Nobody is interested to heal

In the end what purports to cure you is the essential cause of all your pain in this world.

Conventional and alternative healing methods, ordinary and revolutionary ideals, including religions, spirituality and all related teachers rely entirely on your pain to survive and thrive.

They keep telling you what you should do or be so as not to suffer, in order to be happy and at peace. Yet they may not be interested at all in your happiness and peace. They may only be interested to kk you in pain.

As long as you are in pain, and you believe that this pain should not be there, because it is due to your fault, they will continue to exist and thrive, just as you will continue to suffer.

In a separate reality, no matter how insist, healing is not possible, because this reality is based on duality, on the conflict between pain and pleasure, misery and happiness.

Pain here is not something that should not be there, an alien anomaly that needs to be fixed. Pain is not due to your incapacity to be happy, to mistakes you make in your life, to something wrong you or other people do. Pain is the backbone of this world.

The ongoing presence of pain, together with the continuing promise of its final defeat, either here or in another world, is what allows this reality to survive.

Nobody here is truly interested in your peace and happiness. They are interested in the preservation of  pain, for only in this way dualism and separation can continue to exist. And this is the paradox of this reality, which goes on all the time


Franco Santoro