7 4 C7/4 – Libra/Cancer

Binary Number: 76
Degrees: 22½-25° Libra
Aspect: Square
Moon Phase: Last Quarter
Handorian Reference: Grand State of Tanmarg, Nation of Gutraq
Binary Spirit: Atahequiu
Provisional Territorial Unit: REGION D7-4, MACEDONIA

In the Astroshamanic Binary System, Sun in Libra (7) and Moon in Cancer (4) constitute Binary 7.4, or Binary number 76.

7.4 integrates cardinal Air and cardinal Water, blending Libra’s justice, mildness, elegance and harmony with Cancer’s sensitivity, nurturing spirit and passion. 7.4 folks have a natural capacity to align with the needs and desires of groups and the public in general, enabling them to supply the best in most situations. 7.4 radiates a natural attention and sensitivity to its close environment and relationships, together with an attitude of respect and adaptability to their needs and visions. Grievances relate with a tendency to invest excessive energies in close relationships, which may lead to spaces of painful vulnerability, dysfunctional romanticism, sentimentality and emotional neediness.

Libra and Cancer are in a square (90°) aspect. They are both cardinal signs, holding a direction and seasonal gateway, West and South, Autumn and Summer respectively. They share the power to initiate changes and the related enterprises, though their energy works at cross-purposes and this can cause some significant friction. In ordinary terms these signs appear hard to integrate due to the tension they generate, and yet this same tension can provide the massive force needed for achieving most significant objectives.

Qualities: sensitivity, communication, empathy, intimacy.

Grievances: victimism, romanticism, instability, anxiety.

The Last Quarter or Waning Halfmoon lasts two days and occurs when the Sun and Moon are in square (90°). It is an active phase, a time to face commitments with others and take direct responsibility for your Intent. Grievances and blocks come easily to the surface and need ideally to be dealt with in accordance with what was established during New Moon. If this responsibility is avoided, postponed or diverted the collective lunar cycle itself is going to find its way to compensate the process. This development can easily bring frustration, pain, confusion and disconnection from the original Intent. Now it is the time to release anything that you perceive has caused grievances, emptying yourself fully, while allowing All That Is to hold you. At this stage, you can both complete the cycle by manifesting the final goal and let go of any block and grievance you have accumulated on the way, including your attachment to the final result. The question here is: “How do I complete and release?” This Moon is related to the Autumn Equinox

All the luminous and loving episodes of any relationship you have had in your life continue to exist in the present at all times, no matter how old they are and regardless of any unpleasant experience you may have had in those same relationships. As you acknowledge the luminous episodes, they return to life. If you can retrieve their memory at any time, those moments will always be with you. The fact of whether you are physically in those relationships or not is completely irrelevant. What counts is your capacity to treasure any luminous relationship, no matter how long it lasts, or whether it is past or present. Authentic relationships are not bound by time. You are not the victim of time. By selecting and holding the memories you value in time you lay the foundations for your future memories. (FS)

Astroshamanic Seal: a vertical line with two small oval shapes below, all within a large oval shape. This seal is associated with the following guidance:

Pahekarubhe 1: PR1 – 121098-7.4

channelled material received on 12 October 1998, in 7.4

during the reception of this message various accidents happened in the environment, such as an electricity black-out, water leaking in the flat and a computer crash.

Bhimah of Rodnah speaks, and I translate what it says as follows:

“In the original tradition of the Sacred Cone there is no reference to the polarity of  Guides (Sadoha) because this tradition is not based on the binary system. It is based on a 12-sector system.

As part of your release function and implementation of the release process, with your left hand you receive the energy from the Lower World. or Earth, and with the right hand you channel it to the Higher World, or Sky.

It follows then that in the release process the energy of the Earth has a male polarity, whereas the energy of the Sky is female. When the Earth enters into the male polarity it is able to send its darkness to the Sky.

The opposite process involves the Sky sending light to the Earth and in this way the polarities find their natural balance.

The aim of the Sacred Cone Circle is to activate and manage the channels of this exchange through the implementation of the release function applied to grievances (darkness).

For this purpose it is necessary to invert the polarities traditionally attributed to the Earth and the Sky.

The traditional association of the Earth as Mother is part of a corrupted planetary hologram incepted by our separated reality, the Human Arbitrary Configuration, and so is the association of the Father with the Sky.

