Sacred communication

boxThe greatest human plague is the tragedy of separation, being unable to connect with others, failing to express our true feelings and understand those of others. This is biblically depicted by the story of the tower of Babel, when confusion of language occurred among people and mankind forgot how to speak from the heart.

While it is painful that we are frequently unable to openly communicate with others and vice versa, it is even more painful that we seem not to understand ourselves, and connect with who we truly are.

Shamanism, as other similar tools, originated as a way of dismantling the obstacles to true inner and outer communication, gently bursting through the barricades of separation and unveiling the original language that we all deeply share.

Whatever we experience in the physical world is the result of a communication process.

Our thoughts and words cause tangible effects in the environment. There are only two types of thoughts and forms of communication. On one side there are thoughts based on separation and our split identity, on the other there are thoughts emanating from our united self and aligned with spirit. Each thought and word that we express contributes either to uphold separation or unity.

Communication is ongoing, no matter whether I think on my own or express my thoughts with others, I either communicate separation or unity, fear or love. Thus any moment offers the opportunity of supporting healing connections and stepping out of separation.

These connections involve whomever or whatever I physically interact with, as well as whomever or whatever comes to my thoughts or emotions. In multidimensional terms there is no difference in value between a physical and a mental or emotional interaction. I am communicating at all times, and again, in any second of life, I can choose between separation and unity, fear and love.

The ego separated mind is based upon the denial of multidimensional communication, as well as upon the refusal to accept our multidimensional self. For this purpose it employs a huge assortment of devices aimed at sidetracking human perception, causing the mind to elapse so as to ravage information coming from our true self. Yet, as human beings, we have the capacity to watch our minds, tenaciously engaging with the healing network of life.

This entails questioning the ego’s bogus anti-spam filter and the entire matrix of our conditioned mind.