5.6x5/6 – Leo/Virgo
Binary Number: 54
Degrees: 2½-5° Leo
Aspect: conjunction
Moon Phase: new moon
Handorian Reference: State of Harte, Rufus
Binary Spirit: Surahim Kahesepoh
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D5-6, South-East England

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Leo (5) and Moon in Virgo (6) constitute Binary 5.6, or Binary number 54.

This is a blend of Fixed Fire and Mutable Earth. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) constitute the power and reservoir zones of their own element. 5.6 folks consolidate and accumulate the elemental force, which is then distributed by the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), the champions of mobility and integration. The shift from New Moon to the following Sun and Moon dynamic is a most crucial one, since it determines the orientation of the newborn lunar cycle. This is the moment where I come to terms with the preliminary stages of manifestation. Here there are two basic options: to reroute the energy generated by the New Moon into HAC perceptual routine, or to explore an alternative paradigm of reality based on the seed conscious Intent generated at New Moon. When the Sun and Moon are conjunct, the two polarities are united and unveil the third pole, which is the manifested evidence of their trinity union. Yet, as the lunar cycle progresses, the third pole is degraded to the split polarity of an arbitrary binary system, which is the foundation of HAC, i.e. human separated reality. Hence, in this current context, the Sun remaining in Leo and the Moon moving in Virgo exemplify this shift from unity to separation. A careful study of the 5.6 dynamic can shed light on the mechanics of human separated reality and on the implications of an alternative multi-dimensional shift. Yet, be aware that this is 5.6, which may also lead to a climax of radiant intricacies.

The pattern Sun in Leo and Moon in Virgo mixes Leo’s exuberant generosity, vitality and leadership with Virgo’s healing service, versatility, discrimination, precision and cautiousness. It comes right after the New Moon, following an apex of luminous creative power. Hence, this combination has the responsibility of getting down to work and implementing what was generated during the majestic encounter of Sun and Moon in Leo, acting out of pure and enlightened service, carrying out the original Intent.

Here the approach to service is radically different from the one typical of HAC. In Sector 5 service is not an act of duty or something you do for other people. It is not about working hard and sacrificing yourself in order to achieve ecstasy or whatever you wish for in the future. On the contrary, it is about first experiencing the climax of ecstasy and power, then spontaneously moving into service, perhaps without even being aware of the shift since ecstasy and power continue to be there. This is why Leo is followed by Virgo. The passion to work and serve is the direct result of the unio mystica of the Sun and Moon in Leo. Thus, after being unconditionally energized by the Sun, it comes natural for the Moon to swing to Virgo and serve at its best. When I am abundant with power, beauty, love and whatever is desirable, then there is no effort in giving and serving. Quite the reverse, I do it for the sheer pleasure of doing it, and I do not expect anything in return. Furthermore, I am grateful because I find an outlet and beings that thoroughly enjoy what they receive from me. Service is not a way to accomplish something in another dimension. It is a way of celebrating the inherent ecstasy of this present moment, and let if flow, expand, amplify and manifest in whatever surrounds me.

The New Moon in Leo is a time for radiant introspection and acknowledgment of the solar plexus, especially the aspects of its vital force that tend to be pushed aside or misused in human societies. The solar plexus – hara or manipura – is often regarded as the first form generated in the womb of the mother, the source from which everything else grows. It is the primal matrix of our multi-dimensional life, the trinity form engendered by both polarities (the father and mother’s seed), and the stellar centre operating as veritable energetic core identity, no matter whether I am aware of it or not. The more I move away from the solar plexus, the more I lose my own authentic radiance in the universe, the less I respond to the synergetic structure of the galaxy, and the more I detach myself from real life. The condition of being truly third-dimensionally alive abides in the alignment with the solar plexus, which is the zone that most humans are unable to utilize due to its incompatibility with consensus reality.