This polarity association is related with the block of the binary system and it is part of the collective hallucination of the Game, which is based upon the repetition of a fixed scheme. This scheme, though it expresses through a large amount of variations, unceasingly preserve its blocking function.

Throughout the ages the binary system has undergone many transformations aimed at providing the illusion of a change. The illusion develops through the clandestine duplication of the Game of Light and Darkness within the exclusive system of Darkness.

In this way the dark antagonistic forces substitute an outdated element with an updated one through the simulation of a conflict between the two. These bogus transformations and changes have employed religions and spirituality as their main protagonists. Since the intensive process of contamination started the Earth has always played the female role and the Sky the male.

Throughout time there has been the cyclical alternation in prevalence of the Earth and the Sky. At a political, social and religious level, in certain ages more importance was given to the Earth and the female polarity, whereas in other ages the Sky and the male polarity prevailed. Yet not matter which polarity prevailed the binary system has always been blocked and has operated so as to prevent the access to the multidimensional gateways that allow the gradual shift to the 12-sector system.

The access to the multidimensional gateways is impossible unless the hallucination of the binary system is unveiled and released…

Since human beings are tenaciously blocked in the binary system, any attempt to include a trine system is inevitably redirected to the binary system. In order to dodge this block, Handor and the forces of Light have devised a plan, which is exemplified by the Sacred Cone Circle.

All previous attempts to release the block of the binary system and to add the remaining 10 elements have failed since the binary system has always prevailed. According to the plan, in order to proceed to the 12-sector system it is essential to completely release the binary system by letting go of the foundations this block has generated since it was activated.

For this purpose, since human life is based on the binary system, it is necessary to employ a release process based on the binary. Its function is to invert the polarity of the binary system and to activate a double channel of exchange. The tool used for this purpose is the Sacred Cone…

The polarity of Earth (female) and Sky (male) preserve the hallucination. As a result the light that the Sky sends to the Earth is converted in darkness. The shift of polarity forces the Earth to send darkness to the Sky, hence releasing its darkness.

Operating the Sacred Cone and its double channel is meant to complete the Game of Light and Darkness and to activate the 12-sector system through the use of the binary system itself…”

I am unable to continue the reception and translation from Bhimah. Erbel, sector 11 member of the Council in Quiumakai takes the flow. Erbel is known for its sacred outrageous and rebelling nature. It usually takes the floor with a strongly contrasting frequency especially when there is a block in the information flow. I translate Erbel as follows:

“Mother Earth has it up to his balls to play the role of the Mother. You have been sucking his breast for thousands of years and have torn his womb to pieces forcing him to give birth to huge masses of screaming grievances (Graha).

Most ridiculous spiritual authorities keep repeating that you need to honour Mother Earth, which is something rather fashionable nowadays. They say that Mother Earth is angry, and as a matter of fact when the Earth hears this, he gets truly angry.

These cretins don’t understand that the Earth is furious because he is sick of being called Mother Earth. He is sick of playing this role. And why is he furious? Because he has a penis that reaches up to the Sun and that everyone pretends not to see.

He has had to his balls because you only see his balls but you don’t have any clue about why they are there. The first ball (Earth) is so full (of grievances) that it has become three times bigger than the second.” The language of Erbel is reassessed once the medium frequency is re-established and continues as follows for a while, then it is disturbed again and ceases to function.

It is necessary to invert the polarity. Mother Earth is tired of playing the role of the mother. For ages it has received the white light seed of the Sky in her dark womb, generating beings of Darkness. She would like to have some experience about how to be a father. At the same time Father Sky is fed up of shedding his seed and penetrating the Earth, and would like to be penetrated and receive her seed.

In the release process it is essential to shift the sexual roles to Mother Sky and Father Earth. In this way Father Earth provides his seed of darkness to Mother Sky, which will then generate beings of Light. Allow the Earth to become Father and the Sky to become Mother. Non true change is possible unless this shift is acknowledged.

This is the only way of honouring the Earth: liberating it from its role of suffering mother and allowing it to release its dark seeds into the stellar womb of the true Mother, who is the Sky. This will provide balance, and the balance is accomplished now by shifting the roles”.


