12.6 copy12/6
Taepeh Kahesepoh
Binary 138
15-17½° Pisces

In the Astroshamanic Binary System, Sun in Pisces (12) and Moon in Virgo (6) constitute Binary 12.6, or Binary number 138.

12.6 (Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo) is the Full Moon binary, encompassing Mutable Water and Mutable Earth, blending Pisces’s empathy, emotional sensitivity and sensitivity with expanded states of consciousness with Virgo’s discrimination, practicability and common sense. Efficient, precise, analytical and extremely intuitive these folks are masters in the art of synthesis, classification and mapping, endowed with a spontaneous alignment with the web of life that allows them to hold the wider perspective as well as the attentions to details.

The Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo form an aspect of opposition (180°), combining two mutable signs opposing each other. This brings about a major link between two flexible natures operating in distinct fields, which can either cause extreme tension or manifest amazing creative achievements.

Moon_fullFull Moon in Virgo:

Traditionally this Full Moon was called with a la large variety of names, such as Snow Moon (for in certain zones it happens at a time when the heaviest snows fall), Hunger Moon (for the scarcity of food and provisions), Worm Moon (the ground tends to soften and earthworm casts reappear), Crow Moon (when the cawing of crows heralds the end of winter), Sap Moon (signalling the time of tapping maple trees), and Crust Moon (the snow becomes crusted from thawing by day and freezing at night).
From an astroshamanic perspective this Full Moon in Virgo aligns with the Manas (pure lake), the spirit keeper of Mionahils, incorporating the development and implementation of healing powers.
The effects of any Full Moon are usually experienced during the two days before and after the exact time of the Full Moon. The preceding days can challenge our conventional perspective and cause release of pent-up emotions or excess energies, while the following serve the purpose of integrating what has emerged during the climaxing time.
The general aim of a Full Moon is to bring balance between the areas where the Sun and Moon are transiting through a process that involves acknowledgment, tension, reconciliation and healing.
With the dynamic Pisces-Virgo, the integration is between collective and individual service, transcendence and manifestation, free intuition and sense of duty, and any themes related with Pisces and Virgo.
Pisces is the most mystical and boundless sign of the zodiac, surrendering to the flow of life, thriving in situations of paradoxes, confusion and bewilderment, while Virgo is technical, efficient, scrupulous, painstaking, systematic,  concerned with acknowledging, discriminating and preserving resources.
Pisces is romantic, haphazard, irrational, indistinct, yet inspired and ecstatic, aligned with the visionary realm. Virgo is proficient, analytical, precise, sensible and selective, focused on the ordinary and mundane aspects of life.
The dialectic between Pisces and Virgo, being the last polar interaction of the winter season, carries the energetic climax of the entire annual cycle.
This binary exemplifies the dynamic between the whore and the virgin, the shamanic witch and the pure mother, the Gnostic or Inner Mystery and the Christian Outer Mystery, the direct connection with Spirit and the adherence to the official interpretation of scriptures.
During a Full Moon energy reaches a climax, making the entire body a vast vibrant zone eager to express and act out. This is one of the reasons why the Full Moon has always been regarded as the best time for dynamic group rituals and trance dances.
The Full Moon is a pulsating and invigorating time, unveiling the arcane mechanics of the interaction between polarities. The lunar cycle, started with the New Moon, reaches the culmination with the Full Moon.
The sign where the Moon was placed at New Moon, which in this case was Pisces, defines the basic intent. Hence, this current lunar cycle based on Pisces, features themes such as: compassion, service, unconditional love, imagination, art, sacred theatre, empathy, transcendence and trance states.
On a Full Moon whatever was conceived during the New Moon, calls for direct expression and achievement. Here we may confront ourselves with the pragmatic implications of our intent.
The exact position of the Sun and Moon at Full Moon in your astrological chart may indicate the nature of the Sun-Moon dynamics as they apply to your individual setting.


Astroshamanic Seal: This is the first of the 144 seals.


