Mardi Gras & Lent

imagesToday, just for a few seconds or minutes, you can choose to create simple thoughts of Light and Peace. You can imagine that these thoughts reach unknown people, close or far away in the world, allowing them to feel unexpectedly peaceful and happy. Imagine that you have been formally appointed to carry out this function by the Divine. You can do this as a game, in various moments of the day, in total secrecy, anonymously. It does not matter if you manage to do it only for a short time or if this game is brusquely interrupted and you find yourself again in darkness and conflicts. Imagine that the bit you do has great value, because thanks to it some people in the world are going to experience peace. And, still as part of the game, you can imagine that someone in this moment, anonymously, is sending loving thoughts to you, and as a result you feel suddenly peaceful and happy. This is just a Carnival game, on mardi gras, nothing serious, yet if you like it, you can continue it, secretly, throughout Lent.

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