7 7 c7/7 – Libra/Libra

Binary Number: 79
Degrees:  0°-2½° Libra
Aspect: conjunction
Moon Phase: new moon 
Handorian Reference: Grand State of Tanmarg, Nation of Tanbaubart
Binary Spirit: Atahatah
Provisional Territorial Unit: REGION D7-7, MOLDAVIA

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun and Moon in Libra (7) constitute Binary 7.7, or Binary number 79.

Those who resonate with this pattern are natural artists, diplomats and partners. They possess a very harmonious disposition, enabling them to operate as skilful mediators and peacemakers, perceiving the points of accord between conflicting. Their strength lies in the capacity to achieve balance and providing most impartial judgments or evaluations. They operate at their best when their refined and aesthetic qualities are acknowledged and valued.

This New Moon takes place at 12:02 GMT on Monday 15 October 2012 in Libra 22°32′. This is the moment when Sun and Moon are exactly conjunct. With the New Moon, or Lunation, an old cycle ends and a new one starts. The sign where the Moon is positioned at the initial New Moon determines the energy and Intent of the entire cycle. With this New Moon in Libra, the lunar cycle will be characterised by Libra topics (relationships, partnerships, co-operation, balance, art, beauty, etc.).

The New Moon’s astrological sign (Libra) strategically embodies both the features of  your  intention and the way of dealing with the release process of the previous cycle. What is gestated during the New Moon will then be revealed at Full Moon, which is at 19:49 GMT on 29 October 2012 in Taurus 6° 48’.

New Moons are times of transition when the seed is available, yet it has not taken a distinct form. In this crucial moment intuitions, dreams and special events may offer clues about the form that will develop.

The New Moon is a male phase, with initiation and activity being prevalent. It carries a new awareness and a shift of perspective. This allows space for setting the Intent and foundations of new projects and the release of old cycles. Since the whole scenario is obscure, it is also a time of vulnerability and uncertainty. This strongly encourages refraining from relevant enterprises or initiatives in the outer world. It is an ideal moment to relate with one’s multidimensional self, or Guide, to take some rest and reflect upon the lessons of life, to release what is no longer needed.

A most basic question at all levels and especially in the realm of relationships is:

“Who am I?”

Or in other words:

Who and what is truly relating in my relationship?

For some reflections on the above please click here.

On a New Moon questions require honest answers, which are not conditioned by general or cultural ideas, and strictly refer to one’s own uncontaminated awareness.

Honestly, finding an answer to the above question may require more than a life-time, though a provisional and legitimate answer may be: “I don’t have any clue”, or “I don’t know, yet I am determined to find it out”, or “Perhaps it is….”, or “According to … it is …”

There are more questions to follow, yet they all depend upon the answer to the above question. It is entirely up to you whether to move to the next questions or stay with the original question until you get a satisfying answer. Whatever the case, whether you move on out of achieved clarity or impatience, it is advisable to return to the first question from time to time.

Hence, if you have chosen to stay with the first question, you can stop reading this note now, otherwise you can move on to further questions, though I take the liberty not to recommend it.

Further questions may be:

What is the true purpose of my current relationships?
What sources support this purpose?
In which way can my relationships contribute to the human and natural environment?
What talents are generated from my relationships and how can I use them in the present?
What grievances are produced from my relationships and how can I heal them?
Am I merely projecting on my relationships, falling in love with them, or the other way around, or am I loving them?
What does it mean to love them?
Do I fall in love or do I love?

“Falling in love” is literally loving a part of oneself which the projection process places on the screen of another being. This displacement and reception of a part of one’s being causes the bliss of love, if the other willingly receives and responds to it, or the pain of love, if the other rejects or only partially accepts the projection. “Falling in love” makes demands on the other, willing or unwilling. “Loving”, on the other hand, is free and giving; it requires nothing in return, has no expectations, accepts the other without judgment or reservation, and wants only that which can be freely and willingly given out of the other’s Self. The relationships where “falling in love” turns into “loving” as the initial projection wanes are those that endure with the greatest depth and beauty. (Edwin C. Steinbrecher, The Inner Guide Meditation)

The degree of the New Moon, or Lunation point, indicate an area of life that will operate as Intent and driving force during the next cycle.

This New Moon is the binary 7.7, a climax of cardinal air. At its core level Libra concerns the search and finding of the primary relationship and the original Intent of the interaction among human beings. Here you have the chance of voyaging into time and space, experiencing and healing most ancient mythic recollection, revisiting ancestral lineages, releasing blocked energies and gaining understanding about the Intent that truly motivates your partnerships.

