5.12x5/12 – Leo/Pisces
Binary Number: 60
Degrees: 17½-20° Leo
Aspect: quincunx
Moon Phase: full moon
Handorian Reference: State of Harte, Realm of Suraham
Binary Spirit: Surahim Taepeh
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D5-12, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Leo (5) and Moon in Pisces (12) constitute Binary 5.12, or Binary number 60.

This is a blend of fixed fire and mutable water. The pattern Sun in Leo and Moon in Pisces mixes Leo’s warmth, generosity and vitality with Pisces’s imagination, romanticism, shape-shifting and emotional sensitivity.

Those who resonate with this combination have a profound empathy and alignment for whatever is around and within them. As a result, they possess a large amount of intuitive powers and the capacity to interpret many roles on the stage of life.
Triumph of Empathy

With 5.12 we reach the major flowering and blessing of Leo, which involves playing all the characters of the zodiac, enjoying them totally, while being able to detach from them, so as to move to other roles, discriminating between the Actor and the role.

This also implies establishing a different relationship with each one of the available characters, falling completely in love with them, while also managing to release them in order to shift to another part.

Leo is about getting attention and recognition, being visible in order to generously bestow one’s gifts to the world. Here both our Core Multidimensional Identity (CMI) and the human arbitrary configuration (HAC), our human separated reality, are at work. The former identifies with the Actor, or energy, the latter with the role, or form.

The natal chart shows the types of roles our ego, the separated HAC dominated identity, more easily identifies with. These are usually those of the Sun and Moon’s house and sign, with the other planetary positions playing the additional 10 parts in the background.

In this context my human arbitrary configuration, or ego, gets stuck in one of the 12 characters, while the binary counterpart and the remaining roles move into the shadow zone of my awareness and are played by the people I meet in my life.

Periodically there is a shift of roles, which we call here human arbitrary rotation (HAR), i.e. the shadow dancing of life or what ordinary human relationships are truly about. All human love relationships are multidimensionally capricious unless they contemplate a full operative conscious acknowledgment of the human arbitrary rotation.

This is the crucial operational dynamic of the  Astroshamanic Binary System. Being more specifically a matter belonging to the second half of the binaries (from Sector 7 onwards), it might be treated at a later stage.

All binaries terminating with 12 imply the achievement of a provisional state of wholeness, a blessing prior to moving back into the following binary based on 1. Thus, 5.12 and 5.1 represent the grand multidimensional solar accesses They encompass the boundary zone, the gap between the bona fide horny bit (the direct link with the core multidimensional identity) and the rerouting device (the diversion mechanism aimed at shifting perception from multi-dimensional awareness to HAC).

This solar gap is the multi-dimensional gateway, or Bhi Jinah, the most illegitimate and out of bound zone for all ordinary human consciousness.

With 5.12 I reach the apex of solar, or conscious, expression and align with the Core Multidimensional Identity (CMI). Here I gain the ability of playing all possible roles, expressing their maximum amount of power, receiving the highest recognition and experiencing the peak of ecstasy.

This is the triumph of the bona fide horny bit!

Then, as I shift from 5.12 to 5.1, I am confronted with the rerouting device, which sponsors the separation process and the identification with a specific fragmented part. The 12 parts are shattered and I am left with one. Yet here I can either remain with one fragment or unite all the 12 into one.

In the border zone between 12 and 1 dwells the mighty crack, the crucial point of the Sacred Circle, that place where separation achieves its supreme standards of performance. Trapped in the illusory perception of ordinary consciousness, energy reaches its apex, comes to an end and then starts again, back from Sector 1 and, unaware of its previous experiences, pretends to be born and set off for a new journey.

Please be aware of the shift of energy during the two days before and the moment when the Moon moves from Pisces into Aries. This is the pinnacle of the human arbitrary rotation. Such a rotation can potentially take place in every moment, yet being aware of it in the transition between 5.12 and 5.1 allows you to be more vigilant at all other times.

Notice in particular what your apex of joy and pleasure was and what experiences and promises it held. This is the blessing, the part aligned with CMI, the bona fide horny bit.

Please find a tangible way to fix it in your awareness. For example, you can write or draw something about it. Also be specifically aware of the lowest point, the unpleasant bit, and the grievances that come to your attention. Here too make sure that you acknowledge this substantially through writing or drawing. This recognition allows you to shed light on the dynamics of the rerouting device.