In many shamanic traditions the universe is experienced as a multi-dimensional web of life, consisting of copious layers. Here human perception of reality is merely a separated fragment of one of these layers. As a result, although they are part of a vaster reality, human beings access only a most limited and secluded definition of who they are. My shamanic lineage regards CMI as a diamond form similar to a double cone. This is the astroshamanic Sacred Cone, which is considered as the CMI itself. The solar plexus centre is described as the power zone of the lower cone, while the head centre refers to the higher cone, and the heart centre is the point in the middle, the bridging areas where the two cones meet and unveil their original trinity. According to various epic shamanic contexts, in the human race these centres are located in a peripheral, or strategically capricious, configuration (HAC), which is virtually separated from CMI, or Sacred Cone. Thus, humans are autistic energetic forms with edges that do not allow the transit of energy. This means that they can only refer to the energy available in their virtual configuration. This arbitrary configuration produces our human hallucinatory perception and the conviction that this is the only reality. The human solar plexus appears to be the centre closer to the original vibrations of the Sacred Cone. The head centre is the broadcasting system of human hallucinatory perception. As such, it functions as a routine loop script based on thought impulses strategically disjoined from the web of life. The human heart centre is a more vital zone, based on the echo of the original perception of unity. Yet, since the heart centre is arbitrary ruled and interpreted by the head centre, its primary pulsations are distorted by human prevailing hallucination.

The solar plexus is the basic source of energy for the entire HAC. As such it has to be accessed in an uncontaminated way, devoid of any distortion. Once I tap into the solar plexus I cannot help having a direct experience of the reality existing beyond human hallucination. Yet, the strategic aim of the hallucination is to render this experience as short and unconscious as possible. Entering fully in the solar plexus produces a perception that is incompatible with human consensus reality, while at the same time, and paradoxically, this energy is necessary to generate the hallucination itself.

The solar plexus is the source of our pristine vital energy and the access zone to CMI. Yet the ordinary inclination of human beings is to drive energy away from this centre. The link with the vital energy is manoeuvred by a rerouting device, which disconnects human perception from multi-dimensional non-HAC awareness and leads it into HAC consensus hallucinatory reality. The experiential features of this rerouting device are our most profound fears, terrors, misconceptions and denials, as well as our deepest and most frustrated cravings and desires. The desire element serves the purpose of accessing the energy required for generating the arbitrary reality, while the fear or denial bit ensures the parting from multi-dimensional reality, which is the basic premise for the survival of HAC. How do pragmatically human beings shift from multi-dimensional to consensus reality, from non-HAC to HAC? The answer is strategically exemplified by the shift from binary 5.5 to binary 5.6. In binary 5.5 both luminaries are in Leo and experience the highest climax of solar energy. In the disfunctonal development of binary 5.6, as the Moon moves in Virgo, the pressure of HAC takes over, leaving behind our solar multi-dimensional perception and boosting the emergence of human separated reality. Here this process is promoted by Virgo’s typical grievances: worry, criticism, guilt, unworthiness.

During the New Moon there is a tremendous upsurge of solar plexus awareness, and a momentary gap in the functioning of the energy rerouting device. Another major increase will occur with the next Full Moon, yet the energy at that stage will be directed by the process generated at the beginning of the lunar cycle. Hence, in the days following exact New Moon, it is vital to acknowledge what was truly powerful and significant at that time. Perhaps you can sit quietly and allow yourself to express this in whatever way feels appropriate for you: painting, writing, drawing, singing, speaking, etc. Binary 5.6, like other binaries preceding the New Moon, is the key operative element of the human rerouting device. Here, you are confronted with the opportunity of either succumbing to Virgo’s grievances or bypassing them and accessing non-HAC. Hence, if in the preceding days you have strenuously articulated the basic question (What is my Intent?), without being concerned about how to accomplish it, now you are called to take the first decisive steps for its manifestations. Yet, it is vital that you release all concerns and direct them towards your Intent. “Sector 6 deals with the stage of selection and assimilation in the cycle of Sectors around the Sacred Circle. It is a phase that requires an attentive work of discrimination between what is useful and what needs to be released. This involves filtering or storing the essence of every form, directing it towards the Intent, and discarding the rest. Here it is essential to focus on the resources that are extracted and their redeployment according to a conscious Intent, rather than on the wastes that are expelled. Otherwise, waste material is held on to, blocking the process of assimilation and the awareness of the Intent. Hence, being confronted with Virgo’s grievances during a binary 5.6 is part of the deal. What counts here is that I do not miss the other side of the deal.
Astroshamanic Seal: a triangle surmounted by a form, representing a large storehouse. The storehouse contains all the resources needed by the Sun.