C E L E B R I T I E S with 12.6


Afro Basaldella (12.6.10) March 4, 1912 in Udine – July 24, 1976 in Zurich, Italian painter. He was generally known by the single name Afro.

Elena de’ Grimani (12.6), 1975, Italian cartoonist.

Jean-Michel Folon (12.6.4) March 1, 1934, Uccle, Belgium – October 20, 2005, Monaco, Belgian artist, illustrator, painter, and sculptor.

Gloria Laura Vanderbilt (born February 20, 1924 in New York City, New York) American artist, actress, and socialite most noted as an early developer of designer blue jeans.



Douglas Adams (12.6.4, Uranus cjn Asc) 11 March 1952 – 11 May 2001, English author, comic radio dramatist, and musician. He is best known as the author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

Rory Cochrane (12.6) Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo, born February 28, 1972) in Syracuse, New York, American actor.

Peter Fonda, (12.6.3) American actor, 23 February 1940

Chelsea Handler (12.6.6) born February 25, 1975, American stand-up comedian, humorist, television host, actress, producer and best-selling author.

John Irving (12.6.8) born March 2, 1942 as John Wallace Blunt, Jr., American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter.

Giulietta Masina, (12.6.1) Italian actress (22 Ferbruary 1921-1994)

Georges Perec (12.6.7, Neptune cjn Moon, Pluto cjn MC, Saturn cjn Sun) 7 March 1936 – 3 March 1982, highly-regarded French Jewish novelist, filmmaker and essayist.

Rob Reiner (born March 6, 1947) American actor, director, producer, writer and political activist.

Jean-Paul Roussillon (12.6) French actor (Paris, 5 March 1931 – 31 July 2009)

Rebel Wilson (born 2 March 1980) Australian stand-up comedian, actress, writer and entrepreneur.



René Daumal, born 16 March 1908, Sun in Pisces, Moon and Ascendant in Virgo, Saturn cjn Sun, Pluto cjn MC, French spiritual para-surrealist writer and poet, best known for his posthumously published novel Mount Analogue (1952), died on 21 May 1944, born in Boulzicourt, Ardennes, France.

You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to come down again. So why bother in the first place? Just this: What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one saw higher up. When one can no longer see, one can at least still know.

Camille Flammarion (12.6.8) French astronomer and writer, (1842-1925)

David Foster Wallace (February 21, 1962 – September 12, 2008) American author of novels, essays and short-stories, and a professor at Pomona College in Claremont, California. He was best known for his 1996 novel Infinite Jest, which Time included in its All-Time 100 Greatest Novels list

Michel Houellebecq (12.6.3) born Michel Thomas, 26 February 1956 on the French island of Réunion, controversial and award-winning French author, filmmaker and poet. To admirers he is a writer in the tradition of literary provocation that reaches back to the Marquis de Sade and Baudelaire; to detractors he is a peddler of sleaze and shock.

Karl Jaspers (12.6.5, Uranus cjn Moon) February 23, 1883 – February 26, 1969, German psychiatrist and philosopher who had a strong influence on modern theology, psychiatry and philosophy.

Jack Kerouac, born on 12 March 1922 with Sun in Pisces, Moon and Ascendant in Virgo, died 21 October 1969, he is the author of most controversial non-HAC novels, such as On the Road and Dharma Bums, and one of the leaders of the Beat Movement. When he was four, his older brother died, and from that moment Kerouac continued to feel his presence as a guardian angel. Kerouac wrote his best-selling book On the Road in less than three weeks and on a single roll of telegraph paper. His following book, The Dharma Bums, was inspired by Kerouac’s friendship with the poet Gary Snyder. This work abounds with Buddhist references and paved the way for Zen in the Western world. Nvertheless Kerouac basically remained a devoted Catholic: ”I am not ashamed to wear the crucifix of my Lord. It is because I am Beat, that is, I believe in beatitude and that God so loved the world that he gave his own begotten son to it. . . . So you people don’t believe in God. So you’re all big smart know-it-all Marxists and Freudians, hey? Why don’t you come back in a million years and tell me all about it, angels?”