The first step of healing involves simply being aware of the multidimensional gateway encompassing both blessings and grievances. This is tantamount to the first and second stages of the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone, which are the two leading and performing stars.

The purpose is to experience two apparently different energies, to give them free space to express and narrate their stories. At this point, they can simply be held like two small innocent and scared children, receiving attention, support and tenderness.

This is the primary step of transformation. It is primary because in this initial stage nothing appears to transform. On the contrary, far from being binned, grievances are taken care of. Consequently, from the perspective of the human arbitrary configuration, conflicts seem to expand beyond measure. This is why only authentic healers are able to acknowledge the primary step. From the perspective of human limited perception it appears as a deterioration or failure, which is epitomized by the long series of steps backward from 12 to 1.

Hence, this causes a major sense of frustration and disempowerment. I was once in 12 and here I am back in 1, having to start everything again. For example, last night you experienced an immaculate sense of unity with your partner, a deep feeling of harmony physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In the morning all these blessings annihilate and all you perceive is frustration, anger, betrayal, fear and other unbearable emotions. Here, you are helpless. Nothing appears to work. And it has happened also other times. Times you believed were forever gone. They are not! They are here again! This is not a defeat. It is indeed the foundation of triumph!

It is where the chemical process of transformation is potentially put into decisive motion. Here you need to be aware that both 12 and 1 are still there. Holding them equally in your awareness allows the emergence of the third stage, which here involves the connection of your personal story to the collective epic.

This process is devoid of any intellectualisation. It is not based on the rational understanding that your personal biography reflects the story of mankind. Although this notion can also help, what you are referring to here is a multidimensional experience incorporating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

It entails the capacity of embracing past, present and future into one harmonious whole. It is the vivid sense of including all possible roles.

It is 5.12, the theatrical triumph of empathy!
Astroshamanic Seal: a Sun within the ocean radiates light and heat, directing the force of Water to the Intent connected with the Function. Sublime joy and ecstasy is generated by this binary. Here dreams becomes immediate reality and are cloaked by a will of Fire.
 Celebrities with 5.12;

Percy Bysshe Shelley (5.12.2, Uranus Power, Saturn Instrument) English poet (1792-1822).  Ozymandias, Ode to the West Wind, To a Skylark, Music, When Soft Voices Die, The Cloud, and The Masque of Anarchy, Queen Mab, Alastor, The Revolt of Islam, Adonaïs, The Triumph of Life. The Cenci (1819) and Prometheus Unbound (1820).
Antonio Salieri, (5.12) Italian composer (1750-1825)
Robert Mitchum, (5.12.5, Saturn-Neptune Power) American actor (1917-1997)
V. S. Naipaul, (5.12) West Indian writer, Nobel Laureate, born 1932
Robert De Niro, (5.12.4) American actor, born 1943
Jimmy Webb, (5.12.6, Uranus Flower), American musician and composer, born 1946
Wes Craven, (5.12.9, Pluto Flower) American director of many horror films, including the famed A Nightmare on Elm Street and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, the Scream films, alongside The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, The Serpent and the Rainbow, The People Under the Stairs, Vampire in Brooklyn, Red Eye, and My Soul to Take, born 1939
Eric Carmen, (5.12.6, Pluto Power, Saturn Instrument) American singer and guitarist (Raspberries), born 1949
P. D. James, (5.12, Neptune Power) English novelist, born 1920
Carrie-Anne Moss, (5.12) Canadian actress. The Matrix trilogy, Memento, Unthinkable, and Chocolat, born 1967
James Cameron, (5.12, Pluto Power) Canadian film director. Aliens (1986), The Abyss (1989), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), True Lies (1994), Titanic (1997), and Dark Angel, born 1954
Damien Saez, (5.12) French musician, songwriter, and author, born 1977
Ever Carradine, (5.12.5) American actress, born 1974
Robert Plant, (5.12.9, Saturn Power) British Musician (Led Zeppelin), born 1948
James Morrison, (5.12) British singer, born 1984
Rodrigo Santoro, (5.12) Brazilian actor, born 1975
Eliza Carthy, (5.12) English singer and fiddler (born 23 August 1975)
Lambert Wilson (AS Sagittarius); Coco Chanel (AS Sagittarius); Richard William Wright; Mata Hari (AS Scorpio); Paul Claudel (AS Leo); Barbara De Rossi (AS Libra); Louis Pauwels (AS Libra); Sandro Paternostro (AS Cancer).

