5.2x5/2 – Leo/Taurus
Binary Number: 50
Degrees: 22½-25° Leo
Aspect: square
Moon Phase: waning gibbous
Handorian Reference: State of Harte, Realm of Hardo
Binary Spirit: Surahim Rata
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D5-2, Ireland

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Leo (5) and Moon in Taurus (2) constitute Binary 5.2, or Binary number 50.

This is a determined blend of fixed fire and fixed earth. The combination of Sun in Leo and Moon in Taurus allows the energy of the Sun – with all its creativity, exuberance, playfulness, generosity, and majesty – to be firmly grounded in the practical reality.

When you align with this binary you become potent and pragmatic, gaining the capacity to venture into enterprises requiring solid leadership and unbending focus.

5.2 shapes natural masters who know how to lovingly draw people and resources in order to get things done, generally in the best possible way.

Astroshamanic Seal: a triangular shape pointing downwards with two wrists and hands on the upper part. It portrays a cone of fire burning.
Celebrities with 5.2

Carl Jung (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961), Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus and Ascendant in Aquarius (5.2.11), Pluto Vessel.

Aldous Huxley (Godalming, Surrey, UK, 26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963), Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus and Ascendant in Gemini (5.2.3),

John Dryden, (5.2.10), English poet (1631-1700). Author of King Arthur or, The British Worthy (Z. 628)

Edoardo Bennato (Italian singer, songwriter, 5.2, July 23, 1946)

King George IV of the United Kingdom  (5.2) (1762-1830)

Bob Smith, (5.2) American founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (1879-1950). Smith was married to Anne Ripley Smith, who played a vital role in the development of the 12 steps of AA.

Alexandre Dumas, père, (5.2.5) French writer (1802-1870)

Abbé Pierre, (5.2.7, Neptune Flower, Uranus Root) French Catholic priest (1912-2007). French Catholic priest, founder of the Emmaus movement.

Carole Bouquet, (5.2.10) French actress, born 1957

Elias Canetti, (5.2) Nobel Prize Laureate (1905-1994)

Denis Leary, (5.2.10) American comedian and actor, born 1957

Sandi Griffiths, (5.2.2) American singer, The Lawrence Welk Show, born 1945

Sergey Brin, (5.2) Co-founder of Google, born 1973

Hayden Panettiere, (5.2) American actress, model and singer, born 1989

David Crosby, (5.2.1) American musician, born 1941

Bruce Dickinson, (5.2) English singer (Iron Maiden). The Chemical Wedding, born 1958

John Dryden, (5.2.10) English poet (1631-1700)

Bill Clinton, (5.2.7) 42nd President of the United States, born 1946

George Bernard Shaw, (5.2.3) Irish writer, Nobel Laureate (1856-1950)

Mick Jagger, (5.2.3) English singer (The Rolling Stones), born 1943

Alessandra Belloni (5.2.10, Chiron Instrument), singer, percussionist, born 24/07/1954

Slash  (5.2) English/American guitarist (Guns N’ Roses)

Ian Anderson  (5.2.6, Saturn-Pluto Power) Scottish musician (Jethro Tull)

Pina Bausch (5.2.5, Pluto Power) modern dance choreographer

Karl Popper (5.2) Austrian/British philosopher

Paul Belmondo (5.2) sculptor
Provisional Territorial Unit:
Republic of Ireland

D5-2-1 LEINSTER, Carlow, Kildare, Wicklow
D5-2-2 Leinster, Dublin
D5-2-3 LEINSTER, Kilkenny, Wexford
D5-2-4 LEINSTER, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath
D5-2-5 MUNSTER, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford
D5-2-6 MUNSTER, Cork, Clare, Kerry
D5-2-7 CONNACHT, Galway, Mayo
D5-2-8 CONNACHT, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo
D5-2-9 LEINSTER, Longford
D5-2-10 ULSTER, Donegal
D5-2-11 ULSTER, Cavan, Monaghan
D5-2-12 LEINSTER, Louth, Meath, Westmeath