I want to fish as deep down as possible into my own subconscious in the belief that once that far down, everyone will understand because they are the same that far down.

The fact that everybody in the world dreams every night ties all mankind together.

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”

Maybe that’s what life is… a wink of the eye and winking stars.

All of life is a foreign country.

Karl Friedrich May (12.6.7) February 25, 1842 – March 30, 1912, one of the best selling German writers of all time, noted mainly for books set in the American Old West,

Hermann Meyer (12.6.10) born March 8, 1947 in Prien, German psychologist, teacher, author and professional astrologer.

Arthur Schopenhauer born 22 February 1788, Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo, Ascendant in Cancer, Saturn cjn Sun and MC (died 21 September 1860) was a German philosopher known for his pessimism and philosophical clarity. At age 25, he published his doctoral dissertation, On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, which examined the four separate manifestations of reason in the phenomenal world.

The Universe is a dream dreamed by a single dreamer where all the dream characters dream too.

David Foster Wallace (12.6) American writer (21 February 1962-2008).

Irving Wallace (12.6.4, Pluto and Saturn cjn Asc) born Irving Wallechinsky (March 19, 1916 – June 29, 1990) was an American bestselling author and screenwriter.

Dr Seuss, born March 2, 1904, Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo, American writer, poet and cartoonist, died September 24, 1991. “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.



Yvan-Chrysostome Dolto (12.6.3) , sometimes called Jean-Christophe Doltovitch, better known as Carlos, French singer and humorist, born February 20, 1943 in Paris, died January 17, 2008 in Paris.

Charlélie Couture (12.6.8, Pluto cjn MC) b. Charles Elie Bertrand Couture, 26 February 1956, French musician and multi-disciplinary artist, who has recorded over 25 albums and 17 film soundtracks.

Peter Doherty (born March 12, 1979) English musician and poet, singer and songwriter of the band Babyshambles.

Andy Gibb (12.6.11) March 5, 1958 – March 10, 1988, English-born Australian singer and teen idol, and the youngest brother of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, also known as the Bee Gees.

Filippo Marchetti (12.6) Italian composer (26 February 1831, Bolognola, Macerata – 18 January 1902, Rome)

Glenn Miller (12.6) Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo, born March 1, 1904 in Clarinda Iowa, American jazz musician, missing December 15, 1944.

Guesch Patti (12.6.10) 16 March 1946, born Patricia Porasse, French singer.

Lou  Reed (12.6) March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013, American rock musician, songwriter, and photographer, best known as guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter of The Velvet Underground, and for his solo career, which spanned several decades.

“I’ll be your mirror
Reflect what you are
In case you don’t know
I’ll be the sun
The wind and the rain
The light on your door
To show that you’re home.
When you think the nights as in your mind
Bent inside, you’re twisted and unkind
Let me stand to show that you are blind
Please put down your hands, cause I see you.
I find it hard
To believe you don’t know
The beauty you are
But if you don’t
Let me be your eyes
A hand to your darkness
So you won’t be afraid.
When you think the nights as in your mind
Bent inside, you’re twisted and unkind
Let me stand to show that you are blind
Please put down your hands, cause I see you.
I’ll be your mirror”



Morarji Desai (12.6.4) (February 29, 1896 – April 10, 1995) Indian independence activist and the Prime Minister of India from 1977-79.

Ferdinand I (12.6.8) 10 March 1503 – 25 July 1564, Central European monarch from the House of Habsburg. He was Holy Roman Emperor from 1558, King of Bohemia, Hungary and Croatia from 1526.

Andrew Jackson (12.6.1, Pluto cjn MC, Uranus cjn Asc) March 15, 1767 – June 8, 1845) the 7th President of the United States (1829–1837).

Ted Kennedy (12.6.10, Neptune cjn Moon) February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009, senior United States Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Democratic Party.