Celebrities with 5.5:

Henrik Pontoppidan, (5.6) Danish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (1857-1943)

Charles Bukowski, (5.6.7) American poet (1920-1994)

Leon Uris, (5.6) American novelist (1924-2003), historical fiction Exodus (1958), Trinity (1976)

Peter Weir, (5.6) Australian film director. Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Last Wave, Gallipoli, Witness, Dead Poets Society, Green Card, The Truman Show and Master and Commander, born 1944

Liam Howlett, (5.6) British musician (The Prodigy), born 1971

Dustin Hoffman, (5.6.10) American actor, born 1937

Robert Redford, (5.6.12) American actor, born 1936

Rajiv Gandhi, (5.6.6) Prime Minister of India (1944-1991)

Richard Armitage, (5.6) English actor, born 1971

Madonna, (5.6.6) American singer and actress, born 1958

Tarja Turunen, (5.6) Finnish singer, born 1977

Ashley Parker Angel, (5.6) American singer and actor, born 1981

James Baldwin, (5.6) American writer (1924-1987)

Blake Edwards, (5.6) American film director (1922-2010). Pink Panther film series, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Days of Wine and Roses.

Riccardo Muti, (5.6.6) Italian conductor, born 1941

Alexandre Aja, (5.6) French director, born 1978

Pope Urban VII (5.6.6), (1521-1590).

Giosuè Carducci, (5.6.2) Italian writer, Nobel laureate (1835-1907)

Giovanni Agnelli, (5.6.12) Italian industrialist, founder of Fiat (1866-1945)