Celebrities with 7.4:

Henri-Louis Bergson (7.4) (18 October 1859 – 4 January 1941) was a major French philosopher, influential especially in the first half of the 20th century. Bergson convinced many thinkers that immediate experience and intuition are more significant than rationalism and science for understanding reality.

“The present contains nothing more than the past, and what is found in the effect was already in the cause.”

Jerome Bruner, (7.4) American cognitive psychologist (born October 1, 1915).
“The Narrative Construction of Reality”, article, the mind structures its sense of reality using mediation through “cultural products, like language and other symbolic systems”. Narrative is one of these cultural products.

Günter Grass, (7.4.7) German writer, Nobel Prize laureate, 16 October 1927.  His best known for his first novel, The Tin Drum (1959), a key text in European magic realism, and the first part of his Danzig Trilogy, which also includes Cat and Mouse and Dog Years.

“Granted: I AM an inmate of a mental hospital; my keeper is watching me, he never lets me out of his sight; there’s a peep-hole in the door, and my keeper’s eye is the shade of brown that can never see through a blue-eyed type like me.” (The Tin Drum)

“Today I know that all things are watching, that nothing goes unseen, that even wallpaper has a better memory than human beings.”  (The Tin Drum)

R.K. Narayan, (7.4) Indian novelist (10 October 1906 – 13 May 2001, The Guide (1958) Guide (film)

Max Ehrmann, (7.4) American poet (Desiderata) (September 26, 1872 – September 9, 1945)

Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its shams, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.

Graham Greene, (7.4.8) British novelist (2 October 1904 – 3 April 1991) Catholic religious themes are at the root of much of his writing, especially the four major Catholic novels: Brighton Rock, The Power and the Glory, The Heart of the Matter and The End of the Affair. Several works such as The Confidential Agent, The Third Man, The Quiet American, Our Man in Havana and The Human Factor also show an avid interest in the workings of international politics and espionage.

Annie Besant

June Allyson, (7.4) American actress (October 7, 1917 – July 8, 2006)

MC Lyte, (7.4) American rapper 10 October 1971

Tisha Campbell-Martin, (7.4) American actress and singer (born October 13, 1968)

Nicolas de Largillière, (7.4) French painter (20 October 1656-d. 1746)

Richard Mortensen, (7.4) Danish painter 23 October 1910 in Copenhagen; died 6 January 1993

Ellie Greenwich, (7.4) American singer (October 23, 1940 – August 26, 2009

Sam Raimi, (7.4) American film director (October 23, 1959) best known for directing cult horror films like the Evil Dead series, Darkman and Drag Me to Hell, as well as the blockbuster Spider-Man films.

“Weird Al” Yankovic, (7.4) American musical parodist born October 23, 1959)

Ani DiFranco, (7.4) American musician, born on September 23, 1970

Joe Cotton, (7.4) Canadian pop singer (born September 25, 1978)

Mervyn LeRoy, (7.4) American film director (15 October 1900 – d. 1987)

Mira Nair, (7.4) Indian director 15 October 1957

John Kenneth Galbraith (7.4), economist (15 October 1908-d.2006)

Étienne Bonnot de Condillac, (7.4) French philosopher (30 September 1715 – 3 August 1780)

Georges Brassens, (7.4.2) French singer, 22 October 1921 – 29 October 1981

Udo Jürgens, (7.4.2) Austrian singer, born 0 September 1934, Klagenfurt

Clive James (7.4.2) critic, writer and television presenter, 7 October 1939

King Charles Albert of Sardinia (7.4.4) (d. 1849) (Carlo Alberto Amedeo; 2 October 1798 – 28 July 1849)

Marion Cotillard, (7.4.6) French actress (born 30 September 1975) La Vie en Rose, My Sex Life… or How I Got Into an Argument, Taxi, Furia and Jeux d’enfants.

