5.4x5/4 – Leo/Cancer
Binary Number: 52
Degrees: 27½-30°Leo
Aspect: bi-sextile
Moon Phase: new moon
Handorian Reference: State of Harte, Realm of Hartford
Binary Spirit: Surahim Quiu
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D5-4, South-West England

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Leo (5) and Moon in Cancer (4) constitute Binary 5.4, or Binary number 52.

The combination of Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer (5.4) mixes Leo’s generosity, vitality and leadership with Cancer’s nurturing and protective qualities.

This binary holds a strong and natural integration of the Sun and Moon principles since both luminaries are placed in their ruling signs. This can produce warm, sensitive, generous and grounded energies, operating as amazing sources of attraction and trust.

Relationships play an important healing role here when they are experienced with spontaneity and a solid sense of self-worth, which prevent wasting energy in strategies for receiving approval and recognition. In 5.4 rapports it is given for granted that each partner is worthy of love, hence, the idea of looking for “someone who loves me” does not make sense in this context, though the grieving expression of 5.4 may portray the polar opposite. What 5.4 want is someone upon whom they can pour their love and share their joyful power with.

On the eve of the Leo New Moon (5.5), this tender and passionate encounter is imminent. Hence, open your heart and rejoice at the glorious proximity of the Beloved! Joyfully celebrate the majestic unveiling of the Bridal Chamber! In practical terms this is a direct invitation to gather all your confidence and solemnly, yet playfully, claim and exhibit the intimate connection with your most beloved partner, your Guide. This is your birth right! This is what the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Cancer inescapably herald. And in the mere announcement of this fated reunion the ecstatic wedding is superbly manifested.

“Bridegrooms and brides belong to the bridal chamber. No one shall he able to see the bridegroom with the bride unless one becomes one.” (Philip 82: 20-25)

“We grant our total consent in your choice to unveil, acknowledge and entirely inflate your authentic power and gifts. Nevertheless, you cannot insist on the assistance of your hallucinations”. (Paheka Rubhe Tabe Siniera, 5-4:1.

Astroshamanic Seal: a circle with a vertical line similar to a sword.

“You have our consent in your choice of taking the leap. At the same time you cannot expect us to support your hallucinations.”

The liquid of the potion which leads to the seal is blue. On this blue liquid the Sun shines. I have a strong feeling in my navel. From the navel something comes out. It is a child full of rage and power. He holds a sword and is ready to get what he wants. Hence, he gets the Sun and the Moon who bestow to him the keys of the 144 binary relationships. The child sets off the horizontal routine of six beings who wait for their beloved and other six who seek for the beloved. This ritual routine is the key. Together with the six couples, there is also a seventh one. This couple leads and inspires the whole process from a vertical perspective. It does this with discretion and power.


Celebrities with 5.4:

Arthur Adamov (Russian playwright)

Jorge Amado (Brazilian writer, Neptune Vessel,  August 10, 1912 — August 6, 2001)

Piers Anthony (English-American science-fiction writer, 5.4.9)

Loni Anderson (American actress, 5.4.6, Pluto Power, Saturn Vessel)

Atomic bombing of Hiroshima

Russell Baker (American writer, 5.4.3, Neptune Power)

Guy Ballard (American spiritual teacher, founder of “I AM” Activity, 5.4.8)

Princess Beatrice of York (5.4.11, Chiron Vessel)

Emily Brontë (English novelist, 5.4.8, Saturn Root)

Henri Cartier-Bresson (French photographer, 5.4.9, Neptune Vessel)

Mário Cesariny (Portuguese surrealist poet, 5.4.11, Neptune Power, Pluto Vessel)
Ben Chaplin (English actor)
Kristin Chenoweth (American singer)

Brian Conley, (5.4) English comedian, television presenter, singer and actor, born 1961
Mike Connors (American actor, 5.4.9, Neptune Power, Pluto Vessel)

Damiano Damiani (Italian screenwriter, director, 5.4.10, Pluto Vessel)

Claude Debussy (French composer, 5.4.5, Pluto Flower)

Yves Duteil (French singer, songwriter, 5.4.2, Uranus Vessel)

