Provisional Ideas

viewclassicgloomI have only provisional ideas and visions.

I simply describe what I see and feel in this moment.

Whatever I say is true only according to a perspective that at a certain stage is going to change.

I can express an idea with complete conviction and then later resonate with its exact opposite.

Hence, I do not have ideas to defend or promote.

It does not make sense for me to be involved in debates and discussions.

In the end I agree both with my vision and yours.

It is only a matter of perspective.

If I look east, from where I am now, I can see the peaks of the mountains.

If I look west I see the hills.

According to where you are and look you will see something similar or different.

This does not mean that we agree or disagree.

If I don’t see what you do it is only because I am looking in another direction or I am somewhere else.

How stupid to waste time arguing about who is right or wrong!

We can instead share and accept where we are and what we see in this moment.

Then my vision and yours will join and expand.

Then we will be together, no matter how close or far we are.

Between us there will be no distance.

And also the above idea is provisional.