory), 1500, 4km-TetL8, RDoL8]
D5-11-2 ANGUS, GB-ANS: Forfar, Dundee City, GB-DND
Forfar [on-YinL41-16, 2nd: Dunnichen Hill, battle, 685]; Arbroath; Edzell [1st: Dalhousie Arch; stone circle]
Dundee City: Dundee [1st: City 1889, 1okm-YinL41-16, St Andrew’s Cathedral, RC Diocese of Dunkeld; St Paul’s Cathedral, SEC Diocese of Brechrin]
D5-11-3 Perth & Kinross, GB-PKN: Perth
Perth [1st: on-BalL11-55(1), Cathedral of St Ninian, SEC Diocese of St Andrews]; Comrie [2nd: Cultybraggan RGHQ; Balmuick stone circle]; Crieff [1st: stone circle]; Fortingall [3rd: SCS Fortingall Yew, oldest tree in Europe] [Pontius Pilate b]; Killiecrankie [2nd: Battle of Killiecrankie, 1689]; Methwen [2nd: Battle of Methwen, 1306]; Pitlochry [1st: stone circle];  Scone [1st: Stone of Destiny, Scottish kings, 843, 56° 35′ 52.4″ N, 4° 3′ 19.48″ W; 4km-BalL11-55(1)]; [1st: Ben Lawers, highest point, 1241 m; Croft Moraig, Stone circle, 2850BC]
D5-11-4 Argyll & Bute, GB-AGB
Oban, Lorn & Mull: Bunessan [1st: stone circle]; Craignure [1st: Torosay Castle; stone circle];  Iona [3rd: SCS/G Iona, Monastic, Abbey, Hut circle, St Columba, 600, 56° 20′ 0″ N, 6° 25′ 0″ W]; Oban [1st: St Columba’s Cathedral, RC Diocese of Argyll and the Isles; St John’s Cathedral, SEC Diocese of Argyll and the Isles]
D5-11-5 Argyll & Bute, GB-AGB: Lochgilphead
Mid Argyll, Kintyre & Islay: Lochgilphead
Bute & Cowal: Kilmartin [1st: Temple Wood, Stone circle, 1750 BC, 56° 7′ 27.58″ N, 5° 29′ 47.61″ W]; Kingarth [1st: stone circle]; Kintyre [2nd: Ballochroy, Stone circle, 1800 BC, 55° 42′ 35.24″ N, 5° 37′ 11.21″ W];
Helensburg & Lomond:
D5-11-6 Eilean Siar/Lewis, GB-ELS: Stornoway
Stornoway [1st: Callanish, Stone circle, 1800 BC, 58° 12′ 0″ N, 6° 44′ 24″ W, 7km-UvgL43-24-18, OctL43-24-18]; Harris [1st: stone circle]
D5-11-7 Highland, GB-HLD: Skye and Lochalsh
D5-11-8 Moray, GB-MRY: Elgin
Elgin [1st: Elgin Cathedral, RC, ruins; Pluscarden Abbey, RC monastery; 2nd: PrO PraMandir, Grand Society of Northern Scotland] [3.1.4ES]; Alves [2nd: Quarrelwood]; Burghead [1st: Burghead Well]; Fochabers [2nd: Gordon Castle, 1470, sacred tree: yash; Ben Macdui, no.2 UK highest point, 1309 m]; Findhorn [on-TetL8/RDoL8, 3rd: SCS/G The Park, Findhorn Foundation]; Forres [on-TetL8/RDoL8, 3rd: SCS/G Cluny Hill College, 57° 36′ 40.5″ N, 3° 36′ 38.6″ W; SCS/G; Cluny Hill; Randolph’s Leap]; Grantown-on-Spey; Hopeman [3rd SCS/G Primrose Bay]; Inveravon [1st: Lagmore stone circle]; Kinloss [2nd: RAF Kinloss]; Lossiemouth [4km-YanL33-23]; Milltown of Rothiemay [1st: stone circle]; Rafford [1st: Templestone  stone circle];  Rothes; Urquhart [1st: Stanes of Urquhart, stone circle]
D5-11-9 Orkney Islands, GB-ORK: Kirkwall
Kirkwall [1st: Maeshowe, Cairn, 3000BC, 58° 57′ 36″ N, 3° 13′ 26.4″ W; Dwarfie Stane, Burial stone, 3000BC; Skara Brae, Settlement, 3000BC, 59° 2′ 55″ N, 3° 20′ 35″ W; 2nd: Mid Howe, Cairn, 3000BC; 3rd:  Ring of Brodgar, Stone circle, 2500BC, 59° 0′ 7.2″ N, 3° 13′ 43.32″ W]; Lamb Holm [1st: Italian Chapel]
D5-11-10 Highland, Badenoch and Strathprey, Locahber, Nairn, GB-HLD: Inverness