I love thee, I love but thee
With a love that shall not die
Till the sun grows cold
And the stars grow old. (Willam Shakespeare)

Astroshamanic Seal: two triangles connected by a vertical line. The vision involves a white cloud from which a channel descends linking the sky with the earth and the bottom of the earth, reaching the darkest point, the Peak of Darkness. The Peak of Darkness is the point of arrival and departure. It is in precise vertical alignment with the Peak of Light. Reaching the Peak of Darkness involves liberating all your secrets. With Libra you can understand the key of this balance between light and darkness, together with the harmony that follows. The work involves undoing 144 separated relationships, as exemplified by the combinations between Sun and Moon, one by one. This involves entering into such relationships and then let them go. (For further information see guidance section below).
Celebrities with 7.7:

Nicholas Roerich, (7.7) October 9 [O.S. September 27] 1874 – December 13, 1947), was a Russian mystic, painter. A prolific artist, he created thousands of paintings (many of them are exhibited in well-known museums of the world) and about 30 literary works. Roerich was an author and initiator of an international pact for the protection of artistic and academic institutions and historical sites (Roerich’s Pact) and a founder of an international movement for the defence of culture.

Humanity must suffer very much before it comes to an understanding of the advantage of unity. Most destructive forces have been directed for the purpose of obscuring the embryos of unification. Each unifying agent is subject to personal danger. Each peace-maker is disparaged. Each worker is ridiculed. Each builder is called madman. Thus the servants of dissolution try to drive from the face of the Earth the Banner of Enlightenment. Work is impossible amid enmities. Construction is inconceivable amid explosions of hatred. Fellowship is battling with man-hatred.
Let us keep in memory these old Covenants.

The Great Helpers of humanity do not abandon the Earth so long as sufferings go unhealed. Wholehearted fellowship can easily heal the wounds of a friend — but it is necessary to develop the art of thinking in the name of Good. And this is not easy amid the day’s hustle and bustle. But the examples of the Great Helpers of humanity can encourage and infuse new forces.

Arthur Rimbaud, (7.7.7: Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Libra) French poet (20 October 1854-d. 1891) Born in Charleville, Ardennes, he produced his best known works while still in his late teens and he gave up creative writing altogether before the age of 21. As part of the decadent movement, Rimbaud influenced modern literature, music and art. He was known to have been a libertine and a restless soul, travelling extensively on three continents before his death from cancer just after his 37th birthday.
“Genius is the recovery of childhood at will.”
“Je est un autre. (I is someone else).”
“I believe I am in Hell, therefore I am.”
“I understand, and not knowing how to express myself without pagan words, I’d rather remain silent”
“Life is the farce we are all forced to endure.”

The poet makes himself a seer by a long, prodigious, and rational disordering of all the senses. Every form of love, of suffering, of madness; he searches himself,he consumes all the poisons in him, and keeps only their quintessences. This is an unspeakable torture during which he needs all his faith and superhuman strength, and during which he becomes the great patient, the great criminal, the great accursed – the great learned one! – among men. – For he arrives at the unknown! Because he has cultivated his own soul – which was rich to begin with – more than any other man! He reaches the unknown, and even if, crazed, he ends up by losing the understanding of his visions, at least he has seen them! Let him die charging through those unutterable, unnameable things: other horrible workers will come; they will begin from the horizons where he has succumbed! (Rimbaud, born 20 October)

Martin Heidegger, (7.7.9) German philosopher (September 26, 1889 – May 26, 1976)
His central belief was that philosophy, and society as a whole, was preoccupied with what it is that exists. His belief was that we find ourselves “always already” fallen into a world that already existed. But he insisted that we had forgotten the basic question of what it is to exist, of what being itself is. This question defines our central nature. He argued that we are practical agents, caring and concerned about our projects in the world, and allowing it to reveal, or ‘unconceal’ itself to us. He came to believe that our proactive interference and manipulation of reality is often harmful and hides our true being as essentially limited participants, not masters, of the world which we discover.
Heidegger wrote about these issues in his best-known book, Being and Time (1927), which is considered to be one of the most important philosophical works of the 20th century. Heidegger’s views have implications beyond philosophy, in literature, psychology, theology and artificial intelligence

Allan Kardec,(7.7.2) French founder of Spiritism (d. 1869) pen name of the French teacher and educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (Lyon, October 3, 1804 – Paris, March 31, 1869). He is known today as the systematizer of Spiritism for which he laid the foundation with the five books of the Spiritist Codification.