L2 System Division: Region D5-2 is part of the Provisional Order Primary Jurisdiction of Irlanie Upradesia, and comprises the Secondary Jurisdictions of the Dabline Bhime Distria, the Korke Bhime Distria and the Uttarirlanie Bhime Distria, operated by the Dabline Samaya (Society of Dublin), the Korke Samaya (Society of Cork) and the Uttarirlanie Samaya (Society of Northern Ireland).
Primary Jurisdiction: Irlanie Upradesia (encompassing Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland)
Corporate Authority: Irlanie Sinfaile Lodia (United Craft of Ireland), Viri Exele Irlanie Venerande Acaria Prasada
Delegate Authority: High Delegacy of Northern Europe
Secondary Jurisdictions: three societies: Dabline (Dublin), Uttarirlanie (Northern Ireland), Korke (Cork).
Haruhd Portal: H5-2, West Hardhu, Dhuam.
Hardhu Portal: D5-2-4/2-2-2, Offaly, Clonmacnoise
Handorian States Reference:
State of Harte,  Realm of Hardo – 5.2:

This metropolitan nation and its homonymous hero are celebrated for their mind-blowing building capacities. The whole Hartemian capital district of Hartem City and the Handorian Quoin were designed and erected primarily by Hardo folks. These colossal structures constitute a climax in whatever can be humanly conceived in terms of manifestation.
I invite you to liberate your fantasy and imagine the most outstanding and majestic building environment you can envisage. Firmly picture it in your mind, find a way to give it a shape that you can remember. Allow it to be a centre of generous unconditional power and love. Let it be a living reality in your life, as it is for me and the Hardo folks. Handor is not a personal invention. It is the apex of all human highest desires and passions. It is what truly animates every single aspect of daily life. It is irrelevant the way you call it. It is crucial the way you experience it.
Leinster, Dublin
5-2-2 ROCK HONEYCOMB, R.Surara
Leinster, Wicklow, Kildare, Carlow,
5-2-3 EGO (Ego), R.Surama
Leinster, Kilkenny, Wexford,
5-2-4 ECHO (Echo), R.Suraqu
Leinster, Offaly, Westmeath, Laois
5-2-5 RADIO (Radio), R.Surasu
Munster, Tipperary, Waterford, Limerick
5-2-6 EMBRYO (Embryo), R.Suraks
Munster, Cork, Kerry, Clare,
5-2-7 HARMAYO, R.Suraat, Papillary Muscle
Connacht, Galway, Mayo
5-2-8 ROSCOMIO, R.Suraha
Connacht, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon,
5-2-9 RED PATIO (Red Patio), R.Surani
Leinster, Longford
5-2-10 EAST HARDO, Rata Sahe Hardo, R.Surasa
Ulster, Donegal
5-2-11 ROYAL HARDO, R.Suraur
Ulster, Monaghan, Cavan,
5-2-12 RED DOORKNOB, Mahe Rahe Hardo, R.Surata
Leinster, Meath, Louth, Westmeath
Harte, R. Hardo, Embryo, (5,2,6), 4:11:2, 3.6.5, 040810, 07:15,
To create the healing centre following my inner passion.
I arrived in Hartemcore Proport and moved directly to a bathroom. I experienced a great need for release and made a deposit in a toilet. I requested that the deposit be of benefit to others.I then moved to the main Proport which was a huge single building. It was so large several planets were orbiting the ceiling. I found myself suddenly surrounded by 12 dancers, one of whom led me to the PDB Office. Inside, I handed my passport to the Officer, who took it and then returned it with my Handorian name printed on it – Edorat. I left the office and moved by taxi to Embryo. After entering a lush green valley I arrived at a large white residence set on a small hill. It had 3 seals on the front and 4 small conic shapes on the roof. A woman met me as I moved inside and showed me to my room. I spent a long time gazing through the window in the ceiling, breathing in the beauty of the stars. The woman then called me to a room downstairs where a group of people were waiting. I was asked my intent which I shared. I also stated that I wanted to fully acknowledge and be grateful for the deep pain and confusion I was beginning to experience. The group began to massage me – there were 6 men and 6 women. At the completion of the massage, a glyph was drawn on my body. I stated the intent again and moved to another room. I met a person from HAC and we began to make love. When we finished, we sat facing each other holding hands and out of the space between us came a number of people who I understood wanted me to teach them Astroshamanic techniques. When the lesson was over, I held hands with the partner again and the participants moved back into the space between us and disappeared. I then began to experience an intense feeling of falling as if I was sinking rapidly through the floor. I entered a place of obscurity. I remained in this position for some time until awareness returned of the need to be grateful for the ability to feel such intense pain. (DM)
Harte, R. Hardo, Embryo, (5.2.6), 11:9:7, 6.8.3, 030810, 05:12,
To create the healing centre following my inner passion