Badenoch and Strathprey:
Inverness: Inverness [1st: City 2000, Inverness Cathedral (of St Andrew) SEC Diocese of Inverness; 2nd: SCS/G Clava Cairn, Stone circle, cairn, 3000BC, 57° 28′ 25.21″ N, 4° 4′ 27.66″ W, 8km-BalL11-55(1), 9km-YinL41-16; Battle of Culloden, 1746, 57° 28′ 42″ N, 4° 5′ 51″ W; Castle Stuart, 1561]; Aviemore [1st: stone circle]; Fort Augustus [3rd: SCS/G Loch Ness]
Lochaber: [1st: Ben Nevis, 1343 m]; Glen Coe [2nd: Massacre of Glencoe, 1692, 56° 39′ 45″ N, 5° 3′ 25″ W] [Ossian b]; Fort William; Kingussie
Nairn: Nairn
D5-11-11 Highland, Caithness, Ross and Cromarty, Sutherland, GB-HLD:
[UVG11 (Loch More) 58° 16’ 47” N, 4° 47’ 59” W]
Caithness: Latheron [1st: stone circle]; Thurso; Wick
Ross & Cromarty: Cromarty; Dingwall; Fortrose; Invergordon; Tain
Sutherland: Dornoch; Lairg [1st: Druim Baile Fiur, stone circle]; Rogart [1st: Croc An Laith-Bhaid, stone circle]
D5-11-12 Shetland Islands, GB-ZET: Lerwick
L2 System Division: Region D5-11 is part of the ProvOrdo Primary Jurisdiction of Britanie Pradesia, and is within the Secondary Jurisdictions of the Invere Bhime Prasamaya (Grand Society of Northern Scotland).
Lenngni Portal: H5-11, Lenning High
Lenning Portal: D5-11-8
Handorian States Reference:
State of Harte, Realm of Lenningy – 5.11

Lenningy, also known as Lenning Ray, is one of the greatest and populated metropolitan realms of the State of Harte, and undoubtedly the most popular in the Game of the Sacred Cone. Together with Tudor, Lenning was one of the main supporters of the voyage into the Last Frontier.
It is during the legendary contest between Tudor and Lenning in the Central Stadium of Hartem City, that Handor chanted its unprecedented epic song, inviting the two best teams of the Handorian States to form a special squad aimed at moving beyond the Last Frontier.
One of the most widely supported teams in the Handorian States System, Lenning has achieved the greatest triumphs in the Handorian States Super League. The team was so powerful that it was later agreed to divide it into three teams, Lenning Central, Lenning City and Lenning Hotel. Lenning is located in the south-east area of Harte, and is a huge metropolis abundant with multi-levelled roads and huge buildings and structures.
Ekirleny (5.11.8) is the celebrated borderline with the State of Akirwa, also known as the Hard Shoulder.
The capital is Lenning Ray (5.11.11).
The Sovereign Authority of Lenning has the title of Lord Lenning.
Lenningian people are the heroic liberators of the Handorian States System. As a result, they figure prominently in the Handorian Interspace System, and in all key zones of the Grey Sphere.
Lenning is also renowned for the its healing qualities as regards third-dimensional ailments, with its prestigious clinics in Lenningheal and the Random Heal Hotel in Lenningray (5.11.11)
Journeys to Lenning Ray
Intent: To pilgrimage to Lenning Ray to receive guidance on how I can best support the healing centre and community project.
I flew by hot air balloon to Lenningheal.  I landed in a most exquisite land, the colours were bright, I smelt the grass and flowers and felt the vibrant and healing energy.  I walked to the doorway and saw two black panthers guarding the door.  I entered and was in a courtyard, I walked to the centre.  The whole building formed a square around me and it was white.  There were columns on the ground and rooms all around, with an upper level of rooms.  I sat in the centre under the sky.  I walked upstairs and entered a workshop exactly like the pavilion in Assisi.  All the people from the workshop were there and I joined in.  I then went downstairs and outside into a garden.  It was part of the territory, it was a healing garden.  I walked inside and was surrounded by trees.  I began to breathe with the trees and became wrapped in the loving energy of the trees receiving their energy until I became one with the trees.
I returned to the central courtyard and then went upstairs to the Temple.  I entered into a room with arches and very colourful paintings all around the room in bright colours and gold.  I felt a most intense feeling of love.  I sat down and rested.  Then I began to dance my intent  and expression passionately.  I went back to the central courtyard and was met by DM LM FS NJ AG we all held hands and the energy between us expanded until there was light in and around us.  I tube of light.  This was our clear and pure intent, it channelled upwards and out covering the whole of Harte and beyond.
Peak: Exquisite land with bright colours, vibrant healing energy. Healing garden, becoming one with trees. The intense love in the Temple and dancing my intent and expression. Expanding with the group and sending our clear and pure intent as light. (AB)
I arrived at my destination by chopper, the destination is Lenning Heal at the Random Heal hotel. I felt a warm welcome as I entered the gates of the healing centre their were two large cats acting as guardians of the healing centre built in stone, large cast statues standing erect in a elegant pose. I walked through the grounds visiting different areas that attracted me. The area was green and lush it felt full of vitality and wellbeing the nature felt alive and vibrant many trees and plants I noticed that the trees were mainly evergreens and pines with pine needles laying on the dusty paths. It was warm and hot, very green in the centre. I was overlooking the valleys on the outside perimeter of the hotel which seemed very dry and dusty reminding me of a desert environment.
I visited the first building which was a workshop space with a small entrance hall which lead into the main hall and workshop space it was empty with only a few chairs and tables and a risen stage with one chair aboard. I then came across a pool area encased by many evergreen trees a beautiful setting overlooking the dusty valleys and the city of Hartem in the distance. There was a sign at the pool which read Lemmington spa and healing waters. Their was also many small stone built temple buildings coloured in Whitewash they were surrounding the healing waters and also pillars were many people were receiving healing treatments and massages and other people of both sexes  men dressed in loin clothes were lounging about relaxing. I felt a strong overwhelming feeling of peace and wellbeing in this area almost an indestructable feeling of pleasure and calmness penetrated the air, a fragrance  that smelt of inner joy and generosity filled the gates of the centre. There was a sign which hung  on one of the pillars which read “Do not speak so much, this is a place were we appreciate inner peace and pleasure”.
I then felt a strong magnetic pull towards a large wooden built building which was close to a forest were a sign read “beware of Cougars”. As I entered the building I realised I was in the main sanctuary a large tall roof that seemed to go on for ever I was alone and every creak with every step I took on the lamenated floor echoed loudly. I sat in one corner of the sanctuary in silent meditation I could feel and hear the wood breathe the noise felt deafening the sound was magnificent and chills ran through my spine and I felt my heart opening to the silence. The energy in the room built up I arouse off my knees and danced in celebration and jubilation in spiral movements around the centre piece gathering and receiving energy than giving back this collected presence of divine love which showered the space and this giving of love seemed endless. I felt a delicious presence of unconditional love and of sacredness in this sanctuary and at the end of the ritual I was full of vitality and power. I fell to the floor and began to prawl around the floor imitating a large cat predator and then I left the sanctuary building and made my way back to the healing spa.
I climbed a Evergreen tree that stood next to the spa and directed my intent out towards the leaders of the land of Harte, That we as a group of pioneers want and need to recieve support and also give support in building a healing centre and community. I was then joined at the top of the tree by DM, LM, AB, AG, FS we all cried out the collective intent in unison. We descended down to the base of the tree and all jamp into the healing waters and joined hands in celebration making a circle,  I felt strongly that a group of friends all of us bringing our own unique talents to the fore to serve as a whole. We then came together in a huddle and then split up into two teams of three and we played polo together striking the ball over the net at each other all laughing and joking and the feeling of entertaining ourselves with playing games and being playful.