Anne, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom (5.6.7), born 1950


Provisional Territorial Unit: 
South East England

D5-6-1 KENT, GB-KEN: Maidstone, Medway
Ashford: Ashford [3km-TetL2]; Pluckley [2nd: Pluckley, on-TetL2]
Canterbury: Canterbury [1st: City TI, 4km-TetL2, Canterbury Cathedral (Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of Christ at Canterbury), 602, CE Province/Diocese of Canterbury;  St Martin’s Church] [St Augustine of Canterbury d]
Dartford: Dartford
Dover: Dover [S8] [2nd: Dover Castle, Roman lighthouse, tunnels, 1100; Dover demon]; Nonington [1st: Majesty Oak, sacred tree]
Gravesham: Gravesend
Maidstone: Maidstone [S6] [1st: County Town, CE Archdeaconry; 2nd: Battle of Maidstone, 1648]
Sevenoaks: Sevenoaks [1st: Lullingstone Roman Villa]
Shepway: Folkestone
Swale: Sittingbourne
Thanet: Margate; Minster [1st: St Mildred’s Priory, 670]
Tonbridge and Malling: West Malling; Aylesford [1st: Aylesford Priory, monastery, 1085]; Tonbridge [1st: CE Archdeaconry]
Tunbridge Wells: Tunbridge Wells [4km-TetL2]
Medway: Chatham; Rochester [1st: Rochester Cathedral, CE Diocese of Rochester; 2nd: Rochester Castle]
SCI: 8
Eastbourne: Eastbourne [S2]
Hastings: Hastings [S2] [1st: Battle Abbey, CE Archdeaconry (with Lewes); 2nd: Hastings Castle, 1069; Battle of Hastings, Norman conquest, 14/10/1066, 50° 54′ 43″ N, 0° 29′ 15″ E]
Lewes: Lewes [1st: County town, CE Archdeaconry (with Lewes); 2nd: Battle of Lewes, 1264]
Rother: Bexhill-on-sea; Rye [2nd: Land Gate]; Winchelsea [2nd: Winchelsea]
Wealden: Crowborough [on-TetL2], Hailsham; Wilmington [1st: Long Man of Wilmington, Hill figure, 50° 48′ 36″ N, 0° 11′ 16.8″ E]; Pevensey [2nd: Pevensey Castle, 1200]
SCI: 3
D5-6-3 EAST SUSSEX, Brighton and Hove, GB-BNH
Brighton and Hove: Hove
Brighton and Hove [1st: City]
Brighton [S11] [2nd: SCS Royal Pavilion]
SCI: 2
D5-6-4 SURREY, GB-SRY: Kingston (extraterritorial), Guildford (historic)
Elmbridge: Esher; [2nd: Oatlands Park Hotel (nr Weybridge)]; East Molesey [Geoffrey Durham b]; Weybridge [2nd: Basingstoke Canal, incident]
Epsom and Ewell: Epsom
Guildford: Guildford [1st: historic county town, on-BalL11-55(1); Guildford Cathedral (of the Holy Spirit), CE Diocese of Guildford]
Mole Valley: Dorking [1st: CE Archdeaconry]
Reigate and Banstead: Reigate [1st: CE Archdeaconry]
Runnymede: Addlestone [9km-BalL11-55(1)]
Spelthorne: Staines [10km-BalL11-55(1)]
Surrey Heath: Camberley [8km-BalL11-55(1)]
Tandridge: Oxted
Waverley: Godalming [5km-BalL11-55(1)]; Farnham [Stuart Wild b]
Woking: Woking [on-BalL11-55(1)] [2nd Brookwood Cemetery]
SCI: 15
D5-6-5 BERKSHIRE, Bracknell Forest, GB-BRC; Slough, GB-SLG; Windsor and Maidenhead, GB-WNM
Bracknell Forest: Bracknell
Slough: Slough
Windsor and Maidenhead: Maidenhead; Cookham [1st: Stanley Spencer Gallery] [Stanley Spencer b]; Ascot [1st: Ascot Racecourse, on-BalL11-55(1)]; Eton [1st: Eton College]; Windsor [1st: Windsor Castle, 1070, 5km-BalL11-55(1)] [Henry VI b]
SCI: 2
D5-6-6 BERKSHIRE, Reading, GB-RDG; West Berkshire GB-WBK
Reading: Reading [S6] [William Laud; Mike Oldfield b];
West Berkshire: Newbury
SCI: 3
D5-6-7 HAMPSHIRE, GB-HAM: Winchester
Busingstoke and Deane: Basingstoke [1st: CE Archdeaconry]
East Hampshire: Petersfield
Eastleigh: Eastleigh
Fareham: Fareham [3km-TetL2]
Gosport: Gosport [on-TetL2]
Hart: Fleet; Odiham [2nd: Odiham Castle, 1200]
Havant: Havant [on-TetL2]
New Forest: Lyndhurst
Rushmoor: Farnborough; Aldershot [1st: Aldershot Cathedral (of St Michael and St George), RC Bishopric of the Forces; 2nd: Aldershot Military Cemetery]
Test Valley: Andover [2nd: PrO Mandir, Society of Hampshire]; Romsey [1st: The Great Plane, sacred tree, Mottisfont Abbey]
Winchester: Winchester [1st: County town, City TI, Winchester Cathedral, CE Diocese of Winchester] [Jane Austen b]
SCI: 12
D5-6-8 HAMPSHIRE, Portsmouth, GB-POR; Southampton, GB-STH
Portsmouth: Portsmouth [S5] [1st: City 1926, on-TetL2, Portsmouth Cathedral (of St Thomas of Canterbury), CE Diocese of Portsmouth; Portsmouth Cathedral (of St John Baptist), RC Diocese of Portsmouth] [Charles Dickens b]
Southampton: Southampton [1st: City 1964, CE Archdeaconry]
SCI: 1
Cherwell: Banbury
Oxford: Oxford [S10] [1st: County town, City 1542, on-YanL37-27, Christ Church Cathedral, CE Diocese of Oxford; Balliol College; Bodleian Library, Botanic Garden; Exeter College; Pitt Rivers Museum; Sunderland Avenue]
South Oxfordshire: Crowmarsh
Vale of White Horse: Abingdon [7km-YanL37-27]; Wantage [Alfred the Great b; St Edmund Rich p]
West Oxfordshire: Witney [9km-YanL37-27]; Ashbury [2nd: Wayland’s Smithy, Chamber tomb, 3500BC, 51° 33′ 59.22″ N, 1° 35′ 44.7″ W; 3km-YanL37-27]; Uffington [1st: Uffington White Horse, Hill figure, 1400BC, 51° 34′ 39″ N, 1° 34′ 0″ W, 4km-YanL37-27]; Woodstock [Winston Churchill b];
SCI: 7
D5-6-10 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, GB-BKM: Aylesbury, Milton Keynes
Aylesbury Vale: Aylesbury [on-BalL11-55(1)]; Winslow [2IP: Winslow, BalL11-55(1), YanL37-27, 51° 56’ 15” N, 0° 55’ 04” W]; Wing [1st: All Saints Church]
Chiltern: Amersham; Chalfont St Giles [1st: Milton’s Cottage]
South Bucks: Denham
Wycombe: High Wycombe [2nd: West Wycombe, Caves, Park, Hellfire Club, 1750; RAF station, on-BalL11-55(1)] [Benjamin Disraeli b]
Milton Keynes: Milton Keynes [10km-2IP Winslow] [8.11.10BB]
SCI:  3
D5-6-11 WEST SUSSEX, GB-WSX: Chichester
Adur: Shoreham-by-sea [3km-BalL11-55(1)];
Arun: Littlehampton; Arundel [1st: Arundel Cathedral (of our Lady and St Peter Howard), RC Diocese of Arundel; Arundel Castle, 1067, 6km-TetL2]
Chichester: Chichester [1st: County town, City TI, 3km-TetL2, Chichester Cathedral (Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity), 1091, CE Diocese of Chichester]
Crawley: Crawley
Horsham: Horsham [1st: CE Archdeaconry]; Amberley [2nd: Amberley Castle, 1100, 9km-3IP:Heath Common; on-TetL2]; Washington [3IP:Heath Common, TetL2, RDoL2, BalL11-55(1)]; Wiston [2nd: Chanctonbury Ring, Roman temple, 5km-3IP:Heath Common; on-TetL2]
Mid Sussex: Haywards Heath [on-TetL2]
Worthing: Worthing [S8:7°] [10km-3IP:Heath Common, on-BalL11-55(1); 2nd: PrO Mandir, Society of Sussex]
SCI: 4
D5-6-12 ISLE OF WIGHT, GB-IOW: Newport
East Cowes [1st: Cowes, S12, on-TetL2, Osborne House; 2nd: Quarr Abbey (nr Fishbourne), 1132]; [1st: CE Archdeaconry]
SCI: 1
L2 System Division: Region D5-6 is part of the ProvOrdo Primary Jurisdiction of Britanie Pradesia, and is within the Secondary Jurisdiction of the Hampshie Bhime Distria and the Sasixe Bhime Distria, operated by the Hampshie Kirte Samaya (Society of Hampshire) and Sasixe Kirte Samaya (Society of Sussex).
Harunah Portal: H5-6, Royal Hartem
Haruhan Portal: D5-5-7, Hounslow