Denis Villeneuve (7.7) born October 3, 1967, French Canadian film director and writer, three-time winner of the Genie Award for Best Direction, for Maelström in 2001, Polytechnique in 2010 and Incendies in 2011. He is best known for his crime-thriller films, including Prisoners (2013) and Sicario (2015), and the critically acclaimed science fiction drama Arrival (2016).

Jack Wagner, (7.7) American actor and singer (born October 3, 1959)

Jake Shears, (7.7) American singer (Scissor Sisters) (October 3, 1978)

Bruce Springsteen, (7.7.3) American singer and songwriter, born September 23, 1949.

Léon Boëllmann, (7.7.7) French composer (September 25, 1862 – October 11, 1897)

Pope Paul VI (7.7.4) (26 September 1897 – 6 August 1978)

King Louis XIII of France (7.7.4) (27 September 1601 – 14 May 1643)

Peter Finch, (7.7.9) English-born Australian actor (28 September 1916 – 14 January 1977) best remembered for his role as “crazed” television anchorman Howard Beale in the film Network

Marcello Mastroianni, (7.7.10) Italian actor (28 September 1924, Fontana Liri – 19 December 1996)

Steve Forrest, (7.7) American actor (born September 29, 1924)

Mylène Demongeot, (7.7.3) French actress (born on 29 September 1935 in Nice)

Jerry Lee Lewis, (7.7.11) American musician (born September 29, 1935)

Ivan Graziani, (7.7) Italian singer-songwriter (October 6, 1945 – January 1, 1997)

Lech Wałęsa, (7.7.6) President of Poland, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born 29 September 1943)

Michael Powell, (7.7) British screenwriter, film director, and producer (30 September 1905 – 19 February 1990)

Christoph Waltz, (7.7) Austrian actor (born 4 October 1956)

Peter Coyote, (7.7) American actor October 10, 1941

Liev Schreiber, (7.7.8) American actor (born October 4, 1967)

James Whitmore, (7.7.8) American actor (October 1, 1921 – February 6, 2009)

Diana Lynn, (7.7.3) American actress (October 7, 1926 – December 18, 1971)

Jil Caplan, (7.7) French singer and songwriter 20 October 1965

Julian Cope (7.7.9) English musician and writer 21 October 1957, a noted and public interest in occultism, paganism and Goddess worship.

Steve Lukather, (7.7) American musician 21 October 1957

Doris Lessing, (7.7) British writer, Nobel Prize laureate (born 22 October 1919) is a British writer. Her novels include The Grass is Singing, The Golden Notebook, and five novels collectively known as Canopus in Argos.

Derek Jacobi, (7.7.6) English actor, born 22 October 1938

Christopher Lloyd, (7.7) American actor (born October 22, 1938) best known for playing Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy,

Sting, (7.7.5) English musician and actor (on 2 October 1951, Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne)

Parminder Nagra, (7.7) English actress (born 5 October 1975)

Jennifer Holliday, (7.7) American singer and actress October 19, 1960

Kate Winslet, (7.7.7) English actress (born 5 October 1975)

Scott Weinger (7.7) American actor (born October 5, 1975)

Jesse Eisenberg, (7.7) American actor (born October 5, 1983)

Stamatina Agiorgiti, 7.7.9 (9,9), Greek geomantist, artist, singer


Provisional Territorial Unit:


D7.7: MOLDOVA, Chişinău [OCc]; Ialoveni; Străşeni (7); Anenii Noi; Căuşeni; Bender/Tighina [Oc]; Ştefan Vodă (1); Basarabeasca; Cimişlia; Gagauzia; Taraclia (2); Cahul; Cantemir; Hînceşti; Leova (3); Bălţi [Oc]; Drochia; Rîşcani (4); Călăraşi; Nisporeni; Teleneşti; Ungheni (5); Făleşti; Glodeni; Sîngerei (6); Briceni; Edinet (8); Donduşeni; Ocniţa (9); Floreşti; Rezina; Soroca (10); Criuleni; Dubăsari; Orhei [Oc]; Şoldăneşti (11); Transnistria: Tiraspol [Oc] (12).
0-2½°Libra; Libra/Libra; Libra/Venus.
Rusie Prasupaja. TANMARIAT, Tanbaubart.
Moldova is divided into thirty-two districts (raioane, singular raion); three municipalities (Bălţi, Chişinău, Bender); and two autonomous regions (Gagauzia and Transnistria). The cities of Comrat and Tiraspol, the administrative seats of the two autonomous territories also have municipality status. There are 32 districts.
D7-7-1 MOLDOVA, Anenii Noi; Căuşeni; Bender/Tighina; Ştefan Vodă;
D7-7-2 MOLDOVA, Basarabeasca; Cimişlia; Gagauzia; Taraclia;
D7-7-3 MOLDOVA, Cahul; Cantemir; Hînceşti; Leova
D7-7-4 MOLDOVA, Bălţi; Drochia; Rîşcani;
D7-7-5 MOLDOVA, Călăraşi; Nisporeni; Teleneşti; Ungheni;
D7-7-6 MOLDOVA, Făleşti; Glodeni; Sîngerei;
D7-7-7 MOLDOVA, Chişinău; Ialoveni; Străşeni
D7-7-8 MOLDOVA, Briceni; Edinet
D7-7-9 MOLDOVA, Donduşeni; Ocniţa
D7-7-10 MOLDOVA, Floreşti; Rezina, Saharna (Sacred Cone Post); Soroca
D7-7-11 MOLDOVA, Criuleni; Dubăsari; Orhei; Şoldăneşti
D7-7-12 MOLDOVA, Transnistria
Handorian Reference:
Grand State of Tanmarg,
Nation of Tanmariat