Olivia Newton-John, (7.4.6) English-born Australian singer and actress, (born 26 September 1948)

Paul Simon (7.4.6) American singer-songwriter, 13 October 1941

Charlton Heston, (7.4.8) American actor (October 4, 1923 – April 5, 2008)



Provisional Territorial Unit:

Pahai Gutradartu – Nation of Gutrad – Dartug fo Noitan
Binary 76 – Atahquiu
22½-25°; Gemini/Mercury
Purve Prasupaja: Balke Purve Samaya.
24°Libra: Alpha Virginis, Spica; 24°Libra24’: Alpha Boötis, Arcturus.
D7-4: MACEDONIA, Eastern: Berovo, Denčevo, Kočani, Makedonska Kamenica, Pehčevo, Vinica (1), Češinovo-Obleševo, Garbinvci, Lozovo, Sveti Nikole, Probištip, Zmonvci (2); South Eastern: Strumica (3); Vardar: Veles (4); Skopje: Greater Skopje (5), other municipalities (6); South Western: Ohrid, all other municipalities except D7-6-8 (7), Drugovo, Kičevo, Makedonski Brod, Oslomec, Plasnica, Vraneštica, Zajas (8); Polog: Tetovo (9); North Eastern: Kumanovo (10); Pelagonia: Prilep, all other municipalities except D7-6-12 (11), Bitola, Demir Isar, Novaci (12).
22½-25°Libra; Libra/Cancer; Gemini/Mercury; 24°Libra: Alpha Virginis, Spica; 24°Libra24’: Alpha Boötis, Arcturus.
Purve Prasupaja: Balke Purve Samaya. TANMARIAT, Gutraq.
Macedonia’s local government was reorganised into 84 municipalities (opštini; sing. opština), 10 of which comprise Greater Skopje. This is reduced from the previous 123 municipalities established in September 1996. The Provisional Order Secondary Jurisdiction for PTU Area D7-4, within the Iurope Purve Prasupaja, is represented by the Podgorice Purve Samaya, based in Podgorica, and comprising Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia.
D7-4-1 MACEDONIA, Eastern:
Berovo [1st2nd: Monastery of Archangel Michael, Manastir Sveti Arhangel Mihail (see Image)]
Kočani, Makedonska Kamenica,

Zrnovci seal
D7-4-2 MACEDONIA, Eastern:
Sveti Nikole,

Strumica, Lady with Mask
D7-4-3 MACEDONIA, South Eastern:
[1st: St Methodius/Cyril Cathedral, Macedonian Orthodox;
2nd: Lady with a Mask, Carnival Monument].
D7-4-4 MACEDONIA, Vardar:
[1st: St Panteleimon Cathedral, Macedonian Orthodox].

Skopje, Fontana A.M.
D7-4-5 MACEDONIA, Skopje:
Greater Skopje
[1st: St Clement of Ohrid Cathedral, Macedonian Orthodox;
Sacred Heart RC Cathedral;
Millennium Cross;
1st2nd: Fontana Alexander Makedonski, SCP181011].
D7-4-6 MACEDONIA, Skopje:
other municipalities.
D7-4-7 MACEDONIA, South Western:
[2nd: Trebeništa, necropolis, golden mask]
(and all other municipalities except D7-6-8
D7-4-8 MACEDONIA, South Western:
Drugovo, Kičevo,
Makedonski Brod, Oslomec,
Plasnica, Vraneštica, Zajas
D7-4-9 MACEDONIA, Polog:
[1st: St Cyril/Methodius Cathedral, Macedonian Orthodox].
D7-4-10 MACEDONIA, North Eastern:
D7-4-11 MACEDONIA, Pelagonia:
(and all other municipalities except D7-6-12)
D7-4-12 MACEDONIA, Pelagonia:
[1st: St Demetrius Cathedral, Macedonian Orthodox; Sacred Heart RC Co-Cathedral].
Demir Isar, Novaci

Handorian Reference:
Grand State of Tanmarg,
Nation of Gutraq

HSS 7.4 – Grand State of Tanmariat: Nation of Gutraq
The Nation of Gutraq covers the western central coast of the Grand State of Tanmariat. It is a nation abundant with resources and is particularly known for its golden mines. The capital is Tamarind.
Trinites of Gutraq
D7-4-1 Treasury Bard
D7-4-2 Testing Ground
D7-4-3 Ted
D7-4-4 Turd,
D7-4-5 Triad, Gland, Guard
D7-4-6 Tabard, Gravid
D7-4-7 Tankard, Godhood
D7-4-8 Tamarind
D7-4-9 Trefoiled, Goldfield
D7-4-10 Tailorbird, Turnaround
D7-4-11 Gulkhurshid
D7-4-12 Talking Head