Mary I (12.6.10, Pluto cjn Asc) 18 February 1516 – 17 November 1558, Queen of England and Queen of Ireland from 19 July 1553 until her death. The fourth crowned monarch of the Tudor dynasty, she is remembered for restoring England to Roman Catholicism after succeeding her short-lived brother, Edward VI, to the English throne.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe (born on February 21, 1924) head of government in Zimbabwe since 1980 and the first executive President since 1987.



Otto Hahn (12.6.8, Uranus cjn MC) 8 March 1879 – 28 July 1968, German chemist and Nobel laureate who pioneered the fields of radioactivity and radiochemistry, regarded as “the father of nuclear chemistry” and the “founder of the atomic age”.

Nicéphore Niépce  (12.6) French inventor of photography (Chalon Sur Saone, March 7, 1765 – July 5, 1833)



Roberto Assagioli: born with Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo and Ascendant in Cancer, (Venice, February 27, 1888 – Capolona d’Arezzo, August 23, 1974) he is the founder of Psychosynthesis and the first Western psychologist to define an overall map of the human psyche incorporating spirituality. Assagioli describes psychosynthesis as an inclusive approach to the psyche which began from the premise that the whole is. It follows that we do not make ourselves whole, we are already whole. Hence rather than stubbornly dealing with our separated identities, trying to disentangle ourselves from the capriciousness of the ordinary reality, Assagioli invites to shift the attention to the core wholeness of who we in actual fact are. His approach focuses on reawakening our true potential and is based on a deep trust regarding the capacities of the human psyche. In developing his method Assagioli drew abundantly from astrology, esoteric psychology, the work of Alice Bailey and shamanism. One of Assagioli’s techniques involves the connection with an Inner Guide with whom the patient connects in order to receive direct guidance. In this context the therapist simply operates as a facilitator with the client asking the questions as well as receiving the answers from the Inner Guide, who is indeed the client’s Higher Self. This allows the clients to retrieve and reawaken their power, to be autonomous and not dependent on an outer authority, to tap into their inner resources and unfold them. Assagioli was also very pragmatic and realised that several patients were not able to connect with the Inner Guide. In these cases he employed techniques to strengthen the personal will, as a way of accessing the spiritual will.

“We are dominated by whatever our self identifies with. We can dominate, direct and employ what we disidentify from.”

Ronald Hubbard (12.6.6) 13 March 1911 – 24 January 1986, better known as L. Ron Hubbard, was an American science fiction writer, and creator of Dianetics and founder of the Church of Scientology.

Mark Nepo (12.6) born February 23, 1951, in Brooklyn, New York, poet and philosopher who has taught in the fields of poetry and spirituality for over 30 years, best known for his New York Times #1 bestseller, The Book of Awakening. He has published 12 books and recorded six audio projects.

Peter D. Ouspensky (March 5 (OS), 1878, Moscow (March 17 NS (Gregorian calendar) – October 2, 1947, Lyne Place, Surrey, England), Russian philosopher who invoked geometry in his discussions of psychology and higher dimensions of existence.

Rudolf Steiner: born on 27 February 1861, with Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo and Ascendant in Scorpio (12.6.8), died 30 March 1925. Steiner is the founder of Anthroposophy, which he describes as a path for spiritual growth on four levels of human nature: the senses, imagination, inspiration, and intuition. From his early childhood he possessed non-ordinary awareness, connecting with dead relatives and perceiving energy forms in plants. Steiner decided not to speak publicly about his non-ordinary experiences until he was forty. He claimed to be able to access the Akashic Records, which contain the documentation on all multidimensional aspects of humanity and the planet. Similarly to the Gnostics Steiner affirmed that mankind lost their multidimensional and spiritual awareness following the descent into the material plane. Drawing from his Scorpio Ascendant, Steiner was in constant fight with inner demons and grahic forces. He vividly described non-ordinary realms and beings, distinguishing those who support humans to evolve spiritually from others who are interested to oppose this process. Steiner created the Waldorf School Movement (an alternative system of education) and eurythmy (the art of moving the body to express the inner meanings of music and speech). He wrote more than 350 volumes on a large variety of subjects.

