9.7xBinary Number: 103
Degrees:  25-27½° Sagittarius
Aspect: Sextile
Moon Phase: Balsamic
Handorian Reference: State of Vanjuli, Nation of
Binary Spirit: Nivaya Ataherah
Provisional Territorial Unit: AREA D9-7

In the Astroshamanic Binary System, Sun in Sagittarius (9) and Moon in Libra (7) constitute Binary 9.7, or Binary number 103.

9.7 (Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Libra) mixes mutable fire with cardinal Air, integrating Sagittarius’s optimism, directness, enthusiasm, adventure and buoyancy with Libra’s sense of balance, friendliness, and charm. This combination excels in mediation and conflict resolution between HAC and non-HAC. Tolerant, diplomatic and intelligent, they are champions in establishing balance in the web of life, yet this may not be the case in ordinary HAC reality where their behaviour far from diplomatic can appear rather outrageous, shocking and unpredictable. Again, this is a Sector 9 binary, which involves bringing the Sector 8 compost into the light, yet possibly in an artistic way.

Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Libra are in a sextile (60°) aspect, which involves two complementary signs, sharing the same polarity, yet not the same element. The binary can work harmoniously and provide beneficial opportunities as long as there is awareness and clarity of intention.

When the waning Moon is in Libra at 60° from the Sun in Sagittarius, the phase of Balsamic Moon, or Waning Crescent Moon, starts. It is a crucial receptive phase, a time of healing and rest, yet also of intense preparation and completion. Here you prepare for a new cycle, the next New Moon, and let go of the residues of the old. What is mainly needed in this phase is a work of release and forgiveness. It is easy at this stage to feel restless, excited or willing to change everything and start doing something totally new and unpredictable Yet, until you learn to release the grievances recycled from the past, you will never truly create anything new. The question here is: “What do I release? What do I take in the next cycle?”

“Let me not mar that perfect dream486651_10152003070773711_1860132626_n
By an auroral stain,
But so adjust my daily night
That it will come again.”

(Emily Dickinson, born with Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Libra, American poet.)

Image: “The Dream” by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, born with Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Libra, French painter.

Celebrities with 9.7:

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: (9.7.8) born on 24 November 1864 with with Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Libra and Ascendant in Scorpio he had a body trunk of normal size with abnormally short legs. He devoted his life to art, becoming a most prominent art nouveau illustrator post-impressionist painter. Many of his works portray life at the Moulin Rouge and in the brothels that he frequented regularly. He died due to the complications of alcoholism and syphilis at the age of 37. His last words were “Old fool” in reference to his father who was there when he died. Toulouse-Lautrec is regarded as a genius with penetrating capacity of observation and a deep sympathy for mankind. He lived life to the fullest, had many friends and was always respected despite his short stature.

Ki Longfellow (9.7) born December 9, 1944  is an American novelist, playwright, theatrical producer, theater director and entrepreneur. In Britain, as the widow of Vivian Stanshall, she is well known as the guardian of his artistic heritage, but elsewhere she is best known for her own work, especially the novel The Secret Magdalene (Eio Books, 2005; Three Rivers Press, 2007), which deals with gnosis (the direct experience of the divine), told through the Biblical story of Mary Magdalene. The second of her novels to deal with gnosis, although from a very different point of view, is Flow Down Like Silver, Hypatia of Alexandria. Longfellow is also the author of China Blues, Chasing Women and the very recently published Houdini Heart.

Patrick O’Brian, (9.7) CBE (12 December 1914 – 2 January 2000) English novelist and translator, best known for his Aubrey–Maturin series of novels set in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars and centred on the friendship of English Naval Captain Jack Aubrey and the Irish–Catalan physician Stephen Maturin. The 20-novel series is known for its well-researched and highly detailed portrayal of early 19th century life, as well as its authentic and evocative language. A partially-finished twenty-first novel in the series was published posthumously containing facing pages of handwriting and typescript. A group of sailors belonging to a Sethian religious group in early nineteenth century Britain appears as characters in several of the Aubrey-Maturin series of novels by Patrick O’Brian.

Valery Yakovlevich Bryusov (9.7) (December 13 [O.S. December 1] 1873 – October 9, 1924) was a Russian poet, prose writer, dramatist, translator, critic and historian. He was one of the principal members of the Russian Symbolist movement. Author of The Fiery Angel 1908 (on which Sergei Prokofiev’s opera The Fiery Angel is based), set in the sixteenth century, features a visit paid to Agrippa by the protagonist Ruprecht who is seeking advice on the occult. In novel and opera, Agrippa is presented as being in a dangerous position with the religious authorities: he emphatically denies to Ruprecht that his research is supernatural, stating instead that it is the study of nature itself.

