Since 1988 Franco Santoro has worked extensively with thousands of people from all walks of life and from more than 100 countries, offering them regular support and guidance in the search for their life purpose. Franco is particularly successful in assisting individuals to gain clarity about their highest intentions and develop pragmatic means to fully achieve them. The connection with the inner guide, or multidimensional self, and the enhancement of shamanic healing gifts also play a significant role.

The Astroshamanic Mentoring Service involves a regular direct connection with Franco Santoro and other qualified astroshamanic mentors aimed at the following:

  • Setting, implementing and manifesting short, medium and long-term intentions
  • Deeply and regularly connecting with one’s inner guide, core identity and other deep expressions of the multidimensional self.
  • Releasing and transforming grievances, blocks and other aspects of separation.
  • Integrating spiritual, multidimensional and visionary experiences with everyday life, including family, relationships, creativity and work.
  • Retrieving lost parts of the soul and spirit medicines.
  • Intimately engaging with the seasonal cycles and the energy dynamics of one’s astrological chart
  • Unveiling, supporting and developing hidden potentials and gifts.
  • Assisting in devising and applying practices and healing remedies, including a full programme aimed at supporting the above processes.
  • Providing opportunities for further training and refinement of skills, together with the integration of various forms of astroshamanic tuition, such as Operative Training in Astroshamanism, Astroshamanic Practitioner Training or one-year courses, and of other modalities of teaching.

The service is offered by phone or via Skype, and also through face-to-face sessions, if required.

If you wish to ask questions about this service, including how to book an appointment, please fill the form below: