5.9c5/9 – Leo/Sagittarius

Binary Number: 57
Degrees: 10°-12°½- Leo
Aspect: trine
Moon Phase: gibbous
Handorian Reference: State of Harte, Realm of Donarulow
Binary Spirit: Surahim Nivaya
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D5-9, England, North East England

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Leo (5) and Moon in Sagittarius (9) constitute Binary 5.9, or Binary number 57.

Leo and Sagittarius are in a trine aspect (120°), which produces an easy, balanced and mutually supporting link between the signs involved. This can bring major benefits when there is clarity of intent and focus. If this is not the case the benefits will develop unconsciously and gained by whoever holds a clear intention.

Two days after the First Quarter, the Moon is in trine, 120° angle to the Sun (Gibbous Moon). It is a receptive phase, a time of pause and rest when, unless there are other issues at work, things tend to glide in life. If you have productively used the energy of the previous phase, now you can gather the first fruits. It is not usually an ideal moment to act or force situations. It is a time of preparation aimed at reviewing past actions, considering information related to what was established at New Moon, and filtering all data. The question here is: “How can I put together all the different pieces of the puzzle? What needs to be refined or discarded?”

This incandescent combination is a flaming mixture of Fixed and Mutable Fire. The pattern Sun in Leo and Moon in Sagittarius fuses Leo’s munificence, liveliness and headship with Sagittarius’s adventure, expansion, freedom and thirst for truth.

Those who resonate with this combination are passionate voyagers, most adventurous leaders and game players, or Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia types. They are constantly searching for new territories to explore, stretching into novel horizons, venturing through exciting risky games.

Their overall structure is extremely optimistic, enthusiastic and abundant with energy. This allows them to channel copious energies and joyfully move beyond limitations in search of the plain truth.

Since 5.9 follows 5.8, the joyful and ecstatic impulse of this blend of fire is tested by the navigation through the valley of darkness and in the best condition to face any challenge. Hence, if you find yourself resonating with this binary, you will summon the energy to gamble with life, out of the awareness that there is truly nothing to lose, with the only hazard being that of winning. This is also a major binary for fire rituals.

Fire rituals call upon the vital force of the Sun and the perception of the energy underlying all apparent forms. The fire element, as it is depicted in the symbol of the triangle with a top vertex, evokes the flow of energy towards the original intent or the process of manifestation from the perspective of the generating force. This implies rising energy above the confinement of fragmented reality and human separated perception, allowing it to align with the primal multi-dimensional identity. Here the conditions for rising above the inescapable friction between the bona fide horny bit[1] and the rerouting device[i] mature.

At this point I can exercise a crucial choice: the direct invitation of the Third Pole, which is indeed our Core Multidimensional Identity (CMI). This is a crucial stage in the re-enactment of the Epic of the Sacred Cone. In the Exegesis on the Soul, a Gnostic text, it corresponds to the point when the soul, after having reached the apex of grievances, finds the courage to ask for help to the Father. And this is indeed the decisive moment.[ii]

The fires of passion, previously burning and scorching horizontally, shift their sense of direction and involve the vertical axis, the original vertex, which was beforehand excluded both as spectator and as the director.

At this stage the drama expands into an unexpected scenario, and the protagonists of the theatre production are systematically unveiled, until the original integrity of the game is restored and all separated pieces are retrieved. Yet, the first step in this development, as it is exemplified by 5.9, involves taking a fatal risk: completing the second stage of release (5.8). In practical terms this implies committing to definitely letting go of the attachment to grievances by stepping out of the confinement created by shame and secrecy, which is indeed what ultimately feeds separation and sustains the rerouting device.

“Asking for help to the Father” is a vertical process that addresses the director and the spectators, not the actors. The function of the rerouting device is to prevent this possibility by focusing merely on the stage and limiting the interactions to the actors, with their setting and script. In the vertical process the actors join their binary forces and acknowledge themselves as one polarity. They cease the previous representation, inviting the public as well as the director to be exposed.

This is the ultimate challenge, a risky business suitable for 5.9 folks. This is the first step in healing: connecting personal to collective human history. When this occurs, then humanity absurdly becomes the bona fide horny bit for the Father, or CMI, which is then drawn into the Human Arbitrary Configuration (HAC), the separated reality. This is the paradox. This is the ultimate joke producing a huge interminable laughter.