Walt Disney, (9.7.6; Uranus Power) American animated film producer (5 December 1901-d. 1966) with Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Libra, Ascendant in Virgo, Uranus conjunct Sun. Disney stands as a most grounded example of Sagittarius optimism, self-made success and expansion, holding a record of awards and acknowledgments. He also produced the first world’s synchronized sound cartoon, Mickey Mouse, who popped out of his mind at a time when his business fortunes were at lowest ebb and disaster seemed right around the corner. Disney is mainly relevant for his capacity to generate one of the most outstanding alternative and approved arbitrary configuration within our separated reality. Out of his multidimensional connections he manifested an entire universe of characters and realms, also reflected in third-dimensional locations such as Disneyland Park, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris. Please find below a series of quotations:

Dion Fortune (9.7) (6 December 1890 – 8 January 1946), Violet Mary Firth Evans, was a British occultist and author. Her pseudonym was inspired by her family motto “Deo, non fortuna” (Latin for “by God, not fate”).

Sinéad O’Connor, (9.7) Irish musician 8 December 1966, Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Libra, although it could also be in Scorpio since her time of birth is unknown. For sure in Scorpio she has Mercury conjunct Neptune, promoting the capacity to candidly channel through music and communication major composting elements. O’Connor was the protagonist of a series of incidences, which made her extremely unpopular. She refused to perform in the US if the American national anthem was played, she replaced the original text of songs with controversial words during live shows, she publicly tore off a picture of the Pope, etc. Later in an interview she asked the Pope to forgive her, claiming  “I was in rebellion against the faith, but I was still within the faith”, which reads as the Provisional Order statement “I rebel against HAC, for I am part of HAC, whom I serve”. On that occasion she also quoted St. Augustine with “Anger is the first step towards courage.” In 2003 she announced that she was going to leave the music business and train to be a catechist in the Catholic church.

Heinrich Heine, (9.7.8) German poet (13 December 1797-d. 1856)

Jane Austen, (9.7.6) English writer (16 December 1775-d. 1817)

François-Adrien Boïeldieu, (9.7) French composer (16 December 1775-d. 1834)
Liv Ullmann, (9.7.5) Norwegian actress 16 December 1938
Harvey Spencer Lewis, (9.7) American mystic (25 November 1883-d. 1939) Rosicrucian author, occultist, and mystic, was the founder in USA and the first Imperator of Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), from 1915 until 1939.

Bill Morrissey, (9.7) American musician 25 November 1951
José Maria de Eça de Queiroz, (9.7) Portuguese novelist (25 November 1845-d. 1900)

Emily Dickinson, (9.7.8) American poet (10 December 1830-d. 1886)

Maurice McDonald, (9.7) American fast food pioneer (26 November 1902-d. 1971)

Roy Ward Baker, (9.7) English film director (19 December 1916-d. 2010)

Sophie Monk, (9.7) Australian actress, singer, and model 14 December 1979

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, (9.7.10) French painter (14 December 1824-d. 1898)

Spike Jones, (9.7) American comedian and musician (14 December 1911-d. 1965)

Cicciolina, (9.7) Italian porno actress and politician 26 November 1951

Kat DeLuna, (9.7) American singer 26 November 1987

Milton H. Erickson, (9.7.10) American psychiatrist (5 December 1901-d. 1980)

Gustave Eiffel, (9.7.5) French engineer and architect (Eiffel tower) (15 December 1832-d. 1923)
Nicole Appleton, (9.7) Canadian-born singer 7 December 1974

June Pointer, (9.7.8) American singer (Pointer Sisters) (30 November  1953-d. 2006)

Jaye P. Morgan, (9.7.6) American singer 3 December 1931

Gemma Jones, (9.7) English actress 4 December 1942

Rian Johnson, (9.7) American writer sci-fi and director 17 December 1973, Looper
Frédéric Bazille, (9.7.5) French painter (6 December 1841-d. 1870)

Gérard Blanc, (9.7) French singer 8 December 1947
Horace, (9.7.11) Roman poet (8 December 65-d. 8 BC) “Carpe diem”; “Pactum serva” – “Keep the faith”

David Carradine, (9.7.12) American actor (8 December 1936-d. 2009)
Betty Grable, (9.7.9) American actress (18 December 1916-d. 1973)
Joseph Stalin, (9.7.10) leader of the Soviet Union (18 December 1878-d. 1953)