A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living.

All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature. 

May my soul bloom in love for all existence.

What is necessary to keep providing good care to nature has completely fallen into ignorance during the materialism era.

Ramtha Knight, born on 16 March 1946, Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo, Ascendant in Sagittarius, American psychic, speaking through a channel from Atlantis (Ramtha).

You are here to create reality, not to continue status quo. You are here to grow in knowledge, philosophy, and then in truth. You are here to live, and not be afraid of life. You are here to use your brain to create thoughts and to conquer your ignorance. What happens when a person becomes enlightened? They conquer their ignorance. What does that mean? That means they develop their Spirit rather than their altered ego, their personality, their body. And they work everyday in embodiment of that (spirit) energy. They don’t ever really grow old. They have dynamic energy. They can create and their level of acceptance is extraordinary. New age is not new age; it is forever age. What it means is being greater than your body, greater than your prejudice and greater than your lack.

Whatever it is, if it doesn’t make you happy, walk away, give it away to someone else who wants it. Let it be THEIR next dream; let it flee from you. You’re emptying out your limitations when you do that. Then you have ROOM to grow, to allow magnificent things to fill the vacuum of those seemingly empty places. When you hold onto yesterday, when you hold onto dead and dying adventures, you have no room in your box for greatness.

Love yourself by listening to what you feel. Listen to how you feel about everything. And if the whole world disagrees with how you feel, love the world for exhibiting its own judgment and its own truth. Allow THEM to be without removing YOU from your decision based on your emotional body and how it feels. That is TRUE love of Self.

God is the simplicity of all things.

Comte de Saint Germain (perhaps born on 23 February 1712, Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo, European courtier, alchemist)

Curious tellers of all nature,
I knew all the great principle and purpose.
I saw the gold potential at the bottom of its mining
I grabbed her and surprised her with bread

I explained by what art the soul to the side of a mother
Made his home wins, and how a glitch
Set against a grain of wheat under wet dust
One plant and one vine, are the bread and wine.

There was, God wanted nothing became something,
I doubted I looked at what the world asks,
Nothing kept his balance and used to support.

Finally, with the weight of praise and blame,
I weighed the eternal, he called my soul
I died, I adored, I did not know anything.

(attributed to Comte de Saint Germain)



Handorian References:

HSS 12-6
State of Muolliz
Nation of Mionahils
Handorian Heroes: Manas (pure lake),


Provisional Territorial Units:

Pahai Metatreh – Nation of Mionahils – Slihanoim fo Noitan
Binary 138 – Taepeh Kahesepoh
15-17½°Pisces; Pisces/Virgo; Cancer/Moon.

D12-6: GREECE, CRETE, Heraklion (1); Rethymno (2); Chania: Chania (3); Lasithi: Agios Nikolaos (4). SOUTH AEGEAN (Dodecannese): Rhodes (5), other islands (6); Kos (7); Kalimnos (8); Karpathos (9); Astypalea (10); Leros (11); Patmos (12).
15-17½°Pisces; Pisces/Virgo; Cancer/Moon: 15°Pisces28’: Alpha Eridani, Achernar.
Helenie Providia: Helenie Prasamaya. MUOLLIZ, Mionahils.

