Multidimensional Astrology

ImageAccording to the fictional strategy used in Multidimensional Astrology, we simultaneously exist in many dimensions and parallel realities. The world we live in is just one of those realities, yet since it is a separate reality our consciousness is limited and we believe to exist only here. All human pain and misery is due to this separation, and the incapacity to be aware of who we truly are.

Multidimensional Astrology is an application of Astroshamanism developed by Franco Santoro. Its aim is to help us understand who and where we are from an expanded perspective, and what our purpose and function is in this reality.

Our consultations and workshops offer a complete exploration of the astrological chart based on your current life cycles and intentions in this and other realities. The aim is to support the alignment with your life purpose, tapping into the inner knowledge of your being, acknowledging strengths and gifts, connecting with other empowering realities and finding effective ways to deal with the challenges and grievances you meet in everyday life.

Multidimensional Astrology is both experiential and theoretical, empowering and supporting the client’s intention, focusing on self-knowledge, life potentials, purposes and directions.

Please be aware that we do not offer any form of fortune telling,  future prediction or astrological character analysis. The greatest mistake you can do with astrology is to believe that the stars and planets have a complete influence on your life. Your personal horoscope shows what you are not, what you have been conditioned to see as yourself, your separate self and all its illusions. We employ astrology as a strategic map of the separate human psyche and as a method for determining the division of time.

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Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you. (Dane Rudhyar, born on 23 March 1895, Sun Aries, Moon Aquarius, Ascendant Sagittarius)