5.85/8 – Leo/Scorpio
Binary Number: 56
Aspect: square
Moon Phase: first quarter

Degrees: 7½-10° Leo

Handorian Reference: State of Harte, Realm of Sartemith

Binary Spirit: Surahim Harassah
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D5-8, Scotland, Lowlands.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Leo (5) and Moon in Scorpio (8) constitute Binary 5.8, or Binary number 56.

The pattern Sun in Leo and Moon in Scorpio jumbles Leo’s generosity, vitality and leadership with Scorpio’s intensity, determination and passion. Those who resonate with this combination are extremely magnetic, and easily experience tremendous outburst of power and a highly charged energy system. Their success is based upon their capacity to direct strong emotions towards specific goals and the exercise of the inborn art of drawing and distributing energetic resources. They are relentlessly determined and at ease in all dramatic roles, with particular regard to controversial ones, and especially when they are at the centre of attention, which may be quite a customary occurrence.

Leo and Scorpio are in a square (90°) aspect. They are both fixed signs, holding the core essence of the direction, season and element they represent, South and West, Summer and Autumn, Fire and Water respectively.

Qualities: magnetism, willpower, focus, intention, leadership, integrity, loyalty.

Grievances: resentment, arrogance, drama, possessiveness.

When the Crescent Moon forms a square or 90° angle to the Sun, the First Quarter or Waxing Halfmoon begins. At this active phase, the Moon moves outside the orbit of the Earth toward that of Mars. It is the right moment to act out, take initiative, step forward, go for it, and do what feels right. Here we have the possibility to choose either to be creative protagonists of our life or passive victims of events.

It is a question of getting down to work, putting ideas into practice, stirring the energy, not of thinking or visioning. The question is: “What do I do right now to set in motion my Intent?” The key here is not indulging on the answer, and simply do it.

Astroshamanic Seal: a triangular shape with three small triangles on both sides. The seal represents the Sun tearing a nocturnal setting. It emphasizes the power involved in release and the activities of the Sacred Cone, transforming darkness into light, yet allowing the transformation to occur spontaneously and effortlessly, as a result of the release itself. It stresses the function of being a pure channel, without interfering with the transformation process, which pertains to alternative forces.


Celebrities with 5.8:

Ben Affleck (American actor, director, 5.8.4)
Casey Affleck (American actor, director, 5.8.11, Uranus Vessel, Neptune Flower)

Philippe Agostini (French director)

Vanessa Amorosi (Australian singer, Uranus Vessel)

Rosanna Arquette (American actress, director, 5.8.9, Uranus Power, Neptune Vessel, Saturn Instrument)

Mario Bava (Italian director)

Sam Beam (American singer, songwriter)

Pierre Bettencourt (French writer, painter, Saturn-Neptune Power)

Pierre Bourdieu (French sociologist, anthropologist, 5.8.3)

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (queen consort of King George VI , 5.8.3, Neptune-Pluto Instrument, 4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002)

Calogero (French singer, 5.8.3)

Richard Canal (French science-fiction writer, Pluto Power)

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Vikram Chandra (Indian writer)

Jonathan Coe (English novelist, writer, Uranus Power)

Francesco Cossiga (Italian politician, 5.8.6)

Berverley Craven (British singer, songwriter, 5.8.9)

Nate Dogg (American musician)

Marcel Duchamp (French artist, 5.8.8)

Danny Dyer (English actor, Uranus Vessel)

Albert Edelfelt (Finnish painter, 5.8.7)

Elliott Erwitt (French photographer)

Vera Farmiga (American actress, director)

Edna Ferber (American novelist, 5.8.8)

Helene Fischer (German singer)
Louis de Funès (French actor, 5.8.3, Saturn-Pluto Instrument)

Gianandrea Gavazzeni (Italian pianist, composer, 5.8.8)
Bruce Greenwood (Canadian actor, musician, Pluto Power)

GZA (American rapper, Neptune Vessel)

Alex Haley (American writer, 5.8.5, Neptune Power)

Radclyffe Hall (English poet, author)

Bobby Hatfield (American singer, 5.8.4)

Alfred Hitchcock (English director, 5.8.5)
Stanley Kubrick (American director)
James Lafferty  (American actor, director)

Harry Lauder (Scottish entertainer, 5.8.4, Uranus Instrument)

Kathie Lee Gifford (American TV host, singer, 5.8.3, Pluto Power)

Lynda Lemay (Canadian singer, songwriter, Neptune Vessel)

Kaori Lida (Japanese singer, Uranus Vessel)

John Logie Baird (Scottish inventor, television, 5.8.6, Saturn Power)
Jennifer López (American actress, singer, 5.8.7, Neptune Vessel)
Louis XVI of France (5.8.6, 23 August 1754 – 21 January 1793)

Evanna Lynch (Irish actress, Pluto Power)

Allison Mack (American actress, Uranus Vessel)

Lene Marlin (Norwegian singer)

Steve Martin (American actor, 5.8.5, Pluto Instrument)

Thurston Moore (American musician, Sonic Youth)

Elsa Morante (Italian novelist, 5.8.9)

Emil Nolde (German painter, Saturn Vessel)

Amélie Nothomb (Belgian writer, Neptune Vessel)

Henry Steele Olcott (co-founder and first President of the Theosophical Society, 5.8.7)
Ermanno Olmi (Italian director, Pluto Power)

Koffi Olomidé (Congolese soukous singer, Pluto Power, Saturn Vessel)

Bruno Pelletier, (Québécois singer)

Richard Preston (American writer, 5.8.7, Saturn Vessel-Instrument, Neptune Vessel-Instrument)

Salvatore Quasimodo (Italian poet, 5.8.5)

Larry Rivers (American artist, musician, Neptune Power)

Emily Robison (American singer, songwriter, 5.8.3, Saturn Instrument)

Kevin Rowland (English singer, songwriter, Pluto Power)

David O. Russell (American director, Pluto Power)

Sheila (French pop singer, 5.8.4, Saturn Instrument)

Taylor Stanley (American actress, Uranus Vessel)

Karlheinz Stockhausen (German composer, 5.8.5, Neptune Power,   22 August 1928 – 5 December 2007)

Coco Sumner (English musician, I Blame Coco, Pluto Vessel)

J.T. Taylor (American singer, Pluto Power)
Mikis Theodorakis (Greek composer, Saturn Vessel)

Michael Wilding (English actor, Neptune Power)

Sam Worthington (English-Australian actor, Uranus Vessel, Saturn Power)
Isao Yukisada (Japanese director, Neptune Vessel)
Karlheinz Stockhausen, (5.8.5; Neptune Power) German composer (d. 2007)
Along with John Cage, is one of the few avant-garde composers to have succeeded in penetrating the popular consciousness. The Beatles famously included his face on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This reflects his influence on the band’s own avant-garde experiments as well as the general fame and notoriety he had achieved by that time (1967). In particular, “A Day in the Life” (1967) and “Revolution 9” (1968) were influenced by Stockhausen’s electronic music (Aldgate, Chapman, and Marwick 2000, 146; MacDonald 1995, 233–34). Stockhausen’s name, and the perceived strangeness and supposed unlistenability of his music, was even a punchline in cartoons, as documented on a page on the official Stockhausen web site (Stockhausen Cartoons). Sirius star system: In the German newspaper Die Zeit, Karlheinz Stockhausen has unmistakably stated that: I was educated at Sirius and want to return to there, although I am currently still living in Kürten near Cologne. At Sirius, it is very intellectual. Almost no time passes between conception and realization. What is known here as the audience, passive bystanders, does not exist there. There everyone is creative. (translated from the German: “[…]
Realm of Sartemith, Htimetrar fo Mlaer, Leo/Scorpio
Scottish Lowlands

D5-8-1 FIFE, GB-FIF: Glenrothes
St Andrews [1st: 5km-YinL41-16, sacred city, 56° 20′ 13.12″ N, 2° 47′ 59.14″ W]; Anstruther [2nd: RSG, secret bunker]; Dumferline; Glenrothes; Kircaldy; [West Lomond, highest point, 522 m, 4km-BalL11-55(1)]
D5-8-2 STIRLING, GB-STG: Stirling
Stirling [1st: City 1888; 2nd: Battle of Stirling, 11/09/1297, 56° 7′ 37″ N, 3° 56′ 5″ W]; Bannockburn [2nd: Battle of Bannockburn, 1314, 56° 5′ 24″ N, 3° 54′ 36″ W]; Crianlarich [1st: Ben More, highest point, 1174 m]; [1st: Trossachs¸ glen]
D5-8-3 EAST LOTHIAN, GB- ELN: Haddington, MIDLOTHIAN, GB-MLN: Dalkeith
East Lothian: Haddington [John Knox b] [2nd: Traprain Law, hillfort, 1500BC]; East Linton [1st: Kingside Hill, Stone circle, 1500BC]; Musselburgh
Midlothian: Dalkeith [6km-BalL11-55(1)]; Glencorse [1st: stone circle]; Rosslin [3rd: SCS/G Rosslyn Chapel, 1500, 55° 51′ 19″ N, 3° 9′ 29″ W, on-BalL11-55(1)]; [1st: Scald Law, Pentland Hills]
Clackmannshire: Alloa
Falkirk: Falkirk [2nd: Battle of Falkirk, 1298, 55° 59′ 56.4″ N, 3° 47′ 6″ W]; Bonnybridge [2nd: incident]; Bonnybridge [2nd: UFO sightings zone]
West Lothian: Livingston; Bathgate [2nd: Cairnpapple Hill, mound, 2500BC]; Linlithgow [1st: Linlithgow Palace] [Mary Queen of Scots b]
Edinburgh [1st: City 1329, on-BalL11-55(1), St Giles Cathedral; St Mary’s Cathedral (Metropolitan Church), RC Province of St Andrews and Edinburgh; St Mary’s Cathedral, SEC Diocese of Edinburgh; Royal Botanic Garden 55° 57′ 19″ N, 3° 10′ 56″ W; SCS Mansfield Traquair Centre; 2nd: Calton Hill 55° 57′ 19″ N, 3° 10′ 56″ W; Edinburgh Castle; PrO VicPraMandir (Vicarial Society of Edinburgh); Greyfriars Kirkyard; 3rd: SCS/G Arthur’s Seat 55° 56′ 39″ N, 3° 9′ 43″ W; Salisbury Centre]; [Reginald Ogilvie Crombie (ROC); Arthur Conan Doyle; David Hume; Robert Louis Stevenson; Walter Scott b; 12.12.8DM; 5.6.8DF]
D5-8-6 SCOTTISH BORDERS, GB-SCB: Newtown St Boswells
Newtown St Boswells; Melrose [1st: Melrose Abbey, RC Cistercian, Robert the Bruce’s heart, 1136, 55° 35′ 53.8″ N, 2° 43′ 5.5″ W]
Dumfries; [2nd: Comlongon Castle (nr Ruthwell), 1400; Torehouse Muir, stone circle, 2000BC]; Kelloholm [David Wells b]; Eskdalemuir [1st: Samye Ling, Tibetan Buddhist monastery]; Gretna Green [1st: Old Blacksmith Shop, S7]; Lockerbie [2nd:Corrie Common  stone circle; Bombing, 1988]
North Ayrshire: Irvine [7km-UvgL/OctL/IcoL11-55]; Brodick (Arran) [2nd: Brodick Castle]; Holy Isle (Arran) [1st: Holy Isles, Samyé Ling Buddhist Community]; Kilwinning [1st: Mother Lodge of Scotland, Lodge 0, 1200, 55° 39′ 20.88″ N, 4° 42′ 10.8″ W, 5km-UvgL/OctL/IcoL11-55]; Millport (Isle of Cumbrae) [1st: Cathedral of the Isles, SEC Diocese of Argyll and the Isles, 6km-UvgL/OctL/IcoL11-55]
Inverclyde: Greenock [3km-UvgL/OctL/IcoL11-55]
South Ayrshire: Ayr [1st: Ayr Cathedral (of St Margaret), RC Diocese of Galloway]; Dunure [2nd: Electric Brae, gravity hill]; Turnberry [Robert the Bruce b]
East Ayrshire: Kilmarnock [2nd: Dean Castle, 1400]
D5-8-10 GLASGOW CITY, GB-GLG: Glasgow
Glasgow [1st: City 1492, St Mungo’s Cathedral; St Andrew’s Cathedral, RC Province of Glasgow; St Mary’s Cathedral, SEC Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway; 2nd: PrO Mandir, Society of Glasgow; Glasgow Necropolis; Celtic Park Stadium, Celtic]; Ibrox [2nd: Ibrox Stadium, Rangers]; Mount Florida [2nd: Hampden Park Stadium, Queens Park FC]
North Lanarkshire: Motherwell [1st: Motherwell Cathedral, RC Diocese of Motherwell]; Airdrie; Bellshill; Cumbernauld; Wishaw
South Lanarkshire: Hamilton [2nd: Biggar, motte/bailey castle]; Cambuslang; East Kilbride; Rutherglen
East Dunbartonshire: Kirkintilloch; Bearsden; Bishopbriggs; Kirkintilloch
East Renfrewshire: Giffnock; Barrhead
Renfrewshire: Paisley [1st: St Mirin’s Cathedral, RC Diocese of Paisley]; Eldersly [William Wallace b]; Newton Mearns; Renfrew
West Dunbartonshire: Dumbarton; Clydebank
L2 System Division: Region D5-8 is part of the ProvOrdo Primary Jurisdiction of Britanie Pradesia, and is within the Secondary Jurisdictions of the Aberdine Bhime Distria, Embre Vikare Bhime Distria and Glasgove Bhime Distria, operated by the Aberdine Kirte Samaya (Society of Aberdeen) the Embre Vikare Samaya (Vicarial Society of Edinburgh) and the Glasgove Kirte Samaya (Society of Glasgow).
Handorian Reference:

State of Harte, Realm of Sartemith, 5.8:

Sartemith is the oldest territory of Hartem, which was once called Sartem. Here the earliest settlements were established right after the emergence. The nature of this pristine community was awfully stimulating and attractive. It was indeed the bona fide horniest bit of the Handorian States. And, since in those times Handorians were extremely horny, the community expanded beyond any measure, until it became Harte, the most gigantic metropolitan area of the Grey Sphere. Compared to what has developed around it, Sartemith is not particularly relevant nowadays. The outer surface of most of its territory has been preserved just as it was in the early ages, offering a huge contrast with the current general make-up of Harte. In the Epic context, Sartemith is significant for the legendary presence of the Sacred Cone Golden Seed.
5-8-1 REDHELMET ROU, R.Suhaka
5-8-3 EDDINGTON RANCH, Kahese Ranch, R.Suhama, Vena Cave
East Lothian, Midlothian,
5-8-4 ECRU, R.Suhaqu
Clackmannshire, Falkirk, West Lothian
5-8-5 EPOCH, R.Suhasu
City of Edinburgh,
5-8-6 RELISH (Rakish), R.Suhaks
Scottish Borders
5-8-7 SARBUSH, R.Suhaat
Dumfries and Galloway
5-8-8 ENTRENCH, R.Suhaha
North Ayrshire, Inverclyde [Kilwinning]
5-8-9 ELISABETH, R.Suhani, Upper Vena Cava
South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire
5-8-10, EASEL BUSH, R.Suhasa
Glasgow City
5-8-11 REALTRIUMPH, R.Suhaur
North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire
5-8-12, RUNBARTONISH (Runbartbeach), R.Suhata
East Dumbartonshire, West Dumbartonshire, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire
The Sacred Embrace – Astroshamanic Touch:

Among the three sacraments contemplated in the Gospel of Philip, the Bridal Chamber is referred to as the “holy of the holies” (parallel to the Sacred Cone’s third stage), after “the holy” baptism (first stage) and “the holy of the holy” redemption or atonement (second stage). Most Gnostic texts describe Jesus as the hero, or returning Adam, descending to overturn the Fall, i.e. to release the separation between polarities, which he had initiated, and restore CMI, i.e. the united androgynous self. This enterprise is achieved through the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber, a reunion that is tantamount to Adam reabsorbing Eve, or vice versa.

“The anointed Christ came to rectify the separation and join them together. Now, a woman joins with her husband in the bridal bedroom, and those who have joined in the bridal bedroom will not reseparate.” (Philip, 70:12-20)
The Exegesis on the Soul, is a short Gnostic papyrus narrating a concise version of the above myth. Here, the soul had once an androgynous form and lived with the Father. Then she fell and polluted herself with lovers. They treated her as a whore, and then abandoned her. In pain she looks for other lovers who behave similarly, until she becomes addicted to sexual slavery. The soul continues to live in an itinerant brothel, moving from market to market, and receiving as payment the polluted seed of her lovers, which produces horrible children.

The soul remains in this grieving state until, after having reached the climax of despair, she finds the courage to ask for help to the Father. He then operates as follows: first, he makes her womb shift outward so that it can reawaken its power, i.e. it moves outside like a male genital organ. In this way she is protected from further contaminations from her lovers. Then, the Father sends a bridegroom, who is her original brother. The soul welcomes her bridegroom in the bridal chamber and they love each other with great passion. The fruit of their union are good and beautiful children. Finally, the soul regenerates and returns to her original state of unity.
The Gnostic Jesus exemplifies the androgynous state in which the union of the binary system has been achieved. Here the path of initiation of human beings involves uniting with their opposite multi-dimensional polarity. Until they manage to do so, they provisionally experience this polarity in the opposite sex,[i] whose function is merely that of the gatekeeper, with all the implications of both the bona fide horny bit and the consciousness rerouting device. Eventually, this is a multi-dimensional non-HAC enterprise that implies the union with the “heavenly bridegroom”, the inner opposite polarity and the transparent re-establishment of the link between CMI and HAC. As part of the shamanic initiatory training one has to experience both the part of the androgynous bridegroom and the HAC separated soul.
For the Gnostic tradition the bridal chamber is the arena of reunion of soul and spirit, male and female, and the release of the unilateral perception based on separation. Again, this does not mean that separation and HAC are wrong. “Light and darkness, life and death, right and left…are inseparable. (but) neither are the good good, nor the evil evil…each one will dissolve into its original nature. But those who are exalted above the world are indissoluble, eternal.” (Philip 53:10-25)
In the Gospel of Philip there are also references to a sacred embrace, which is an intercourse based upon the blending of the two polarities, or binary system, and their expansion into the trinity, i.e. the return to the original unity. This practice may appear similar to a sexual interaction, which is what makes it extremely controversial, yet it is described as devoid of lusty, romantic or procreation intentions. As for the pragmatic nature of this sacred embrace, the Gnostic texts appear to describe it as an experience similar to tantra, an intercourse without physical orgasm.

“The embrace that incarnates the hidden union… is not only a reality of the flesh, for there is silence in this embrace. It does not arise from impulse or desire; it is an act of will.” (Philip, 122)

In the Gospel of Thomas, this practice is depicted as the way to connect with our primal multi-dimensional identity and establish a link with human separated reality.

“Jesus said to them, ‘When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter the kingdom.’” (Thomas, 22).
Within the context of this Sector 5 cycle, 5.8 is the bona fide horniest bit, as well as the peak of the rerouting device. Awareness in the dynamics of energy developing during the permanence of the Moon in Scorpio could unveil precious experiential information on your rapport both with the bona fide horny bit and the rerouting device.

The question here is: “What turns my energetic system on?” I am referring to the energy, not to ideas or emotions. When the energetic body is aroused, then I am aligned with the bona fide horny bit. Simply notice those situations in which you get spontaneously excited at a physical level, abstaining from any interpretation or conclusion regarding your excitement. Please avoid making statements such as: “I am excited by him-her, this-that”. Merely acknowledge the bona fide horny bit and what is happening around or within you whenever you experience it, without coming to any conclusion.

Astroshamanic work entails healing the gap between the bona fide horny bit and the rerouting device. The latter operates via the interpretations that you ascribe to the bona fide horny bit. Once you are caught by these interpretations the shift of focus from your primal multi-dimensional identity to the arbitrary human configuration has taken place. When this happens your connection with the web of life is lost and you literally become a HAC zombie. This means that you consciously respond to impulses coming from a separated dead identity, while unconsciously drawing energy from the source of life.

Hence, again pay particular attention to the bona fide horny bit and to the process that, through the rerouting device, leads you to HAC. Here, the purpose is to identify the trigger of the rerouting device. Once you get to the trigger, then you may be able to be in control of the shooting mechanism. Scan your horny dynamics thoroughly. 5.8 is about achieving transparency in the most obscure zone of human consciousness. This is the shaman’s path and legacy.