Handorian States Reference:
State of Harte, Rufus – 5.6

5.6: Rufus is a nation with the special status of sovereignty. Its name comes from King Rufus Haruhas the First, one of the most renowned heroes in the State of Hartem and Handor. Rufus is articulated into 12 national counties and the Royal Borough of Haruhas City (an enclave within the national county of Elf). A major feature of Rufus is the Hartemian Library Foundation, a gigantic multi-dimensional library and documentation centre.
5-6-1 RESIDENT OAKS (Rapture Wells), R.Sukska
Kent, Medway
5-6-2 ROYAL WARRANTS (Rocking Chairs), R.Suksra
East Sussex
5-6-3 ELF (Heart of Hearts), R.Suksma
Brighton and Hove
5-6-4 EKES (Eros), R.Suksqu
5-6-5 REBUS (Rebus), Surahim Rufus, R.Sukssu
Bracknell Forest, Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead
5-6-6 EREBOS (Relief), R.Suksks
Reading, West Berkshire, Workingham
5-6-7 EMPRESS (Edianes), R.Suksat
5-6-8 EMERITUS (Emeritus), R.Suksha
Southampton, Portsmouth
5-6-9 EPIDERMIS (Epic Ross), R.Suksni, Epidermis, Left Carotid Artery
5-6-10 RIVERSIDES (East Bucks), R.Sukssa, Epiglottis
Milton Keynes
5-6-11 RIVERSCAPES (Riverscapes), R.Suksur
5-6-12 ROYAL ERAKIS (Regal Erakis), R.Suksta
Isle of Wight