Nelfras 1-6


Nelfras includes the archipelago of Northern Nelfras and an ample territory on the west-central coast of the peninsula. It is dedicated to the warrior monk saint (El Fras), who caused a lot of turmoil in the Handorian States System, until he was isolated in the island of Alapis where he established the foundations for the creation of his Nation. El Fras is a dynamic and paradoxical saint, able to switfly leap from one state of consciousness into the other, yet what mainly characterises its ways is the overflowing presence of happiness and joy out of whatever arises. El Fras was recularly harassed by its imagination urging it to act in the world, until it realises that the imagination was urging it to act in the imagination.

It has dominance over Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Nelfrasian Names: Alapis, Abacus, Naff, Nus, Arrakis, Nartemis, Adonis, Attis, Ares, Achates, Audins.
Provordo Names: Abhas (splendour), Antas (inside), Ashraf (noble), Nargis (flower).