Stephan Eicher (Swiss singer, Uranus Power)

Joe Elliot (English singer, songwriter, Def Leppard)
Georges Enescu (Romanian composer, 5.4.11)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (Neptune Vessel)

Gianfranco Ferrè (Italian fashion designer, 5.4.6, Uranus Flower, Chiron Instrument)

Zelda Fitzgerald (American novelist, 5.4.5)

Emmet Fox (New Thought spiritual leader, 5.4.6, Chiron Flower)

Llewellyn George (New Age publisher, 5.4.10, Neptune-Chiron Flower, Uranus Instrument)
Alexis Gilliland (American science-fiction writer, cartoonist, 5.4.7,  Pluto Flower)

Sidney Gottlieb (American CIA chemist,  MKULTRA, 5.4.7, Neptune Power-Flower, Pluto Vessel, Saturn Power)

Antonello Grimaldi (Italian actor, director, Pluto Power)

Reynaldo Hahn, (5.4) Venezuelan composer and conductor (1874-1947). Si mes vers avaient des ailes

David Hallyday (French singer, songwriter, 5.4.1)

Geri Halliwell (British pop singer, songwriter, 5.4.8, Spice Girls)

George Hamilton, (5.4.4) American actor, born 1939

Isabel M. Hickey (American astrologer, author, 5.4.8, Neptune Vessel, August 19, 1903 – June 17, 1980)

Victoria Jackson (American actress, Uranus Power, August 2, 1959)

Kajol (Indian actress)

Mathieu Kassovitz (French director)  La Haine

M. M. Kaye (British writer, 5.4.9, Pluto Vessel) The Far Pavilions

Kristina (Slovak singer)

Meena Kumari (Indian actress)

Tom Laughlin (American actor, director, 5.4.10, Saturn Instrument)

Jean Lorrain (French poet, novelist, 5.4.11, Chiron Instrument)

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon (5.4.1, Uranus Instrument, Pluto Vessel, Neptune Power, Saturn Flower, 21 August 1930 – 9 February 2002)

Forbes Masson (Scottish actor, writer, 5.4.3)

Ana Matronic, (5.4) American singer (Scissor Sisters), born 1974

Guy de Maupassant (French writer, 5.4.6)
Paul McCarthy (American artist, Pluto Power)

Kelly Michael (American singer, 5.4.3, Uranus Power)

Keith Moon (English drummer) The Who

Ed Motta (Brazilian musician, 5.4.4, Chiron Flower)

Moustique (French rock singer)

Christopher Nolan (American-English director, writer)

Annie Oakley (American shooter, 5.4.8, Saturn Flower)

Sydney Omarr (American astrologer, 5.4.7, Pluto Vessel)

Matthew Parker (Archbishop of Canterbury)

Alex Parks (English singer)

Maxfield Parrish (American painter, 5.4.10, July 25, 1870 – March 30, 1966)

Sean Penn (American actor, director 5.4.9, Uranus-Pluto Power) Into the Wild

Frank Perry (American director, Pluto Vessel, Neptune Power)

Jacki Piper (English actress, Pluto Power)
Roman Polanski (Polish-French director, writer, 5.4.7, Pluto Vessel-Flower)

Ira Progoff (American psychotherapist, 5.4.6, August 2, 1921 – January 1, 1998)

Kenny Rogers (American singer, songwriter, 5.4.8, Chiron Vessel)

Oscar Romero (Archbishop of San Salvador, 5.4.4, Neptune-Saturn Vessel, Pluto Instrument)

Chicca Rostagno (Italian community manager, Saman, 5.4.6, Pluto Power, Uranus Vessel)

Rudi Schneider (Austrian spiritualist, 5.4.10, Uranus Instrument)
Danielle Steel (American romantic novelist, Saturn Power)

Sylvie Vartan (Bulgarian-French singer, 5.4.10)
Lucien Wercollier (Luxembourg sculptor, Neptune Vessel)

Mae West (American actress, 5.4.2, Chiron Power)
Steve Wozniak (American computer engineer, 5.4.6, Pluto Power, Uranus Flower)

Provisional Territorial Unit: 
South West England

D5-4-1 JERSEY, JE: Saint Helier
D5-4-2 BRISTOL, GB-BST: Bristol
D5-4-3 SOMERSET, Bath and North East Somerset, GB-BAS, North Somerset, GB-NSM
D5-4-4 SOMERSET, GB-SOM: Taunton
D5-4-5 DORSET, GB-DOR: Dorchester, Bournemouth, GB-BMH, Poole, GB-POL
D5-4-6 DEVON, GB-DEV: Exeter, Plymouth, GB-PLY, Torbay, GB-TOB
D5-4-7: CORNWALL, GB-CON: Truro
D5-4-8 CORNWALL, Isles of Scilly, GB-IOS
D5-4-9 WILTSHIRE, GB-WIL: Trowbridge
D5-4-10 WILTSHIRE, GB-WIL, Swindon, GB-SWD
Kennet: Devizes [5km-YanL37-27]; Marlborough [2nd: Silbury Hill, mound, 51° 24′ 56″ N, 1° 51′ 27″ W, 10km-YanL37-27; Savernake Forest, sacred tree: Big Belly Oak]; Avebury [1st: West Kennet Long Barrow, 3600BC, 6km-YanL37-27; Avebury Manor, 1500; 3rd:
D5-4-11 GLOUCESTERSHIRE, GB-GLS: Gloucester, South Gloucestershire, GB-SGC
D5-4-12 GUERNSEY, GG: Saint Peter Port

L2 System Division: Region D5-4 is part of the ProvOrdo Primary Jurisdiction of Britanie Pradesia, and comprises the Secondary Jurisdictions of the Bristole Bhime Distria, the Dusre Bhime Distria and the Plime Bhime Distria, operated by the Bristole Kirte Samaya (Society of Bristol), the Dusre Kirte Samaya (Second Society of England), and the Plime Kirte Samaya (Society of Plymouth).
Harfdro Portal: H5-4, Kurtavind, High Kurta
Harford Portal: D5-4-6, Plymouth

Handorian States Reference:
State of Harte, Realm of Hartford – 5.4

According to the astroshamanic system of the 144 binary rapports, or Paheka Rubhe the combination of 5.4 is associated with the Realm of Hartford, one of the 12 metropolitan nations of the Cosmopolitan State of Hartem. The Hartfordian Nation is celebrated for the formation of the state capital tutelary barrier of Kurtavindah and the Hartemian Fort. The Kurtavindah, conceived by Shiramest, Hartford’s national hero, is the strongest protection and fortification structure in the Handorian States System. Although this massive barrier is under the jurisdiction of the capital district of Zentrart, it is basically run by Hartfortian guards. On the south-west bend of the Kurtavindah lies the Hartemian Fort, the key southern defensive stronghold of the capital, evoking ancient times of Handorian siege warfare. Hartford is also renowned for its food, catering and hospitality industries, and for featuring some of the most comfortable Hartemian hotels, such as the Harford Interstate Hotel and the Home of Hartem. The Realm of Hartford emanates a deep resonance with the original traditions of the Hartemian people.
5-4-1 RIGHT HARFORD, R.Suquka
5-4-2 HARTE REARWARD, R.Suqura
5-4-3 ROD, R.Suquma, Heart Valve
Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset, Mendip (Glastonbury)
5-4-4 REED, R.Suququ
Somerset, North Somerset
5-4-5 ELAND, R.Suqusu
Dorset, Bournemouth, Poole
5-4-6 RONALD, R.Suquks
Devon, Plymouth, Torbay
5-4-7 HARFORD, Emerald, R.Suquat
5-4-8 RUBICUND, R.Suquha
Isles of Scilly
5-4-9 REARGUARD, R.Suquni
Wiltshire, North Wiltshire, Salisbury [Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill]
5-4-10 EAST ROUND, R.Suqusa
Wiltshire, Swindon, North Wiltshire, Kennet
5-4-11 EAGLESFIELD, R.Suquur
Gloucestershire, South Gloucester
5-4-12 EAST HARFORD, R.Suquta