Provisional Territorial Unit:
Northern Ireland, Isle of Man

D5-12-1 Belfast City, Castlereagh
Belfast City: Belfast [1st: City 1888, St Peter’s Cathedral, RC Diocese of Belfast; 2nd: Belfast City Cemetery; PrO Mandir, Society of Northern Ireland] [C.S Lewis b]
Castlereagh: Newtonbreda
D5-12-2 Ards, Down, North Down, Lisburn [1st: City 2002]
Ards: Newtonards
Down: Downpatrick
North Down: Bangor
Lisburn: Lisburn [1st: City 2002]
D5-12-3 Banbridge, Newry and Mourne
Banbridge: Banbridge
Newry and Mourne: Newry [1st: City 2002, Newry Cathedral, RC Diocese of Dromore],
D5-12-4 Armagh, Craigavon
Armagh: Armagh [1st: City 1994, St Patrick’s Cathedral, RC Province of Armagh; St Patrick’s Cathedral, CI Archdiocese of Armagh; 2nd: Navan Fort, Mound, Ulster Kings, 100BC]
Craigavon: Craigavon
D5-12-5 Cookstown, Dungannon and South Tyrone, Magherafeld
Cookstown: Cookstown
Dungannon and South Tyrone: Dungannon; Augher [1st: Knockmany]
Magherafelt: Magherafelt
D5-12-6 Omagh, Strabane
Omagh: Omagh
Strabane: Strabane
D5-12-7 Coleraine, Derry City, Limavady
Coleraine: Coleraine
Derry City: Derry [1st: City 1604, St Eugene’s Cathedral, RC Diocese of Derry]
Limavady: Limavady
D5-12-8 Fermanagh
Fermanagh: Enniskillen [2nd: Devenish Island (Lough Erne), Monastic, St Molaise, 500CE]
D5-12-9 Ballymena, Ballymoney, Moyle
Ballymena: Ballymena
Ballymoney: Ballymoney
Moyle: Ballycastle
D5-12-10 Carrickfergus, Larne
Carrickfergus: Carrickfergus
Larne: Larne
D5-12-11 Antrim, Newtownabbey
Antrim: Antrim
Newtownabbey: Newtownabbey
D5-12-12 ISLE OF MAN, IM: Douglas
Peel [1st: Peel Cathedral (of St German), CE Diocese of Sodor and Man]; Calf of Man [on-Uvg/Oct/IcolL11-55]
L2 System Division: Region D5-12 is part of the Provisional Order Primary Jurisdiction of Irlanie Upradesia within the Seconday Jurisdiction of the Uttarirlanie Bhime Distria, operated by the Uttarirlanie Samaya (Society of Northern Ireland).
Surarah Portal: H5-12, Surapis
Handorian States Reference:
State of Harte, Realm of Suraham – 5.12

