The term multidimensional (from Latin multus – many, and dimensio, from dimetri – to measure out) describes the presence of several dimensions or aspects of reality. In ordinary language the term dimension usually refers to the measurements that define the shape and size of a physical object. Another similar use of this term involves the measurement in number of degrees of free movement available in a given space, configuration or plane of existence.

Dimensions are considered in mathematics, physics and the scientific arena, as well as in esoteric, occult and mystical teaching, included the shamanic experience. The prevailing scientific theories suggest that there are at least 12 dimensions, all existing simultaneously, while the main esoteric understanding is that these dimensions or place are also 12.

Shamanically a dimension is also considered as state of consciousness, indicating the level of awareness and the rate of vibration of a subject no matter in which spatial dimension they appear to be located. For example, a mineral exists in third-dimensional space, yet according to some esoteric teachings it generally has a consciousness of the first dimensional level. Human beings exists third-dimensionally, though some of them can also access fourth, fifth dimensional or even higher levels of consciousness.

The basic astroshamanic understanding is that all aspects of existence are intimately related and part of the same whole. Within this wholeness there are different frequencies of vibration and planes of existence, which make the various dimensions.

Zero Dimension: In spatial terms this is a point, a dot with no length, breadth or depth, and therefore no dimensions. It constitutes the simplest geometric concept and is often used as the fundamental constituent of geometry, physics, vector graphics and other fields. According to Edwin A. Abbott, this is the lowest depth of existence, the realm of Pointland: “That Point is Being like ourselves, but confined to the non-dimensional Gulf. He is himself his own World, his own Universe; of any other than himself he can form no conception; he knows not Length, nor Breadth, nor Height, for he has had no experience of them; he has no cognizance even of the number Two; nor has he a thought of Plurality; for he is himself his One and All, being really Nothing.” In terms of awareness it relates to the level of consciousness of the mineral kingdom, including the minerals, water and genetic code in human bodies, though in most esoteric scales starting the counting from 1 this is called the first dimension. It is the consciousness of the Earth’s physical prime atom. Connecting with this dimension involves awareness of the entire physical world on a molecule level. It is the gateway between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

First Dimension: In spatial terms this is the line, which is defined as a series of two or more mathematical points all connected in succession. A line has only length, with no breadth or depth, area or volume. Edwin A. Abbott described the inhabitants of Lineland as “confined in motion and eyesight to one single Straight Line, which was their world” with the whole of their horizon being limited to a Point. “Man, woman, child, thing – each was a Point to the eye of a Linelander. Only by the sound of the voice could sex or age be distinguished. Moreover, as each individual occupied the whole of the narrow path, so to speak, which constituted his Universe, and no one could move to the right or left to make way for passers by, it followed that no Linelander could ever pass another. Once neighbours, always neighbours. Neighbourhood with them was like marriage with us. Neighbours remained neighbours till death did them part.”

In terms of awareness it relates to the level of consciousness of the plant kingdom, including the animal and human’s lower brain that regulates and maintains life support functions. Please be aware that in most esoteric scales starting the counting from 1 this is called the second dimension and it includes both the line and the plane. Hence there does not appear to be a specific dimension devoted to the line, and what we describe in spatial terms here as the first and second dimension are combined into the second dimension. This is the dimension of the chemical beings that constitute our body and whatever has organic physical form on the planet. In this realm beings are only aware of the identity of their species and their need for survival through feeding, defence and reproduction. There are however a large variety of beings that exist at this level, with different functions and features. Nature spirits, elementals, fairies, devas, demons and chemical beings in general are believed to be connected with this level.

Second Dimension: In spatial terms this is the plane or surface, geometrically defined as a series of mathematical points forming a surface that stretches outward at right angles from every point of any line. A plane has length and breadth, which allows it to have a specific area where it can be located, though it has no volume and mass. Second dimensional beings can move in any direction on the plane where they exist, yet they can never leave that plane by moving upward or downward. This is Flatland, as Edwin A. Abbott describes it: “Imagine a vast sheet of paper on which straight Lines, Triangles, Squares, Pentagons, Hexagons, and other figures, instead of remaining fixed in their places, move freely about, on or in the surface, but without the power of rising above or sinking below it, very much like shadows – only hard and with luminous edges.” Yet, although the second dimension may appear flat and straight to its inhabitants, it could actually be wrinkled, steep, twisted or curved when seen from the perspective of the third dimension.

In most esoteric scales starting the counting from 1 what we describe here geometrically as the first and second dimension are both combined into the second dimension. Hence in terms of awareness the features described above in the first dimension also applies here, though from other esoteric perspectives the second dimension is related with the level of consciousness of the animal kingdom.

Third Dimension: In spatial terms this is a polyhedron or sphere, involving length, breadth and also height, yet locked exclusively in a given time line, moving through time similarly to the way the first dimension moves through space. It is the familiar ordinary human reality as human beings physically perceive it, which can be described as a cube with an infinite number of squares placed on top of each other in a vertical axis. Existence is over and through an infinite number of planes.
In terms of awareness it relates to the level of consciousness of human beings and the higher animal kingdom. There is awareness of third dimensional entities as separate and unique, yet minimum awareness of their interconnectedness. Consciousness is locked in a given space-time and cause-effect frame, such as the Human Arbitrary Configuration (HAC), in which time is linear and operatively acknowledged only in the present. Past and future is accessible solely through memory or imagination, and as a result is widely forgotten and unconscious, causing major separation and a sense of ongoing fight for survival.

The Third Dimension can be described as a Time Line, just as the First Dimension is a Space Line. Just as the Second Dimension unveils the operative awareness of an infinite number of Space Lines, which allow the option of moving sideways, the Fourth Dimension discloses the presence of infinite Time Lines and the possibility of accessing different spheres of time. This implies travelling through time without being restricted to a single Time Line. Movement in the First Dimension occurs only through a single Space Line, the only acknowledged reality, which is limited by what is in front and behind, with no possibility of overtaking. Hence the speed and direction of movement is dictated by what is in front and behind. If, for example, what is behind does not allow you to move backward, going back is not possible, whereas if what is ahead moves only at a certain speed, what is behind cannot move faster than that. In the Third Dimension the same applies to time, and in this particular type of Third Dimension, from where you are reading this text, called HAC, movement through the Time Line goes only forward and at an inflexibly steady speed, which means that is not possible to stop, reverse or go slower or faster than the speed limit.

Fourth Dimension: This is a multifaceted space-time polyhedron or sphere, involving length, breadth, height and time. It is the familiar ordinary human reality as human beings physically perceive it, yet set in an infinite number of time planes.

In terms of awareness it relates to the astral and emotional plane, and the capacity to access environments, situations, humans or other beings without the limitations of a given space and frame of time. Past and future are accessible just as space is accessible in the third dimension, making it possible to move into different frame of times. All times exist simultaneously and although some spheres of time may not be easy to reach, just as certain space locations are in third dimensional reality, they are all potentially accessible.

The fourth dimensional body has a higher vibration and endurance than the physical body. To most human beings its awareness abides in the unconscious mind, so that when they become unconscious of the third dimension, they gain awareness of the fourth, usually through imagination, dreams, intuition. The fourth dimension is still highly polarised and is the realm of Graha, lower extra-terrestrial beings, angels and demons.

Fifth Dimension: This is the mental body, a generator of space-time polyhedrons or spheres, operating as creative matrix of the preceding dimensions, through choice and will. In the fifth dimension there is complete awareness about the choice between separation and unity. There is still individual consciousness, yet as a result of a choice. It is the realm of Intention and Paheka.

Sixth Dimension: This is the spiritual body, the point of integration between vertical and horizontal axis, the CMI. It is the access to all following dimensions, unexplainable through language. It is the realm of Sadoha, Only acce to the sixth dimension can provide unlimited and free movements in all lower dimensions.

Franco Santoro