This is the central nation of the Grand State of Tanmarg, also known as Baubart, incorporating the State Capital Region of Bahul. The emblem of Tanmarg is the Hanmarian Bear, which may resemble to an ordinary teddy-bear, while the State Capital’s variation of the bear, placed on the seal is called Baubart.

Seal of the Capital
7-7-1 Grandiloquent
7-7-2 Grah Taracliat
7-7-3 Git, Tag, Tit,
7-7-4 Ting, Geet, Gupt
7-7-5 Tarot, Grant
7-7-6 Tarant, Tarang, Tabiet, Galant, Gambit, Tatsat
7-7-7 Taburet, Tabinet, Tainuit, Grahart
7-7-8 Tantalit, Talentat,
7-7-9 Gallivant
7-7-10 Tantamount
7-7-11 Telestinart
7-7-12 Transenestat

IP – 111096 – 7.7
With this dance I’m inviting Handor, the Guide, the Spirit Animal. On this day approaching New Moon I rejoice at having this clear image of me as the creator. I take full responsibility for whatever surrounds me. My sacred function is to recreate and correct a distorted vision which was the cause of pain and sufferance. There is no other law but God, no other reality but Light and Ecstasy. And as I realise that everything is part of me, there lies a supreme joy. My work consists into taking back the projection and sending out the force of Love. You do that with your instruments, by being totally there with all your energy, feeling the availability of all forces. This is your Intent. Whatever is around is contributing to that Intent. There is no fear of confusion. There’s just one Intent. It’s just a question of focusing into the belly to get the strength of It. Then you move to the heart with all that Love. A Love emanating from the Crystal Sphere. Whatever can be seen and perceived is part of the Sphere. Then you connect with the above. Three areas which are just one. On this day I’m establishing a new cycle. Here it’s perfectly clear that I am already operating. Whatever I do is part of the operation. I acknowledge the reality and the fiction. There is nothing to develop in the future. The present is the actual path and now with this ritual I’m sending energy of clarity and determination within and without. By projecting light in whatever I see I do my job and proclaim the Intent every moment. The basic function is going to be: operating moment by moment or constant healing. Use all possible instruments.
Vision: I move into the velvet hill of 7.7 and this is what I hear: “The Sacred Cone is within you with its peaks of light and darkness. When you connect with the structure of the Sacred Cone inside the link with the Web of Life and whatever exists within and without you is manifested. From the Peak of Light you have access to the polar opposite, and the same applies to the Peak of Darkness. You are located in the Dimension of Light and Darkness, which is bounded by the Dimension of Light on one side and the Dimension of Darkness on the other. In its huge process of expansion towards darkness, the Peak of Light (Handor) developed various stations, which are identified by specific parts of the universe, as it is currently visible. The aim of the Game is to reach the Peak of Darkness and thus directly accessing Handor through the propelling force that such outcome entails. All secrets are to be unveiled in the current times. In the Dimension of Light and Darkness the search for balance is the essence.”

I receive the visionary potion. I see a white cloud in a clear sky. From the cloud a channel descends, as a sort of lift heading to Quiumakai. Quiumakai is the ultimate station before the Peak of Darkness (Rodnah). The Peak of Darkness is the point of arrival and departure. It is in precise vertical alignment with the Peak of Light. Reaching the Peak of Darkness results in liberating all your secrets. Once you have arrived in Rodnah then you can have direct communication with Handor. In Sector 7 you can understand the key of this balance between light and darkness, together with the harmony that follows. In the Dimension of Light and Darkness, your current location, the obstruction to such balance is generated by the Paheka Rubhe, the grieving network of the 144 couples. The work involves undoing each one of them.