The Realm of Suraham lies in the western area of the State and is particularly known for the presence of the Grand Hartem Portal with the Handorian States Multidimensional Harbour and its huge docks and waterfront, which is indeed the most spectacular feature of the State of Harte. The Grand Hartem Portal consists of three parts: Epic Sartem (5.12.11), Rippleham (5.12.10), Rattle Pierham (5.12.12).
The capital, Epic Sartem, was the original capital of Harte and Handorian States System. It constitutes the most ancient urban area in HSS. The original pier culminated at the Temple of Enthusiasm, and was then further extended until it reached its current gigantic size.
Suraham also features the mysterious enclave of Surapis, located within Reckless Dream (5.12.2). This is a rustic and secluded area, an idyllic paradise zone inhabited by Bhi Jinah.
Journeys to Surapis and Reckeless Dream (to receive support, guidance and healing for our intent of manifesting a healing centre and community)
“I travelled to Surapis by snowy owl.  I landed beside the ancient city wall made of old stone and I saw the old wooden gate. The First Officer appeared. He was no more than a tiny black shape, the size of a mouse yet without definite form. He asked me what I was there for and I stated the intent. He opened the wooden gate and I moved into a mass of writhing bodies. I experienced a deeply mysterious energy and a sense of deep unrestricted communication. There was a red tint to the atmosphere and everything seemed to be infused with a need to express without shame or regret.
I was greeted by a Bhi Jinah who led me through the bodies to a large circular pool. He invited me to step into the pool, where I saw FS, AB, LM and NJ already waiting. ES was walking round the edge. The advice from the Bhi Jinah was simply for us to be together – not to think or discuss anything in the pool – just be.
After some time, I felt in a space of complete neutrality, yet the mysterious dark energy experienced before continued to touch me. Three Bhi Jinah appeared and led me away from the pool to a wooden building. As I moved inside, I saw that the floor consisted of black and white tiles in the pattern of snakes. I looked up towards the ceiling and saw a large chandelier. It was made from a large blood-red crystal snake that was coiled in the shape of a cone. As I moved to stand below it I expressed the intent. The snake began to uncoil and then moved to the floor, upon which it enclosed me in a cone of its own making. I saw that I was disintegrating inside the cone – my form, my thoughts yet not my awareness. When my body had finally slipped away, I saw myself standing outside the snake-cone in complete form.
One Bhi Jinah appeared by my side and advised me to regularly connect with the core group in my heart – to hold everyone in the place, joining with them and breathing together.
As I moved back towards the wooden gate I saw that all the people were now fast asleep.
Scorpio energy / snakes / unrestricted expression
Peak: Experiencing disintegration inside the snake’s coils / walking through the mass of writhing bodies expressing themselves unreservedly” (DM)
“I travelled to Surapis by white eagle.  I landed in front of an ancient city wall made of old stone.  There was an old wooden gate.  The sun was shining.  I knocked on the gate and waited.  The door opened and there were hundreds of people dancing and celebrating.  I entered the crowd and began to celebrate.  I then began to move through the crowd and exited into a beautiful paradise.  I saw a beautiful bright blue pool of water that was like the sea creating waves yet it was circular.  It had a white sandy beach all around it.  I really wanted to go to the water I felt its energy, it was drawing me towards it.  I asked for permission, a bhi jinah came up to me and said I could go in.  I entered the water and slipped into a deep consciousness, a nothingness silence.  I felt this was the deep consciousness of my mind.  I asked, ‘What is it I need to retrieve?  What is it I need to know?’  I drifted and drifted knowing the answer would come.
After some time I exited the beautiful blue liquid and sat on a beach lounger drinking cocktails.  The bhi jinah came up to me and gathered round the lounger.  I spoke my intent of receiving support guidance and healing for our intent of manifesting a healing centre and community.  One of them said ‘come with me.’  I followed and entered a large room.  It had a tiled floor with black and white tiles and a huge chandelier.  He said ‘express your intent.’  I walked into the space and began to express this intent.  I was dancing and moving and I began to feel a strong energy in my base I continued to express my intent and the energy rose to my heart.  When I had finished I went to the bhi jinah.  He said ‘tell the others to do this.’  I thanked him and returned.
Peak: Slipping into the blue sea of consciousness. Expressing my intent and feeling the energy.” (AB)
“I travel to Surapis by glider. I land on a wild green with strange vegetation. I see a wall made of old stone and the wooden gate. I enter the gate and feel a mysterious energy. Suddenly I remain naked, only a necklace with blue and violet small stones covers my breasts.
I’m watched  by two Bhi Jinah, they have white conical hats. They lead me through the wild vegetation to a circular glade, in the centre there is a big menhir.
I ask the two Bhi Jinah about my intent, they say me to hear the menhir. I touch it and feel it to vibrate, it has some signs imprinted in the stone, touching them I have a vision of a Valley of Menhirs, I realize the importance to discover the Sacred Area.