5.2 – Embryo: I’m in multidimensional flying-ring, a female voice calls my number code: “ Attention please: 11:9:7 will be board in 12 second. Go to Hartemcore Gate”. I board on a spaceship and in a few time it lands at Hartemcore Proport. It is very huge, like an enormous sun with multiple rays. I come to a PDB office. Here, a handsome man asks me the passport, I give it to him and after some minutes he hands the passport in to me with a new name, I read Eidiah and see a glyph in front of it. The man says me this is my name in HSS.
I take a white taxi with golden bands and go to Embryo through a Multiway. The taxi stops in a green valley, I see a iron gate with seals and go in. In front of me there is a magnificent summer residence, the main building is white and has 3 seals on the front. On the top there are 4 conical shapes. A big garden with trees encircles the main house. The building is oriented in South-North line. On the back there is a jet fountain and many sports fields.
I enter the hall a woman is waiting me she welcomes and accompanies me in my room. It is on third floor and has a big window on the sloping roof where I can see the stars in the sky.
The woman asks me if I would like to satisfy a need, I would like to receive a body massage.
She leads me to an underground level where is a room with white pillows, two men help me to lie down and undress me. They begin to massage my body with fragrant essences, each of them takes care only one side, left or right.
I relax and feel to increase my energy, I fall in a great wellness and can feel my inner passion, the woman asks me what is my deep longing, I would like to create a school to teach the Astroshamanic work.
The men begin to draw symbols on my body, they are very powerful and I feel to realize my wish.
Then I’m dressed with a white silk tube dress, the woman accompanies me to a golden room, here are some people sitting down on the floor, “this is your class” says me the woman, “take care of them”.
I greet the class and start my lesson.
When I finished the woman says me: “ this School has a specific structure, it is formed by 3 main creators, 4 specific formers and 12 teachers of rule. Please take your place.”
Peak: I fall in a great wellness and can feel my inner passion, the woman asks me what is my deep longing, I would like to create a school to teach the Astroshamanic work.
Take one’s place
Harte, R. Hardo, Embryo, (5.2.6), 1:6:2, 5.6.9, 050810, 09:00,
To create the healing centre following my inner passion
I arrived at a sports field. I felt drawn to the area of the long jump sand pit. I began to dance freely in a dignified way. I was dancing around a centre piece in the sand. I asked for an identity for my MD passport. The answer I received was that my name was to be ELIJAH and that I was use this name in my journeys for the future. I was joined by many beings who joined me in a celebration dance celebrating my new identity they were all wearing Black conic hats on one side of the field and on the other side they were wearing White conic hats.
One being came out of the crowd of beings and approached me I felt very comfortable and I asked him a question What do I need to do know to make this mystery school work? he replied ” I need to cultivate practical structures and self- discipline in doing what needs to be done in the moment and this is the right time to make this move forward”. All the beings than drew in on me and made a circle around me. I was in the middle of the arena were all eyes were on me this felt slightly uncomfortable then one of the beings jamp onto me and wrestled me to the ground he put one hand on my chest and the other on top of my head. Then pinned me to the floor and put a noose around my neck. I was coughing violently he pulled the noose tighter and then began to swing me around and around until my whole physical body elevated above the ground. I was hovering in mid-air and the crowd cheered louder.  I than landed back safely onto the ground.
I was joined by LM,DM,AB,AG,FS and they all lay on the floor beside me in the West direction of the sacred circle. The being touched my neck and released the tied chord and freed my neck, I coughed and then felt free.  The being then touched DM on the genitals area then continued to move around the group and touched AB on the feet and touched AG on the head and touched LM on the heart area and finally touched FS on the back of the  lower part of the spine.
The game was coming to a closure with all four directions and three worlds and twelve sectors being represented by a being. The beings where running and dancing around the circle like athletes jumping in the air and touching all of us. Planting healing medicine in those specific area’s of the body. I heard the words “trust” as the game came to a closure. Then the fire from the centre erupted into a high flame reaching towards the heavens like an arrow reaching for the sky.
PEAKS: Celebrating my new identity name
Needin to cultivate my everyday practical skills and structures a noose tied around my neck and coughing violently receiving healing medicine in specific parts of our bodies
the flame erupting high into the heavens love and blessings, Nicholas