Prince charming

images“The prince is never going to come. Everyone knows that; and maybe sleeping beauty’s dead.” (Anne Rice)

You have all the rights to continue to believe that the ideal partner, a most beautiful, loving, sensitive and talented being, will finally find you and become aware of your beauty and talents.

The problem is that the majority of beautiful, loving, sensitive and talented beings are also waiting for someone to find them. Hence everybody keeps waiting and nothing happens. Then in the end you wait for all your life or out of despair you surrender to the first bold type that comes by even if you hate them.

If for long you have waited for someone who can appreciate your beauty, qualities and talents, this can be most frustrating, sure. But this is nothing compared to the frustration of all the people who are waiting for you!

Be ruthless with your fantasies, look around and get a move on! Behave with others in the same way you wish they behave with you. If you would like to be appreciated and acknowledged for your beauty and talents, start by appreciating and acknowledging the beauty and talents of those you meet in your life. Take the initiative, tell them what you like in them.

In this way you can avoid excruciating long waits, and deaths, because you can also die out of waiting.



Franco Santoro