Then the Bhi Jinah lead me to a circular pool and suggest me to go into the water. I plunge into the water until my head was covered. I feel well into the water and I can breathe. I hear some light voices telling :”find the water of OTA BAY”. The voices echo in the water, I feel many small and delicate bubbles graze me, I fall in trance and lose my free will. One Bhi Jinah calls me and I come to the surface, I come out from the water, I’m confused and lie down on the green.
Bhi Jinah come to me and say me to create a map, they suggest me to collect all the information and signs in a map, the only possibility to find the right land to built the healing centre is to collect the signs and to create the map.
Peak: I hear some light voices telling :”find the water of OTA BAY”. (LM)
“I travelled by White Eagle I landed next to an ancient wall set on a mountainside. I jamp into the air and completed a full somersault and entered a small flower that was lieing on top of the wall penetrating the outside walls of the flower. I arrived on the beach it was a delicious paradise I then somersaulted into the midst of the sea water which was a deep blue. I reached the bottom of the sea bed and lay in stillness there for a short while in deadly silence then I floated to the top where I felt relieved to breathe again as I penetrated the surface air.
I then entered a deep state of consciousness I saw the colour of deep coral Blue and melted into an ecstatic state. I met the Bhi Jinah He said to me “nourish and support each other unconditionally”. I then danced around a person lieing on a treatment table on the beach in celebration.
Peak moments: Nourish and  support each other unconditionally entering a deep colour of Blue and melting into an ecstatic state of bliss. (NJ)
The region of Earl Belsafiz (5.12.1) constitutes the extreme south-west area of the State of Harte, bordering the Confederation of Tudorian Principalities. This is one of the most celebrated and gentle gateways in HSS.
The region of Emblem (5.12.6) hosts the Sound Temple of Rectum.
“The Temple itself was made of stone in the shape of a huge ear. It was set on a small hill and the Officer, FS, LM and me entered through what looked like the ear hole. Inside, I was immediately ushered through to a small room where a soft skin membrane covered one wall. It was circular in shape and I was told it was the Ear Drum. The Officer told me to listen to its sound and allow myself to empty of all thoughts and concerns. He said I would need to be in a state of purity to receive my name and that I was to enter a place where I felt worthy and humble at the same time. He left, together with FS and LM and I breathed deeply into the sound of the drum.
I did indeed enter a state of readiness to receive my name, feeling worthy to do so, yet humble and respectful at the same time. The Officer appeared with a smiling FS and LM and I was led through into a large circular hall. A fire was burning in the centre and I was received by the Keepers of the Sacred Sound, a man and woman dressed in a mixture of white and gold. They took my hands and the three of us circled the flames. In a rush of joy and soft ecstasy, I received the name of Edorat. The male Keeper began to praise the name giving me three meanings – Flame of the Sacred Heart, Flame of The Child and finally, Flame of the Shining Eyes. I was instructed in the sacredness of the name that it was only to be shared with those with experience of the HSS. I was also to use it with the greatest sense of reverence possible. It was a gateway into the deepest parts of my being, to the CMI and could be used to activate the deepest sources of support.
As I began to melt in waves of joyful gratitude, I noticed FS and LM beside me; all three of us were wearing the black conical hats and I experienced a bond of pure togetherness.
I greeted the Officer who asked me to repeat the name in my own company every day until the completion of the period of Sector 5. This would welcome it into my system.
As I made my way out of the Temple, a large crowd who had gathered at the foot of the hill burst into applause. I received there genuine support and sense of deep celebration with a growing warmth in my heart. I felt intimately connected to the State of Harte.” (DM)
The capital of Emblem is Eardrum, a city where everything exists on three levels:
“Each road is also a tramline and a pavement at the same time. All modes of transport exist simultaneously in the same space, without disturbing any of the others. This is also so for the buildings – three distinctly different types existing in the same space. All inhabitants, including visitors, also exist as three beings occupying the same bodily space – a man, a woman and a child.” (DM)
The core of the Realm of Suraham is represented by the city of Elim Elimin Elim, in the region of Elim (5.12.4), where also the Temple of the Excretory System is located.
The region of Emporium (5.12.8) has the largest market centre of the State at Emporium Suraham. This is a crucial market area for what is astroshamanically defined as the bona fide horny bit.
5-12-1 EARL BELSAFIZ, R.Sutaka
Belfast City, Castlereagh,
Ards, Down, North Down, Lisburn
5-12-3 ELM (Rim), R.Sutama, Right Cardiac Cavity
Banbridge, Newry and Mourne
5-12-4 ELIM (Elim Elimin Elim), R.Sutaqu, Excretory System
Armagh, Craigavon,
5-12-5 ELOIM, R.Sutasu
Cookstown, Dungannon and South Tyrone, Magherafeld,
5-12-6 EMBLEM (Eardrum), R.Sutaks, Rectum
Omagh, Strabane
5-12-7 EPIGRAM (Requiem), R.Sutaat
Coleraine, Derry City, Limavady
5-12-8 EMPORIUM (E. Surahat), R.Sutaha
5-12-9 ENCOMIUM (Rainstorm), R.Sutani, Ventricular Septum
Ballymena, Ballymoney, Moyle
5-12-10 RIPPLEHAM, R.Sutaur, Enthusiasm
Larne, Carrickfergus,
Antrim, Newtownabbey
5-12-12 RATTLE PIERHAM, R.Sutata
Isle of Man