The Principality of Naxoh is in the south-west valleys and coasts of the Confederated Tudorian Principalities. Its capital is the City of Magd, which along with Captain Cosh and Crownpath, is transited by the Left Subclavian Handorian Multiway.

In the Principality of Naxoh folks are extremely magnetic, vigorous, deep and versatile. Naxorians are most admired for their capacity to pursue any purpose with gigantic levels of intensity and infatuation. Whenever Naxorians are confronted with a goal, especially of a multi-dimensional esoteric or erotic nature, they invest the absolute totality of their being. They are literally prepared to annihilate themselves for whoever and whatever they focus their attention on, provided the whole thing does not take too much time and they can then swiftly move on to other passionate enterprises.

Humans who inherit Naxorian traits, and candidly express them in the consensus reality, may experience troubles if they are not cautious, yet the point is that Naxorian do not tend to be cautious. They are tremendously receptive and aligned to the deepest purpose of other people, and it is with such a purpose that they relate, tapping into the most arcane secrets and releasing them through truthful communication.
These folks are marvellous shamanic healers, and, since my third-dimensional time is limited, there is no way in which I can manage to celebrate their virtues. Yet, Naxorians do not mind for they are used at not being celebrated. In this respect, I would rather say that they are either excessively celebrated, or terribly condemned, or both. Indeed, they do not see any difference between such options. What they consider is the amount of energy, rather than the label attached to that energy, and how they can use it to direct it to the Sacred Cone.

The Naxorian frequency, astrologically combining mutable Air with fixed Water, stimulates the desire for truly intimate communication. If you are willing to take a risk, Naxorian energy can support you, yet be aware that Naxorian communication, especially when it is mixed with Bunosian elements (3.9, i.e. Gemini and Sagittarius), is unadulterated frankness. Here being intimate means to be ready to communicate the most unmentionable secrets, to be utterly transparent.

A rewarding exercise to practice if you wish to explore Naxorian and Bunosian features is to connect with a partner, lover or friend in the CTP, and unveil your entire sexual history. This include references to all those you had sex with, bearing in mind that in this multidimensional context sex may be described as a “physical, emotional, mental or spiritual activity involving one, two or more beings in which sexual organs are touched and which may include sexual intercourse”. Please also be aware that in this context “sexual organs” are not necessarily and exclusively represented by conventional human genitals and may apply to any other organ or form. For further details on this practice, please contact the competent authority.

Captain Crotch (3-8-1), is a celebrated County of the Principality of Naxoh, whose emblem is a couple of cuishes with at a centre a crotch armour. It includes the temples of Conical Speech and the Circle of Mahaka. It is named after Captain Crotch, heroic member of the Circle of the Handorian Shadow Pioneers in Age 1 and agile initiator of the labour leading to the establishment of the Copulatory Path Track.
Captain Cuish, (500,000 inhabitants), the capital, is situated on the Copulation Path Track, and is celebrated for its Chief Dragoon Chah. It is divided into three areas: the commercial zone (including the hypermarket Paramar Coxah and the local arena), the residential area and the city centre. The city centre (Carrier Coxah, or CC) is a vast grounded starship with 12 metal gates coloured according to their sectors, in the shape of the emblem. At the centre there is a castle-temple with eight gates. Access to CC is available only for CTP citizens. Class one pilgrims on the Copulatory Path may access the CC from Gate 6 only and apply for permissions to proceed to the Temple of the Copulatory Path in the Archdeanary of Captain Crotch located at Central Area 6. Captain Cuish takes its name from the homonymous local hero, the mythic commanding officer of the CC in Age 2, operating with PTA and HIS in interspace fleet merchant crew assault tasks and as sentinel escort for the Handorian Cruiser Force. The local squad is Coat of Cuish.

3.8 minor





The Counties of Naxoh

Code Trinity Head City
3.8.1 County Crotch Captain Crotch
3.8.2 County Parvenu Camp Parvenu
3.8.3 Pau Pau
3.8.4 Conu Conu
3.8.5 Crush Crush
3.8.6 Plinth Plinth
3.8.7 Pharaoh Pharaoh
3.8.8 Pronaxoh City of Naxoh
3.8.9 Crownpath Crownpath
3.8.10 Conechurch Churchpath
3.8.11 Cape Naxoru Port Penish
3.8.12 Captain Cosh Captain Cosh

Names: Conu, Pau, Cosh, Cluish, Pharaoh, Pallinah, Parvenu; Parivesh (boundary), Parvesh (godliness), Piyush (nectar), Praghosh (declaration), Prakash (light), Pranesh (lord of life), Pravesh (entering), Premesh (god of love), Premnath (lord of love), Purvesh (eastern).
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