D12-6-1 GREECE, Crete, Heraklion: Heraklion; D12-6-2 GREECE, Crete, Rethymno: Rethymno; D12-6-3 GREECE, Crete, Chania: Chania; Apokoronas, Kissamos, Kydonia, Selino, Sfakia; Gavdos; D12-6-4 GREECE, Crete, Lasithi: Agios Nikolaos; Ierapetra; Nespoli; Sitia; D12-6-5 GREECE, South Aegean, Dodecannese, Rhodes; D12-6-6 GREECE, South Aegean, Dodecannese, Patmos; D12-6-7 GREECE, South Aegean, Dodecannese, Kos; D12-6-8 GREECE, South Aegean, Dodecannese, Kalimnos; D12-6-9 GREECE, South Aegean, Dodecannese, Karpathos; Kasos; D12-6-10 GREECE, South Aegean, Dodecannese, Astypalea; D12-6-11 GREECE, South Aegean, Dodecannese, Leros; D12-6-12 GREECE, Ionian Islands, Zakynthos

Binary Programme 1 – Pahekarubhe 1: 12.6

110398: I reach my abode in Quiumakai, where I find the first glyph of a long series of glyphs I will receive as from today. The title of the notes is Sagdhana (basic structure). Bhima translates. The course consists in ongoing movements from one hill to the other. The current course takes place in the sixth hill. I drink the potion, then I can communicate to the public the vision I receive.
From the waters a green Paheka emerges, full of good intentions. He reaches the beach and then gives shape to its vision, defining its structure. 12 Paheka, 12 Sadoha, 12 Graha. The Graha are the shadows of the Sadoha, whereas the Paheka functions as intermediaries, they are neutral. In the perception of the Guide there are three features (Sadoh, Pahai, Graha). When you relate with each of them, you hold the real power. The healing key of 12.6 is the Paheka sequence described above. The Paheka continues to settle in the sand, giving form to 12 small hillocks of sand. Then it stresses that there are underground hillocks, reflecting those above. Their apexes point downward. The Paheka sticks its arm in the central hill and grabs a screaming Graha, squeezing it. Then it brings it to the ocean and dives with it. A strong voice is heard and the glyph number one appears in the sky, reflecting on the water, which becomes the structure.
This vision supports the healing process and is connected with 12.6. I am asked to use Quiumakai Pidrah on this vision. A big light comes, I can only see Quiumakai Pidrah with a big light behind. I say the words of the Intent. The light becomes soft and violet. I give my consent for the connection with the vertical. I ask the Guide to interact with 12.6. I wake up and I find myslef amongst the crowd of the Quiumakai people. I relate what I experienced. “I feel the power of Quiumakai Pidrah and I am very grateful. I realise how effective is the Pidrah. I give full consent so that you can remind me about it. I took the black obsidian with me, which I show to you. I ask you to bless it.” I then perform a series of rituals to support the Lower World. Then I show to the inhabitants a Sacred Tool, which allows me to receive information when I am in the Middle World. It is the Wand of Sector 6. Its function is to distribuite useful information between the worlds. I then sing.
(010399): There are many shells and coloured stones in the beach of Quiumakai. I would like to place them in order, they become part of a large mosaic. They portray the myths of the earth. I drink the potion and Seagull comes. It beaks some seeds and then place them on my right hand. They are placed in a spiral. The spiral becomes a cone, which rises from the hand. “You have the power to heal. There are vortexes in your hand. Use them to spread the energy. When you lay your hands you create order within and without. The seal is a hand with a spiral.”
110398: Mentre percorro la strada consueta verso Quiumakai, benedico la mia venuta in codesto luogo sacro. Con me vi sono, oltre alla Guida, pure Bhima e Handoraji. Arrivo alla dimora che mi è stata assegnata durante il periodo di formazione. E’ situata in una delle varie piazze di Quiumakai. Si sale lungo una scala a chiocciola e si giunge in una stanza con un letto, una finestra che dà sulla piazza e un tavolo. Sopra quest’ultimo vi sono alcune carte con scritti nell’alfabeto di Quiumakai. Il sigillo più evidente è il seguente:
Esso è il Primo Sigillo di una lunga serie che inizio a ricevere da questo giorno. Il titolo degli appunti pare che sia Struttura di Base, vale a dire Sagdhana. Bhima si presta a farmi da traduttore. Dopo aver acceso un incenso e lasciato dei semi di farro, esco dalla stanza. La sala ove si tiene il Corso è sulla Collina 6 di Quiumakai. All’entrata è già pronta una pozione: si tratta di berla e poi di comunicare direttamente al pubblico la visione che ne deriva. Il Corso consiste in spostamenti continui da una collina all’altra a seconda dei posizionamenti lunari. L’acqua della pozione è verde schiumosa e salata. Dalle acque emerge un Paheka verde gocciolante e pieno di buone intenzioni. Approda sulla spiaggia e inizia a dare forma al sogno e a definire la sua struttura: 12 Paheka, 12 Sadoh, 12 Graha. I Graha sono le ombre dei Sadoha. I Paheka sono gli intermediari cristallini. Paheka è di natura neutra. Nella percezione della Guida vi sono tre aspetti (Sadoh, Pahai, Graha). Quando ti rapporti con ognuno di essi ecco che detieni il vero potere. La chiave di guarigione di 12/06 consiste nella sequenza del Paheka descritta sopra. Egli prosegue poi a sistemarsi sulla sabbia e a dare forma accuratamente a 12 piccole colline di sabbia disposte a cerchio. In mezzo costruisce una collina molto più alta. Poi fa notare che esistono colline sottoterra che rispecchiano esattamente quelle di sopra. Le loro punte sono rivolte verso il basso. Il Paheka infila il braccio nella collina centrale e tira fuori un Graha urlante e lo spreme. Se lo porta poi nell’oceano e si immerge con esso. Si sente allora una grande voce di potere che rimbomba. Essa dice qualcosa sulla struttura. Appare quindi il sigillo numero 1 nel Cielo che poi si riflette nell’acqua la quale diventa una struttura.
Questa visione supporta il processo di guarigione ed è connessa con 12/06. Mi viene chiesto di usare Quiumakai Pidrah su questa visione. Ecco che giunge una grande luce. Vedo solo Quiumakai Pidrah e dietro una grande luce. Pronuncio quindi le parole dell’Intento La luce diventa più soffusa e violacea. Do il mio consenso per il collegamento con l’asse verticale. Chiedo alla Guida di interagire con 12/06. Mi risveglio e trovo la folla degli abitanti di Quiumakai. Espongo il mio resoconto: “Sento il potere di Quiumakai Pidrah e vi sono molto grato. L’esperienza odierna è stata molto potente e sento quanto Pidrah sia efficace. Vi dono pieno consenso per ricordarmi di essa. Ho portato con me Ossidiana Nera che vi mostro. Domando a voi di benedirla.” Pratico quindi una serie di rituali in favore del Mondo del Basso. Poi mostro agli abitanti uno Strumento che serve a ricevere da me informazioni quando sono nel Mondo di Mezzo. Esso è il Bastone del Settore 6. La sua funzione è quella di distribuire informazioni utili tra i due Mondi. Canto poi alcune canzoni.
(010399): Le Guide sono soddisfatte del lavoro svolto a D.: “Crea connessioni. Si tratta di trovare il tuo posto nel mosaico. L’esperienza con D. è come quando si incontra un compagno attraente. E’ ora la fase preliminare in cui si dichiara il proprio interesse. E’ una fase in cui ci si inizia a conoscere. Lo si fa senza aspettative e condividendo. Non c’è ancora una promessa o un impegno. Le penne di Falco sono un segnale”. Nella spiaggia di Quiumakai ci sono molte conchiglie e pietre colorate sparse per ogni dove. Vorrei metterle in ordine e, all’improvviso, diventano parte di una grande mosaico. In esso sono ritratti i miti della Terra. Bevo la pozione e arriva Gabbiano che becca alcuni semi e poi li depone sulla mia mano destra. I semi sono disposti a spirale. La spirale diventa un cono che si innalza dal palmo della mia mano. “Tu hai il potere di guarire. Ci sono dei vortici nelle tue mani. Usali per spargere la tua energia. Quando deponi le tue mani crei ordine dentro e  fuori di te. Il sigillo è una mano da cui esce una spirale.”