Total laughter is the medicine of 5.9. Here all cells of the body laugh, every tissue of your system vibrates with ecstasy, and this brings a state of unconceivable well-being. Laughter in its most expanded form is the loving orchestration of all your fragmented parts. In deep, authentic laughter separation annihilates.

Total laughter emanates from the core of your being, which is epically Pahai, the nucleus of the Sacred Cone. It transfers vital power from CMI into HAC. This is why comic movies or shows are so popular and widely encouraged. Similarly to sex and other bona fide horny bit things, laughter is a way to tap into CMI, get the required energy and then reroute it into HAC. Yet, with total laughter things may work differently. It is impossible to totally laugh and reroute simultaneously. Hence, profound exposure to total laughter may disintegrate the rerouting device dynamics, as well as the bona fide horny bit. This, far from preserving HAC, may shatter it to pieces. The rerouting device breaks down. It actually disappears, and you find yourself somewhere else, which is indeed where you have always been.

“Laugh and the whole world laughs with you; weep and you sleep alone.” (Osho, Take It Easy)
Astroshamanic Seal: a vertical line joining two parallel horizontal lines, with a triangle pointing upwards in the middle. The seal is traced by first drawing the triangle, which exemplifies the position of the heart, then by drawing the upper horizontal line, followed by the lower horizontal line, and finally the vertical line. The seal is aimed at spontaneously directing energy towards objectives aligned with the web of life.


Celebrities with 5.9:

Sri Aurobindo (5.9.5), Indian writer and philosopher (d. 1950) (15 August 1872 – 5 December 1950)

1785 – Thomas De Quincey, (5.9) English author (d. 1859)

1819 – Herman Melville, (5.9.10) American writer (d. 1891)
(August 1, 1819 – September 28, 1891) was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, and poet. He is best known for his novel Moby-Dick and the posthumous novella Billy Budd. His first three books gained much contemporary attention (the first, Typee, becoming a bestseller), but after a fast-blooming literary success in the late 1840s, his popularity declined precipitously in the mid-1850s and never recovered during his lifetime. When he died in 1891, he was almost completely forgotten. It was not until the “Melville Revival” in the early 20th century that his work won recognition, especially Moby-Dick, which was hailed as one of the literary masterpieces of both American and world literature. He was the first writer to have his works collected and published by the Library of America.

1973 – Francis Healy, (5.9) English-born Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Travis)

1888 – T. E. Lawrence, (5.9.5) English writer and soldier (d. 1935)

1910 – Pierre Schaeffer, (5.9.9) French composer (d. 1995)

1923 – Jim Reeves, (5.9.2) US country music singer (d. 1964)

1932 – Fernando Arrabal, (5.9) Spanish writer

1944 – Geraldine Chaplin, (5.9.1) American actress

1953 – Nanni Moretti, (5.9) Italian film actor, director and producer

1977 – Rebecca St. James, (5.9) Australian-born singer

1963 – Coolio, (5.9) American rapper

1964 – Maria McKee, (5.9) American singer. “Show Me Heaven”.

1970 – Charles Mesure, (5.9) British actor

1984 – Sofia Essaïdi, (5.9.6) Franco-Moroccan singer.

1624 – Jean Renaud de Segrais, (5.9) French writer (d. 1701)

1920 – Ray Bradbury, (5.9.10) American writer. Fahrenheit 451 (1953), The Martian Chronicles (1950), The Illustrated Man (1951),

Neil Armstrong (5.9.3)

Realm of Donarulow, Woluranod fo Mlaer, Leo/Sagittarius
North East England, Yorkshire and the Humber

D5-9-1 SOUTH YORKSHIRE, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster
Sheffield: Sheffield [1st: City 1893, Sheffield Cathedral (of St Peter and Paul), CE Diocese of Sheffield; 2nd: Don Valley Stadium, Rotherham FC]
D5-9-2 WEST YORKSHIRE, Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Wakefield
Bradford: Bradford [S9] [1st: City, 1897, 8km-BalL11-55(1), Cathedral Church of St Peter, 1458, CE Diocese of Bradford] [5.6.5ST]; Haworth [Brontë sisters r]; Cottingley [2nd: Cottingley Fairies]; Ilkley [2nd: Ilkley Moor, Stones: The 12 Apostles, 53° 54′ 10.22″ N, 1° 49′ 40.73″ W]; Keighley [1st: Bradup stone circle]
Calderdale: Halifax [S8] [1st: on-BalL11-55(1), CE Archdeaconry]; Ripponden [1st: stone circle]
Kirklees: Huddersfield [on-BalL11-55(1)]
Wakefield: Wakefield [1st: City 1888, Wakefield Cathedral (of All Saints), CE Diocese of Wakefield], Pontefract [1st: CE Archdeaconry]
Leeds [S7] [1st: City 1893, Leeds Cathedral (of St Anne), RC Diocese of Leeds; CE Archdeaconry] [1.1.4CD]; Caverley [Frederick William Faber b]
Craven: Craven [1st: CE Archdeaconry]
Harrogate: Harrogate; Aldfield [1st: Fountains Abbey]; Ripon [1st: City 1836, Ripon Cathedral, 672, CE Diocese of Ripon and Leeds]
Richmondshire: Richmond [1st: CE Archdeaconry]; Hipswell [John Wycliffe b]
D5-9-5 NORTH YORKSHIRE, GB-NYK: Northallerton:
Hambleton: Northallerton
Ryedale: Ryedale; Rievaulx [1st: Rievaulx Abbey]
Scarborough: Scarborough; Whitby [1st: Whitby Abbey, ruins, 657]; Wykeham [1st: stone circle]
York [S9/S4] [1st: City TI,  York Minster (Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of St Peter), 627, CE Province of York, 53° 57′ 43″ N, 1° 4′ 55″ W; Clifford’s Tower; Holy Trinity Church; 2nd: Judge’s Court; PrO Mandir, Society of York]
Selby: Selby; Towton [2nd: Battle of Towton, War of the Roses, 29/04/1462, 53° 50′ 9″ N, 1° 16′ 24″ W]
D5-9-7 LINCOLNSHIRE, North Lincolnshire, GB-NLN: Scunthorpe; North East Lincolnshire, GB-NEL: Grimsby
North East Lincolnshire: Grimsby [S12] [on-YinL41-16]
North Lincolnshire: Scunthorpe; Epworth [John and Charles Wesley b]
D5-9-8 EAST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE, GB-ERY: Beverley, Kingston upon Hull
Beverley [1st: Beverley Minster] [St John Fisher b; St John of Beverley d]; Bridlington [1st: Priory of St Mary]; Harpham [St John of Beverley b]; Stamford Bridge [2nd: Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066]
Kingston upon Hull: Kingston upon Hull [S8] [1st: City, 1897; 4km-YinL41-16], Holy Trinity Church] [William Wilberforce b]
Morpeth; Alnwick [2nd: Battle of Alnwick, 1093/1174, 55° 25′ 34.32″ N, 1° 42′ 1.8″ W, on-YinL41-16]; Berwick-upon-Tweed; Lindisfarne [1st: Lindisfarne, CE Archdeaconry, Holy island, monastic, 635CE, 55° 40′ 16.68″ N, 1° 47′ 43.8″ W, 10km-YinL41-16] [St Aidan, St Cuthbert r]; [1st: Carrawburgh, Coventina’s well, Mithraeum, 100BC, 55° 2′ 6″ N, 2° 13′ 19.2″ W; The Cheviot, highest peak, 815 m; Dunstanburgh Castle (nr Craster), 1314]
D5-9-10 TYNE AND WEAR, Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland
Gateshead: Gateshead [1st: The Sage Gateshead, pR]
Newcastle upon Tyne: Newcastle upon Tyne [S8] [1st: City 1882, Newcastle Cathedral, CE Diocese of Newcastle; Newcastle Cathedral (of St Mary), RC Diocese of Newcastle; 2nd: St James’s Park Stadium]
North Tyneside: Wallsend; Tynemouth [1st: Tynemouth Castle] [Henry Percy b]
South Tyneside: South Shields [6km-YinL41-16]; Jarrow [1st: St Paul’s Church] [St Bede r]
Sunderland: Sunderland [1st: City 1992, 10km-YinL41-16, Sunderland Minster Church (of St Michaels and All Angels), CE Archdeaconry]
D5-9-11 NORTH YORKSHIRE: Middlesbrough; Redcar and Cleveland; Stockton-on-Tees
Middlesbrough: Middlesbrough [1st: Middlesbrough Cathedral (of St Mary the Virgin), RC Diocese of Middlesbrough]
Redcar and Cleveland: Eston; Cleveland [1st: CE Archdeaconry]
Stockton-on-Tees: Stockton-on-Tees; [1st: Mount Grace Priory, Carthusian, ruins]
D5-9-12 DURHAM, GB-DUR: Durham, Darlington, Hartlepool
Durham [1st: City TI, Durham Cathedral, 945, CE Diocese of Durham, 54° 46′ 25″ N, 1° 34′ 34″ W] [Michael Scot b, 7.7.6SR]; Consett [2nd: Lord Crewe Arms, manor house]; Chester-le-Street [1st: Lumley Castle, 1392]; Bishop Auckland [1st: CE Archdeaconry]
Darlington: Darlington
Hartlepool: Hartlepool
L2 System Division: Region D5-9 is part of the ProvOrdo Primary Jurisdiction of Britanie Pradesia, and is within the Secondary Jurisdictions of the Karlaile Bhime Distria, Linkolne Bhime Distria and Yorkshire Bhime Distria, operated by the Karlaile Kirte Samaya (Society of Carlisle), the Linkolne Kirte Samaya (Society of Lincoln) and the Yorkshie Kirte Samaya (Society of Yorkshire).
Handorian States Reference:
State of Harte
Realm of Donarulow – 5.9:

Located in the far eastern zone of the State, it is the most extraordinary Hartemian metropolitan development in recent ages. Donarulish are highly mobile, migrating and adventurous beings, with a compelling urge to discover and love what lies beyond, unveil hidden truths and then return home to describe their findings. They are also most popular for their overwhelming laughter, which can be extensively heard, especially in the south-east area of Donarulow, near the border with the Nation of Lenning. It is thanks to this remarkable laughing spirit that they can face most audacious enterprises. Their pristine challenge involved establishing an outlet in the Handorian Sea, which, given the political situations of those times, was regarded as the greatest possible absurdity. Yet, following a long series of most audacious and hilarious endeavours, this is indeed what they accomplished! As a result, the State of Hartem was connected to the Handorian Sea, with the port town of Edonandow becoming its far eastern extreme base and the departing point of many other amazing expeditions. Thus, if you aim at something unbelievable, mind-blogging, implausible, far-fetched, absurd, and against all odds, Edonandow is the place to visit. There you will find all the support you need, for here the implausible becomes plausible. Yet, there is one condition: it will not work unless you walk, as well as laugh, your talk, have an unbending Intent and are prepared to gamble your entire energetic resources. Hence, give it a thought and once you are ready, you know where to go.
5-9-1 EARL OF ROTHI (Elbow-on-Crow), R.Sunika, Jugular Vein
South Yorkshire: Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster
5-9-2 RAINBOW REGION, R.Sunira
West Yorkshire: Wakefield, Kirklees, Calderdale, Bradford,
5-9-3 ROI (Euv), R.Sunima, Clavicular Vein
West Yorkshire: Leeds
5-9-4 ENKI (Enki), R.Suniqu
North Yorkshire (part only): Harrogate, Craven, Richmondshire
5-9-5 RATRI (Eatow), R.Sunisu
North Yorkshire (part only):, Hambleton, Ryedale, Scarborough
5-9-6 RIORKI, R.Suniks
North Yorkshire (part only): York, Selby,
5-9-7 RIMBROW (Rimshaw), R.Suniat
East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston upon Hall
5-9-8 RIDINGOW (Ridinlow), R.Suniha
North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire
5-9-9 EDONANDOW (Edonaruli) + EDONANDOW, R.Sunini, Spinal Column
5-9-10 EORKASMERE, R.Sunisa
Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland
5-9-11 REDCAR SHOW, R.Suniur
Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland, Stockton-on-Tees,
5-9-12 EAST HARTEMI (East Havenow), R.Sunita
Durham, Darlington, Hartlepool,

[i] See binaries 5.7 and 5.8.
[ii] In the Exegesis on the Soul, the Father, upon receiving the soul’s request for help, operates as follows: first, he makes the womb of the soul shift outward so that it can reawaken its power, i.e. it moves outside like a male genital organ. In this way she is protected from further contaminations from her lovers. Then, the Father sends a bridegroom, who is her original brother. The soul welcomes her bridegroom in the bridal chamber and they love each other with great passion. The fruit of their union are good and beautiful children. Finally, the soul regenerates and returns to her original state of unity.