Celebration, Peace, Sanctuary, wellbeing, uniqueness, pleasure, vitality.
PEAK MOMENTS: A sign which read do not speak so much this is a place of peace and pleasure.
Celebrating life by performing a ritual in the sanctuary. Climbing up a tree and stating the collective intent to the leaders of Harte. Playing games and entertaining by playing polo in the healing spa. (NJ)
As I approached Lenning Ray, I could see an endless metropolis spreading out in all directions. My attention was caught by what seemed like an oasis of greenery in the midst of the metropolis.
I landed next to the greenery and saw a series of stone temple buildings. I entered the complex through a gateway which was guarded by two large stone cat statues. Once inside, I sensed the atmosphere of peace that hung in the air and greeted the PDB First Officer. I stated the intent and moved to a circular pool in the centre of the complex. A sign read ‘Silence is Golden’ and having read this, I lowered myself into the pool. I was joined by the PDB First Officer and another man. For some time, I bathed in the water in a state of dream-like revelry. I experienced no thoughts and felt deeply relaxed.
When I came out of the pool, I saw that I was dressed all in black and had a conical black hat on my head. I moved to a nearby group of evergreen trees and climbed to the top of one. I directed the intent out across the land of Harte, repeating the request for guidance regarding the community and healing centre. The PDB First Officer appeared at the base of the tree and I received guidance directly from him. He said I was to spend ten minutes every day until the end of the period of Sector 5, focusing just on the IDEA of the community project – breathing into it without any particular focus.
I climbed down from the tree, thanked the Officer and completed the journey.
Dream-state / relaxation
Peak: whilst sitting in the circular pool, I experienced a state of deep relaxation which had a dream-like quality to it that was soft and gently nourishing. (DM)
Intent: To visit Lenning Central and to have my HSS name.
5.11 – Lenning Central: I arrive in Proport of Lenning Central, it is huge and I can see different levels connected by long white galleries with lights above them. I enter an office where a man asks me my Identity Card. I show my HSS Passport, the man takes it and passes it into a scanner, then gives me a new HSS Passport.
It is white with a green star in front, on back there is an alphanumeric code with a glyph. On right there is a gold band.
He tells me I have a new name, it is heard like a sound, I detect EIDIAH. He shows me a glyph that represents my name. I go out the Proport to see the City. I see many different platforms in air. Some of them are oblique and have on both the upstairs and downstairs sides buildings. A network of roads connects the platforms and many space vehicles fly in the sky. I stay still to see the huge City, it looks as an expansion stopped in air.
Peak: The huge City look as an explosion stopped in air..
Picture: Glyph of EIDIAH (LM)
5-11-1 RAW NORTHLENY (Elberden City), Lenningy Hill, R.Suurka, Right Atrium
Aberdeen City, Aberdeen; Aberdeenshire (Banff and Buchan, Gordon, Kincardine, Deeside)
5-11-2 EARL NORTHLENY, R.Suurra
Angus, Dundee City:
5-11-3 LENNING CENTRAL (Lenning Central), Lenning Central Arena, R.Suurma, Left Atrium
Perth & Kinross
5-11-4 RUBY, R.Suurqu
Argyll & Bute: Mull (Mull, Iona)
5-11-5 ERDOL, LENNING CITY, R.Suursu
Argyll & Bute: Argyll (excluding Mull), Bute
5-11-6 RASCAL (Lenway), R.Suurks
Eilean Siar
5-11-7 LENFINY (Raphael), R.Suurat, Ecstasy
Highland: Skye
5-11-8 EKIRLENY (Edgehill), Emmanuel, R.Suurha, Easthard Shoulderby
5-11-9 ROSEBERRY (Edge City), R.Suurni, Right Aurical
Orkney Islands
5-11-10 RETURFLENY (Envernally), Earl Ritual, R.Suursa
Highland: Caithness, Ross and Cromarty, Sutherland,
5-11-11 LENNING RAY (Rosary City) + LENNING RAY, Lenning Heal, R.Suurur, Random Heal Hotel
Highland: Inverness-shire, Nairnshire
5-11-12 ROYAL EFFIGY (East Rectory), R.Suurta
Shetland Islands